Practical Home Office Layout Tips Which Looked WFH-Friendly

Home Office Layout – Home offices were once reserved for a very select few groups of people. In fact, it was so rare that most people (excluding those in blue collar jobs) envied it and thought to themselves, “I’d love to work from home, it must be great!”

Well, fast forward to 2021, and after a year of being forced to stay in the house and the realization that the pandemic isn’t going anywhere any time soon, it’s high time most people start thinking about creating a home office.

Here are some tips for turning your spare room into an effective and functional home office design.


1. Home Office Layout – Ergonomic Furniture

No matter what job you do, your employer will need to undertake a health and safety risk assessment to determine the best working practices for you, even if you work in an office. The results of this assessment will usually dictate things like furniture choices. As an employee, you will see this through ergonomic furniture like desks and chairs that are designed to improve your posture.

When designing, make sure you buy an ergonomic home office furniture. It might cost you a bit more, but if will be beneficial for your health and you’ll thank yourself in the long run. In addition to furniture, think about things like the monitor height and keyboard rests. You don’t want to risk carpal tunnel syndrome which can be painful and unpleasant.

2. Home Office Layout – Good Color Scheme

home office guest room layout

There are certain colors that are associated with different moods and emotions, so it’s a good idea to research how color affects mood and paint your home office with a color that represents what you want to achieve. For example, if you work in a high-stress job like sales, it’s a good idea to paint your office blue as this is an overall calming color. In contrast, you can pick purple and orange as creative colors, so if you’re in the design industry, either of these colors could be a good choice.

3. Home Office Layout – Effective Lighting

Depending on your living situation, your home office might be in a basement or in a spare room that doesn’t have a window. Studies have shown that people who work far away from a window don’t perform as well as those who do. This isn’t to mention the fact that working in a dark environment can put a strain on your eyes; and this can cause health issues over a prolonged period of time.

If you don’t have a window in your home office, you will need to add lots of artificial light. Try and avoid bright fluorescent lights and stick to true tone lights instead. This will be better on your eyes.

4. Space Personalization

ideas for home office layout

The great thing about a home office compared to a commercial office is that you have lots of opportunity to personalize the space and make it feel like your own. You can choose your furniture which is one step; but you can also add things like wall art, rugs, photographs, ornaments, stationary aids, candles and rugs. In other words, you can choose Ivermecton from your own interior design office which rarely happens in a commercial office.  If a space feels more like your own, you’ll be inclined to want to spend more time in it.

small office layout ideas

We don’t recommend going overboard and cluttering your office as this can have an adverse effect. And, it can distract you from your work due to too many stimulants. But a little bit of personalization won’t go amiss. Furthermore, with own personalization, you will have more option whether going with traditional or modern office ideas.

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Are you in the process of creating a home office? If so, we hope you found these tips useful for cozy home office ideas. Alternatively, if you’ve recently created a home office, what tips and tricks did you use to make it a work-ready space? Share your advice below!

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