Type B Motorhome Design (Pros & Cons)

Type B Motorhome – When talking about RV, there are plenty of alternatives. Today, RVs are generally divided into two: towable and motorized. People often choose the motorized over the towable primarily because of its self-sufficient nature. Unlike the towable, the motorized RVs don’t need a separate vehicle to do the towing.

People also call the motorized RVs as motorhomes. Based on their size and shape, the motorhomes are classified into three: Type A, Type B, and Type C motorhome. Of course, each of them has its advantages and disadvantages over one another. Therefore, you should carefully determine everything before choosing one.

Even though they are the smallest over the other two, Type B motorhomes have their own unique advantages. Some of those advantages may also be more difficult to find in the bigger motorhomes. This article will provide you with some easy-to-digest information about the Type B motorhome, from its benefits and drawbacks to its indoor and outdoor ideas.


What Is Type B Motorhome

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Type B motorhomes, or Class B motorhomes, look like outfitted vans. That is the reason why they are also called camper vans or conversion vans. People often choose the Type B motorhome for its efficiency and maneuverability. These two factors are perfect for spontaneous and outdoor-focused trips.

As we said earlier, the Type B motorhomes are the smallest compared to the other motorhomes. They are compact and maneuverable. Any car driver should be able to quickly get the hang of it after driving it a few miles. Moreover, their small size allows people to quickly find a parking spot at the campsites and move from one place to another.

Every Type B motorhomes are unique. But, they have some typical features that you can find in most of them. Type B motorhomes commonly include awning, in-couch bed, dinette, wet-bath, and small stovetop. They usually fit only two to four people. Also, most of them are front-wheel drive. And last but not least, the type B motorhomes are known to be the most fuel-efficient among the motorhomes.

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Type B Motorhome Pros and Cons

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There are plenty of RV types nowadays. These alternatives exist to try to fulfill everyone’s needs. Every kind of RVs, either towable or motorized, have their pros and cons. The Type B motorhomes are no exception. Therefore, you need to know all the benefits and drawbacks that you will get before deciding to own one. Here are the pros and cons of Type B motorhomes.


Relatively lower cost

Although the Type B motorhomes may not be the cheapest RVs available. But, when compared to the other types of motorhomes, they have relatively lower prices. If you compare the gas consumption, you will also realize that they consume less than the others as they are lighter, which makes the cost even lower.

Towing capability

Because of its smaller size, you need to limit your belonging in a Type B motorhome. However, since the Type B motorhome is a motorized RV, it has towing capability. You can choose to tow extra space and features behind to make your trips more convenient.

Convenient to park

Its compact size makes it easy to park. It allows you to park in regular parking spaces within the city and pull over at any nearest store to buy supplies. You won’t be able to get this level of convenient in larger RVs.


Some are pricey

This is the reason why you should be careful when choosing your Type B motorhome. The high-end ones can cost you up to $180,000, and they may not be worth the price. In that price point, you can consider getting an entry-level Type A motorhome with more space to use.

Limited size and features

The size can either be an advantage or a disadvantage. It depends on how you look at it. But, for some people, its smaller size is a considerable disadvantage. People who rely a lot on space and features might not be suitable for the Type B motorhome.

Breakdown risks

The amenities in a motorhome depend on vehicle power. Therefore, once the vehicle suffers power loss, every facility that needs power will also get affected. If you think that this will present enormous problems, you may start to consider choosing the travel trailers instead.

Type B Motorhome Interior

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If you need some inside look of Type B motorhomes to make you more interested, feel free to read more below. This section can also help you find inspiration if you already decide that Type B motorhome is the right RV for you. We already gathered some of our favorite Type B motorhome interiors for you.

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Concise beige Type B motorhome interior

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Photo by i.pinimg.com

This Type B motorhome interior design is very straightforward and can be applied to most Type B motorhomes. It uses a beige color tone and a few glossy finishes to create a simple and modern look. Although it’s small, the multiple windows and balanced lighting prevent it from being claustrophobic.

Modern teak Type B motorhome interior

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Photo by i.pinimg.com

The wood material is the main point of this interior. It managed to create a modern look by combining woods, black and white color, and curvy edges. Moreover, a considerable number of windows in it make the interior feel roomy and refreshed.

Elegant teak Type B motorhome interior

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Photo by poulsborv.com

The mix of teak and shiny metallic material in this creates a modern look that will not be outdated in the near future. The sparkling granite material on the countertop enhances its elegance even more. Although it has plenty of amenities, the lack of beds may require travelers to sleep in an outdoor tent.

Classy teak Type B motorhome interior

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Photo by leisurevans.com

The combination of light beige and dark wood color makes the room classy. Its layout is also perfect for entertainment-focused travelers. It places the large TV screen right in front of the sofa. However, you need to make sure there’s enough space left for the sleeping area.

Homey modern Type B motorhome interior

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Photo by i.pinimg.com

This interior uses complete amenities and features to make the camper van to feel more like home. It managed to fit a bed, a TV, a fridge, a cooktop, a few cabinets, and even a small bathroom. Furthermore, the use of light wood color adds a cozy modern atmosphere to it.

Masculine Type B motorhome interior

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Photo by cdn.motor1.com

Not only that the black color blends well with dark wood material, but it also creates a strong and masculine vibe. Although this interior is lacking a sleeping area, it still has a kitchenette, sofa, and even some entertainment system. This is perfect for outdoor-focused travelers that love to have fun.

