RV Remodel Ideas (Interior & Exterior Makeover)

RV Remodel Ideas – If you have been on the road for awhile with your RV it might looks worn out already. Or you just bought secondhand RV from someone then the appearance itself might look ages. Either way, after using your recreational vehicle for miles you will be needing to do some upgrades.

Everyone can have the same skills, the same amount of time and budget they willing to spend. But, the part where they want to work on or change might be different. It will depend on the vehicle itself. In which part it needed to change. Or, the owner just feels bored so they want to change few parts to get new feeling.

Well, that is why here we provide you some different ideas for remodel your RV. So, you can pick and choose the project you want as your reference. We also give some tips on that.


When to Remodel

rv exterior remodel

How long have you own your RV? How far you have traveled with it? Those two questions are the main key to answer to this question. If you have traveled long enough like 100 miles obviously your RV will be needing an upgrade. Or, this year is the 5th year you own your RV, it definitely need remodeling. Or, you just bought an old RV from someone, and you do not like the model or design. Well, isn’t it obvious you need RV remodeling?

Other than that, the best time to remodel your RV is when you already feel like you need changes. Because, at that time you will be willing to sacrifice anything, like time, money and energy. Still, you can pay someone to do it, but remodeling RV together with family can engage more quality time. You will gain some useful experiences too.

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Benefit of Remodeling

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Why not just buying new RV, as we can buy the RV based on our budget? If you have enough amount of money for your dream RV then it is not a problem. But still, you have to make some changes to get the vibes and character which is so you in it. If you do not have enough budget, you have to wait till you can own it. Why wait? Well, your cash flow gonna ruined if you force things. However, there is one solution for this, rather than buying new RV buy a used one. Then, remodel it as per you want (this is smart move actually). There are few benefits you can gain from remodeling your RV:

1. Getting An RV Exactly Like You Dream Of

Buying a new RV is a tough job. You need to spend a lot of time thinking before choosing the RV as you want. Some are lucky enough if they directly can find the RV exactly like what they are looking for. But, the chance is like 1% out of 100, almost impossible. So, remodeling RV is the only way you will get it, the RV that you dream of. To get the touch, vibes, character which is so you.

2. Knowing Your RV Well

When you take a decision to remodel your RV, you will check everything in your RV. Even the tiny hidden spot. To get to know well what still work, what need retouch, and what you have to replace totally. This thing is crucial so later you do not need to work on the same thing twice. Suppose you painted the kitchen already, but did not check the plumbing and water leaked happen. That painted area become ruined because of it. Then, you will have to work on it again. In the end, after done with every project, without realizing you knew about your RV so well.

3. The Value of RV Will Increase

This case will only happen if you buy an old RV then remodel it. There are many bloggers and youtubers out there who share about their work. Furthermore, they do this as their side hustle. For example, they bought an old RV, caravan, camper or whatever it is for $400 then they remodel it. For remodeling it cost around $2100. But, then they sold it at $8200. See how much profit they got!

Tips to Remodel Your Recreational Vehicle

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When traveling with recreational vehicle, RV is a home. It should be comfortable and cozy enough to live with. Either it is a new RV or used RV but it is needing makeover and some DIY touch. Then, these few tips to remodel your recreational vehicle will help. We give 5 tips based on things inside the RV. We chose some parts which is the main key to everything. Change these parts and the lovely RV will looks totally different.

1. Remodeling RV Interior

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People who live in an RV, they spend most of the time inside than outside. Things inside RV gonna seen and used more. As they sleep, work, cook and eat inside. After getting used to everything few changes in interior will be needed. Like flooring, new painting color, clean and clear window with new curtain hanging and replacing some furniture.

2. Remodeling RV Kitchen

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Other than things that have mentioned above, RV kitchen is one area which you can change. Giving new touch will increase the mood. Like change the color of cabinets, install a new backsplash, rearrange the storage and rack place. Adding some luxury culinaries can work too. If the theme of RV is not colorful then make sure the color is following the whole interior color. It will give illusion neat and wider space.

3. Remodeling RV Bathroom

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Next area that you can work on is RV bathroom. To save the water, especially if you are in boondocking replacing a pressure head for RV shower will help. Giving DIY and creativity touch on bathroom storage would never go wrong too. One more simple thing which is good, adding indoor plants to refresh the air inside the bathroom.

4. Remodeling RV Bedroom

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The other important part inside the RV is bedroom. As it is the place for rest and sleep. Investing in a new mattress is one of impactful upgrades. Don’t forget to check the RV bed measurement before buying it. Another thing which gonna give new feeling is replacing the cabinets. Whether changing its color or removing the door. To get the feeling more open.

5. Remodeling Your Exterior RV

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The last area is RV exterior. This are the thing that not gonna seen often. But still to complete the whole theme of RV, this part can not be left behind. A right protective sealants will help to protect the whole exterior rig. Replacing awning can do too. Upgrading gear such as techie gear also will help. Because, there will be places when the connection is hard to catch.

RV Remodel Interior

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In above we talked about tips. Here we give more specific details about what you can do in RV remodel interior and exterior. Let’s talk about RV remodel interior first, what to do to spice up inside the RV. There are things which are going to give a lot of improvements and changes if slight touch given.

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1. Wallpaper on Accent Walls

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The wallpaper for RV may not be the same as regular house. Before installing in RV, its have to install on panel boards in a factory. Each has a vinyl strip, they are not butted up to the next seam like in house. So, make sure first before installing wallpaper. Why we suggest to install wallpaper on accent wall only? Well, nothing wrong with doing it on the whole walls. But, to create a nice and beautiful balance between accent walls and non-accent walls this will do.

