RV Organization Ideas (RV Tips For Beginner)

RV Organization Ideas – Organization is significant when you live in a small space. Overflowing drawers and a cluttered space will make you feel stressed. Contrarily, a clean and well-organized space is the quickest way to bring positive atmosphere. Therefore, organizing RV is about how you make the most of a small space. 

Since a tidy space has a calming atmosphere, you’d be surprised how much better you’d feel after organizing your RV. In addition, once being organized becomes your habit, it’ll impact other parts of your life. 

Furthermore, an organized RV will help you become more efficient and effective. For example, you don’t need to rummage when you need something because you’ll know right away where you put it. Even though organizing your RV seems like a lot of work, the result will be worth it. 

RV Tips for Beginner

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At first, things with RV can be a little overwhelming. Whether you are only going for weekends or you are deciding on living full time in your RV. If it’s your first time, you need to know some basic things before you hit the road. Below we put some information that you might need.

1. Take A Practice or Driving Course

Practicing will make you used to drive your RV. Therefore, before you go traveling, take start practicing in some wide-open spaces or take some driving courses. 

2. Bring RV Tools and Spare Parts

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Since RV shop might be hard to find on the road, you need to be well prepared. Read our article about must-have RV tools and spare parts to discover more about essentials you need in your RV. 

3. Do A Camping Simulation 

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Use your driveway as a camping site to pack and test your equipment and process. Each time you need to get something in the house or garage, it means you have failed a packing. That way, you can adjust your needs before going to real camping. 

4. Only Pack What You Need

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With a limited amount of space in RV, you have to be smart when you pack. Read our article about RV Accessories to know about the things you may bring but don’t take up a lot of space. 

5. Don’t Bring Water

You don’t need to travel with full tanks if your travel destination has a water supply. Therefore, before you hit the road, be sure to make a call to your destination campsite to verify the water facility. 

6. Prepare For Different Electrical Outlets

When making reservations, be sure to ask about the electrical requirements at your campsite. Or, bring several different adapters to ensure that you can connect to the electrical power wherever you go. However, if you are camping in a location with no electrical power, you can use a generator or RV batteries. 

7. Check Your RV Load Limits

For safety reasons, never exceed the required  load limits. Therefore, check the weight of your RV on a truck scale at a truck stop. 

8. Plan for Dumping Your Tanks

Be sure to have the necessary equipment before dumping your black and grey water tanks. You can also empty your holding tanks and fill the freshwater tank at the

9. Reserve your RV Campsite

Be sure to make your reservation far before your trip. Also, get all the details and keep a copy of your reservation or any related documents inside your RV.

10. Don’t Get Locked Out

Some spots are open 24/7, but there are others that have quiet hours and lock the gate during those hours. Therefore, be sure to check the gate hours of your campsite.

11. Prepare to Setup After Dark

In order to avoid setting up after dark, it’s better to arrive early. However, if you arrive after the sun has set, you need lighting such as an LED headlamp or camping lantern. You might also need to turn on every light in your RV. 

RV Tips & Trick

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Traveling is a way to take a break from a hectic daily life. Thus, when you go camping, you expect peacefulness that only nature can provide. Below we put a list of tips and tricks to help you have a peaceful camping experience. 

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1. Protect yourself from bugs and critters  

Keep the bees away by hiding unscented drying sheets under your table cloths. Also, you can keep the bugs and mosquitoes away by adding sage to your campfire. Plus, use peppermint scented perfume because spiders hate it.  

2. Storage Hacks

To prevent your stuff from sliding around when the RV is moving, line drawers and shelves in cupboards. Also to save some space, you can use a plastic door hanging shoe rack to store all bathroom essentials. 

3. Campfire Tricks

If you go camping in damp areas, you can use birthday candle to start a fire. Not only effective, it’s also cheap and easy to find. Or, you can also use chips such as Fritos and Corn Chips because it’s easy to get burnt. Another way to easily start campfire is by using dryer lint under the wood. 

4. Additional Tips

You can make a homemade flash light with a dew bottle, baking, and 3 caps of peroxide. Or if you want to light up the whole campsite, strap a headlamp to a gallon jug of water. Lastly, when you are at a campsite, your cell can lose service anytime. Thus, be sure to always bring a map with you. 

How to Organize Your RV

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As mentioned before, a clean and well-organized space is the quickest way to bring positivity. Therefore, we write some tips on how to organize your RV and help you make the most of a small space. 

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1. Install disposable paper plate holder under cabinet.

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2. Install a wastebasket on your cabinet door.

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3. Make a homemade RV sewer hose storage.

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4. Use magnets to stick your cutting board under a cabinet.

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5. Get a compact 24-bottle pull-out spice drawer.

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6. Use lightweight shelves in the cabinets.

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7. Store flat items vertically with tension rods.

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8. Add an extra pull-out drawer under tables.

9. Put long tools in outside storage.

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10. Use hanging shelf to increase closet space.

11. Put kitchen sink essentials in a small container.

12. Store fresh water hose in a mesh bag.

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13. Install a hanger that can expand when open. 

