25+ RV Kitchen (Accessories & Design)

RV Kitchen – Cooking is a way to connect people, especially when traveling. Therefore, it is necessary to make your kitchen to be a unique and inviting space. With the limited space of RV, the kitchen not only has to be aesthetically pleasing, but also functional and organized. 

However, organizing and remodeling your RV kitchen shouldn’t be a problem. Actually, there are so many things you can do in the RV kitchen regardless its size. Read our article below to find more about RV kitchens. 


RV Kitchen Accessories

campervan kitchen ideas

Generally, RV kitchens are smaller than most regular kitchens. Thus, when it comes to organizing the RV kitchen, there are essential things that you have to bring. Bringing only the essentials not only to save space, but also for safety reasons, functionality and efficiency. With those considerations in mind, here are some RV must-have kitchen accessories to bring when you are far from home.

Never Forget A Coffee Maker

rv kitchen faucet
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Coffee is crucial for every RVers. There is no better way to start the day than having a perfect cup of coffee. Therefore, this standard 12-cup, auto shut off coffee maker is a must have RV kitchen accessories. It doesn’t take up so much space, and is also removable and easy to use. 

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Purchase Disposable Plates and Cups

rv kitchen cabinets
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If you are a large family traveling or living in an RV, having three meals a day will leave your sink packed with dirty dishes. Therefore, to reduce the clutter and post-meal clean up, it is more efficient to use paper plates and cups. That way, you don’t have to be stressed about cleaning the dirty plates and cups every time you had meals. 

Bring Break-Resistant Dinnerware 

cookware rv kitchen accessories
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Using break-resistant dinnerware is more cost-effective than buying disposable plates and cups from time to time. In addition, the sturdy materials is perfect for camping. Also, the colorful set is not only functional, but also adds charm and aesthetic to your kitchen.

Buy Mini Dish Drainer Rack

After doing the dishes, you certainly don’t want to leave the wet dishes on your countertop. For that reason, you need a good drying rack that can hold your dishes securely and flexibly. 

Portable Oven for RV

rv kitchen appliances
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Generally, portable oven includes conduction, convection and infrared features. Having portable oven is more efficient especially during the summer. It emits less heat and perfect to reduce the clutter and have a meal outside the RV. 

Use Electric Griddle  

rv kitchenette
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When shopping for electric griddle, the amount of people you will be traveling with should be taken into consideration. However, if you don’t have many mouths to feed, choose a small griddle. This item is perfect for cooking breakfast and grilling at night without needing charcoal. 

Find Enclosed Waste Bin

Keep the stench away and your waste out of sight with this enclosed waste bin. The lid will be handy to ward off insect, especially when peak bug season in early summer. 

RV Kitchen Design

sprinter van ikea cabinets

When it comes to kitchen design, it is necessary to figure out your personal style before making a decision. Usually, the shape of the kitchen depends on the shape of the space. Due to its limited space, a line kitchen is great for RV kitchen. Below we put some RV kitchen designs to if you are considering to renovate or simply freshen up your kitchen. 

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80s RV Kitchen Design

camper kitchen unit
Photo by cdn.apartmenttherapy.info

Do not let the limited space of RV stops your creativity and hinders you from having a Pinterest-worthy kitchen. Although the RV kitchen appliances are outdated, there is no need to replace them all. Just combine it with new touches like paint job, and DIY countertop. That way, the kitchen gives off a retro and modern bohemian feel to the RV. In addition, the Epoch Architectural Surface Geometric Star Ceramic adds even more charm to the space. 

Modern Rustic Kitchen 

sprinter van ikea cabinets

If you want to remodel your kitchen but want to keep it classic, using reclaimed wood is a great option. The natural wood helps to soften the space creating a perfect balance with the black accent. In addition, it also makes the kitchen look elegant, timeless and warm. This modern rustic kitchen also looks cohesive because the owner uses the reclaimed wood for the backsplash and countertops. Another smart idea of this design is keeping the RV overhead cabinets white so it blends well with the ceiling.

