Travel Trailer Remodel Before and After (Costs & Designs)

Travel Trailer Remodel Before and After – Owning an RV is becoming more common nowadays. Generally, people use their RV, whether for full-time living space or a travel companion. The vast development of the world today has caused a lot of people to seek out new adventure, freedom, and exploration through road trips.

Compared to an RV, a travel trailer offers more convenience. The main benefit of owning a travel trailer is that you don’t need to spend a lot more money on an RV; you can pull it using standard vehicles. So, you can turn your daily car into an RV by attaching a travel trailer to it. And when you are not traveling, you can put the trailer in the garage.

However, just like any design, the travel trailer interior can also become obsolete. Because of that, as the travel trailer ownership rises, the travel trailer remodel also becomes more popular. Remodeling old camper interior can refresh the look and make the journey more fantastic than before. With that in mind, this article will provide you with travel trailer remodel ideas and cost estimation. Furthermore, we will also give a few transformation examples that you can expect from a finished renovation.

RV Remodel Ideas

diy travel trailer remodel
Photo by Robert Novella

RV and travel trailer remodel have relatively the same renovation techniques. There are plenty of things that you can do to customize and renovate them. Some of these require little effort; meanwhile, the others need your full commitment. Although the possibilities are endless, our simple suggestions below are enough to start your travel trailer remodel project.

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1. Apply decorations

camper makeover ideas
Photo by Louise Turner

Applying decorations like hanging pictures, adding pillows, and displaying your favorite items can improve the overall interior atmosphere of the travel trailer. Moreover, decorations make the travel trailer feel just like home. They help to make you comfortable as soon as you step inside the trailer. However, too many decorations can counter the positive effect. So, you need to keep it simple.

2. Renew the furniture

how to renovate a camper trailer
Photo by Stacy Dinkel

Sometimes updating the travel trailer is as easy as replacing the old furniture. If you buy an old travel trailer, there is a good chance that they might still be covered with floral or tropical prints. These print styles might be a hit in the past, but now they tend to look outdated. Therefore, swapping the furniture with the current designs can make the interior feel fresh and personalized.

3. Install a backsplash

camper remodel before after
Photo by Robert Novella

The look of the kitchen and the bathroom usually rely on the backsplashes, which often improve the overall appearance. However, installing ceramic backsplashes are not recommended for moving interior. But, you can choose the peel-and-stick ones that are both easy to apply and remove. Not only they can add your personal touch, but they also can minimize stains in the kitchen. You only need to choose the heat-resistant one.

4. Add some details

fix up old camper
Photo by Louise Turner

Adding small details to the interior design can make a big difference. These small details can be light fixtures, curtains, wallpaper, and other items that are both easy to install and swap. Although they seem pretty basic, they can enhance the overall look as effective as other renovation elements.

5. Color up

camper remodel supplies
Photo by Erin Meredith

Maybe the most effective way to change the look of any interior is by painting it. Although it’s not a small task, with the right paint, you can make any space seem larger. However, you need to choose the right paint for the right material to make sure they stand the test of time.

6. Renew the flooring

camper remodel
Photo by Dana Bolster

Flooring replacement is rather hard to do. It might require you to move the whole furniture inside the trailer before doing it. But, if you want a balanced atmosphere, you might need to do it if you decide to replace the furniture and the paint. One thing to remember, though, make sure you choose the right type for you since it’s often not easy to swap.

How much does it cost to renovate a travel trailer?

rebuilding a camper trailer

Renovating an old travel trailer is better than buying a brand new travel trailer. One of the reasons is that the price of a new travel trailer usually decreases over time, while the renovated vintage travel trailer prices tend to increase. It seems a bit weird, but that is the reality. The 18 Foot Forest River travel trailer used to cost $21,000, but now it’s only $16,800. On the other hand, a 1957 Avion can be bought for $5,000, and when renovated, it can be priced for $20,000.

Restoring a travel trailer to its former glory can range from $1,000 to $10,000. Many factors affect this number. The variables that can cost you quite a lot of money are electrical and plumbing systems, exterior, and appliances. Meanwhile, the interior, flooring, lightings, and LP systems are considered minor prices. Furthermore, if you are a skilled person, you can also decrease the renovation budget by doing the work yourself.

Travel Trailer Remodel Before And After Design

travel trailer rebuild

After knowing what you can do to personalize and customize your travel trailer, now you can look for some design inspiration. We understand that searching for remodel ideas is often an exhausting task. Therefore, we already prepare a list of travel trailer remodel before and after design. Not only this list can shorten your search progress, but it can also encourage you to experiment with your creativity.

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From boring to charismatic

travel trailer remodel supplies
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The initial condition of the interior looks very straightforward and boring. The remodel, however, was able to turn it upside down and make it more charismatic. All of the makeovers, like bed replacement, couch change, and black-painted cabinets, contribute to creating its attractive yet straightforward vibe.

From rustic interior to simply modern

remodel older travel trailer
Photo by

The old interior design definitely needs a breath of fresh air. It’s old-looking and pale-colored. Fortunately, the remodel successfully brings out the beauty of the interior. The black and white color choice makes the room feel minimalistic yet modern. Not only that, the new furniture and a little touch of yellow enhance the good vibe in the room.

From vintage style to bright and contemporary

single wide trailer remodel
Photo by Motorian (

Although the previous design was not bad at all, sometimes a remodel is necessary to renew the vibe. Since the old interior still looks decent, it doesn’t need much improvement. The remodel mostly focused on changing the tone of the interior with a brighter one. Not only white is a perfect color to build a bright and pleasant vibe, but it’s also able to create a modern look.