2. Curtain on Windows

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Windows is the source of natural light in an RV. But, to complete the whole theme of RV curtains also hold the important part. Curtain also help to cover sight of people from outside. And at day light it can cover unwanted sunlight. There are few ways to hang the curtain. Either using glide tape or sewing it. Choose based on the interest.

3. New Vinyl Flooring in the Kitchen

rv kitchen remodel ideas
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Kitchen is one part of RV which is get to use often. The floor here need more attention. There might be a possibility that we have to change the floor more often. Here the steps to change vinyl flooring. First, wash the floor. Second, remove all portable appliances. Third, remove existing vinyl. Forth, remove the adhesive. Fifth, clean the surface. Sixth, add adhesive. Seventh, apply new laminate flooring. And the last, clean the surface after 48 hours.

4. New Laminate Flooring

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There is a hidden danger from laminate floors in RV’s. They might contain formaldehyde. As we just start cutting into laminate flooring, that formaldehyde can be released into RV’s air. RVIA recommend adequate ventilation before travel anywhere. Open all windows and doors to let fresh air in and out. Do this till no more pungent odor.

5. Reupholster the Furniture

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Reupholster means covering something with some kind of material. So if the furniture still function well, just reupholster it to get new appearance. No need to waste money by buying new furniture. Before asking reupholster the furniture to local shop, make sure to get the estimate cost. As sometimes it can cost far more than a new one.

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RV Remodel Exterior


rv remodel on a budget

Now let’s go to RV exterior remodel. Even if there is a saying don’t judge a book by its cover, still appearance is the first thing to see. From an RV obviously is exterior outlook. By seeing exterior design, directly people will know what kind of RV is that. Whether it is stall out on the road, well-loved travel machine, etc. Well, exposure to direct sunlight will slowly take away the beauty and luster of RV’s exterior. Here five things that you can do:

1. Exterior Repaint

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Exterior painting is not just showing whether RV is looks great or not. It is not just a make up. But also a shield that protect RV from moisture. Hire a professional to do exterior painting is a quick solution. However wanting to do it by ourselves is not wrong too. There are few things to help exterior painting long lasting. First, keep the RV out of direct sunlight. Second, do not park under the tree. Third, do not use harsh chemicals or abrasive scrubbers. And the last, stay on the paved roads.

2. Tires Replacement

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Driving with bald tires is dangerous. So, pay more attention to the tires. 2/32” is the legal limit for tread depth. But, experts recommend having at least 4/32” left. And the most important part is knowing what is the actual permissible load for the tires. Then, check the total weight of RV including everything inside. Like passengers, clothing, food, cargo, water and fuel. Then, count it whether the RV is overweight or not.

3. Windows Replacement

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Most of RV windows are using windshield. To replace this professional worker is needed. Because, it is not an easy job. Simple mistakes will require more money to spend. There are many RV window replacements which is available online. But, it’s needing so much attention. Two main keys for success installing are doing a complete job on removing the old sealer. And installing adequate new sealer to make a water tight installation.

4. Entry Door Replacement

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Replacing the RV entry door is not a hard job to do. Finding the perfect size is. If it is not available anywhere then, ordering a customized one can be the solution. These are few steps you need to follow. First, remove the old door completely. Second, use putty tape to secure the door frame. Third, screw in bolts. And the last, check door’s swing.

5. A Solar Power System

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Solar power system provide free energy. It can turn the RV into a totally independent home. First thing to do is to determine how many solar panels and what size the RV needs. Then, make sure there is a room on the roof for those panels.

RV Remodel Ideas

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The world of RV remodeling and customization is vast and varied. The renovation possibility is endless, but, still many people love it. In remodeling first thing to do is to choose what is the theme for your RV. After done with that then only work can start. Well these are few RV remodel ideas as reference:

1. Vintage Style Remodels

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Vintage is a term that refers to previous era. It usually indicates an item which is at least 20 years old. This offer so many classic but elegant styles. All it need to do is choosing what year that suit the interest. Then, play with bright but soft colors like pastels. And the last obviously finding the suitable things to put inside. Vintage RV remodel is one style that ageless.

2. Chic Style RV Remodels

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When talking about chic it always refers to something that stylish, fancy, sophisticated, attractive and glamorous. Those who love modern era can apply this style.

3. Retro Style RV Remodels

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Many people think vintage and retro is the same. But actually it is not. The difference is the actual construction. Retro is replicate the old era. So, the item is a brand new thing. Retro RV remodel is for vintage lovers but wants something which is affordable.

4. Beautiful Rustic RV Remodels

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Beautiful rustic is a style which is simple, old fashioned and described a countryside. This will be a unique idea. It is not just showing who is you but also where you come from. Rustic RV remodel is for those who love simplicity and proud to be a part of a place.

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5. Cute Pink RV Remodels

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This style definitely so girly and dedicated to pink lovers in the whole world. Other than giving pink color everywhere, adding cute things will make the whole style more astonishing.


Remodeling RV never be wrong decision if it is prepared well. Before doing it read many blogs and watch videos on Youtube to gain necessary knowledge and ideas. Don’t be afraid to do DIY and giving personal touch. Asking people who already did it, joining the community or hire professional expert will help. Have fun in RV remodeling!

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