20 + RV Awning Ideas in 2020 ( How To Replace & Cost)

RV awning is a shade for the outdoor space or windows for an RV, extending from the side. It is retractable, ranging from manual hand-crank retractions to motorized retraction systems. Some motorized awnings have special features, for example rain dumping and auto-retraction during high winds. 

RV awning has three functions to serve in general. it has to ensure privacy, shade and protection. To have the right one requires many factors to weigh in. Everything will be explained as follows.

How Much Does it Cost to Add an Awning to an RV?

dometic awnings for motorhomes

Every type of awnings costs differently, depending on its features and functions. Therefore, buying one can be a challenging task for some. First of all, set a budget and what kind of awning that you need.

RV awnings typically cost $120-$2500. They are both available at department stores and online. The wide range of the cost is because it depends on the size, the material, the retraction system and accessories. For window-shade retraction awnings, the cost starts from $120 to $250. Then, for manual RV awnings, the price ranges from $250-$550. Beside that, for motorized retractable patio awnings, the price is around $500-$2500.

When purchasing an RV awning, make sure all of the necessary RV awning parts are all complete. An RV has to include the awning cover, support poles or arms and rope, a manual retraction system, a motorized retraction system and controls (if motorized type is purchased), and installation brackets. Motorized awnings have more features, one of them being a remote control for extending and retracting the awning.

RV awning installation cost ranges depending on the size and the mechanism of an awning. For non-motorized awnings, the labor will cost around $180 for the small size, $360 for the medium size, and $540 for the large size. Meanwhile, the labor of motorized awnings will cost more expensive with $450 for the small size, $900 for the medium size, and $1350 for the large size.

Manual and Electric Awning

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The differences between manual and electric RV awning lays on the mechanism and the cost. For those who don’t want to compromise comfort, they will not hesitate to choose an electric awning no matter how expensive it can cost. The ease of a remote control becomes a very tempting choice for almost everyone. On the other hand, manual awnings are a perfect choice for those who love travelling off the beaten track.

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How to Replace RV Awning

replacement rv awning

When your awning suffers from damage such as breaks and tears, it’s time for an RV awning replacement. If you’re confident about it, you can do it by yourself. Here is how to replace RV awning:

  • First of all, you need to ensure that you have the proper size awning replacement. The measure has to be the perfect fit.
  • Secondly, you can remove the old awning.
  • Thirdly, roll the awning down. After that, lock it into place
  • Fourthly, you have to rotate the inner shaft until the holes are lined up. After that, you need to bend the end of the cotter pins. Get a wrench to disconnect the lag bolts. When it’s done,  you have to lift the awning out of its place. You have to remember the number of times you turn each spring to relieve tension because to reinstall it will need the same. You can the tube out of its place at this point.
  • Next, it’s time to install the new awning. You have to rejoin the torsion assembly and rivet it back into place. You need to reconnect everything like how it looks before.-     Finally, you can test your awning to see whether the installation is a success

RV Awning Fabric

rv slide out awning installation

There are three most used materials for awnings. Choosing one is a matter of needs and preference. Here is an explanation for all three types:

1. Canvas Awnings

rv awning replacement fabric
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Canvas, a woven linen,  is one of the popular choices for RV awnings. For those who are on a budget, canvas is a suitable pick. The price for this material is cheaper than others. However, the downside is that canvas awnings lack durability than others. It may not last more than a few seasons, especially for those with high frequency of travelling.

2. Vinyl Awnings

replacement rv awning
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The composition of vinyl awnings is PVC, making this type of awning sturdy and thick. This material causes awnings to be waterproof and mildew resistant. However, the downside of that feature is that the awnings will not have the cooling benefits compared to others.

3. Acrylic Awnings

how to install rv awning video
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Acrylic is a synthetic material that is considered as the luxurious type of awnings. The awnings made from this material will last long up to years. However, with such high quality and performance, acrylic awnings also cost the highest.

RV Slide Out Awning

diy rv awning shade

RV slide out awning is an extension that hangs above the slide out of an RV. This awning serves the purpose of adding a layer of protection and coverage. RV slide out awnings come in many colors, types, and designs. There are three types of most common slide out awnings. Firstly, the slide out drawer that serves the purpose of storage. secondly, the slide out electric rack that operates with an electric motor to make the slide out room to extend. Last but not least, the hydraulic slide out which utilizes highly-advanced hydraulic systems to move the slide out. This type is typically for heavier and larger Rvs.

When buying an RV slide out awning, there are several factors to consider. They are the material, the durability, the cost and value, and added features. Here is a list of recommended slide out awnings:

1. Lippert RV Solera Awning Slider

rv awning hardware
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This product is a favorite for its high quality build and various sizing that ranges from 5 feet to 16.5 feet. This awning is also permanently attached to the RV. Moreover, this awning can protect the RV from flooding and other such problems.

2. Carefree RV Slide Out Covers III Awning

rv awning cover
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Another high quality product, this carefree RV awning offers many great features. It has wind deflecting features, modern design and impressive automatic integration. In addition, it will also protect the slide out and RV from debris, water and other possible damages. This awning is especially suitable for an RV with roof size of 70-77.9 inches.

3. Dometic EZ RV Slide Topper – Slide Out Awning

rv awning fabric
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The material of this dometic RV awning is vinyl which can resist stains, mildew and other damaging elements. With a unique design, this awning will also prevent debris from building up. In addition, it’s also automatically integrated into the slide out room.

