Best RV Deck Ideas (How To Build & Design Ideas)

How To Build A Portable Deck For RV

RV Deck Ideas – As a paint job is the quickest way to transform RV, a deck is also the fastest way to add space. Primarily, decks are made of wood material or vinyl.  Redwood, cedar, and pressure-treated pine are popular for decking. Furthermore, not only practical, deck materials offer beauty and warmth. 

If you intend to stay in one location for a long time, building a deck for your RV is recommended. When the weather is nice, a deck allows you to enjoy camping in a wider space than RV living room. For that reason, a deck enhances your comfort and gives you a defined central space for hanging out.


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How to Build A Portable Deck for RV

portable rv deck plans

Basically, the type of deck you build depends on whether it will be temporary or long term. If you are staying at the campsite for a short time, simple design or portable deck is all you need. However, if you are staying put for a while, you might need a little sturdier deck. Below we put some easy steps to help you build your own RV deck.

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The Preparation

Make a plan

simple deck plans
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Planning is essential as it will accelerate the overall progress when you build the deck. Therefore, you have to make a proper plan ahead of time for the deck design and material requirements. So that way you can prepare the exact amount of material to use. Besides, for safety reasons, you also need to take into consideration the weight your deck has to endure.

Get the tools

skydeck rv
Photo by

Generally, you will need a saw, a drill, a screwdriver, a hammer, and a tape measure. Also, you need protective gear to protect you from plenty of dust and splinter. 

Prepare the materials

double decker rv trailer
Photo by

Wood is commonly the preferred choice for a deck. However, you should only use pressure-treated lumber. Go for the stuff that is light and tough. Plus, you need high-quality glue to prevent your deck from disintegrating quickly. 

Building a Portable Deck for RV

Find the right location

how to build rv porch

Select a location that’s suitable to set up the deck base. Choose a flat surface or level the ground to prevent it from wobbling when you use it. Then, create the deck base with a concrete block to make it a sturdy foundation. 

Build the post and set the joist

rv with built in deck
Photo by

When the deck base is in place, start cutting some posts out of the wood beam.  After that, use glue or screw to attach them to each block. Then, construct a series of straight and liner joists to connect all the block posts. The stability of the deck relies a lot on this step, thus, you need to pay close attention. Furthermore, every block must stay neatly in line. Also, every post has to be at the same height. One mistake here could cost the entire project, stay focus!

Time to create the steps

rv deck kits
Photo by

Cover the deck and create a couple of steps. After the joists and posts look good enough, start covering everything with multiple wood planks. Lay the plank side by side till there is no visible gap left and secure them in place. The ideal length is 48 inches, though you probably have to squeeze in a shorter plank at the end.  After that, time to build some steps. Gather the stringer and the board in a manner that suits you the most. Don’t secure them until you are sure about the position and shape. Use as many boards as you want to increase the steps. However, you need to consider that a heavy stair would limit the deck portability.

Simple Deck Plans

rv roof deck plans

There are three things you need to consider before determining the size of the deck: how you plan to use it, how many people it will accomodate, and the size of outdoor furniture and accessories. Some people do just fine laying out an RV mat or even a rug. There are also low deck that you can put on the ground then pick up easily and take with you when you move on down the road. Others elevate their decks several feet from the ground. It all depends on personal preference. Below we put some simple deck plans that might inspire you

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Ground Level Deck

rv deck decorating ideas
Photo by

The ground level deck is a great way to add some livability to your RV. It can be a perfect place to hang out and barbecue. However, since the ground level decks are so low, with only inches from dirt, the materials have to endure a damp environment. Therefore, use pressure-treated beams and joists to protect the deck from rot and insect attack. Furthermore, if you prefer cedar, redwood, or some other wood, give the undersides a coat of finish or water sealer before installing them.

Mid-Elevation Deck

simple deck plans
Photo by

The mid-elevation deck can make your RV deck looks more sophisticated. Besides, since the deck is not placed on the ground, it prevents the wood from getting damp. Therefore, it will need less maintenance. 

RV Deck Design Ideas

travel easy decks

The deck is a cheap and easy option to enhance your comfort while traveling. Besides, even if you use high-end materials, it will not cost you a lot. Moreover, it can be customized to your wants and needs. Thus, below, we put some inspirations for a relaxing RV deck design ideas. 

Instant Deck

rv deck cover ideas
Photo by

The deck provides additional living space in outdoor. Not only simple, but the leg of the deck also prevents the wood from the damp ground. Also, the roof would offer shade, making the deck more enjoyable when the heat is too intense. And when it’s chilly, you can move on the roofless area to get warmed up. 

Simple Mid-Size Deck

building a portable deck
Photo by

The simple design allows you to decor the deck as your budget and imagination allow. This deck looks stunning with the right amount of accessories, such as the plant and the dining chairs and table. In addition, the warm light makes the deck even more elegant. 

Traditional Deck

portable camping deck
Photo by

This simply great RV deck design can help keep your deck clean. It also creates an attractive outdoor living space and increase the overall enjoyment of your RV. The large deck is perfect area to spend your evening with your travel partner. 