Class A Luxurious Kitchen

motorhome kitchen accessories
Photo by koa.com

With its enormous size, Class A motorhome provides you with a large cooking space. There are many kitchen amenities you can put since it has loads of storage. In this luxurious kitchen, with its large worktop space, you would be able to easily move around when preparing and serving meals. 

50s Kitchen Design  

sprinter van ikea cabinets
Photo by houzz.com

This 50s RV kitchen design looks like straight from a Wes Anderson movie. The vibrant colors speak to one another across the room, create a visual flow that provides cohesive atmosphere. The green cabinets make a great focal point and add a retro vibe to the kitchen. The bright colors makes the kitchen inviting and instantly energizes the space. The large RV  kitchen island can be used as gathering spot and keep the family engaged by preparing the meal together.

Fresh RV Kitchen

rv accessories
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Although it is tiny, the L-shaped kitchen still gives you a good working space and a lot of storage space. This white kitchen with clean appearance combined with the right amount of bold colors that pop perfectly, adds a freshness to the space. Placing the dinette right across the kitchen area adds cozy and comfort to the lovely kitchen. The simple decorations instantly transport you to French countryside.

Dreamy Kitchen

motorhome kitchen accessories
Photo by i0.wp.com

When remodeling any space, start considering to put unique statements because details are not just details, they make design. This dreamy RV kitchen not only maintaining functionality but also the visual harmony. The wood countertop makes it looks classic while the butcher block surface adds warmth to the space. In addition, the wooden moose accessories combined with the cute wallpaper simply freshen up the kitchen.

Smart RV Kitchen Design 

rv organization hacks
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Everything about the kitchen is purposely designed to maximize the space and has everything you need. To make the kitchen work best, the owner separates the things in groups and keeps it easy to grab. The magnetic wall board is handy to store spices. In addition, the way they put the things they use often closer to the worktop makes everyday items easy to reach.

RV Outdoor Kitchen

motorhome kitchen accessories

Outdoor kitchen provides the perfect space for gathering and entertaining. While the food is being prepared, people can gather around and socialize with one another without making it too crowded. That’s when the outdoor kitchen will come in handy, especially when you are traveling with a big family or inviting guests to have a meal together. Also, you don’t have to worry about the mess and the smell. Cooking outside keeps your RV clean and fresh smelling. Here are some RV kitchen units that offers you all the luxuries and comfort of cooking outside. 

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Coachmen RV Apex Ultra-Lite 

rv kitchen unit
Photo by generalrv.com

Make summer camp more special with this Coachmen RV Apex outdoor kitchen. This cool outdoor kitchen features grilling necessities you need. It also includes a mini fridge, sink, and storage, making it a perfect kitchen to cook outside. 

Prime Time LaCrosse

rv kitchen storage accessories
Photo by generalrv.com

One of the favorite trends of 2019 is a dark color palette. This outdoor kitchen is elegant with dominant black color combined with natural wood that creates a perfect balance. The faux stone adds a unique statement to the design. The LaCrosse outdoor kitchen includes a mini fridge, overhead cabinet, a sink, and a grill. Not only perfect in design, it also provides a lot of space, making it the best cooking station. 

Open Range Roamer 

rv kitchen appliances
Photo by generalrv.com

The Open Ranger Roamer outdoor kitchen is a perfect open-air hangout spots for you and your friends. This gorgeous outdoor kitchen features a cooktop, microwave, sink, storage, mini fridge, and a grill. In addition, the TV mount option making it even more a great entertaining spot. Check also: Air Fryer Low Watt recomendation

Keystone Outback Toy Hauler

Photo by generalrv.com

This unique Outback 324CG has everything you need for a kitchen. The cozy kitchen corner features a sink, a mini fridge, cooktop, and optional grill. There is also plenty of overhead storage to store spices within a reach. 

Coachmen Leprechaun

rv kitchen sink
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This Leprechaun Class C offers a modern outside kitchen that features a sink, a girl and a also mini fridge. Not only eye-catching, this metal exterior kitchen is also highly functional. 

Grand Design Solitude 366DEN  

rv kitchenette
Photo by generalrv.com

Located under the rear bunks, this Grand Design Solitude 366DEN exterior kitchen features a microwave, overhead storage, and a mini fridge. The large countertop making it a perfect spot to prepare food. Also, the highlight feature of this great kitchen is it includes a two-burner cooktop which is uncommon for outdoor kitchen. 

