30+ Awesome RV Faucet Ideas ( Parts & Replacement)

RV faucet is one of the essential components in an RV. Functional faucets are important to have as access to water is in need for many activities. Especially if you’re travelling in an RV for an extended time, flowing water is a must to have. With functional faucets, you will have no worries for easy access of water.

There will be a need to shop for one or more, especially after winter comes. Winter makes freezing water lines which may cause the faucets to bust. Therefore, you will need a replacement and learning quality faucets to have becomes the key.

RV Faucet Parts

rv kitchen faucet repair parts

Faucets may be small, but they’re a necessary part for the kitchen, the bathtub and the shower. There’s a wide range of selections to choose in different styles, designs, and sizes. For the materials, most faucets are made of chrome, powder coated and stainless steel finishes. For the styles, there are single or dual lever RV faucet designs, high arc for easy pot filling, dual or single handle design on bathroom models and various two-handle styles for RV tubs and bathtubs. RV faucet parts include handles, faucet adapters, hook-ups, cartridges, faucet spouts, aerators, vacuum breakers, stems and bonnets.

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RV Faucet Replacement

rv hand pump faucet

Is it the time again where your faucets need to be replaced? Or you just bought an RV and you’re not satisfied with the factory installed faucets? Especially when they’re made of plastic, you’ll want to upgrade them as the material is flimsy. Whatever the reason is, you don’t need to call someone to do this job. Actually, it’s really easy to do when you get the hang of it. Faulty faucets need to be replaced soon so the water use will not overflow. That means you’ll have to be ready with your tools once it happens.

Before learning how to make RV faucet replacement, you need to shop for the RV faucet smartly. You need to pick them wisely. That means you shouldn’t judge based on looks and prioritize the functions instead. You should consider what kind of faucet you want and how you want it to serve your needs. With many selections to choose, you can weigh them by considering your budget. Make sure you choose durable faucets for your RV. Keep in mind that metal faucets will last more than the plastic counterparts, for example. You don’t want to keep changing your faucets although it’s easy to do, after all.

When you already have the faucet with you, you can start replacing the faucet right away. First of all, you need to turn off the water supply and the water pump. Otherwise, you’ll flood your RV once the faucet disconnects. You also need to clean the clutters around it. After that, you should disconnect both hot and cold water lines with your wrench. Take off all screws that connect the old faucet to your sink or shower so you can remove it.

You can start attaching the new faucet at this point. You should attach it to your sink or shower using the screws that comes with your purchase. Next, you should connect both hot and cold water lines to your new faucet. When this is done, you can check whether you’ve installed it properly by turning it on. Let the water run and see whether there’s any leak coming out. If there’s none that means you’ve installed it perfectly.

Having high quality faucets installed in your RV isn’t the only way to guarantee they will last long. You also need to pay attention for the maintenance. You can do this by cleaning them with soap and warm water weekly. Every year, you should remove the aerator from your RV kitchen or bathroom faucets. You can scrub them by using a small brush or an old toothbrush. Make sure to remove all debris and deposits.

Knowing how to make RV faucet repair is also a part of maintenance. You don’t need to replace your faucet every time it leaks because you can fix this problem easily most of the times. For example, if it’s the handles that make troubles, you should remove them and replace the O-ring

Best RV Faucets

rv kitchen faucet repair parts

1 . RV Kitchen Faucet

Before buying an RV kitchen faucet replacement, there are factors to consider in order to make sure it will fit. There are several points to consider to ensure the faucet is a perfect choice. First of all, the sinks have different designs so it’s important to make sure the kitchen faucet is suitable. The number of faucet holes are also important for the checking. Secondly, the kitchen faucet must be compatible with the RV’s water lines. Thirdly, it’s important to consider buying an in-built water filtration system for easier access of clean water. Fourthly, aerated spout is an important feature to have because it saves water.

