RV Flooring Ideas (How To Replace & Install Flooring)

RV Flooring Ideas – Flooring is the foundation of your interior design. Therefore, when you remodel your RV interior, be it repainting the cabinets or the wall, you can’t leave the floor. However, it not only has to work with your style but also be functional for your needs. 

When it comes time to remodel your RV, one of the most significant decisions you’ll have to make is what type of flooring to use. How will the floor feel on your feet, and how will you clean it? And how much the budget?

Furthermore, with a major decision like flooring, it’s best to see it in person because it could look different in online. Choosing the right floor will ensure to enhance your RV lifestyle in every possible way.


What is the Best Flooring for RV

Popular RV Floor Coverings

When it’s time to choosing the flooring for RV, there is a lot of options to consider. Not only aesthetically beautiful and trendy, but it also has to be highly durable. Below we write some products that are available and how they apply to RV installation. We hope these RV flooring options will help you decide what will work best for your RV. 

Vinyl Tile

Popular RV Floor Coverings
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Vinyl tile has a similar surface texture as natural products like stale, travertine, and marble. It also has a variety of colors for each pattern. Vinyl tile is less expensive compared to ceramic tile. Moreover, it is constructed with 75% limestone, which gives it high durability. Also, its warmth and softness, making it more comfortable than traditional tile and stone. In addition, vinyl tile is waterproof and lightweight, which makes it an ideal choice for RV owners. 


rv flooring remodel
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Use oak or harder wood varieties like Maple, Ash, or Brazilian Cherry if you need flooring that will stand up to heavy use. Brazilian Cherry could last for a long time and has a calming deep color wood tone. Or if you want to bring warmth and comfort to your RV, choose hand-scraped Hickory. Since hardwood floors are thick, it may be refinished up to two or three times to remove scuffs and scratches.

Engineered Wood

Engineered wood has all the vibrant colors and wood varieties as solid hardwood. It’s constructed with several layers of wood that are cross-grained, which makes them sturdy and resistant to shrinking. Furthermore, the resin between layers makes the planks resistant to humidity or changes in temperature. Thus, it makes it beneficial for RV application. 


installing laminate flooring in rv
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Its physical similarities to hardwoods make it an attractive alternative for RV flooring ideas. Bamboo is carbon negative and can absorb more CO2 from the atmosphere than other trees. Bamboo flooring can come in either solid strip form or as planks. Solid bamboo is installed by nailing it to the floor, while plank bamboo is installed as a floating floor. Bamboo has higher durability than wood. It’s also easier to maintain and more resistant to dents. In addition, it will not stain, fade or wear, which makes is highly functional for RV. However, it’s not suitable for bathroom areas due to its sensitivity to humidity.  


How to Install rv flooring
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Laminate flooring is trendy and relatively less expensive. Moreover, it has many color options that are great to coordinate with your furnishings. Also, there is an image layer that is a photograph quality picture of hardwood with an embossed wood grain texture. Thus, you can have elegant flooring trends like textured wood and realistic stone. The topmost layer is a clear coat. The middle layer is made of compressed High-Density Fiberboard. And the bottom layer is a melamine backer that gives the floor structure prevents the planks from twisting. 

Vinyl Sheet

rv flooring options
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If you are on a budget, this may be an excellent option for you. It’s also very versatile flooring and trendy with all the latest printing and embossing technology. You can enjoy the look of more expensive products at less cost. Plus, it’s durable and resistant to stains and scratches, making it perfect for RV flooring. 


best replacement flooring for rv
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In RV, carpet is often used in slide outs and bedrooms are. The amount of carpet you use is determined by the pile height and face weight. When you change the carpet, don’t forget to change the pad too because it’s a heat insulator and sound dampener. Also, since it has different levels, choose the one that feels good to walk on. If you are a pet owner, choose a pad with a moisture barrier since it prevents moisture getting into the carpet. 

Ceramic Tile

How much does it cost to replace RV floor?
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It’s a premium product, and it has a similarity with the natural stone in its pattern and colors. Ceramic is made from clay and porcelain is one of its varieties. In RV, ceramic tile will be great to install on countertops, backsplashes, and bathroom areas. 

How Much Does It Cost To Replace RV Floor

rv carpet replacement cost

Generally, the cost of RV flooring is variable. It depends on how much space you have or what kind of flooring you want to install. Below we write some estimated cost for RV floorings to help you consider. 

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cheap rv flooring ideas
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It’s estimated between $60 and $75% for laminate flooring. It’s about $3 to $3.75 per square foot.


