RV Hacks Ideas (How To Maximize RV Spaces)

RV Hacks – Exploring the country using an RV comes with all sorts of challenges. These challenges are mainly caused by the lack of things that people can bring on their trips. Some essential items that cannot be present in the RV can cause problems. Therefore, people who travel with their RVs should overcome these challenges to be able to have a fantastic RV travel experience.

One of the most common challenges of RV-living is space constraints. Space constraints are not impossible to solve if you know what you should or should not do. The main reason this article is written is to let you have the minimum number of things with the maximum amount of functions. Not only talk about space organizing, but this article will also give you insightful hacks and techniques to help your activities during the RV journey. With some helpful tips and hacks that we present here, anyone can become a road trip expert.


How do you store things in an RV?

rv hacks

Being efficient and organized is the primary key in space-saving. Not only do you have to fit every important thing that you bring, but you also need to put them in easy-to-reach spots. You need to make sure every storage spot is efficiently filled. Moreover, packing collapsible kitchenware instead of the standard ones can also benefit you. If there is no more storage left, you can start using hanging organizers to attach to your RV cabinet doors.

Utilizing wall space is also an excellent idea. RV walls offer storage potential that you can benefit from. Hanging pocket organizers or magazine racks can free up space in your drawers and cabinets. However, you need to be careful when putting many items on the wall since it can make the RV interior feel cramped. It can also make you feel uncomfortable and claustrophobic inside your RV.

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How do I maximize my RV space?

RV hacks
Photo by notedlist.com

Struggling to fit all your belongings in an RV is common. You can either choose to reduce the number of items or to maximize every square footage available in the RV. If you prefer the second option, here are our space-maximizing tips for you.

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1. Choose camping-specific stuff

RV hacks
Photo by Glenn Carstens Peter

You can start the space-saving process by using the items that are designed for camping. These items are made to be space-efficient, and they often provide multiple uses. Without a doubt, using them is an excellent start to maximize your RV space.

2. Make sure every item has a specific place

RV hacks
Photo by blog.campingworld.com

Small spaces get cluttered quickly. So, it’s better to know where everything is located in the RV. Not only it makes cleanup more relaxed, but it’s also useful to keep track of your belongings. You will easily spot certain items that are missing from their place.

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3. Utilize the space under the bed

RV hacks
Photo by notedlist.com

The space below the RV bed usually becomes underutilized. Performing a little modification to the bed frame can benefit you. You can install, for example, some drawers or small cabinets if the bed is tall enough to provide more storage.

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4. Use dividers inside the drawers

RV hacks
Photo by blog.campingworld.com

Using dividers in the drawers is excellent to prevent messiness and to maximize the drawer space. They can help you to properly use the space and help you to take any items quickly. Moreover, the cooking utensils and silverware will stay in place better when you use organizers.

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5. Organize the RV basement

RV hacks
Photo by dotiyourselfrv.com

The RV basement can also get modifications to make the most of the space. These modifications can be as simple as adding tapes or clips to the basement ceiling and getting dividers for certain items. When you organize them well, you can have extra space for other things that do not make it inside the RV.

RV Organization Hacks

RV hacks

Besides knowing how to store them efficiently, you also need some inspiration to organize your stuff in your RV smartly. To help you find the ideas to maximize certain areas of your RV, we divided our favorite RV organization hacks into four categories. Feel free to try some of them.

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1. RV kitchen hacks

RV kitchen gets cluttered easily. To prevent it from happening, we need to perform some space-saving hacks in this area. Here are some of our favorite RV kitchen hacks.

Hanging stainless-steel basket

RV hacks
Photo by amazon.com

Hanging organizers are perfect for maximizing the cabinet space. It can utilize the space left behind the cabinet door. Without a doubt, using this as a wastebasket is better than using the standard plastic wastebasket. They stay in place better than the standalone wastebasket.