From straightforward living room to cozy cottage

camper rebuild ideas
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This remodel successfully turns a basic rustic travel trailer interior into an attractive one. The new design uses white paint and tons of decorative items, such as a giant plant and a rocking chair. Surprisingly, those items make the room feel like a cozy cottage.

From conventional oak style to vintage teal design

class c rv remodel
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This renovation project proves that conventional style can blend well with bright colors. Although it seems very contradictory at first, the remodel decides to keep some of the original oak styles. This gives the new delightful teal interior a bit of vintage touch and a familiar atmosphere.

From gloomy to roomy interior

remodeling old camper
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Not only the white color can create a modern look, but it’s also able to make a room feels roomy. This time, the white color is used to turn the gloomy travel trailer interior into a spacious one. Furthermore, the remodel also managed to improve the overall look by replacing the floral printed sofa with a pair of cute-looking chairs.

From cheerless diner to a family-friendly living space

vintage camper remodel ideas
Photo by Camperlife (

Transforming a bleak travel trailer interior into a more cheerful one is necessary. It will make every journey a lot more fun to experience. This remodel managed to illuminate the interior very well using white paint and new furniture. Without a doubt, people will have a much better experience while having a road trip with such a clean-looking travel trailer.

From retro-looking to clean and elegant travel trailer

rv remodeling ideas before and after
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This travel trailer remodel turned the outdated interior into a stylish one. Although a few cabinet spaces are removed to create a more open space, the result is definitely worth it. Moreover, the little decorations such as wall hangings, small plants, pillows, and a small rug enhanced its beauty.

From outdated interior to eclectic design

rv makeover pictures
Photo by Nicole Smith (

Although this is not a travel trailer interior, you can still recreate this layout to a travel trailer. The remodel turned an outdated interior into a perfect combination of rustic and modern design. Shortly, the new eclectic design applies the modern white tone with some vintage touches on some furniture and appliances.

From classic style to stylish design

rv makeovers the hottest trend in rving
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This remodel project is a perfect example of a design transition. The previous design that is still in decent condition might be great for some people, but not for the others. Of course, remodeling should be the right solution for those other people. This remodel uses light wood material, bright interior, and plants to create stylish Southwestern vibes.

From old and dull to colorful design

rv makeover ideas
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The old design of this travel trailer interior looks boring. Undoubtedly, it needs some renovation to bring out its potential. Compared to the initial condition, the remodel proves to be a success. It’s bright-colored and filled with a bunch of awesome decorations and small details.

From narrow and dark to fresh and concise

camper wall panels
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Even though the actual interior space of this travel trailer is minimal, it doesn’t mean it can’t get any roomier. With the right design treatment, even the smallest room can seem spacious. The remodel changes the interior tone with white to make it appear larger. It also replaces the old-looking striped prints with a new unique teal-colored zig-zag pattern. Moreover, the tree printed wallpaper accentuates its fresh look.

From basic design to Arabian look

how to renovate a camper
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Although this is actually a pop up camper design, its interior layout can also be applied to a travel trailer. The remodel makes the interior space to be more open and apply white glossy finish to the cabinets. Moreover, it adds some decorations like pillows and curtains to the resting area to create a taste of Arabian look.

From tiresome to awesome interior

gutting and rebuilding a travel trailer
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The initial design of this interior looks drab. However, the remodel undeniably restores the interior’s beauty. From changing the outdated floral prints to applying new flooring, the full makeover is worth every penny.

From dark and old to sunny interior

how to remodel old fifth wheel
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Dark interiors tend to create a gloomy atmosphere. Therefore, for more fun trips, you can change the retro style interior to a brighter contemporary interior. Not only the redesign changes the yellowish background to a white tone, but it also adds plenty of decorative items to it.

From toneless to invigorating interior

diy camper remodel
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This is another inspiration that we took from an old RV interior. Such a dull design undeniably needs a renovation. A lot is going on in the renovation process, for example, the cabinets removal, curtains and sofa replacement, and table addition. These elements help to create positive vibes.

From traditional to sensational interior

how to remodel a camper interior
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The previous design of this travel trailer looks pretty basic and will quickly become outdated. The remodel, however, solve that by implementing a trendy look. It changes the chairs and sofa with the modern-looking ones. Moreover, it uses white as a background to keep the design simple. It also adds new features such as the removable extra counter space.

From outworn to vibrant interior

rv renovation
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This travel trailer interior remodel uses vibrant colors to create colorful vibes. Also, it restores the cabinet shelving to its former glory to store necessary items. Moreover, painting almost every part of the room and throwing some pillows should be able to make the interior cozier.

From old-school to futuristic-looking interior

old camper remodel
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This remodel applies only one thing to refresh the look, which is painting. The black and white combination is undoubtedly effective in creating a futuristic look. In addition to that, the remodel also replaces the door and add a few items that match the vibe.

From pale-looking to simple but modern interior

remodel rv interior walls
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This travel trailer remodel also doesn’t change the original design much. Instead, it only changes the tone, the lighting, and the seating to more contemporary ones. In effect, the remodel feels more glamorous than before.

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In conclusion, remodeling an old travel trailer not only saves you money, but it also makes road trips even more fun. Travel trailer remodel is often favored by many because it can make the travel trailer feels just as cozy as home. Even though we have provided plenty of examples of travel trailer remodel before and after, the internet is still stuffed with more of them. Therefore, you always need to be open to new ideas to find your ideal travel trailer design.

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