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RV Gadgets – When it comes to RV, whether you are just going to spend a short time or living in it, there are many things that you need to prepare. These things are essential to your safety and comfort while you are on the road or going camping.

Shopping RV accessories might be confusing, especially if you are new to RV life. Therefore, find out more about best RV gadgets we specifically write for you. 

RV Gadgets Ideas

best rv living gadgets 2018

What is on your list of must-have RV gadgets? Obviously, everyone has their own list because everyone has different necessities while traveling. However, there are several items that should be included on everyone’s list. Here are must-have RV gadgets we write for you.  

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Solar Panels

Rv Solar Panel

This is every RVers’ favorite gadget. It costs around $100 to $2000.  Solar panels can harness the power of the sun’s rays to charge batteries. A panel with 1000 watt system can power all your RV electronics. Also, with 2-80 watt panels you can stay charging while using lights, computers and general low wattage devices. 

Smart RV 

This cell phone sized electronic device costs around $400 including installation and membership. This device can track your RV movement and battery levels. This cool device will send you message via text or email if your RV moves without your permission and if the battery is running low. The The Journal feature allows you to share trips with your friends or other RVers. This is a must-have device since it ensures you an extra sense of security.

LED Lights 

Generally, most RV use halogen bulbs for the interior. However, this LED lights is less expensive. It costs around $20-$40 per bulb and use approximately 90% less energy than halogen bulbs. Also, the cool bulb helps to reduce the RV heat and more resistant to vibration and relatively has lasted longer than other bulbs.

Kindle Tablet

If you are into books, bringing all the books you have to the RV might not be convenient. However, this Kindle tablet might be the ideal solution for you. You can read books, magazines, watch movies in only one device. With its lightweight, this table does not take many space and costs around $249. Therefore, make sure to get one. 

Tire Minder

This small wireless device prevents your tire from blowing out by monitoring the tires pressure and temperature. It costs around $300 and protects you with extra protection.

Soda Stream 

Protect the environment by using this Soda Stream. It costs around $79 to $199 and you can enjoy fresh homemade sodas without carrying a bunch of bottles. 

Max Air Vent Covers

This vent cover allows you to keep your vents open while travelling/ Also, you can leave the vents open during a rainstorm, letting in that fresh from nature smell and sound.

Electric Griddle

This electric griddle is a smart way to prepare food in a small space. It costs around $50 to $200. When purchasing the griddle, choose the one that comes with removable plates. 

Maximize your camping experience with this camp chair. It costs around $50 to $150 and obviously worth every penny. 

Camp Chair 

Silicone Bakeware

This lightweight bakeware comes in every shape and size just like other regular baking pans. However this bakeware doesn’t rattle while you are driving, and most importantly very convenient.  In addition, it only costs around $5 to $30, therefore, make sure to get one. 

Solar Outdoor Lights 

When you are camping in place with no electricity, this outdoor lights is necessary. It only costs about $20 and easy to find. 

RV Kitchen Gadgets

coolest rv gadgets

You may have a lot of questions when you first start traveling with RV or deciding to live full time in an RV. Since the kitchen is different from regular kitchen, it might be a bit overwhelming when you decide about what items to bring. Below we put RV kitchen gadgets that should be taken into your consideration. 

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Instant Pot

cookware rv kitchen accessories
Photo by rvshare.com

This is one of the most popular kitchen items among RVers.  The pot offers many abilities including slow cook, pressure cook, saute, and stream. With this item in the kitchen you don’t need to stress about preparing food while camping. 

Toaster Oven

cool rv camping gadgets
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A toaster oven allows you baking and toasting right on your countertop. Thus, this is a great idea to save space if you don’t have enough space in the kitchen. 

RV Gadgets : Solar Oven

must have rv gadgets
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There is no need to heat up your kitchen when you have this solar oven. You can cook your food with sun rays. This foldable oven is easy to store and also affordable. 

Stovetop Cover 

newest rv gadgets
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Since it slips right over the burners, this stove top cover instantly expands the kitchen counter space. It gives you a lot of space when preparing meals. 

Fridge Bar

The bar keeps food from moving or shifting while you are driving. Not only incredibly cheap, the fridge bar is also easy to instal. 

