The Best Foods Ideas for Camping

The Best Foods Ideas for Camping – There are two types of people in the world – those who like to holiday by a pool in a hotel with their food provided for them, and those who like to immerse themselves in nature and go camping. Nowadays, camping can be much more than simply pitching up on the side of the road with your tent in tow. Lots of people go camping in yurts, teepees, and RV’s. Whilst the facilities differ, there is one thing that will be on every camper’s mind: food.

If you’re going camping in a tent, teepee, or yurt, you likely won’t have access to a traditional hob, oven, microwave, or fridge. You will need to make do with miniature travel versions of these appliances, and that means you will need to plan your meals in advance and think about what you a) want to eat and b) can feasibly prepare.

Here are some of our top recommendations for foods ideas for camping trip, be it in a PVC tent or in a fully-fledged RV.

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Drinks and Snacks

First and foremost, it’s important to stay hydrated, so make sure you take plenty of bottled water in case you don’t have instant access to a freshwater supply. For a treat, consider taking juices and fizzy drinks if you have access to a cooler. If you’re thinking about alcohol, you’ll need to consider keeping it cool. How long does wine last? Up to five days in the fridge, and not much more outside of one, so if you’re headed somewhere sunny without a cooler, avoid it. Spirits might be the most versatile as they don’t necessarily need to be chilled, but the drinks they’re mixed with might need to be.

In the way of snacks, anything in a packet is a good idea. Fresh fruit might be harder to keep, so consider dried or tinners versions to retain your five a day.


camping food ideas

Porridge pots – breakfast is the most important meal of the day and gives your body the nutrient foundation it needs for you to commence the day’s activities. Porridge is a great option for breakfast, both at home and whilst camping because it contains slow-releasing carbohydrates that will fuel your energy levels over an extended period of time. When camping, pick up some porridge pots and simply add boiling water. No added salt, no added sugar, and barely any washing up! Plus, porridge pots take up very little space, great for tiny tents.

Frittata – not everyone likes porridge, in which a case frittata is a great option. You can cook it over a campfire on a portable stovetop, making it accessible to everyone. That being said, you will need fresh ingredients, so consider this before committing to it. Simply add a mixture of eggs and cheese, and then add in things like onion, basil, and tomatoes to taste.


Nachos – everyone loves nachos and they’re perfect for camping because they’re super easy to prepare! Simply place a pan over a stove or a campfire and begin layering tortilla chips, salsa, cheese, avocado, onion, and beans until golden and crispy.

Tacos – in keeping with the Mexican theme, tacos are an excellent choice. Toast a taco and then fill it with any meat and vegetable combination of your choice. From fish tacos to chicken, you can make this dish any which way you want, so no matter what your preference is, everyone can enjoy this tasty lunch.


easy camping food ideas

Burgers – after a long day of hiking and exploring, what better way to satisfy your stomach than to tuck into some delicious campfire burgers! Whether you choose lamb, beef or non-meat burgers, grill them on the stove and add in things like onion and basil to taste.

Foil packets – you can begin to prepare this one at home if you so wish, or – if you have an oven – you can cook it at the campsite. First, marinade chicken (or another meat of your choice) in a barbecue sauce. Next, add in diced onion and pepper and wrap up in a foil package. Cook for 40 minutes or until the chicken cooked through.

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We hope you found this guide helpful! What are your favorite foods ideas for camping?

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