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Hook organizers

RV hacks
Photo by rvinspiration.com

Installing some hooks or hangers below the overhead cabinets is not a bad idea. Not only it adds extra storage space, but it also makes the cooking utensils and kitchenware easier to take. It can also possibly free up a lot of space from the cabinets.

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Wall knife holder

RV hacks
Photo by rvinspiration.com

Empty walls in an RV offer many possibilities. Using them as storage can benefit you a lot. A hanging knife holder is a great way to utilize an empty wall. Besides, putting the knives in a knife holder is safer than putting them in a drawer.

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Inside-the-cabinet cooking utensil hanger

RV hacks
Photo by vanchitecture.com

Small kitchenware tends to easily fall when hung on a hook organizer below an overhead cabinet. Therefore, having extra hooks installed behind the cabinet door might solve that problem. Cooking utensils like spatulas will stay in place better here.

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Fruit hammock

RV hacks
Photo by outdoorfact.com

A fruit hammock is an excellent alternative to a fruit bowl. A fruit bowl might fall and break in a moving RV. Contrarily, a fruit hammock will stabilize and keep the stored fruit safe. This is a simple yet useful hack to free up some space from the fridge.

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2. RV bedroom hacks

Bedroom space is another part of an RV that needs to be efficiently managed. Without the correct organization technique, an RV bedroom can become a mess easily. Here are our top picks for RV bedroom hacks.

Velcro remote keeper

RV hacks
Photo by decomagz.com

Watching TV in an RV is entertaining, but it can be frustrating whenever the remote cannot be found. But don’t worry, a simple Velcro fastener offers a solution. By gluing it to a dry surface and the remotes, the fastener will keep the remotes safe. It’s a cheap, easy, and handy hack to do.

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Quick drop station

RV hacks
Photo by 66.media.tumblr.com

This feature will help RV campers to store small yet essential things. The idea is similar to the kitchenware hooks that we presented. Small things like keys, glasses, or even watches often become hard to find when laying around in RV. Therefore, these types of stuff require a special place like this quick drop zone.

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Under-bed counter space drawer

RV Hacks
Photo by img.buzzfeed.com

This space hack might be a little hard to pull off, but it will be a handy feature to have in an RV bedroom. A counter space beside the bed can be a great place to put the laptop and even having breakfast. It’s a great way to utilize the area under the bed thoroughly.

Wall net storage

RV hacks
Photo by blog.gorving.com

Similar to a fruit hammock, a bigger net can also be used to provide more storage in an RV bedroom. Attaching it to a wall can turn the wall into a more useful space. The net will keep stuff that takes up plenty of storage and keep them safe while on the road.

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3. RV bathroom hacks

Compared to a household bathroom, an RV bathroom is small. It can feel even smaller when you bring many people on the trip because they will have their own bathroom items. Here are our favorite RV bathroom hacks for organizing the bathroom items.

1. Mounted Open Shelves

RV hacks
Photo by signaturehardware.com

Installing this type of rack in an RV bathroom will save storage. Not only it can be used to put dry towels, but it can also be used to dry wet towels and hang clothes at the bottom part. It offers multiple purposes and doesn’t require much space.

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Bath item clip hanger

RV Hacks
Photo by forhappyhome.com

The liquid items, such as face soaps, will be much more fun to use this way. It’s easier to reach than putting them in a cabinet. More importantly, it doesn’t require much space compared to a cabinet. It can be placed along with the shower curtain.

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Hanging bath item organizer

RV Hacks
Photo by mayin (amazon.com)

Similar to the clip hanger, this one can also be put along with the shower curtain. Not only it serves as extra storage, but it can also be used as a curtain. It’s a must-have item for small bathrooms like the ones in an RV.

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Hanging bath item organizer

RV hacks
Photo by vanchitecture.com

Organizing the bathroom items according to the owner or the type of the item is quite crucial. It helps every item to be found quickly and makes the bathroom neater. These hanging organizers are one easy-to-make example.

