Pop Up Camper Ideas | What Is Pop Up Camper?

Pop Up Camper Ideas – Some people prefer to go camping with their pop up camper. Camping in a pop up camper is different than other types of camping. For them, it offers more comfort than camping in a standard tent with minimal supplies. It’s more convenient than using a tent, but far more straightforward than using an RV.

Regardless, there are some things that you need to know before getting started in a pop up camper. This article will provide you with every necessary aspect to know about pop up camper. It covers the general information about the vehicle, the essential features to have, and the design recommendations. Be sure to read more to find out.

What is pop up camper?

how do pop up campers work

In short, a pop up camper is a fusion between an RV and a tent. It’s a type of RV that can be collapsed into a smaller form for easy storage and transport. When fully set up, the pop up camper can become more extensive than the initial size. It typically has beds, a compact kitchen, a dining table, and a few storage spaces. However, some campers renovate their pop up camper to include extra features such as a bathroom and an air conditioner.

The primary benefits of a pop up camper are its small size and lightweight design. It allows the pop up camper to be easily towed by most minivans and smaller SUVs. The size also makes the pop up camper easier to store in most household garages. Without a doubt, these factors make the pop up campers more accessible for average families compared to most RVs.

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Pop up camper must haves

Organize Pop Up Camper

Many people choose to buy a pop up camper because they need the convenience of an RV but with less cost. However, to provide the same comfort of an RV, the pop up camper needs some things to ease your camping experience. This part will cover the essential things that you need to have in a pop up camper.

A portable generator

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Installing a solar panel might be costly and challenging, but a portable generator can be an excellent alternative. It can supply power to run appliances that may not be possible with DC battery. Also, new portable generators mostly weigh nothing compared to how useful it is to help you during camping.

A heater

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Camping during cold weather might be exciting, but the thin walls of a pop up camper might cause you hypothermia. Fortunately, you can buy a small heater at a low price nowadays to provide heat during cold weather. It’s a small price to pay for a safe camping experience.

Collapsible storage containers

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Since pop up campers are usually smaller than most RVs, it also has smaller storage space. To make the most out of the limited storage space, you need to have some collapsible storage containers. It can maximize the available space to fit essential items and supplies.

An air conditioner

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Unlike most RVs, most pop up campers don’t include air conditioners. It doesn’t mean that pop up campers don’t get heated during the day. They still do. Therefore, getting an air conditioner installed will be worth it to keep the camping experience fun.

First aid kit

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One of the most important things to bring to the campground is the first aid kit. Accidents can happen during your journey, and having first aid items in the camper has become a necessity. It’s one of the primary pop up camper necessities.

Fire pit

Photo by amazon.com

A traditional camping experience is one thing that most pop up camper users look for. Bringing a fire pit can help to create a fantastic camping experience. And most importantly, you can grill food with it.

Leveling blocks

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Not leveling the RV can cause any sorts of troubles. It might break your refrigerator, give you uncomfortable sleep, and make cooking more difficult than it already is. Therefore, leveling the RV by using leveling blocks is strongly recommended. You should be fine buying a pack of 10.

Water filters

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A water filter is such a small but handy item to bring on the campground. It ensures the safety of the water you will consume. Moreover, you don’t always need to take bottled water if you have these filters. Therefore, it also gives you extra storage space.

Pop up gizmos

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A pop up gizmos installation gives extra protection for your pop up campers. They act like blankets that keep the cold air during summer and warm air during winter. They also protect the camper from UV rays and passing birds. Furthermore, there’s also a high wind version that can protect you from wind and even a storm.

Pop up camper design ideas

pop up camper decorating

At this point, you already knew what a pop up camper is and what you need to make it comfortable. However, useful items are not enough to make a pop up camper as cozy as a home; you also need to personalize it. Here are our favorite pop up camper design ideas.

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Calming eclectic pop up camper

pop up camper decorate
Photo by robertssales.com

The cool-toned wood material used in this pop up camper makes the interior calming. Furthermore, the large-sized windows let the breeze in to keep the atmosphere pleasant. The layout is also able to fit a bathroom inside this medium-sized interior. A pop up camper with bathroom is quite rare. It’s excellent for people who need convenience.

Countryside style pop up camper

pop up gizmos reviews
Photo by jayco.com

Who doesn’t love the fresh air of the countryside? This pop up camper design reminds us of the friendly atmosphere of a country house. Not only the open concept blends well with teak furniture, but it also prevents the interior from feeling narrow.

Man cave pop up camper

pop up camper winter camping
Photo by inhabitat.com

Many young males go camping together. For them, making the pop up camper interior looks masculine is an excellent idea. This camper design accentuates its man cave vibe with a strong grey tone. Since this pop up camper doesn’t have any cooking area, this might be the right choice for people who need to fit a lot of people instead of a kitchen. They can still cook outside.

Black and white pop up camper

pop up tent trailer makeover
Photo by amrank.info

Simplicity and calm are the main points of this pop up camper design. Its straightforward design will be easy to set up and organize. Moreover, its black accents will make it hard to get dirty.

Oceanic vibe pop up camper

pop up tent trailer makeover
Photo by parkedinparadise.com

The beach and the sea have become many people’s favorite holiday destination. Fortunately, you can also add a little touch of the ocean by pulling off this design for you pop up camper. It uses transparent stickers on the windows to paint the interior with a calming blue tone. Moreover, the white-colored cabinets add no distraction to the vibe.

