RV Interior Ideas

RV Interior Ideas – Interior design is an act that one may create a very beautiful arrangement of a space to please the people who are going to live there. Usually the step is start with conceptual development. Then, continue with space planning, site inspections, programming, research, constructing management and execution. But, for RV interior decorating there is no need to follow those steps.

RV Interior designing is the most important part. Because, when we are traveling RV is our home. We will cook, sleep, work and doing other activities inside. Isn’t it obvious that RV interior have to be good enough so people inside will feel comfortable? The easiest way to fall in love with your RV is having specific interior design that fit with your needs and interests.

In designing and decorating RV interior there are few things that need highlight. Therefore, we provide some ideas and tips for reference.


RV Interior Decorating Ideas

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Generally, RV interior is always boring. Starting from color, it is always dull. Then, most of the fabric is bland. Next, the finishing which seems having no inspiration at all. But, nowadays RV-ing become so popular. So, in manufacturing they do it in a safe way. They hesitate to make bold RV.

Well, in order to get the dream RV, decorating is the solution. Why stay with boring RV if it can turn out as an amazing one. Here few ideas in RV interior decorating:

1. Bright Colors & Patterns

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To get the mood, playing with color and pattern is never wrong. For instance, mix and match favorite colors. Then, use the pattern which goes along with the chosen theme. So, RV will look bright, happy, cozy and lovely.

2. Theme Decorating

rv interior door casing
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Actually, this is the first thing that an RV’s owner needs to decide first. Because, after knowing the theme then only we will know what we need to do with the interior. There are so many RV decorating styles. Such as, vintage RV, retro RV, chic RV, western RV, etc.

3. Personalized Wall Plaques

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Wall plaques is another way to put personal things inside RV that describing the owner. It can be the name of the owner or the family name who is living inside. Then, it can be favorite quote. Also, a saying that has significant meaning. Just make sure the color and pattern match with the theme.

4. Don’t Forget the Outside!

Luxury RV Interior
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When going somewhere, sometimes spending time outside to enjoy the view is a must. Just like, when you are camping. So, obviously outside RV also need to be good and comfy enough. Bring along a folding table, few colorful chairs, a rug, etc. Then, decorate all of those things with suitable ornament that goes along with RV theme

5. A Place for Souvenirs

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Souvenirs is a must when traveling. As it is a thing that commemorate and prove that you have been there. Whether it is stickers, magnet pins, or something else. Just give a special place for those. Displaying all of that is another creative way to decorate your RV.

Tips for RV Interior

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Living in an RV is becoming a trend. Even, some people use it as home offices, guest quarters or renting place. That is why there are so many posts on pinterest, instagram, youtube and blogs about RV. Everything that you are about to do is out there. But, we gathered a few things and made conclusion on main impactful doing. Here tips to decorating RV interior:

1. Add Some Colors

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When decorating RV, pick two to three colors only. Then, consistently use those colors everywhere. So, your RV will look neat and amazing. After that, add some small touches in decoration. Such as, throw blanket, pattern pillow, unique rug, or other ornament. These small touches will warm up the RV’s environment. But, for colorful style, do not be afraid to use more than three colors.

2. When RV Decorating, Show Your Personality

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Photo by compactfurnitureplace.com

RV is a home. It is not just a wheel or vehicle. Show the personality of people living inside is a must. Make it like when someone enters your RV they directly know ya this is so you. Put everything that you love. Display your collections. Or, simply just replacing RV wall paneling. Well, just add or change elements which is describe who the RV owner.

3. Upgrade Your Lights

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Photo by sugarhousehomestead

This is the easiest way to get different feelings inside the RV. Changing the light or bulb that goes along with the theme will be so helpful. Asking an electrician to upgrade the lighting, also. However, you can do DIY to reduce the cost.

4. Create Your Own Backyard

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photo by highwaywestvacations

When camping or parking somewhere, outdoor space is needed. Using natural air is good to save the electricity and power supply. Adding simple chair, folding table, unique rug, potted plants are enough. However, you can add any other elements based on the need.

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5. Decorate the Ceiling

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Photo by amelia.edmondson

Unlike home, the height of RV is quite low. So, the ceiling is so visible. To make it more interesting, you can add pattern, sticker, or something that you like.