There are different types of kitchen faucets for RV to choose from. They are single handle, double handler, bar, pull-out & pull-down and hands-free faucet. These faucets also offer many features to consider. The best finish is chrome as it’s the most durable and and common faucet finish. As for the temperature, single handle faucets can maintain a pre-set temperature while double handle faucets can have adjustment. There are also faucets that come with spray and stream mode. Here is a list of recommended RV kitchen faucets:

1 . JAKARDA RV Non-metallic Kitchen Faucet

With a chrome finish, this kitchen faucet is durable. It has lever handles which make it easy to operate. The metal aerator of this faucet enables to save water and control water flow. In addition, the installation is simple and quick as it has universal size threaded male inlet shanks. With many features, this affordable faucet is one of the favorite choices.

2. WEWE Single Handle High Arc Brushed Nickel Pull-out Kitchen Faucet

rv pump faucet
photo by amazon.com

This faucet is very flexible as the spout turns 360 degrees for efficient cleaning mechanism. It also has an extendable hose for better cleaning. The three-way spray setting enables to save water. There are no worries for installation as the water line hose and pull down hose come preinstalled. This faucet may be more expensive than others, but it’s easy to maintain and control the temperature.

3. Wholesale Plumbing RV / Mobile Home Kitchen Sink Faucet

rv bathroom sink faucet
Photo by Amazon.com

With lightweight premium quality waterways, this faucet is rust resistant. The design is elegant with three unique finishes to choose. The double handle design enables effective water temperature adjustments. In addition, It can rotate 360 degrees and it’s also easy to install.

4. Dura Faucet RV Hi-Rise Kitchen Faucet

rv kitchen sink faucet
photo by amazon.com

This beautiful double handle faucet enables for better water pressure and temperature control. It comes in two colors, bisque parchment and white. The knob of this faucet gives a smooth mechanism. Although the installment can be tricky, this faucet is really affordable and made with durable material.

5. Comllen High Arc Brushed Nickel, Pull-out Kitchen Faucet

folding faucet rv
photo by amazon.com

This is an RV kitchen faucet with sprayer. This faucet features a switch that enables to change from spray to stream water flow mode. The pull-out hose can extend up to 20 inches for easy cleaning. A high quality faucet, this is still affordable.

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2. RV Bathroom Faucet

The bathroom is an essential part of living. A functional bathroom makes living in an RV comfortable and that also includes functional bathroom faucets. There are many factors to weigh in before purchasing a bathroom faucet. Things such as the design, the material, the shape and the size play the important roles to have a perfect RV bathroom faucet. The material of RV bathroom faucets can be metallic or non-metallic, with clean crystal acrylic knobs, or with a shower hoes integrated in the design. Here is a list of the best RV bathroom faucets:

1. Lavatory 2-Handle Faucet, Brushed Nickel Finish

rv pump faucet
Photo by Amazon.com

With a 4” center, this faucet is designed and built to meet the requirements for drinking water safety. the underbody is hybrid which has no leak points and resists corrosion from hard water and harsh chemicals. Moreover, this faucet is also easy to install which makes it a good choice to have.

2. Diverter Bathroom Faucet with Clear Lever

photo by amazon.com
With a stylish design, this faucet will also ensure reliable operation. It has a residential style operation. In addition, the faucet is high quality as it’s easy to service and maintain.

3. HI Arc Spout Replacement Lavatory Faucet

rv kitchen sink faucet
Photo by Amazon.com

With a sleek black design, this faucet will appear stylish in the bathroom. This is because the style is the latest and contemporary. The underbody of this faucet is hybrid. Moreover, it’s high quality, easy to service and maintain.

4. Oil Rubbed Bronze Teacup Lever Lavatory Faucet

replacing rv shower faucet
photo by amazon.com

This valterra faucet features a unique and stylish design. The color is black with contemporary oil rubbed bronze finish. This faucet is lead-free which makes it safe to drink. The underbody is DuraPro.

