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RV Cover – When RV season is over, RVs will be stored and put back. This is the perfect time to bring out every RV cover you have. If you’re not used to covering your RV, it’s time to learn how to do it right now. Covering your RV should be a priority for every camper when it’s not in use.


Should You Cover Your RV? (And How to Do That)

rv air conditioner cover

Covering your RV is an essential part of RV maintenance. It’s a process that every camper shouldn’t skip or overlook. These are the following reasons why it’s important to cover:

  • RV that gets exposed under the sun will suffer high heat with its UV rays. As a result, seal damage may happen. An RV cover will do its job to prevent this from happening.
  • Since uncovered RV causes high heat on the surface, the interior will suffer as well. it may be really hot up to 144°F. An RV cover will temper this.
  • An uncovered RV during winter season will leave a pile of snow on it. As a result, when the season gets warmer it will melt, leaving a pool of water on top off the roof. It will cause a backup. With an RV cover, the body will be untouched from this.
  • Harsh weathers, for example snow, sleet and rain will impose the RV to the danger of leaks. Waterproof RV covers will decrease this risk drastically.
  • Exposed RV will make it age terribly with the paint, graphics and trim deteriorating. An RV cover will keep the body safe.
  • Uncovered RV will make it dirty with dirt and debris. An RV cover will keep the body clean.
  • Well maintained RV will keep its investment value.

After understanding the reasons, you will want to know how to cover your RV properly. With a large size like RV, it may look challenging to do. However, these tips will make the process much easier.

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1. Cover Only When the Body is Clean

First of all, you shouldn’t cover the RV immediately when it’s still dirty. The dirt and debris will crust on the surface, making it harder to clean when it’s time for RV season again. In short, it will be happier for everyone to start the season with an already clean RV.

2. Cover and Uncover with Efficient Ways

The first challenge you will face is getting the cover on top of the RV. However, there are tricks to do it. These are the easy and safe steps to cover the roof of an RV:

  • Firstly, lay the unpacked cover on the ground. The position should be the front cover near the front of the RV.
  • Secondly, get one of the long straps connected to one of the clips. You will then climb up to the roof while holding the strap.
  • Finally, make use of the strap you’ll be able pull the cover up to the roof. Do it section by section.

Now that you know how to put the cover on, you’ll also need to know how to remove it. If done carelessly, you might tug to hard, causing it to tear. First of all, you have to unclip the straps. After that, you should lower it down gradually. When you already get it off completely, store it well.

3. Store RV Cover

RV cover is really large to accommodate the size of its RV body. It’s very frustrating to fold it neatly just like how you first bought it. Therefore, it’s easier to just roll it. It’s better to get a special storage, not a bag though but a plastic storage with wheels. Finally, put the straps and other stuffs on top of the rolled cover.

4. Buy High Quality Cover

Don’t hesitate to invest in RV covers. Buying cheap will only make your RV cover get replaced over a year. So, it’s important to buy RV covers that last longer like the heavy duty kind. Empire RV covers are a good choice for this.

RV Cover Ideas

rv air conditioner cover

If you have a tight budget and you’re not able to afford high quality cover, you’ll need to start looking for DIY ideas. On another hand, maybe you’re just bored with the classic style and you want to get creative.

Canvas is a great choice for this. This material resists well. To make an RV cover, you will have to buy a lot of it and the canvas bias tape. Before sewing, you need to take measurements of the RV carefully. Make sure you buy enough material, especially if you’re making class A RV covers.

The following points are ideas for you to have DIY RV covers.

1. Set a Tent up

You can set a tent up by attaching it to one side of the RV. To make it like an awning or canopy, you have to attach both the hooks on the tent and the alternating hooks on the RV together. Tent is a great tool for a shade.

2. Set up Carports

This is similar like a tent, but it is built with long pieces of metal tubing. This can be a great option if you don’t like climbing up to the roof.

RV Roof Cover

5th wheel covers camping world

Not everyone has a garage and even for people who have one, it doesn’t usually fit an RV. Therefore, most RVs should sit outside which is full of exposure with harsh weathers and conditions. That’s why investing in RV storage covers is really important. If abandoned, the roof will suffer from cracks. As a result, those cracks will become leaks. Comparing the price of covers with damage maintenance, it’s smart to choose buying a cover. Here’s a list of recommendation for best RV covers:

1. ADCO Designer Series SFS Aqua Shed Travel Trailer RV Cover

ADCO RV covers are a good choice for an RV roof cover. This model is suitable for campers who only need short-term coverage and travelling with moderate climates. This cover is lightweight, making it easy to install. However, it only protects against moderate UV rays.