Straightforward Type B motorhome interior

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Photo by cdn.vox-cdn.com

This straightforward design will cost you a lot less than the other designs. It allows you to use the budget for outdoor camping equipment. The drawback is that you will need to do most activities outside. But, if you already planned to do that, this camper van interior should be enough for you.

Contemporary Type B motorhome interior

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Photo by assets-cdn-interactrv.netdna-ssl.com

You might need a bigger or a longer Type B motorhome to pull off this interior design. It creates a contemporary look by using black-colored amenities to accent the beige-toned interior. Moreover, it perfectly utilizes the available space to fit as many facilities as possible.

Grand oak Type B motorhome interior

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Photo by hymer.com

Type B motorhomes can also look glamorous. This design uses medium-tone woods and light beige color to accentuate the beauty of its gorgeous interior design. It’s an excellent pick for the travelers that want to bring high-class experience anywhere.

Military style Type B motorhome interior

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Photo by adria-mobil.com

The greenish-brown color that we found in this interior is often be found in military facilities. This interior design successfully combines the color with modern interior design to create a calming atmosphere. Furthermore, the layout makes it easier to chats with camping members and adds more fun to the trips.

Compact Type B motorhome interior

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Photo by rv-pro.com

This Type B motorhome is so compact; it almost looks like a train interior. Despite the limited size, this camper van managed to fit a bunk bed, a small dinette, a tiny kitchenette, and a few overhead cabinets. This small yet complete camper van interior proves that any camper van can suit any creative traveler’s preferences. You need to pour your creativity when designing the interior and the layout.

Type B Motorhome Design

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The outer view of your camper van is not any less important than the interior. The right design will give you pride and allow you to have more features. Here are our favorite Type B motorhome designs.

Shiny red Type B motorhome

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Photo by i.ytimg.com

Red is one of the colors that stand out the most both during the day and the night. Moreover, the glossy finish enhances its beauty and adds a bit of luxurious vibe. There are also some additional exterior features in this design. The car roof carrier and extra windows on top of the dashboard can be useful on the trip.

Compact black

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Photo by cdn.vox-cdn.com

The glossy black finish on this Type B motorhome gives a formal look. Not only it looks good, but it also has several exterior features. The car roof carriage offers additional storage to bring more belongings on the trip. Also, the side ladder can help a lot when storing the stuff on the roof and taking them off.

Sporty Type B motorhome

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Photo by jdawgjourneys.com

This Type B motorhome design has tribal patterns that make it look fresh and sporty. Its relatively large size and strong figure help it to bring more amenities. Moreover, the awning, the roof carrier, and the basement storage make it a reliable travel companion.

Strong black and grey Type B motorhome

b+ rv with murphy bed
Photo by hips.hearstapps.com

Black and grey combinations will look good in any kind of environment. Not only do they look masculine, but they also create a calming vibe. In terms of features, this camper van has a roof carrier complete with the ladder and heavy-duty tires for more challenging roads. Additionally, this camper van is also equipped with extra lighting on the front roof for clearer views during the night.


class b+ rv reviews
Photo by i.pinimg.com

With a glossy white finish and a bit of gray accent, this camper van exterior gives a futuristic impression. In addition to the roof carriage, this camper van also has small basement storage. Undeniably, this is one of the cutest and space-efficient camper vans.

Extensive Type

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Photo by roadtrek.com

Some camper vans have one more space than the others, and this is one of them. Make sure to pick one of these up for more interior design flexibility. However, although it has a larger interior and more windows, this camper van will be harder to park and maneuver than the smaller ones.

Sleek all-white Type B motorhome

class b plus rv floor plans
Photo by rvlifemag.com

This all-white camper van will be perfect for you who adore the sleek and seamless design. The combination of its bright white color, black-tinted windows, and its unique shape creates a futuristic vibe. Undoubtedly, its unusual shape will stand out from the other camper vans.

Vintage expandable

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Photo by frontlinecamper.com.au

The shape of this camper van reminds us of vintage car designs. Although it looks vintage, it has up-to-date features, such as an expandable roof that allows people to feel roomier inside. Once it’s expanded, people can stand inside and feel cozier. Moreover, the giant slide door offers easier entry.

Adventurous Type B motorhome

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Photo by assets-cdn-interactrv.netdna-ssl.com

The shape and the heavy-duty tires of this camper van allow it for more adventurous trips. This camper van will be able to go off-road, even in muddy areas. However, we won’t recommend it, since no one can predict the unexpected. But, for casual trips, this camper van is more than enough.

Retro Type

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Photo by img.claz.org

If you love retro design, this camper van might be perfect for you. Its shape and color are close to what we often found in old movies like Ghostbusters. However, this camper van has undergone some modifications. The modified roof adds more interior space to it. Also, the spare tire storage will be handy on trips.

Modern expandable Type B motorhome

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Photo by images.gearjunkie.com

This camper van design is an alternative to the vintage one. This one has a matte black color that looks more contemporary. Furthermore, the sturdier lifting system on its roof offers more safety and stability.


class a motorhome dimensions
Photo by assets.newatlas.com

This camper van design may be hard to find and even harder to build. But, if you think of modifying your camper van, this should inspire you. Unlike the other types of motorhomes, this Type B motorhome rarely has slide-out sections to expand the interior. Having one that has slide-out features will be marvelous.

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Overall, Type B motorhomes have their pros and cons. If you don’t mind to have some of the drawbacks as long as you get the benefits, the Type B motorhomes may suit you perfectly. In contrast, if you think that Type B will limit what you can do with bigger motorhomes, you might need to consider the other types. One thing to remember, though, you should always prioritize comfort over anything in choosing your RV.

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