Must Have RV Interior

Luxury RV Interior

After talking about RV decorating ideas, RV decorating tips, now we move to RV interior must have. This part explains what are the main things that should be inside the RV. We have selected few. The following things will come as great use when you are out on the open road.

1. RV Mattress/Master Bedroom

standard rv cabinet depth
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RV mattress is an important thing that RV must have. Because this is the place where people are going to have rest.The original RV mattress usually pretty hard. So, to get comfy and a good mattress which is not gonna overheat, many people change it. Just make sure the size first before buying.

2.Cabinets and Shelves

rv interior sofas
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These are the second main things that an RV must have. Because, cabinet and shelves are the place where we gonna put things as storage. And, it will help the RV interior to look neat and clean. While decorating it does not need to change the whole cabinets. We can just rebuilding RV cabinets after giving new paint color. Or, just look for RV cabinet suppliers to get a whole new one.

3. Good Window and Curtain

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Window and curtain are the other things that we can not miss. As it has a big impact to the whole RV interior. For example, changing small window into a big one would help to open up the space. An open and airy RV allows the RV owner to drive to the beach. Then, enjoy the view peacefully and happily. Well, curtains help to cover unneeded light. Like, when it is too shiny or just to protect peeping from outside while resting.

4. Bunkroom

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This is an RV must have for the family who have kids. As they need space for resting. Unless the master bedroom have big mattress. And also parents want to sleep together with the kids. There is no need to make another bedroom. Just make big cabinet and put mattress on it. Then, hang curtains to give privacy touch. Why curtains? Because, it would not take extra space. And kids can choose the fabric pattern plus color that they want. Or, just simply put curtains which goes along with the whole RV theme.

5. Living Room Spaces

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We chose this over dining area as living room also can use as dining area. This will save the space. So, you can have big space for the living room. This living room spaces will turn as multi function room. Other than dining area, for example, place to watch TV, to work and family gathering room. So, to get the right furniture you can go to RV furniture outlet store or RV furniture manufacturers.

Modern Interior Ideas for RV

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Living in an RV like, campervans have become popular over the last decade. More people becoming geographical independent. Then, living a life on the road as full-time or part-time. There are many styles for decorating RV interior. One of them is RV modern interior. As more young people choosing to live in an RV, RV modern interior is the common style that they want.

RV modern interior itself has many varieties. People who are into this style have no idea how they can do so effectively. Because, they can simply find any furniture and decorations that looks as modern and trendy. Here we provide 4 modern interior ideas for RV. Let’s take a look!

1. Modern Wooden RV Interior

rv remodel without painting cabinets
Photo by DEXORATE & trendehouzz.com

Wood always looks rich and elegant. Flawless modern wooden RV interior can bring warm atmosphere. Whether it fully wooden or just half, both will look good. All it needs to do just to choose the right type of wood. And then choose the part that gonna cover with that wood. Last, make sure those parts are covered accordingly.
2. Modern Colorful and Charming Retro Camper RV Interior

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Photo by Dexorate, decorhit.com & eleganhome

This style can be a solution for those who do not want to do a lot of work. Because, all it needs to do just changing the color of paint, pattern on accessories, and adding a few items. Then, play with the color. But, choose 2 to 3 colors only. And, use those colors to the whole areas. For charming retro, adding items which looks old but actually just manufactured will do.

3. Modern Bright RV Interior

rustic rv remodel
Photo by Dwell, musthavemom, & Motorian

Modern bright RV interior is a style for those who like simplicity. As it only use one or two bright colors to the whole areas. Just like in these pictures below. Mostly people use white. This is a good idea for small spaces. Because, white and other bright color give cleaner and more spacious illusion.

4. Modern Airstream Interior Ideas

diy rv remodel ideas
Photo By dexorate.com, HGTV & Go Travels Plan

Airstream RV have been icons of modern design. Airstream RV are built to last. From one generation to the next generation. Just like modern bright RV interior, this modern airstream also simple. It uses 1 or 2 colors for the whole theme. Whether it is bright or dark color it depends on the user liked.

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To find an RV that have interior exactly like what we want is hard. Decorating the RV interior is the only solution. There are few parts which are going to give a big impact if there is a slight change. All will be based on the theme and style that RV owner chose. After all you have practically got a brand new RV.

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