2. Camco Ultraguard Class C Travel Trailer RV Cover

This Camco model is a great choice for class C RV covers. This cover features Bonded DuPont Tyvek top, long zipper pulls and air vents. Moreover, it’s easy to install and has door access panels. This model has many sizes available.

3. Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPro 3 Deluxe Cover for Extra Tall 5th Wheel Trailers

This model is one of the best for 5th wheel RV covers. It’s important to remember that this design is suitable where the location is not extremely sunny. The reasons why this cover is a good choice are adjustable tension for both panels and air vents and real full-height zipper door. In addition, it dries quickly and has triple-ply waterproof top.

4. AmazonBasics Class C RV Cover (29’-32’)

This model is a great choice for one-person installation because it has adjustable straps. This heavy duty cover will cover the entire RV. other features include triple-ply roof and both front and rear tension panels.

5. S2 Expedition EX2A3738

This cover is made from MarinexTM Marine Grade fabric, which makes it entirely waterproof. In addition, it has zippered panels and Durapel UV agents. However, it’s hard to install by one person.

6. ADCO Roof Only Cover – White Tyvek

This is the best cover for roof only. The product is made from Dupont Tyvek. As a result, it gives UV resistance and maximum duration. In addition, it’s also waterproof.

RV Air Conditioner Cover

Protecting the air conditioner of an RV is important. It should be protected from weather and UV damage when not in use. Here is the list of recommended RV air conditioner covers:

1. Elements Air Conditioner RV Cover for Coleman Mach

It is made from heavy-duty vinyl, which is known for its durability. This white cover is useful to keep dirt and debris out of drain outlets which will make the air conditioner lasts longer. In addition, it includes drawstring which will guarantee for easy and secure closure.

2. Coleman Mach A/C Cover

This cover is suitable for Coleman Mach 15, Mach III Plus, Mach I PS and Mach III PS models. The material is heavy duty jersey-backed vinyl with welt cord trim and parachute draw cord. It is weatherproof and has non-tearable seams.

3. Elements Air Conditioner Cover for Dometic Brisk HP

This cover will be able to protect the air conditioner from harsh weather and UV damage. This heavy-duty vinyl material comes in white. In addition, it keeps dirt and debris out of drain outlets.

4. Dometic Air Conditioner RV Cover

This cover is for Duo-therm Penguin, Royal Penguin and Low Profile CA Series Air Conditioners. It must be noted that the exact dimensions should be known before purchase. This cover is protective against all elements.

5. Overdrive RV AC Cover

This cover is flexible because it fits for all major manufacturer RV air conditioners. The material is heavy duty waterproof. For easy storage, the cover is easy to fold.

RV Stove Cover

rv roof cover

The space in RV is limited. Therefore, it’s important to be creative and make use of every space available. RV store cover is useful to protect the stovetop when not in use and creates more counter space.

1. Camco RV Black Universal Fit Stove Top Cover

This is the generic model that everyone loves. It gives additional space and give protect for stoves. It is easy to set up and firm.

2. Camco RV Decor Mate Stove Topper

The material of this cover is made of polythene. It is thinner than previous model and can also serve as the cutting board. Moreover, the design is stylish.

3. Camco Hardwood Stove Topper/Cutting Board

This cover is made of wood. Its stylish design gives dual purpose of cover and cutting board. In addition, it can also be a serving platter.

4. Camco Oak Accents Universal Silent Top Stove Top Cover

As the name suggests, this cover doesn’t make noise when used. It doesn’t cause rattles and sits firmly. It’s also durable because of its hardwood construction.

5. Camco RV Decor Mate Stove Topper

This cover has a non-skid backing which keeps it free from rattles and firm. It is made of durable polyethylene. Therefore, it will be easy to clean with simple soap and water.

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RV Propane Tank Cover

It’s important to make sure the RV propane tank covers are standard because they’re an important part when covering RV. The suitable rv propane covers will depend to the size and preference. However, these are the recommended covers:

1. ADCO 2111 White RV Propane Tank Cover

class a rv covers
Photo by bestreview.net

This cover comes in white. It fits over a standard 5 gallon, 20 lb propane tank. The material is heavy duty vinyl with a secure Velcro closure. The bottom cover is also elasticized.

2. Camco 40542 Heavy-Duty 20lb or 30lb Dual Propane Tank Cover

coachmen rv covers
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This material is very durable. It’s also protective from airborne debris when driving. For safer and fitter function, the cover is specially custom-molded.

3. PMD RV Propane Tank Cover

rv covers for roof only
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The design is both soft and durable. The features include a hardboard top, an elastic shock cord and a hollow bead welt cord.

4. Classic Accessories 80-099-141001-00 RV Propane Tank RV Cover

best rv covers
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This cover is resistant for UV and mildew. It also fits securely over a double 20/5 gallon tank. The design also features a board insert.