5. Lavatory 2-Handle Faucet, Chrome Finish

rv kitchen faucet repair parts
photo by amazon.com

This faucet is durable because the finish features chrome. The operation is residential-style which makes it easy to use and maintain. For the underbody, it has no leak points. It’s also rust resistant from hard water and harsh chemicals. in addition, it’s designed and built to meet the requirements for drinking water safety.

6. 4” Lavatory Faucet

rv bathroom sink faucet
photo by amazon.com

With brushed nickel finish, this faucet is durable. The design for the spout is hi arc. For the underbody, it features one handle hybrid. The design enables for reliable operation with residential style.

3. RV Shower Faucet

Quality shower faucet will ensure a quality experience of living an RV. No matter how small the space for showering is, the luxury of taking long, warm, high pressured showers is a possibility with a high quality RV shower faucet. Long travel inside an RV will require a fresh body, which means a fresh mind to ensure the journey is enjoyable for everyone. The factory installed RV shower faucets often barely reach the minimum standard, so it’s necessary to have an RV shower faucet upgrade. Here is a list of recommended RV shower faucets:

1.  Yoo.Mee Handheld Shower Head

rv kitchen faucet replacement
Photo by thernomad.com

This shower faucet offers three functions. They are mixed, pulse massage and powerful setting which offer options depending on the mood and needs for the day. It uses an innovative 2XP technology which ensures increased pressure. It’s also corrosion resistant. In addition, the features are easy to use.

2.  ETL White Body Spa Model 26781

rv kitchen faucet parts
Photo by thernomad.com

As the name suggests, this faucet will give a spa experience inside the RV. It has a great water spray with equally great water pressure level. Despite the greatness of its water flow, it still reduces water wastage. In addition, the design ensures consistency in water temperature. Replacing RV shower faucet with this product is a great choice.

3. Oxygenics 26481

rv outdoor shower faucet
Photo by thernomad.com

The design is unique but it’s really easy to use. Although the size looks small, it has a big power with great levels of water pressure. The size also makes it perfect to fit in RVs with their limited space for everything. It’s also designed to save water and easy to install. In addition, it features convenient on and off valve for better operation. The amazing spray pattern will ensure a satisfying shower as it reduces shower time.

4. Dura Faucet DF-SA130-ORB

rv shower faucet valve diverter
Photo by thernomad.com

With stylish design, it’s easy to overlook that the material is plastic. It also offers different colors for those who emphasize on aesthetics. It’s really easy to install for everyone. Since it has easy installment, it’s also user-friendly. It provides a great grip wand base for better operation.

5.  PIH Multi-Function Shower Head

rv bathtub faucet
Photo by thernomad.com

As the name suggests, this shower head features many functions to enjoy. The material is really durable. It’s also easy to install, clean and maintain. the water stream is amazing. In addition, it’s a flexible, functional and practical shower head. This product will be a good RV shower faucet replacement.

6. Phoenix PF276015 Handheld Shower

rv outdoor shower faucet
Photo by thernomad.com

For those with a tight budget, this shower faucet is an incredible choice. Although the price is really cheap, it’s still a high quality faucet. It’s easy to install as it’s easy to assemble and disassemble which is perfect for a life in RV. It features a handy pause when soaping. In addition, it’s also good at water saving.

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7. Dura Faucet DF-SA400K-CP

rv shower faucet valve diverter
Photo by thernomad.com

With a luxurious design, this dura faucet is popular for its durability. It also offers different color options for those who care about aesthetics. It’s really easy to install even for beginners. In addition, the water stream is also good. Overall, this is a quality shower faucet for RV.


Faucet is a small component of an RV but it’s really important. It ensures a good water flow so it’s only wise to pick a high quality faucet for the bathroom, the kitchen and the shower. With high quality RV faucets, living in an RV will be much more enjoyable and convenient. They’re also easy to install and repair so there’s no excuse for not having a good and functional faucets.

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