14. Use tiny vertical wall spice rack to save cabinet space.

RV organization tips for a small space

15. Organize pantry items in file folder holders

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16. Create your own plastic toothbrush holder to stick on hooks.

17. Use a broom clip to put your flashlight.

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18. Organize power cords and water hoses with hose reels. 

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19. Stick file folders on the inside of cabinets for extra storage

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20. Get a magnetic spice rack.

21. Use Knife Safe to store your knives.

22. Create your own storage for folding chairs.

23. Use a hanging caddy to put magazines and maps.

24. Hang metal buckets in the bathroom with towel bars and hooks. 

RV Closet Organization

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Obviously, RV closets are much smaller than the ones in your home.Therefore, we put some tips on RV closet organization to help your closet stay organized on the road.

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Tip 1: Only Pack Necessary Outfits

Get rid of clothes you don’t really need. Remember, only pack the essentials, including your clothes. 

Tip 2:  Use Slim Hang

Unlike regular hangers, slim hangers only take up a little space. Thus, get this type of hanger to save space.

Tip 3: Get the Suit Type Hangers

Puth both shirts and pants on the same hanger by using the suit type hanger. Since each hanger can hold multiple things, it could save a lot of  space. 

Tip 4: Cover Closet Rods with Tubing Wire

Prevent the hangers sliding up and down the rod each time the RV is moving or stopping with tubing wire. Besides, the ridges on the wire covers keep the clothes from getting wrinkled. 

Tip 5: Get a Hanging Closet Organizer

With this item you don’t need to worry that your clothes will end up all over the bedroom. Also, you can find your clothes easily. 

Tip 6:  Maximize Your Storage

Use small hanging organizer to keep things like socks, flip-flops, underwear, etc. You can hang it on the cabinet or the back or a door. 

Tip 7: Get A Towel Bar

It’s great to hang towels, washcloths, pot holders, cleaning rags and more. Put this in your kitchen, bathroom or anywhere else that you might need a towel within reach. 

Tip 8: Add A Hook to Hang Dirty Clothes

If you don’t have a washer and dryer in your RV, you might need something to store  your dirty clothes. Thus, you’ll need this to hang your laundry bags. 

Tip 9: Add Some Hooks at Bathroom

These are useful to hang wet clothes or bathing suits. That way, the excess water can go right down the drain and it won’t mess with your dry clothes. 

RV Kitchen Storage Organization

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Keeping your RV neat and organized might need a lot of work. Furthermore, it will take some time to get used to the small space since there are limited cabinets and storage space. Here are tips about RV kitchen storage organization, to help you find everything you need at a moment’s notice.

1. Space saving with nesting pots and pans

Keep your kitchen organized by using nesting pots and pans. It’s perfect to declutter your RV kitchen, since it can store many pieces in less that ½ cubic feet of space. 

2. Get Collapsible Colanders

This is another must-have item to maximize your RV kitchen storage. It fits perfectly in a cupboard and is only two inches high when it collapsed. 

3. Use Collapsible Dish Tub

You can use it to wash dishes or store fruits and vegetables. It’s also BPA free and only 1.6 inches high when it collapsed. 

4. Hang Wastebasket Inside a Cabinet

This is another way to declutter your RV kitchen. However, always be sure to check and throw the trash to keep your RV kitchen from being smelly.

5. Hang Cooking Utensils with A Curtain Road

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You can hang any cooking utensils that you use often, such as spatulas,ladles, etc. Not only it keeps your kitchen utensils organized, it also makes it easy to reach.

6. Store Pantry Items in Plastic Bins 

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Use little plastic bins to hold small packets and other pantry items. You can glue it to the wall of one of your cabinets. 

7. Use Magazine Holder for Extra Storage

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It’s great to hold things like plastic wrap, wax paper, etc. Plus, it’s cheap and you can find it anywhere. 

8. Store Cleaning Supplies Under the Sink

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It helps you keep the bottles organized. You can also use mini storage organizer for smaller items.

9. Use Shower Caddies to Store Fruit and Vegetables.

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This is another way to store your fruits and vegetables. You only need a shower caddy and some command hooks. 

10. Hold Pot Lids with Towel Racks

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Maximize your cabinets for storage. For example, you can use towel racks inside cabinets to hold pot lids.  

11. Use Magnetic Rack

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This is a must-have item for RV kitchen. It can store many things such as nuts, seeds, salt, pepper, etc. It also can easily be mounted on the inside of cabinet doors.

12. Store canned food in Magazine Rack

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Magazine racks have so many functions. You can store cans of beans, soups and other canned vegetables in it. 

13. Use Self-Adhesive Hooks

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It’s so compact and you can hang them anywhere. It’s great to hang cloth, towels, etc. 

14. Store Cutting Boards  in Magazine Holders

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The magazine holder is highly functional. There are so many things that it can hold, one of them is cutting boards. 

RV Life Hacks

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Living full-time in your RV might seem adventurous and exciting. However, there are also challenges of living on the road that you can’t overlook. Below we put some RV life hacks to help you make your life in the RV as fun as you imagine. 

