Type C Motorhome (Floor Plans & Exterior Designs)

Type C Motorhome – Recreational vehicles are generally divided into two: motorized and towable. The main difference between the two is the towing mechanism. The towable RV needs a separate vehicle to be able to pull itself. On the other hand, the motorized have all of the living space, features, and amenities inside the vehicle itself.

The motorized RVs are often called motorhomes. Today, there are three types of motorhomes available to choose: Type A, Type B, and Type C motorhomes. These classifications are based on their shapes. In terms of size, Type C is in the middle of them. From the exterior, The Type C motorhomes look like a fusion between Type A and Type B.

People often choose a Type C because it has more space than a Type B, but is still more maneuverable than a Type A. However, despite that benefit, Type C motorhomes also have some disadvantages that are important to know in advance. But don’t worry. This article will provide you with useful information about the Type C motorhome to consider. The information will help you decide whether this RV is the right one for you.


What Is Type C Motorhome

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Type C motorhomes, also known as Class C motorhomes, are a medium-sized motorhome. The unique characteristic of the Type C motorhome is the over-the-cab sleeping area. This feature allows the Type C motorhome to have an additional sleeping area and fit more people inside. Besides, some people also use the over-the-cab space for other purposes, such as extra storage space and a place for the entertainment system.

With such a bigger space than a Type B, Type C motorhomes can fit 4 to 8 people. Moreover, a Type C motorhome can provide more features such as kitchen, storage, and an even bigger bathroom. However, because of its bigger size, it can be hard to maneuver around. But, a Type C motorhome typically can tow a separate vehicle behind it for more effortless mobility. The Type C motorhome is definitely perfect for bigger families.

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Type C Motorhome Pros and Cons

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Now you already know what the Type C motorhome is. In this part, we are going to address some of its benefits and drawbacks. It’s essential to know what you will get before buying one for your trips. After this part, you can either check the other types of RV or keep reading to find the right design for your Type C motorhome.


Abundance of space

The over-the-cab sleeping area makes an additional sleeping space. This means you can bring more people on the trip. The bigger variant, Type A motorhome, doesn’t even have this beneficial feature. Furthermore, the bigger living space also makes it possible to have sofas with pull-out beds for more sleeping areas.

Cost less

With the similar-sized Type A motorhome, the Type C motorhome can cost $15,000 less on average. Based on some owners, the Type C motorhomes also get better gas mileage than the Type As. This makes the Type C motorhome cost-effective.

Easier for first-timers

Compared to the Type A, Type C motorhomes are smaller and lower to the ground. It makes the Type C easier to handle for first-time travelers. Furthermore, because of their smaller size, they can find a parking spot easier in campsites. Also, they have well-distributed weight, making them able to take tight corners and less likely to roll over.


Less mobility

Since the size of Type C motorhomes is so big, it can be hard to run simple errands with it. However, the Type C motorhome typically can tow an additional vehicle with it. Most people use their towing capability to bring a smaller vehicle for more flexible mobility.

Pricey Maintenance

Generally, keeping the Type C motorhome in good condition is often considered expensive compared to the towable RV. Fortunately, it’s not as expensive as Type A maintenance. So, it’s relative to what you compare it with.

Exterior storage limitation

If you plan to do lots of sports and outdoor activities, you will want to have plenty of exterior storage on your RV. While the Type C motorhomes have plenty of interior storage, they tend to have less exterior storage than fifth wheels and Type A motorhomes. Therefore, if you look for an RV that has plenty of exterior storage, you might want to check the fifth wheels and the Type A motorhomes.

Type C Motorhome Interior

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If you decided that the a motorhome is the right RV for you, you might want to read more below. This section will provide you with our favorite Type C motorhome interior ideas.

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Mediterranean Type C motorhome interior

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Photo by i.pinimg.com

This motorhome interior uses the Mediterranean style. It can be seen from the use of curvy and large furniture inside. Moreover, the earthy tones accentuate its beauty and create a warm atmosphere. The unique nature of the Mediterranean style will make any RV stand out from the crowd.