5. Camco 40569 Propane Tank Cover

rv spare tire cover
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The material of this cover is made of heavy duty polypropylene. It gives a good degree protection and aesthetics. It’s also a custom molded assembly.

6. Expedition Propane Tank Cover

rv air conditioner cover
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This cover is made for 30lb, 7.5 gallon tanks. It will be easy to clean this cover. It will also protect all vulnerable stress points.

7. ADCO 2711 Propane Tank Cover

rv covers for roof only
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The material of this cover is diamond-plated steel vinyl. It fits over single 20lb tanks. In addition, the bottom hem is elasticized.

8. Camco 40559 Dual Propane Tank Cover

5th wheel covers camping world
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The color of this cover is polar white. It is made for 20lb and 30lb tanks. It’s also an update version from its predecessors.

9. ADCO 2612 Propane Tank Cover

rv stove cover
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9. ADCO 2612 Propane Tank Cover

The features of this cover include a zipper and an elasticized hem. It fits over double 20lb tanks. In addition, this cover comes with stylish patterns.

10. Camco 40548 Bronze Replacement Cap Kit for Propane Tank Cover

rv propane tank cover
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This kit is very flexible because it fits most newer RV propane tank covers. the material is made of durable polypropylene.

RV Spare Tire Cover

Maintenance includes keeping the tires safe by wrapping them with covers. They will keep the tires in good condition. Here is the list of recommended RV tire covers:

1. Classic Accessories 80-221-152302-00 Deluxe Wheel Covers (White)

class c rv cover
Photo by Amazon.com

This the popular model for Class A RVs. The size is ideal for tires around 26.75 inches to 29 inches in diameter. Moreover, this also fits to most RVs.

2. Camco 45323 Vinyl Wheel and Tire Protector

5th wheel covers camping world
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This cover fits best to the size around 30-32 inches. The material is vinyl which is durable and sturdy. This cover comes with buckles and straps to ensure easier installation.

3. TCP Global Canvas Wheel Tire Covers

how to measure for a 5th wheel cover
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This canvas comes with four covers. The material is also breathable. This cover will fit 31-39 ½ inches.

4. Amfor Waterproof Aluminum Film Tire Covers

cargo trailer covers
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This cover also comes with a set of four. The size fits 27-29 inches tire diameters. It’s easy to install and clean as well.

5. Leader Accessories RV Tire and Wheel Covers

class a motorhome covers
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The material of this cover is heavy duty, which makes it sturdy and thick. As a result, it be protective from harsh weathers.

6. Classic Accessories 80-084-161001-00 RV Tire and Wheel Cover

5th wheel covers camping world
Photo by Amazon.com

This cover fits tires with diameters of 29-31.75 inches. The material is waterproof vinyl material. In addition, it resists mildew and UV very well.

7. ADCO 3962 Tan Tyre Gard Wheel Cover 

rv storage covers
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This cover is very stylish because it comes from designer series. It fits the tires with 30-32 inches diameters. The material is heavy duty vinyl with flannel backing.

8. TCP Global Waterproof Vinyl RV Wheel and Tire Covers

coachmen rv covers
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This cover comes with the set of two. The construction is from high quality vinyl, which means it’s heavy duty, weatherproof and waterproof. This also comes with a flannel backing and an elastic interior edge.

9. Classic Accessories 80-108-041001-00 Wheel Cover

5th wheel rv covers
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The vinyl material of this cover is high quality. It is waterproof, weatherproof and heavy duty. Moreover, it comes with two eyelets at the rear.

10. Camco 45346 Spare Tire Cover

rv storage covers
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This cover is flexible because it can fit many different sizes. The material is made of vinyl with heavy duty nylon thread. In addition, this cover is also for drainage.

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11.Tsofu Spare Tire Cover

rv covers for roof only
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The material of this cover is PVC leather. With such construction, it’s durable, breathable and elasticized. Moreover, it offers various sizes and diameters.

12. ADCO 1757 Vinyl Tire Cover

5th wheel rv covers
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The material of this cover is heavy duty vinyl with a hollow bead welt cord. In addition, it features elasticized back, making it easy to install. It will be protective of all weathers and conditions.


Covering is an important part of RV maintenance. RVs that aren’t protected well will not last long as the exposure of weathers and dirts will damage the body. Therefore, it’s important to invest in high quality covers. With a wide range of selections, it will be easy to find a suitable for every RV. In short, well covered RVs mean long-lasting and good investment.

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  1. Thanks again Thenna for your excellent information. The fabric on my first trailer cover started tearing, I guess due to the Florida sun. I forget the manufacturer, but they promptly sent me a new one after I sent them some photos. This one seems to be holding up so far. we look forward to your blogs.

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