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RV Tires – Basically, RVs are equipped with many essential components. When talking about important parts of an RV, obviously, one of them is the tires. It is certainly the main thing that is significant to ensure your safety and comfort while you are traveling. 

Undoubtedly you’ve heard of flat tires, where all the air goes out. When you are traveling, you have to keep in mind the possibility of your tires shredding and exploding. Therefore, knowing how the tires are doing is essential. 


How Do I Protect My RV Tires?

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Certainly, you don’t want to have an RV tire failure when you are on the road. Moreover, if you are in the area where there is no repair shop nearby. Not only wasting a lot of time on your trip, tire failure can also add an unexpected budget trip. However, the best way to deal with tire failure is by taking some preventive actions. Below we put some steps on how to protect RV tires. 

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Check The Inflation

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Improperly inflated tires often caused a failure. Therefore, before you hit the road, check the tire pressure using a pressure gauge. It’s better to check the pressure when the tires are cold to know the accurate result.

Inspect The Tires Regularly

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Check the treads to ensure that you are getting enough traction. Also, check the entire tires for wear and damage. Please note that unequal wear on one tire indicates uneven weight distribution in the RV that can lead to a bigger problem.

Do Not Overload The RV 

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Although having a lot of stuff in your RV might be handy while you are far from home, it can stress the tires if it’s too heavy. Thus, only bring necessary items and be sure to weigh and check the load of each wheel on a CAT scale.

Use Tire Cover

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When parking your RV outside, even for a short time, be sure always to cover the tire. It’s because UV rays and other natural elements can deteriorate the RV tires.

Take Off The Tires

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When you are not using your RV for a long time, it is better to remove and store the tires. That way, you prevent the strain from getting on the tires.

Rotate The Tires Regularly

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Be sure to regularly rotate the tires. Also, consider consulting with an experienced RV mechanic to know how often you should do this. 

Change The Tires

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Inspect the damaged or old tires and replace them for safety reasons.  Furthermore, you might need to replace the tires if they show signs of premature aging.

Choosing The Best RV Tires

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When choosing the best tire for your RV, it is recommended to start your research with the manual from your RV manufacturer. Usually, the manual contains information about RV tires, including recommendations to size, weight ratings, sidewall strength, etc. Below we write some several important details that must be taken into consideration to help you choose the best RV tires. 

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Read The Size Chart

To find the tire that perfectly fits with your RV, try using a chart by the brand of the tore. It is really helpful because some RV tire charts offer useful information. That way, you will quickly disregard tires that are not appropriate for your RV.

Figure Out The RV Tire Load Rating  and Maximum Weight

The best RV tires are the ones that fit your RV properly. Choosing inappropriate tires might cost you safety issues. One of the reasons is if you choose the Rv tires that can’t take the weight, it could wreak havoc. Therefore, before you hit the road, figure out how much stuff you may be carrying and check the maximum weight. It is better to choose tires that exceed the limits and ratings you need. 

Look Into The Sidewall Strength 

Besides the maximum weight and size, be sure also to check the sidewall strength of the RV tires. Usually, RV owners use light truck tires since it has more rugged construction for the sidewall. It can work great for the RV because it is built stronger. 

Consider The Place You Are Heading

The weather, the type of roads you’ll be driving on, the distance should be taken into consideration before you choose a tire. It is because there are different kinds of tires for different types of weather, and also speed. 

Check The Pressure 

RV tires require more pressure for maximal performance. Furthermore, the pressure ratings can also impact the ride quality. 

RV Tire Maintenance Tips

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As many other things, tire does not mean to last forever. However, doing the maintenance for your RV tire can help to prolong its life and minimize the risk when traveling. Below we put some easy RV tire maintenance tips to ensure your tires are always good before you hit the road.  

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Inflate The Tires Properly 

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Most RV owners inflate the tires according to the PSi that stamped on the tire side. However, it is actually the maximum pressure or GVWR (gross vehicle weight rating). It is risky if your rig is not loaded to maximum capacity, the tire will be overinflated. To figure out proper tire pressure, weigh each wheel and check the chart from the tire manufacturer for a dual or single application. Use portable scales to measure individual wheel positions.

Inspect The Pressure

How do I protect my RV tires?
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Glancing at the bulge or hitting the tire is not enough to know the pressure. Therefore, every time before you hit the road, make sure to check the tire pressure. Reduce the weight carrying capacity by 25% if the tires are 10 PSI less than the recommended pressure. 

Check The Sidewall

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When traveling with RV or staying in an RV for a long time in a certain location, it can prolonged exposure to the elements that dries out the sidewall. It also develops cracking known as weather checking. Therefore, it is important to check the sidewall regularly. In addition, you can protect it from the elements by covering the tire. 

Replace The Old Tire 

Tires have a DOT ID stamp on the sidewall. It has information about the date or the year the tire was manufactured. Generally, tires are made for ten years life cycle. Therefore, check the date and replace the tire if it is older than ten year.

Check The Tire Tread

Check the tire tread periodically to find improper wear patterns, low tread, and missing chunks. If you find thinner tread, it means there is an alignment issue or improper weight distribution. Check the tires regularly with a good depth gauge. With regular maintenance and inspection, you can avoid a bigger issue when you are traveling.  

Best RV Tires

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There are different types and sizes of RV tire. As mentioned above, the weather of traveling destination, distance, and the road you will be driving on have to be taken into consideration when choosing the tire. It is because there is a specific tire for certain conditions. Below we put some best RV tires to help you choose the tire that meets your needs. 