Semi-retro Type C motorhome interior

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Photo by jayco.com

The use of old-school U-shaped dinette and oak wood materials are the things that make this interior looks retro. However, to refresh the design, this interior applies brighter colors and chooses simpler furniture designs. By doing that, this Type C motorhome design will stand the test of time longer.

Summer house style Type C motorhome interior

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Photo by jayco.com

Some people love the coziness of a summer house. This design replicates that feeling by using beige colors and old-looking wood materials. Furthermore, the ample amount of seating will keep this Type C motorhome interior comfortable, even for big families.

Compact semi-traditional Type C motorhome interior

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Photo by media.thormotorcoach.com

This RV interior adopts a semi-traditional style. It has the tone and color choice of a traditional design, but the simplicity makes it rather minimalist. In terms of space utilization, this design manages to fit an extra sleeping area and a TV in such small over-the-cab space. Moreover, the placement of the sofa and dinette is perfect for small family gatherings.

High-class teak style Type C motorhome interior

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Photo by dynamaxcorp.com

This Class C motorhome interior successfully achieves the high-class look by combining the medium-tone wood material with dark-colored furniture. Not only this interior has a great vibe, but it also has excellent space utilization. It manages to create a bunch of storage space and even install some entertainment systems in the over-the-cab area.

Concise modern Type C motorhome interior

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Photo by rvtrader.com

Modern-designed sofas and simple layout in this interior accentuate its modern style. Moreover, the minimal use of space makes the interior look neat and roomier. This minimalist yet contemporary interior design will match well with most people and won’t get outdated easily.

Vintage Type C motorhome interior

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Photo by c.imallcdn.net

The yellow-and-brownish color tone might be the first thing that people notice from this Type C motorhome interior design. These two elements enhance its vintage vibe. Moreover, the vintage household sofas in it match well with style and become an integral part of it.

Modern farmhouse style Type C motorhome interior

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Photo by gulfstreamcoach.com

This Class C motorhome interior design is an impeccable upgrade to a farmhouse style. It uses modern beige-colored sofas to mix with the tone of the wood materials. Not only that, but this design also applies some small decorations such as the curtains to enhance the great vibe in it.

Contemporary Type C motorhome interior

motorhome type a b c
Photo by kskradio.net

This Type C interior is the perfect pick for travelers that want to go entirely on modern design. Not only its sleek and bright white color mixes well with any color, but it also will never be boring. The airplane-style overhead cabinets and the seamlessly designed TV screen are also the unique additions to this design.

Modern summer house Type C motorhome interior

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Photo by entegracoach.com

Some people adore the summer house so much and decide to upgrade it to match with the current design. This Class C motorhome interior design brings the summer house style to a new level. Not only it uses modernly-designed furniture to refresh the look, but it also does that by maintaining minimalism.

Rustic Type C motorhome interior

class d rv
Photo by rvtrader.com

There is nothing that can change the great memories from old times. Fortunately, you can replicate some of them by choosing this type of design for the Type C motorhome interior. Its color tone and furniture might look outdated for some people, but for others, it can bring back great memories.

Minimalist and modern teak style Type C motorhome interior

type a motorhome
Photo by deluxegroup.co.nz

There is a great aura that comes from any wood material. That is why some people prefer to use them over other materials, and even avoid the use of paint on them. This Type C motorhome interior uses the light-colored wood and minimalist layout to create a simple yet calming atmosphere. It’s great for travelers that want to feel refreshed on the road.

Type C Motorhome Floor Plans

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The right design ideas are not enough without the proper interior layout or floor plan. The ideal floor plan will allow you to move easily and enjoy your indoor activities more comfortably. Fortunately, we have gathered some of our favorite Type C motorhome floor plans for you below.

Compact floor plan

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Photo by jayco.com

The lack of a standard sofa and full-sized bathroom makes this floor plan quite compact and minimalist. Not only this floor plan will match well with any size of Class C motorhome, but it also allows for more effortless movement for people in the RV. Furthermore, the pull-out sections can make the interior feel even roomier.

Straightforward floor plan

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Photo by thormotorcoach.com

This floor plan is perfect for Class C motorhomes that don’t have pull-out sections. With two sleeping areas, this floor plan will fit at least four people in it. Not bad for an average family, right? It can contain one bathroom, two sleeping areas, a dinette, a full-fledged kitchen, and a TV.