1. Use Water Efficiently

To save water as much as possible, you need to use it smartly. Especially when you’re showering. Make sure to only turn on your shower to get wet and to rinse. That way, you don’t need to fill up your tanks often.

2. Store Your Trash in Plastic Container

It’s easy to find and perfect to use as a trash bag. Plus, with its small size, it doesn’t take up a lot of space. Furthermore, the lid of the container will prevent your trash from bouncing out when the RV is moving.

3. Start Fire with Chips

You can use any chips since the oil in it are flammable. Therefore it can start a fire quickly.

4. Keep Mosquito Away with Sage

Pick some branches and toss them when you are having a campfire. That way, you don’t need to worry about mosquito all night.

5. Clean The Dishes with A Paper Towel

After finishing a meal, take a paper towel to wipe down your eating utensils. That way, you don’t need to use much water when washing your dishes.

6. Wash Your Clothes In Bucket 

The bucket can be a great small washing machine. After you wash your clothes, you can dry the clothes in the sun.

7. Bring A Cooler

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It’s a great idea to put a few beers or soft drinks in it. Also, the solid block ice lasts longer than the small ice cubes.

8. Prevent Critter with Open Hood

It prevents critters from chomping down the electrical system. Also, use Irish Springs bar soap around the engine compartment to keep them away. 

9. Use a Water Bottle for Lamp

Take a headlamp and strap it around a water bottle. It will diffuse the light more and turn the water bottle into a little lamp. 

10. Wrap Duct Tape around Water Bottles 

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If you go for a hike, you need to take duct tape and water bottles with you. Thus, make it practical by wrapping duct tape around your water bottle

Small RV Camping Tips

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Camping with small RV might be a little bit challenging because you don’t have a lot of space to begin with. However, don’t let the size of your RV prevents you from having a joyful camping. Here are some small RV camping tips to make your camping exciting.

1. Always Cook Outside

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Take your grilling or cooking utensils outside. Not only it gives you more space, it will also keep your RV clean and free from the cooking mess. 

2. Pack Your Camper Carefully

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With limited weight capacity, small RV can’t carry as much weight. Therefore, don’t pack all the heavy gear on one side because it can throw the balance off. 

3. Find a More Secluded Campsites

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One of the advantages of camping with small RV  is you can go to places where regular RV can’t. Therefore, you can go to campsites that are not too crowded and truly enjoy the nature.

RV Spring Preparations

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Spring is the best season to go camping since nature literally springs to life. Below we write RV spring preparations list to help you get ready for camping in spring. 

1. Get Ready for Spring by De-winterizing your VR

Make your own bleach water and add it to the freshwater tank. Before de-winterizing your RV, make sure to read the manual from your RV’s manufacturer because it’s different for each RV. 

2. Check for Leaks

Fill the freshwater tank. Then, run the water pump. Afterward, check each line, faucet, or fixture to know if there are any leaks. 

3. Check for Holes

Generally, dump hoses have a limited lifespan. Therefore, always make sure to check for holes or tears and tighten the hose clamps before you use them. 

4. Inspect the Waste Tanks Valves

Be sure to hook up to a dump station when you check valves, fittings, and seals for leaks. Also, don’t forget to wear gloves. 

5. Check the Caulking

Make sure it’s not cracked or missing  around anywhere there is a seam. Reapply with waterproof caulking if needed.

6. Inspect RV Tow Vehicles Tires and Wheels

For safety reason, replace tires that have cracks, check the brakes to ensure it works properly. If you have a towable camper, be sure to check the bearings to see if it needs to be replaced.

7. Check the Awnings

Since it protects RV from sun and rain, don’t hit the road before you give it a proper inspection. Check it to see if there’s any hole, tears, or mold. 

8. Check the Batteries

Generally, RV batteries are the lead-acid type. Thus it needs to be checked for the fluid levels, terminal cleanliness, and general condition. Also, don’t forget to charge the batteries until they are sufficiently charged before you go camping. 

9. Check All the Essentials

Check the fluids and filters in generators, engines, and brakes of tow vehicles and coaches. You need your engine to be in excellent condition for traveling. Thus, for safety reasons, check everything related to the engine. 

10. Check the Driving Lights

Before you hit the road, make sure your running lights, brake lights, headlights, and turn signals are working properly. Thus, if you find faulty lights, you can immediately replace it.

11. Inspect the LP Gas Systems

First, make sure the LP gas alarm is working. Afterward, make sure all the stove knobs are in the off position. Then, spray a little soapy water on the valves and regulators to ensure there are no leaks. 

12. Check the A/C Unit

Make sure that no rodents or birds stayed around the exterior condenser area. Then, start the unit and let it run for a moment to ensure all is good. 

13. Test the Safety Equipment

Check the emergency equipment, including fire extinguishers, carbon monoxide, and LP gas detectors. Replace the batteries if needed and pack another set as a backup.


RV organization is about how you take everything essentials to live and pack it in the simplest package. It’s about taking away the extraneous things and only live with what you really need. It makes life much simpler and helps you focus on what really matters.

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