Boto Tyres BT926 Radial Tire

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This is one of the best tire options for your RV. This sturdy tire offers peak performance while still ensuring great ride quality. Furthermore, this tire offers stability and control without so much noise. In addition, the tire is useful for both long and short distances. Moreover, this tire also works excellently on a highway or at high speed. Although this is relatively expensive, this tire is worth the money by providing great qualities. The unique tread pattern provides sufficient water drainage. Thus, it won’t be affected by overwhelming water. This radial tire made specially to work well in a rainstorm, making it a top option for RV tire. 

Goodyear Wrangler Fortitude

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This tire is well-liked among Class A motorhome owners because the lower rolling resistance tread increases RV’s fuel efficiency. This tire offers a high degree of comfort with little noise quality. This also works great on highways and comes at an affordable price. However, this tire is available with a limited number of sizes. 

Goodyear Wrangler Silent Armor Pro Radial Tire

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Another Goodyear product that made it to one of the best RV tires options. It is known for its quality of being excellent on wet roads. Therefore, the tire’s open tread makes it less stressful if you are traveling on a rainy season. Furthermore, this tire has high stability and durability with thick treads and sidewalls. Also, not only reducing noise, this tire also helps reduce the risk of tears and punctures to the sidewalls. In addition, the rim protector helps to protect against accidental curb damage. Plus, This tire comes at an affordable price.

Michelin XPS RIB Truck Radial Tire

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The main thing that makes this tire stand out is its practicality. This flexible radial tire can also fit many sizes and types of vehicles. The sturdy and durable steel guarantees the long life of the tire. Another benefit of using this tire is it enhances fuel economy with low rolling resistance. The tread is designed to improve the stability and traction of the tire. However, this tire does not work well in icy or snowy areas. 

Hankook AH12 Radial Tire

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This is another high-quality option for anyone that is considering to replace the tire. The grooves has the ability to escape overwhelming water that help to keep its grip. Although this tire is considered expensive, it offers a lot of incredible quality. It features the various siped that improve all-weather traction and belt structure that reduces the heat. Plus, the optimized carcass structure ensures your driving experience to be as smooth as possible. 

Sailun S637 Trailer Radial Tire

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This tire is an excellent option for the fifth wheel and travel trailers. The wide tread face helps keep the swaying and allows better stability and handling. Furthermore, this tire offers safety during a snowstorm. Its multi-sipes provide a better grip on slippery or dangerous roads. In addition, the sipes keep the tire temperature down by regulating the heat. 

Goodyear Unisteel G614 RST Radial Tire

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This tire product can withstand the pressure of the most significant, demanding trailer application. It is also available in several different sizes. The shallow tread pattern reduces the risk of heat damaging the tires. This tire also works perfectly in rain and snow. 

Trailer King ST Radial Trailer Tire

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Another top choice for fifth wheel and travel trailers owners. The center groove allows the tire to track and remain stable. In addition, this high quality trailer tire can handle any weather conditions. It has high durability and strength that can withstand hard driving situations. The design dissipates heat well. However, the constant pressure on heavier loads can wear out this tire quickly.

Carlisle Radial Trailer Tire

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One of the most versatile tires that specially made for fifth wheel and travel trailers. The tire with its distinctive tread pattern encourages even wear. It also limits road noises and adds protection against heat. 

Freestar M-108 Radial Trailer Tire

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This tire us an excellent choice for travel trailer owners. This Freestart tire offers high durability and strength with its complex rubber compound. The deep grooves prevent any damage that may be caused by water. Not only comes with a reasonable price, this excellent tire also offers a refined tread and cooling layout.

RV Wheel Covers

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Besides checking the tire and doing maintenance regularly, another way to prolong the life of RV tires is by installing the RV wheel cover. Wheel covers have so many purposes, one of them is to protect the tires from UV rays that can affect tire quality. Therefore, here are some of the best RV wheel covers. 

Camco 45323

How do I protect my RV tires?
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This tire protector can fit tires around thirty to thirty-two inches. The versatility of this cover makes it a top-choice and well-liked. Also, this durable tire cover provides protection from corrosion, dirt, UV rays, and other natural elements when you park your RV unsheltered. Its compactness makes it flexible and easy to store. 

Classic Accessories RV Deluxe Tire Cover

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This Classic tire cover fits the tires that are around 25 to 27 inches in diameter and 8,5 inches in width. It is made of tough wipe-clean vinyl, which makes it soft and easy to use but still highly durable. The exterior of this cover is waterproof. The white color ensures to reflect back the sun rays instead of soaking it into the tires. 

TCP Global Set 

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This cover is constructed with a tough and thick canvas that ensures breathability. This is a great cover to protect your RV tires from dirt and sun rays. It is easy to put on and remove, and it also features a wire tension backer. However, it does not work well when it comes to dust and rain. 

Classic Accessories RV Wheel Cover

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It fits tire sidewalls and wheels that are around 26.75 – 29 inches in diameter. However, there are actually many varieties that can fit from 19 – 42 inches. It is also easy and quick to set up. It is constructed from wipe-clean vinyl, which makes it resistant to water and moisture. While it is soft and anti-scratch backing, it prevents the tires from damaging weather and sun rays.

Camco 45346 

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Last on the list is Camco 45346 Vinyl Spare Tire Cover. It fits around 21 inches in diameter and also comes in different sizes. This durable tire cover protects tire from dirt, sun, rain, and dust. The seam is weatherproof. This cover is made of vinyl, makes it waterproof. 


It goes without saying that tires have to be in good shape in order to have a joyful traveling experience. In addition, note that the best travel trailer tires to buy are those that can’t only help you arrive at your intended destination but also ensure that you are safe while on the road. Therefore, after you have chosen the right tire for your RV, make sure always to do the necessary things to maintain its shape and condition. 

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