Thor Outlaw Class A Toy Hauler 38RE

camper kitchen unit
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This is obviously one of the largest outside kitchen. Not only it offers the entertaining area, this Thor Outlaw Class A Toy Hauler 38RE also features an exterior patio with half bath kitchenette. The amazing exterior kitchen includes a sink, plenty of storage, and an LED TV, making it a dreamy spot for RV owners. 

Coachmen Mirada

The Coachmen Mirada outdoor kitchen offers basic cooking necessities you need.  This tiny exterior kitchen provides a lot of storage, a portable grill, a sink and a mini fridge. 

Keystone Fuzion 420 

rv kitchen chairs
Photo by generalrv.com

The Keystone Fuzion 420 features two giant patio of the back garage. This toy hauler has an additional side patio and sliding door off of the kitchen. 

Winnebago Tour 

Photo by generalrv.com

This Winnebago Tour outdoor kitchen is a perfect place for family to gather around. The simple design features a single-burner cooktop, mini fridge, paper towel  and garbage holders. The stainless steel countertop makes this kitchen looks simply elegant. 

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Camper Van Kitchen Ideas

Cooking can be a hassle when you are on the road. As mentioned above, due to the limited space you can’t pack every kitchen utensil into an RV. Actually, you only need basic kitchen amenities for your RV kitchen. In addition, you can still have a dream kitchen with a bit of renovations and creativity.  Below we put some camper van kitchen ideas that might inspire you when you are thinking to renovate your tiny kitchen.

Mercedes Vito Camper Van Kitchen

Photo by wideopeneats.com

This modern rustic camper van kitchen has everything you want in a kitchen. The natural wood colors add warmth to the kitchen and make it look inviting. The wide countertop also provides you with efficiency. 

Tiny Interior Kitchen 

If the kitchen shares the space with dining or living space, make sure to keep it simple and tidy. That way, it avoids the clutter and maintains the cozy atmosphere. As any other minimalist kitchen, this kitchen interior has simple and stylish hardware and no other decorative accents. 

Slide Out Camper Van Kitchen

Having an outside kitchen is a great choice if you have a tiny space in your RV. This slide out kitchen is equipped with basic kitchen amenities you need for cooking. The pull-out kitchen features a sink, storage and propane stove,  thus, you don’t need to worry about cooking outside. 

Classic Camper Van Kitchen

Placed right behind the driver and passenger seats area, this kitchen provides a large space to prepare food. It also has  loads of storage to save you from a cluttered kitchen.

Overland Camper Van Kitchen

This cool kitchen provides you a great space to work. The wall is used to its maximum capacity. Therefore, the hanging cups not only a great way to save space, but also acts as a decorative piece.

Sprinter Camper Van Kitchen

This awesome kitchen features a large worktop to prepare food. It also has loads of extra storage to save space. In addition, the a-line kitchen makes it to move around. 

Elegant Camper Van Kitchen 

Photo by wideopeneats.com

The kitchen fixtures are not only functional element anymore. They are considered as artistic pieces and crucial elements to define the kitchen style. Thus, the stainless steel fixture adds character to the kitchen and perfectly makes the kitchen look elegant. 

Unique Camper Van Kitchen

This unique kitchen has plenty of space to move around. The large countertop also provides enough space to prepare all kinds of food. Plus, you can store a lot of cooking utensils in the cabinet underneath. 

Nissan NV 2500 Kitchen

The kitchen fits perfectly right behind the driver’s seat. It features a deep metal sink, a burner, and loads of storage to put plates, spices, etc. In addition, the window right in the kitchen area makes the space look airy. 

Rustic Chic Kitchen

Make the kitchen looks rustic with the perfect combination of natural wood and the soft aqua colors. The hanging cloth is also an excellent choice to make a focal point.


Cooking is supposed to be fun and exciting, especially when you are traveling with your loved ones. Therefore, having a kitchen with lovely atmosphere and high functionality will make your traveling experience more enjoyable. Be creative and don’t forget to showcase your creativity to make your RV kitchen design uniquely personal. 

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