RV Camping Gadgets

best rv gadgets

Camping is a wonderful option to get away from the hectic city life and enjoy some in nature. However, camping needs to be well-prepared to ensure your safety and enhance the joyful experience. Below we put a comprehensive list of cool RV gadgets to make your camping experience more comfortable.

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Instant Cabin Style Tent

must have rv gadgets
Photo by travelaway.me

This instant cabin ten adds warmth and homey feel to your campsite. Furthermore, this cool shelter is easy to set up and fitted out with pre-attached poles. In addition, the tent offers you privacy and ventilation by providing a room divider and zippered doors and windows. There are also additional features including hanging storage pockets and a fully taped water resistant rainfly. The rainfly, when removed, creates the illusion of sleeping under the stars. 

Sleek First Aid Flashlight

First aid kit is a necessity, especially if you are going to remote areas. Since it is designed for adventures, this first aid set is actually an LED flashlight packed with everything you need in an emergency situation. The medical set includes painkillers, antiseptic wipes, tweezers and nitrile gloves. Furthermore, it also includes a compass and an emergency whistle, just in case you get lost. 

Portable Espresso Maker

The portable espresso maker is loved for its compactness. You can brew high-quality espresso anywhere without electricity by using this espresso maker. 

RV Gadgets : Portable Wood Burning Campstove

Photo by travelaway.me

This campstove is not only used for cooking and boiling water but also allows you to charge other gadgets.Furthermore, the campstove is convenience and eco-friendly because it converts the heat from the fire into electricity. The updated version features 50% more power, a removable 2600mAH battery and an LED dashboard that shows battery status. 

Petit Pocket Blanket

Small enough to fit in pockets, this foldable blanket is a perfect item to bring while camping. Although it’s tiny, the built-in coernerstakesand sand pockets ensure the blanket to stay on the ground in windy weather. 

Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Kit

This survival kit is designed for dangerous and challenging environments. Everything you need is included in here, from flat drivers, tweezers, handsaw, emergency road, survival blanket to a knife. Also, it’s equipped with pocket guide and rescue instructions. 

Portable Bunk Beds

Photo by travelaway.me

Increase your comfort while camping by bringing this portable bunk bed. Not only designed to provide you a better sleeping condition, it’s also very easy to set up. Furthermore, it comes in a variety of sizes and designs to fit many range of tents. 

Best Portable Soft Cooler Bag

Keep your food and beverages cool in this stylish and sturdy cooler bag. The interior prevents mold with its food-grade antimicrobial. Therefore, this is a must-have item to bring when camping in summer. 

Hot Pocket Sleeping Bag

This sleeping bag will keep your body warm with its insulation system. Furthermore, it only takes 2 minutes to reach the maximum internal temperature. Therefore, this hot pocket sleeping bag is essential to bring, especially when going camping in cold areas. 

Portable Mosquito Repeller

Protect your skin from insects with this portable mosquito repeller. This lightweight item keep insects away with its scent-free 15-protection zone around it. In addition, it also features a Thermacell fuel cartridge. 

The Ultimate Outdoor Multi-Tool

The Ultimate Outdoor Multi-Tool is essential to bring especially when camping in wild areas. Not only highly functional, the packaging is remarkably compact. 

Solar Camp Shower

electrical gadgets for rv
Photo by travelaway.me

This shower ensures a hassle-free shower experience with its strong handle and a convenience valve connected to the shower head. In addition, it uses solar energy to heat the water, thus, make sure to get this one. 

Water Filter Bottle

If you love doing outside activities such as hiking, water filter is essential. This water filter helps you get pure and safe water because it uses a 2-stage filtration process. 

Portable Camping Chair

This camping care is known for its high functionality and sturdiness. The highlight of the chair is its adjustable seat height. 

Multi-Functional Drinking Water Bottle

rv camping gadgets
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The water bottle helps you stay hydrated which is necessary while doing outside activities. Also, it is equipped with shower, stream and mist pattern. 

Ingenious Rolling Grill

travel trailer must haves accessories
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This rolling grill is made of highly durable lightweight aluminum. Furthermore, it’s compact and coated with non-stick teflon which makes it easy to clean. 

Triple Hammock

rv stuff
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This hammock is strong as it is secured by heavy-duty ratchets and webbing. Also it is reinforced by 20+ meters of seatbelt that offers you high protection while lying on it. 