RV Awning Complete Kit

camper awning parts

A complete kit of an RV awning consists of a fabric canopy, a roller tube, arms (hardware), and awning rails. Purchasing all of them together will make the installation process easier. Here is the recommended RV awning complete kits:

1. Carefree IE0557B00 SL Premium Chocolate 5.5’ Long RV Camper Complete Window Awning with Wire Arms

how to install rv awning video
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This carefree awning will give a modern and stylish look for any RV window. The set includes complete window awning roller assembly with awning rail and standard arms. It’s easy to install with simple manual operation. The attached fabric uses a standard awning rail and each arm is attached at the bottom with three screws through the bottom support and pivot bracket.

2. Solera V000165063 Black 6’6” Slide Topper Awning with Mounting Brackets Included

best rv awning
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This awning will keep dust, smoke, leaves, bugs and debris away with its sleeve. The awning attaches to both the slide room and the outside wall of the RV, forming a complete seal around the slide room. The set comes complete with mounting hardware and awning rail.  It also looks sleek and stylish with solid black awning fabric and black hardware.

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Best RV Awning

how to install rv awning video

There are many types of awnings, with rich selections of materials, sizes and designs. Therefore, making a choice for the one can be a challenge for some. Every awning will have its own upsides and downsides. However, here is a list of best awnings out here:

1. SunWave Ocean Blue Fade Awning Fabric

best rv awning
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Sunwave awning has a beautiful design of fading blue and it’s also colored on both sides. This awning comes with a vinyl weather shield. It’s easy to install and it also comes with poly cord for the rail and one for the roller tube. Moreover, this awning has a three years limited warranty on the shipping and the material. So, there’s no doubt when purchasing this awning.

2. Shade Pro Slate Blue Fade RV Vinyl Awning Fabric

rv slide out awning
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Not only looking beautiful, this awning also has great performance. First of all, it’s compatible with many awning brands so it will suit an RV just fine. Next, it’s easy to install and use, which makes it perfect for those who want to set it up by themselves. The material is heavy duty and durable, which makes it to be able to withstand harsh weathers. However, with such high quality product expensive price will follow, just like this one

3. SunWave Burgundy Fade Awning Fabric

how to install rv awning arms
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Just like the one mentioned previously, this awning comes with a fading color that appears on both sides, For those who want to look daring, this can be the better choice. The features include water shield and poly cords. While there’s a risk of the awning break over time, there’s a guarantee with a three years limited warranty.

4. Shade Pro Charcoal Fade RV Vinyl Awning Fabric

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For those who want to keep it simple, this charcoal colored awning can be the perfect choice. it’s easy to install and it’s compatible with Carefree, Faulkner, and A&e. The material is durable and heavy duty, which makes it weather resistant.

5. ALEKO RV Awning Fabric Replacement

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With the material woven vinyl, this awning is durable. It’s also compatible for all awnings with similar size, so there’s less time pondering what kind of awning is suitable for those who own an RV. The material also makes it mildew, water, and UV resistant materials. This awning will be a great choice for really good shades.

6. Innova Pacific Blue Vinyl Awning Replacement

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With the color of blue, this awning offers style with great performance. It’s mildew, mold, and UV resistant. It has welded weather guard built for more protection. Good news is that it’s compatible with carefree, A&E, and Faulkner awnings. Although the price is a bit expensive, this is still a great option for everyone.

7. Shade Pro Checkered Flag Awning Fabric

how to open manual rv awning
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With checkered pattern, this awning becomes a unique choice and it’s great for those who want to stand out. The size of this awning is large enough and it’s compatible with many awning brands. It’s also quick and easy to install. Although this awning has a shorter warranty than others, this 4-ply heavy duty awning is still one of the top choices.

8. Carefree Tan/Light Brown RV Awning

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Sweet and simple, this carefree awning comes with the choice of tan or light brown. There’s no doubt about this product as it comes with the reputable brand. It’s also compatible with many brands, proving its versatility. In addition, it also has accessories such as ¼ inch cording (rail) and 3/16 in cording (roller tube) and valance. Therefore, it will be a breeze to install it alone.

9. Solera Universal Fit Awning Replacement Fabric

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This product comes on top for warranty as it ensures five years duration. It means that the brand is confident with the performance of this awning and it’s really durable and reliable. Made of high quality vinyl fabric, this awning also comes with heat welded seams for added durability. In addition, it’s also ready for a LED light tracking kit.

10. Dometic RV Awning

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This awning is durable, but lightweight. With such weight, it makes it easy to install this awning easily and quickly. It also looks aesthetically pleasing that fits the look of many RVs. In addition, it’s also to store.

11. Carefree 701508 RV Awning Sun Shade

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The heavy duty vinyl coated polyester fabric ensures the outdoor space to feel cool and comfortable. It has a drop and open-weave design, which is great to block the sun out but doesn’t block the view. The durability is also one of the strong points of this awning. The awning might be expensive for some but it makes up with its quality and flexibility that other brands don’t have.

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12. Camco Durable Reversible Awning Mat

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This awning is ideal for picnics and outings. With reversible woven design, this awning will keep the RV clean off debris. It’s also mildew and rust resistant.


The best RV awning is the one that serves its primary function as a cover and a shade for the RV. It also has the function to keep debris away and makes sure to regulate the exposure of the sun, rain, and wind. Therefore, it’s important to choose an awning with great durability.

Having an awning is a good idea for relaxation. It creates a cooling and cozy atmosphere of an RV. It also comes with many types to suit every need of campers. From the material, it can be vinyl, canvas, and acrylic. For the mechanism, it can be manual and motorized. Any type has its own upsides and downsides.

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