RV Flooring design Ideas
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It’s usually cheaper than laminate. However, the price might be lower or higher, depending on how much you want to use. Vinyl flooring is estimated at about $40 to $50. 


rv carpet replacement forum
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Since it has many varieties, the cost might be different for each type. However, generally, you could pay between $600 and $650 for carpet flooring. 


motorhome flooring replacements
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Linoleum might be more expensive than carpeting. It costs about $500 to $700 if you have 200 square foot of space in your RV. Obviously, it can cost more if you have a bigger RV. 


installing laminate flooring in rv
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It’s somewhere between $250 and $600 per 200 square feet of space in your RV. You might also pay for additional cost about $200 to $400 if it needs to be sealed, stained, or sanded. 


rv flooring ideas
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The lower end is between $100 to $150. However, it might cost more if you want a posher and high-quality tile. 

How to Replace Flooring in RV Slide-Out

rv slide out floor replacement

RV slide-out is bonus square footage that conveniently tucks away when you’re on the road. Therefore, a small RV with slide-out can become spacious and comfortable. Below we write some tips to help you replace the flooring inside an RV slide-out.

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Remove all the plank flooring 

rv carpet replacement cost
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Keep each row separate and in order  when removing the floating floors. That way, you could replace the flooring that had already been cut to size when the underlayment in place.

Pick the Underlayment 

The screws from the wheel wells are about 8th of an inch. Thus, you might need a piece of underlayment that’s at least the same size. 

Cut the Underlayment

motorhome flooring replacements
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Measure the size you’ll need before you buy the new flooring. That way, you’ll have an idea of how you’ll cut it to fit. Also, measure and mark where the wheel wells are. Use drills to create holes for the jigsaw to get in and work. Afterward, you can just cut along the lines. 

Paint the Underside

replacing carpet in rv with laminate
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Be sure to paint the underside of the slide-out. You can use a little black chalk paint.

Place down the Underlayment 

rv slide out floor replacement
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When placing down the underlayment, cut and place the bigger piece first. Afterward, cut and place the smaller piece. 

Install Flooring in the Slide Out

rv slide out water damage repair
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After the flooring is already cut to size, use the spacers along the edges to leave room for expansion and contraction. Afterward, lay it all down. 

Add Trim to the Slide Out

Attach the trim back along the edges. Use contact cement to attach the trim. 

Additional Tips

Make sure to focus and push forward when pulling out every strand of carpet. Use a piece of outside corner molding as a trim piece. It prevents a size gap between where the flooring came off of the slide and the floor of the main section.   

Installing Laminate Flooring in RV

Popular RV Floor Coverings

Laminate floors with its floating installation is a solution for the constantly shifting nature of RV frames and subfloors. It’s because floating floors require no adhesive or fasteners. Also, it can shift with the constantly moving RV. Below we write some steps to help you install laminate flooring in your RV

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Use pliers to remove the nails from the back

Use a small, flat pry bar to pry base shoe or quarter round away from the bottom of the baseboard. You can preserve the face of the molding with the pliers to remove the nails from the back.

Remove the existing flooring

Put down a layer of vapor barrier and underlayment. Generally, you need to roll out the material to cover the floor and butting pieces up to each other. Also, cutting pieces to length with a utility knife. However, if you are unsure, you follow the instructions from the manufacturer.

Lay the laminate

When laying the laminate, start with the longest wall. Afterward, attach boards end to end and put the first row using as many full pieces as possible. Then, measure the space for the last piece. To leave an adequate spacing against the wall, cut a plank to fit.

Start the next row with the cutoff from the first

Since most floors lock together and require a tap from a rubber mallet to fit tight, be sure it’s pressed down for proper attachment. Then, lay all the pieces and cut the last piece to fit..

Continue laying the full width rows

Measure the distance from the last row to the wall. Use a table saw or utility knife to cut pieces to width.

Create a template for any odd-shaped or sized pieces

To fit the odd space, cut the cardboard then mark the outline of the cardboard onto a floor plank. Use a jigsaw or other cutting tools, depending on the flooring, to cut out the floor plank.

Replace the base shoe

Finally, to cover the gap at the edge of the floor, replace the base shoe. Use a hammer to nail it in place. Give some color of wood filler to the nail holes. 

Replacing Carpet in RV Vinyl

How much does it cost to replace RV floor?

Eventually, the carpet floor will wear out and look outdated. It means you need to replace the flooring with something new. Using vinyl for RV flooring is a great option. Below we put some easy steps to help you replacing the carpet in your RV with vinyl. 

Remove the old carpet

Before removing the carpet, you need to remove the furniture first. Cut the carpet into sections that can be easily rolled up and taken out of RV. After all the material is already removed, start to prep the plywood subfloor.

Prep the subfloor

replacing flooring in rv with slide
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To install the new vinyl smoothly, the subfloor needs to be prepped and repaired. Pull any staples from the wood flooring using diagonal cutting pliers. It’s essential because if there are any staples left, it’ll poke through the new floor. 