Durable Hiking Backpack

rv space saving gadgets
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Designed for harsh environment, this hiking backpack is highly durable and has many space to store your other gadgets. In addition, the interior of this backpack consists of one big compartment that allows you to bring a laptop. 

Inflatable Solar Lantern

rv must haves 2019
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A solar lantern is essential to enhance your camping night experience. This inflatable solar lantern features 75 lumens of bright LED light on Turbo mode. In addition, this can be used for 24 hours on low setting. Furthermore, this lantern is shatterproof  and waterproof as it can float on the water. 

Stormproof Match Kit

rv must have gadgets
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This match kit is another essential item to pack when you go camping, especially in windy or snowy area. Stormproof match kit includes a waterproof case that can float, 3 strikers and 25 windproof matches. 

Kimbo’s Crotchless Shorts

This shorr us gender-neutral and perfect for outdoor activities. The special nylon-spandex mix tricot and a convenient pull-cord ensure you to have comfort while wearing the short. 

Smart Outdoor Watch

rv fun stuff
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This cool watch is certified to US military standards. Thus, if you want to wear something trendy but still appropriate in the wild, this watch is perfect for you. Furthermore, the smart outdoor watch features 50 meters water resistance structure, GPS, and offline maps. In addition, it is also waterproof, shockproof and vibration proof. 

Camping Cooking Gear

rv gadgets and gizmos 2019
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Another must-have item to add to your packing list before camping. This compact cooking gear includes everything you need for cooking, such as a cutting board, utility knife and spice shakers. 

Portable Solar Battery

rv kitchen gadgets
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You will never run out of power while camping if you own this solar battery. This amazing solar battery is equipped with 2 USB ports, Nomad 7 solar panel and charging technology that can connect to your other devices. 

Folding Knife 

Last on the list is folding knife. This Bear Grylls Survival AO Folding Knife features Gerber’s FAST 2.0 technology, and also a safety barrel that keep the blade closed while not in use. Thus, make sure to get this user friendly folding knife.  

RV Gadgets Gifts

rv camping gadgets

Holiday is already around the corner and you might be wondering about what to give to your fellow RVers. We write a list of unique RV accessories that might be perfect gifts to give in the holiday season. 

Moso Natural Air Purifier 

rv kitchen gadgets
Photo by rvshare.com

The air purifier is a perfect gift for RVers who love home products. This tiny linen bag is stuffed with bamboo charcoal and a natural way to freshen and purify the air in the RV. 

RV Gadgets : Key Finder

Photo by rvshare.com

This is one of the most useful gifts you can give for RVers. The key finder helps RV owners to locate key and other items such as glasses and phone. 

Kill A Watt

Photo by rvshare.com

Another thoughtful gift to give to RVers is this gizmo. This item helps to monitor the electrical loads of any plugged-in device. That way, RVers can extend the time off the grid. 

RV Gadgets : Resistance Bands Kit

Photo by rvshare.com

This is a perfect gift to encourage your RVer friends to have a healthy lifestyle. This bands kit come with special bag including everything you need such as book with exercise suggestions. 

Laser Landscape Lights

Photo by rvshare.com

This is a perfect gift idea for RVers who loves to spend the night outside. Create a festive atmosphere in a hot summer night with this laser landscape lights. Not only portable and small, these fun lights also use little electricity. 

Electrical RV Gadgets

gone with the wynns rv gadgets

Spending time on the road or in nature doesn’t mean you can’t stay online. Below we put some RV electrical gadgets that allow you to stay connected. 

RV Gadgets : Cell Signal Booster

This cell booster helps to increase the signal range of your phone, especially inside the RV. When purchasing this device, be sure to read reviews because it comes with a variety of units. 

Wifi Booster

With this booster placed on top of the rig, you don’t need to worry about the internet. This wifi booster increases the ability to use good wifi.

Solar Powered Cell-Phone Charger 

Solar phone charger is a smart way to use less energy while staying connected. In addition this cool charger are available for various devices. 

RV Gadgets : Bluetooth Speaker

Take music wherever you go with this a bluetooth speaker. This speaker can be connected with many devices, including radio with extra amplitude. 


If the campsite provides a solid WiFi, this device will allow you to stream various TV channels. In addition, it also connects with Netflix, Hulu and other channel options. 


All the things we mentioned above are essentials to bring when you are on the road. Thus, we hope our list helps you to prepare everything you need for your next trip. 

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