Two-level pop up camper

pop up camper with bathroom
Photo by inboundmarketingsummit.com

Not all pop up camper trailer is large enough to fit many people. Therefore, making the pop up camper multi-level might be a viable solution for that. This design is a great example of how you can have a second-level yet still able to have cabinets in between.

Simple teak pop up camper design

a frame pop up camper
Photo by savelapl.org

Some people choose a pop up camper to rest and spend their other camping activities wholly outside. This straightforward pop up camper interior should be enough for them. It has only one queen-sized bed and a pair of benches that look very comfortable.

Vintage pop up camper design

four wheel pop up camper
Photo by image.recreationalvehiclemarket.com

It’s always nice to bring some things from the past with you. This vintage style pop up camper can add a friendly atmosphere to your campground. Also, the complete setup in it makes the camping experience more delightful.

Family-friendly pop up camper

How do you clean a pop up camper?
Photo by i.pinimg.com

This cheerful design will keep any family happy while camping. The red and white color combination creates a friendly vibe in the room. With a complete set of amenities, this pop up camper setup should be able to ease every camping experience.

Chic pop up camper

pop up camper storage ideas
Photo by thewanderingrv.com

If there is enough room in the trailer to pull off this design, it will be worth it. Not only it looks elegant, but it’s also one of the most similar design to a home. With its cozy sofas and household-grade kitchen, it’s absolutely an impeccable pop up camper design.

Luxurious retro pop up camper

pop up camper bunk end covers
Photo by tripsavvy.com

This retro-styled pop up camper has every beautiful thing of a retro-styled home. From wooden furniture to a dark-colored sofa, they all replicate the comfort of the old days.

Concise double-deck pop up camper

diy solar bunk end covers
Photo by s3.amazonaws.com

This is another type of a double-deck pop up camper. Although it’s smaller than the previous one, this design has a brighter tone that makes it feel roomier. Also, the pull-out mechanics on the second level is a great inspiration to create extra space.

Kids-friendly pop up camper

pop up gizmos installation
Photo by blog-cdn.rvshare.com

Not only soft and bright colors make any room more spacious, but it’s also attractive to kids. This can be a nice pop up camper design to recreate when you bring the kids to the campground.

Traditional-style pop up camper

rockwood freedom pop up camper owners manual
Photo by jayco.com

Some people want an authentic camping experience but don’t want to leave the convenience of a pop up camper. Fortunately, this pop up camper design should be able to replicate the atmosphere of a tent while keeping all the benefits of living in a pop up camper.

Masculine pop up camper

rockwood pop up camper awning setup
Photo by i.pinimg.com

Dark green color can make the pop up camper interior looks masculine. Not only that, but the green color can also help to emphasize the natural vibe while in the middle of the campground. Based on the size and layout, this interior setup will suit medium to large camping groups.

Futuristic pop up camper

rockwood xl pop up camper
Photo by i.pinimg.com

The white color is often considered to create a modern and futuristic design. This design, however, brings the white color to a whole new different level. It perfectly combines the futuristic vibe with the patterned fabrics that are identical to traditional styles.

Classic pop up camper

high wall pop up camper
Photo by jayco.com

Some people want to feel refreshed while maintaining a formal look. This pop up camper adopts a formal open concept design. With its dark brown tone, it successfully achieves a high-class vibe.

Scout pop up camper

pop up camper storage ideas
Photo by s3.amazonaws.com

With many layers of protection on the windows, this pop up camper design makes people feel safe. Its sturdy design, materials, and color choices remind us of a tent in a scout campsite.

Straightforward pop up camper

Photo by birthcakedecor.com

This pop up camper design will accommodate the campers with enough comfort to rest. However, they need to cook, take a bath, and do most other activities outside. Regardless, it’s an excellent pick for people who want to set up their tent easily.

Tropical vibe pop up camper

Photo by smartrvcamper.com

Although considered small, this colorful pop up camper managed to fit plenty of seating space. Moreover, it still has a space left for a small kitchen. Being able to cook inside a pop up camper is always a desired feature, especially in bad weather.

Army style pop up camper

Photo by i.pinimg.com

Its straightforward but sturdy design reminds us of a military camp. Moreover, the green color of the sofa also emphasizes the strong army vibe of this pop up camper design.

Practical pop up camper

Photo by parkedinparadise.com

This pop up camper looks pretty basic and practical. Based on the framing, it seems that it can be installed and uninstalled very quickly. A quick installation is necessary for any situation, including camping.

Modern double-deck pop up camper

Photo by earthcruiser.com

This design combines the double-deck design with contemporary style. It looks casually gorgeous and feels roomy. Although it’s not very big, it also managed to include a kitchen space in it.

Stylish pop up camper

Photo by moercar.com

This pop up camper design is very creatively decorated. The decoration makes the interior feels attractively comfortable. Although it seems unnecessary, putting some decorations in the interior is one of the best ways to make it feel like home.

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To conclude, going camping in a pop up camper offers more convenience than in a tent. However, you still need the right items and amenities to support your life during camping. Also, you might need to customize the pop up camper design to suit your taste. Apart from the items and design ideas we recommended, there are still plenty more out there. So, feel free also to consider them.

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