Family Activities To Keep Busy: Roadtrip Fun 101

Time on a road trip can either fly by or seemingly pass slower than a snail (relativity). This subjective sense of time on a road trip is dependent on whether it is enjoyable or not.  A monotonous trip can make it seem like the hours, minutes and even seconds are dragging. On the other hand, if you are with your beloved people doing the things that delight you, in the end, it may feel like the trip got over a tad too soon. 

Here are a few activities (more suited to RVs) that can not only keep the entire family occupied but also ensure oodles of fun.


1. Chronicle your travels

Although a separate journal for each family member is a good option, a travel journal where the entire family contributes may prove to be more fun and meaningful. Everyone’s version of a shared experience may differ and it may be interesting to note down different perspectives. A Polaroid camera can help capture moments; everyone can add pictures to the travel journal.

Such a journal may also help in learning more about the places you’ve been in and seen along the way, and in keeping a record of all the knowledge you’ve gained. On a family road trip, you will make many memories and you should record the anecdotes to go through them together someday.

2. Watch some good movies

It doesn’t matter if the movie is educational or belongs to a genre that your family enjoys; movies can make the time on a road trip pass by super quickly. You could transform a section of the RV into a home theater. 

Technology has evolved sufficiently for you to enjoy a movie marathon with your family even in remote locations. You should ideally have a few network options, and choose a streaming service that is not location dependent. 

You could argue that on a road trip, it is best to disconnect and enjoy nature (we agree). But some locations and parts of a long trip can be wearisome, and technology can help get through. Get that movie marathon started and don’t forget the popcorn!

3. Listen to riveting audiobooks

Hear us out (unintentional pun):  There ARE terrific audiobooks out there that the entire family can listen to together. Audiobooks can be calming, fascinating, thought-provoking, entertaining, and educational. But most of all, audiobooks can be an opening for engaging conversations. Once the family has finished an audiobook, everyone can share their thoughts and main takeaways.

4. Family story sessions

Surely each member of the family has some interesting stories to share; these may be fictional or real-life incidents. Gather around, and create the ambiance. Horror stories are perfect for a long road trip.

You could also play a story game, where the family creates a story together. One member provides an opening with a sentence or a few lines, and each member continues the story using their imagination. Incorporate some of the things that you pass by into the story, like cows, traffic lights, or mountains. Give the story captivating turns and twists (maybe comic or scary). Record it so that you can listen again to the masterpiece that you all created together.

5. Play some games

A family that plays together, stays together. Even though times have changed, and technology has advanced, playing games on a road trip is permanent. In an RV, you can play board games (get the magnetic kind), verbal games, and written games.

6. Barbecue

When the weather allows it,  get those portable grills out and enjoy barbecues with the family. The entire family can contribute towards making the barbecue experience an unforgettable one. Each member can help according to age and capabilities.

If you camp along any coastline, grab the opportunity to enjoy a meal fresh from the sea. Grill lobster or other fresh seafood and savor with a good dipping sauce.  

7. Impromptu picnics

Planned picnics are exciting, but impromptu picnics can be invigorating. You have to take your meals anyway, so why not add in an element of fun? Consider stopping at a scenic place (wherever it’s permissible of course) and having your meal on a picnic blanket. The fresh air and the new surroundings can uplift everyone’s spirits and break the monotony of a tediously long drive.

8. Connect with each other

Make a list of questions that you will ask each other to get to know each other even better. Everyone might be surprised at the new things they learn about each other when they probably previously thought that they were aware of everything there is to know. Ask questions about likes, pet peeves, fears, favorites, dreams, and so on. Make use of the time on this road trip to really connect with each other.

9. Make creative snacks

If you have noticed that three of the activities on this list revolve around food, it is because food forms such a big part of human lives. If your family comprises foodies, then all of these food-related activities will make the trip even more fun and memorable for them.

So, for this particular activity, the family members use their creativity to come up with innovative snacks from the available ingredients. Try Cheerio necklaces, food sticks, and weird combinations. 

A little pre-planning will go a long way in this case. You could pick up some ingredients at pit stops if required.

10. The Surprise Box

Everyone loves a good surprise (provided you take their preferences into consideration).

Before the trip, plan and prepare a surprise box for each member. For the adults, you could add refreshing skincare essentials. Throw in some facial wipes, a facial mist spray, a sheet mask or two, a lip balm, a moisturizer, and sunscreen. Add in some juice tetra packs or tea/coffee sachets. For the younger kids in the family, it could be drawing and coloring supplies, toys, or DIY materials. 

The contents of the box may vary for every member, but you could have a surprise box hour (time that you know might be otherwise difficult to pass) where everyone gets to utilize their surprise box.

With a little bit of planning and preparation, you can ensure that the entire family has a pleasurable journey. And for those times that pop a surprise challenge, utilize your creativity. 

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