Cut the vinyl floor

Lay the vinyl in the sun to warm it up and smooth out the sheet. Use thick construction paper to make a template and prevent damages. Use a 4-foot level and utility knife to cut the paper into 2-inch strips. It will save the paper and make it manageable to lay out. Afterward, lay the strips of paper and tap each piece using a quality tape to make the exact outline of the floor. Then roll the vinyl sheet up neat and straight. 

Glue the subfloor 

Use a non-permanent glue to peel off the sheet of vinyl easily for future replacement. Lay down the sheet of vinyl after the glue has tacked up. 

Install the vinyl sheet 

replacing carpet in rv with vinyl
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Place the roll of vinyl down on the front end of the RV and lining all your cute\s up as close as possible to the walls. Then, roll out and start working the vinyl to push out any air bubbles under the floor. Keep rolling out the vinyl little by little, and make sure it’s straight. Also, make sure it’s as equal as possible by checking the edges on both sides. After the floor is done, you can reinstall the furniture and add some vinyl base trim to make it look brand new. 

Slide flooring

rv flooring installation
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This is actually an additional step if you have a slide in your RV. After the main floor is perfectly installed, lay a piece of cardboard to protect the new flooring. Then, uninstall the slide furniture and place it on the cardboard. Repeat steps 1 to 5 for the slide area. 

RV Flooring Design Ideas

RV Flooring Options

Although cleaning the floors can improve their looks and extend their lives, however eventually floors have to be replaced. The timing to replace it depends on your floors since it hinges on several factors. Below we put some RV flooring ideas that might inspire you for the next flooring renovation. 

Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo is a wonderful flooring option. It’s also highly durable. However, bamboo flooring is a high-quality product that often packs a high-quality price with it. So keep that in mind if you’re considering this option. 

Ceramic Tile

The floor used for this RV is perfect with the interior scheme. It makes the room look cohesive. Furthermore, ceramic tile can reduce your energy use by keeping your RV feel cooler in the summer. It’s also highly resistant to chemicals agents, fungi, and bacteria. In addition, ceramic tile is easy to clean and maintain.

Vinyl Tile

Although it can create a very similar look to ceramic tile and hardwood, vinyl tile is relatively less expensive. It’s available in many colors, patterns, and designs. Moreover, it’s easy to install and very low maintenance. It’s also long-lasting under normal conditions. 

Wood Flooring

Wood floors become more appealing with age and. With its classic look, this flooring is inviting and can warm up any space. Besides, the warm color of the floor can go with any RV flooring ideas. It’s also very durable with very low maintenance. 

Grey Laminate Flooring

It’s an attractive choice of flooring. It’s also fast and easy to install. Furthermore, it’s almost impervious to dents and scratches. The underlayment gives the flooring a slightly springy feeling, making it easier to stand on for a long time. 


The carpet floor is more comfortable to stand on than tile. It’s also more comfortable to fall on – a potential concern for older people or families with toddlers.  In addition, carpet insulates floors as it provides a psychological feeling of warmth. Thus, the softness of the carpet gives a homey feel to RV. 

RV Flooring Ideas Before & After

replacing flooring in rv with slide

Flooring is a huge part of what determines the look and feel of a room. Therefore, outdated or damaged flooring is the main reason to redo your floors completely.  Therefore, your floor needs to be renovated to make your RV feel more like home. Below we put some RV flooring ideas before after to show you what a difference flooring could make. 

From Shabby to Chic

The warm wood flooring turns a shabby old living room into a modern and welcoming space. The floor keeps the classic feel with a little touch of modern. 

RV Flooring Options
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Simple RV Flooring Transformation

The RV flooring ideas in the after sowing a clean and cozy place opting for a timeless design. It makes the room look totally different, without having to spend a ton of cash. 

how to remove rv slide out
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Awesome RV Flooring Transformation 

The old carpeted floor gets refinished in dark floors turning the room into chic feel. The new RV flooring ideas also creates more space and light. 

installing laminate flooring in rv
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Elegant RV Flooring Transformation 

The new flooring transforms the space into an elegant living area. It also reflects light, makes the space look warmer and brighter. 

installing laminate flooring in rv
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Modern RV Floor

The new flooring gives an ode to the cozy and moody design. It elevates the space and provides a unified look. 

How to Install rv flooring
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Essentially,  the floor becomes a significant contributor to the look of a room. Thus, it can impact the design of the entire room. Lighter floors make the room looks large, while darker floors make the room look cozy. Neutral colors tend to be a favorite choice for flooring because they can match the interior design easily. Make sure to check your RV floor once in a while because floors aren’t meant to last forever. 

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