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Cabinet storage pods

RV hacks
Photo by craftingintherain.com

These storage pods will prevent small items from dropping and becoming a mess inside the cabinet. However, the attachment should be strong enough to hold the items. Every RV bathroom cabinet should have at least a few of these installed to be fully maximized.

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4. RV basement hacks

RV campers often don’t give enough attention to their basement space. In fact, similar to other parts of an RV, the basement also needs to be managed efficiently. With proper management, the basement can fit more than it did before. Here are our recommendations.

RV toolkit

RV hacks
Photo by mauriziolacava.com

Keeping tools in their box, or better, putting them in the toolbox is an important thing to do. This might seem simple, but people often ignored it. Toolkit ensures safety and makes the tools more organized.

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Pull-able basement

RV hacks
Photo by smokeandmirrorsmagic.com

A pull out mechanics might be a hard feature to add. But, if there are time and money, it’s a worthy upgrade to do. It makes storing and moving things more comfortable. Also, it makes the RV seems more modernly advanced.

DEWALT Tool Box Tough System, Extra Large, Water and Debris...
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Hose hanger

RV hacks
Photo by cdn.gardenista.com

RV campers usually bring a hose on their trips. Instead of putting it in the basement, hanging it at the basement door is a great alternative to provide more storage. You only need to attach a metal hook at the back of the door, and it’s all set.

LED lighting

RV hacks
Photo by alwaysonliberty.com

Adding a lighting function in the basement makes the organization process painless. The lighting can also help to find specific areas in the basement that can still be maximized. It makes RV journeys joyful, even at night.

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Cable wrap

RV hacks
Photo by feinersupply.com

A simple cable wrap can make all the difference. Having one for every cable in the basement can prevent them from tangling with each other. Moreover, the cables will be effortless to organize.

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5. RV Camping Hacks

To have the best camping experience, you need to make sure that you only bring useful items to the RV. Some of these camping hacks below will help you to organize things better, and the others will help you to do activities efficiently.

Branched water tap

RV hacks
Photo by vanchitecture.com

Sometimes RV campers need to use the water at the same time. It can be for washing dishes or cooking food. Therefore, having the water flow divided from the tap can be a big help. It’s a painless upgrade to a standard water tap to save time.

Gates 23933 Premium Modular Coolant Hose
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Multi-level portable storage

RV hacks
Photo by jmgillies.com.au
Keter 240762 5 Drawer Modular Garage & Tool Organizer, Black
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This type of portable storage is excellent for having a small picnic outside the RV. Many picnic items can be stored in one place. There is no need to bring the items one by one from the RV. Its sturdy material will also protect the items well.

DIY camping lantern

RV hacks
Photo by stayathomemum.com.au

This is one of the best camper tips we found. Instead of bringing a lantern to the RV, a headlight can also serve as a lantern. It’s smaller and provides more use. When not in use, you can shine a bottled water with the headlight to turn it into a lantern. Also, feel free to use different liquids to experiment with its brightness and color.

Storage organizer

RV hacks
Photo by vanchitecture.com

This storage organizer is an excellent combination to the portable storage. It offers a solution to messy storage that contains small items, such as batteries, medicines, and spices. Briefly, it makes the storage space neater and more efficient.

STANLEY Organizer Box With Dividers, MultiLevel (STST14028)
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DIY water dispenser

RV Hacks
Photo by stayathomemum.com.au

Don’t throw away the big and empty bottle, because it can still be useful for camping activities. Install a faucet head to turn it into a water dispenser. You can use the dispenser to wash your hands or face when you are outside the RV.

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Overall, there are so many things that we can do to make RV journeys fun and painless. One of them is doing things that can maximize the available space. Additionally, trying only to choose the items that provide more than one function can also be helpful. There are still plenty of RV tips and tricks available out there. However, the primary key to RV hacks is that you need to think creatively to use your daily stuff smartly.

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