Concise floor plan

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Photo by poulsborv.com

With a bunch of TVs available, this floor plan is suitable for digital entertainment lovers that can get bored on the road. Every TV screen placement is perfect for comfortable viewing. Furthermore, the pull-out systems on the main bedroom and the sofa allows to fit more sleeping area. And last but not least, this interior also gets more lighting during the day because of the built-in skylight.

Comfy floor plan

class a motorhome dimensions
Photo by cloudinary.com

This Class C motorhome floor plan is similar to the previous one. However, the existence of a dinette in the interior and the over-the-cab sleeping area makes this a viable alternative. People won’t need to turn the sofa into a bed to be able to sleep.

Fully-expandable floor plan

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Photo by thormotorcoach.com

To be able to pull off this floor plan, you might need a large Class C motorhome. This large motorhome can fit four sleeping areas, two seating areas, a full-fledged bathroom, a kitchen, and a bunch of storage spaces. With such ample space and full features, this interior should be able to fit at least six people.

Extensive floor plan

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Photo by jayco.com

This interior layout also needs a larger Class C motorhome. Its large amount of furniture and larger rooms won’t be suitable for smaller Class C motorhome. Moreover, the placement of the furniture in this layout will make it easier to move between one area to another.

Type C Motorhome Design

The exterior appearance is as essential as the interior design. The ideal exterior design will allow you to have more features and make you love your RV even more. Here are our top picks for Type C motorhome design.

Sporty and classic design

Photo by motorhome.com

This Class C motorhome exterior uses some splashes of tribal patterns to create a sporty look. However, it still keeps the originality of the design. It can be seen from the bumper and the rim of the wheels. Those elements give the exterior a classic vibe. And not any less important, it also has an awning on the side which is useful for outdoor camping.

Modern design

Photo by specialtyrvsales.com

The glossy white finish on this Type C motorhome creates a modern look. Its unique rear part allows it to tow a fifth wheel or travel trailer. Also, the extra rear view mirrors help the driver to drive more safely.

Classy design

Photo by dynamaxcorp.com

The combination of maroon and beige color on the exterior gives a classy impression. Moreover, this Class C motorhome also uses shiny metallic parts that enhance its elegance. This exterior design can be an excellent pair to the high-class teak style interior design we provided earlier.

Futuristic design

Photo by cdn.vox-cdn.com

Its sleek, seamless, and curvy design gives a futuristic look. Not only that, but it also has solar panels that act as a beautiful contrasting combination to its white exterior. Undoubtedly, this is an excellent choice for people who look for an eco-friendly RV.

Vintage design

Photo by i.ytimg.com

The beige color and stripes of brown are such a blast from the past. This design will definitely make vintage design lovers enjoy their trips even more. Moreover, it has plenty of windows that can keep the interior fresh and bright.

Masculine design

Photo by funtimervinc.com

Its bold black color and strong red stripes look very manly. This exterior design is excellent for creating a masculine look. In terms of features, this Class C motorhome also has a pull-out section that offers additional windows.

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To conclude, Type C motorhomes have their advantages and disadvantages. As long as you don’t mind having the drawbacks, you should be okay with it. Also, feel free to look for more interior and exterior designs to find the ideal design for you. The right design will make you feel at home and cozier. After all, comfort is the number one priority in designing any living space.

What’s the difference between Class B and Class C RV?

Class C motorhomes are made as cargo vans or pickup trucks with a lengthened hood and passenger section, while Class B motorhomes are made from scratch on the van chassis. Overall, this indicates that Class B motorhomes are more costly to build.

Which is easier to drive Class A or C?

By and large, a smaller Class A is simpler and smoother to drive over time than a bigger Class C, once you adapt to the steering characteristics of the automobile. So, basically, if you prefer a Class A and a Class C that are each the same length and have very good floor plans, then it is probably best to take a Class A.

Are Class C motorhomes worth it?

Class C RVs are one of the least costly motorhomes and are extremely popular with many kinds of shoppers. Class C motorhomes are larger than Class B and smaller than Class A. They can be found on a semi-trailer (e.g. an F450) and include a cabin that one can utilise to sleep, entertain, or store.

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