Modern Deck

skydeck rv
Photo by

This deck design is modern and warm with high usability. You can pretty much grill on the deck or just having a tea time with your family. The shade protects you from the heat and makes you comfortable to stay outside.  

Semi Classic Deck

rv deck kits
Photo by

Actually, this design is almost similar to the previous one. However, the stairs make it different because it makes the deck looks more elevated. In addition, the flowers as decoration add the elegance of the deck. 

Traditional Ground-Level Deck

rv trailer deck ideas
Photo by

This deck looks cohesive with each piece of accessories from lightning, plants, flags, seating, and grilling utensils get along together. The colors used make the deck looks warm and relaxing.

Simple Small Deck

double decker rv trailer
Photo by

This small deck looks cute and cozy. Plus, the hidden stairs make it a smooth entrance. Also, the color combinations used make the deck looks simple but still remarkable. The built-in seating makes this deck very versatile. It’s also practical because when you have guests, you don’t need to bring chairs from inside. 

3 Level Deck

rv entry deck
Photo by

Not only easy to build, this wide ground level deck could also be used as a patio. Therefore, you have more options on what activities you want to do for the camping activities.

Minimalist Deck

portable camping deck
Photo by

These types of decks can be used to conceal uneven or rocky ground. Thus, it can convert the area into an attractive living space. Also, this type of deck can basically be placed on any level surface anywhere in the yard. 

Large RV Deck

floating deck plans
Photo by

The deck looks sturdy, and its vast space offers an extraordinarily comfortable area to relax. It is perfect for quiet evenings with your friends. Specifically, this deck is ideal for party people. You can bring your tent outside or even a TV when the weather is great. 

Tropical Deck Ideas for A Permanent RV Site

rv deck cover ideas

Since the way a deck is built allows you to enhance your creativity, you can design it seasons-appropriate. Thus, creating tropical vibes in your deck is a great way to entertain your friends and family for summer. Below we put some tropical deck ideas for a permanent RV site that might inspire you. 

Restful Deck

portable camping deck
Photo by

Blue is the perfect color for adding subtle detail because it’s a fun color. It also creates a restful and feminine vibe. Plus, pulling furniture closer together makes people feel cozier. Also. the shades will protect you from the strong heat of summer. 

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Dreamy Deck

rv with built in deck
Photo by

This deck can effectively double your RV living space. During the summer, you can do a lot of activities,  such as hosting friends for a barbeque. This deck also makes the perfect spot for morning coffee or an afternoon read.  It’s simply great for blissfully taking in the fantastic surroundings.

Cozy Gathering Deck

rv deck decorating ideas
Photo by

This deck more looks like a living room on the ground. The visual focal point gives the deck a cozy feel. The seating encourage people to gather and chat in the space.

Summer House Deck

rv deck decorating ideas
Photo by

Creating a colorful outdoor living room for the coming summer season seems so fun. It also doesn’t take much time, effort, or money to change the feel of your deck. 

Tropical Rustic Deck

rv-co steps and deck products
Photo by

This deck offers serene and tranquil vibes. While some beach style decks seem perfect in the tropical areas, the classic rustic deck is perfect for this area. Also, natural furniture is the excellent fit, it makes the deck both eco-friendly and affordable. 

RV Deck Stairs

rv with built in deck

The staircase is an integral part of the deck. At times, the distance between the deck and your RV can be uncomfortable to climb up and down. Therefore, it may be necessary to build a set of stairs. However, before making the stairs, you need to consider the type because each type provides a different visual appeal. Below we put some RV deck stairs ideas that might help you to consider.

L Shaped Stairs

rv folding deck
Photo by

L-shaped stairs are appealing for many reasons. Primarily, it’s because they are more visually engaging, therefore it’s one of the most common staircase stairs. In addition, it tends to take up less space. However, this type of stairs is a bit complex to build. 

Simple Stairs Without Handrails

rv deck design ideas
Photo by

The gap between the ground level deck and the RV is a bit wide. Therefore, it may be necessary to build a stair.  However, most RVers have a lifestyle that doesn’t accommodate anything permanent. Thus, this simple stair can fix the issue. 

Straight Stairs with Landing

sunrise rv deck
Photo by

This type of staircase is easier to build. Measuring for handrails for straight stairs is simpler than for other stair designs.  It’s also one of the most commonly used types.

Portable Stairs with Handrails

5th wheel deck ideas
Photo by

This portable RV stair is easy to install and highly practical. It also could be an easy way to get access to reach areas around the RV during maintenance or cleaning.

Attached Stairs Deck

ground deck plans
Photo by

This stair is very well-designed. This type of stair also enhances the visual quality of the deck and makes it look elegant. The staircase provides easy access to the camper with a big landing at the top


It’s the little things to make your RV feels like home, one of them is by building a deck. Not only it gives you extra space to relax and hanging out, it also keeps all the mess outside. 

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