Small Travel Trailer Ideas (How To Decorate, Organize & Customize)

Travel trailer is one of the popular RV types. It is non-motorized and operated by hitching it to a tow vehicle. As a result, travel trailer becomes a flexible and effective choice. The double function of the tow vehicle enables campers to not have to drive their RV everywhere. Campers can easily unhitch their travel trailer at the campsite and drive around as a regular car or truck without the sizable baggage.

Travel trailers come in all kinds of sizes, from bunkhouse travel trailers that can house a family to the lightweight models. Deciding what kind of travel trailer to choose can be challenging especially for beginners. However, if you’re not planning to travel with a number of family, it will be wise to consider small travel trailers. Besides saving up budget and maintenance, it will be easier to haul a small travel trailer.


How Do You Decorate a Small Travel Trailer?

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If you’re an RV owner, it’s natural to want to decorate your RV. Not only to make your space personalized, it also serves to make your RV look homey. If you’re an owner of a small travel trailer, you have a limited space to decorate than other RVs. In short, it is important to ensure that no space goes to waste.

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1. Brighten Your Space with Colors and Patterns

Since you own a small travel trailer, it may make your space looks suffocating. Adding bright color is a good idea to make your space look fresh. Don’t be afraid to splash more colors and experiment with them. Patterns are also important to bring character to your space. Your space will look fun if you combine bright colors and patterns.

You don’t have to paint your walls. You can make your space look lively by changing your pillowcases, blankets, curtains and rugs with vibrant colors and patterns.

2. Put Maps on Walls

RV is identical to travel. Putting a map is a good way to display your adventurous personality. It will make a good wallpaper that represents what your RV is about. For instance, you can put up your route map on your walls. Besides decorating your walls, you can also look at it when you get lost and your GPS isn’t working.

3. Decorate with Theme

In order to not make your small travel trailer look too much, it’s important to have a theme. There are many themes that you can pick to suit your taste. For example, themes such as western, nautical, and vintage are popular among campers.

4. Display Personal Pictures

The space of your small travel trailer is personal. Displaying your pictures with family and friends is a good way to show that. By putting up your personal photos, your space will appear more comfortable. Using frames is a classic style, but there are many other DIYs that can present your pictures creatively. Hanging your pictures with a string and clips is a simple way to do it.

5. Use No-Sew Curtains

If you don’t know how to sew but still want to have a personal touch for curtains, then using no-sew curtains is a good idea. If you don’t want to spend too much for decorating, no-sew curtains will be up your alley.

6. Light with Flameless Candles

It’s dangerous to set up candles in your small travel trailer. However, flameless candles can be your best option since they use batteries instead. They will look as good as the wax candles and they are better because you don’t have to be cautious for potential burning.

7. Put Up Wall Arts

Wall arts are a good way to express your personality. You can hang your favorite painting or you can also put up your favorite quotes. Frame them with wall plaques and display them on your walls.

8. Place Souvenirs

Rugs are essential to decorate your floor. You can make unique quilts to make your floor look beautiful. Another option is using a rubber mat or other durable clothes since RV has a lot of traffic of people going in and out.

9. Decorate Exterior

Choosing to travel with RV shows that you value journey. You can display your souvenirs in your small travel trailer as tokens of how far you’ve been travelling. Just because you have a small travel trailer doesn’t mean your journey is small as well. It will also give remembrance of places you have visited.

10. Don’t Forget The Outside!

Decorating your RV isn’t just about the interior. You will also spend a lot of time outside. You can bring out unique chairs and side tables when you lounge around. Hanging flags and decorative lights will make your small travel trailer stands out and beautiful as well.

How Do You Organize a Small Travel Trailer?

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It can get chaotic when you have to bring a lot of stuffs and fit them inside a small travel trailer. Clutters can be stressful to see, so it’s important to learn how to organize. There are many tips to keep your space organized, such as:

1. Keep a List of Inventory

As you travel farther away, you will eventually pile things inside your space. The accumulation will make your small travel trailer cramped. Especially when you’re a hoarder, you will easily crowd your space in no time. So, make sure to check and evaluate all of your stuffs regularly and throw out items that aren’t necessary to keep. You don’t actually have to throw them away, you can leave them at your house or even better, donate them. If you’re in need of money, you can also sell them. It’s always a win-win situation. Only then you will be able to move around freely.

2. Specify Space for Everything

The key of declutter is to categorize your stuffs neatly. Things that lay around will make your space look messy. So, make sure you have a place even for small things.

3. Apply One in, One out

One in, one out is a rule meaning that you don’t have unnecessary extras. Inexperienced travellers will bring too many clothes and shoes. Remember that you have a small space to fit many things.

4. Create a Cleaning Day

Dirty RV is really uncomfortable to live in. Therefore, it’s important to make a schedule where you clean your RV. Don’t underestimate your small travel trailer, it still needs an effort to clean.

5. Utilize Walls and Ceiling

Keeping your items is not only inside drawers. Since you have a small travel trailer, every space is valuable to use. So, start hanging your stuffs on your walls and even your ceiling. You don’t have to use any nail or hammer, you can put them up by using magnet or sticking them.

6. Store Papers

When you travel, you will get a lot of brochures. Letting them laying around will make your small travel trailer look messy. You will also need to store your magazines and maps so they won’t scatter around.

7. Get Hooks

You can’t keep everything inside your drawers. Besides, by putting hooks you will have easy access to your items. For example, hanging your keys, glasses and hats on your door so you can take them easily. It’s also important to keep hooks inside your bathroom for towels.

8. Go digital

In this modern age, you can convert many things into digital. For example, ditching conventional maps with GPS is very helpful. If you love reading books and magazines, you don’t need to bring their physical bulks and start downloading e-books instead.

9. Store Food inside Plastic Storage

It’s important to categorize everything inside your small travel trailer. That includes food. Besides keeping them organized based on types, it will also prevent your food from going bad.

Customizing a Small Travel Trailer

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1. Buy a New RV Mattress

Sleep is important to ensure that you rest well and are able to continue your trip with high spirits. However, original mattresses in RV are not in superb quality, least to say. It will be a good idea to exchange the mattress with a custom made. One website that offers the service is Tochta.

2. Ditch the Carpet

If you prefer efficiency and don’t want to bother with dirty carpets, it will be best to ditch them completely. Travelling with RV will bring a lot of dirt inside wherever your destination is.

3. Install Solar Power

You will not always have sufficient electricity when travelling with RV. Installing solar power on your roof will not only make you have access to electricity. It’s also a renewable energy which is good for our planet.

4. Install Wireless RV Backup Camera

This may be expensive to include in your budgeting, but safety is the top priority. It’s difficult to back up with your sizeable RV. Wireless RV backup camera will make this process less scary and safer.

5. Switch Lights

Lighting is important during nighttime. LED light bulbs are a good choice since they’re eco-friendly. That’s because they consume less power. Moreover, they can be dimmed and they also can produce infrared light.

6. Upgrade Inverter

Having a source of power is important to make your travel comfortable. Upgrading inverter is important in order to store more electricity.

7. Bring More Batteries

Still on topic with power source, it’s important to keep more batteries in case you run out of electricity. Therefore, increasing your battery capacity is very wise to do.

8. Switch Shower and Faucet Heads

Just like original RV mattresses, shower and faucet heads of RV also suffer the same inadequate quality. So, it’s important to replace the heads with better quality so you’ll be able to take shower comfortably. Upgraded shower and faucet heads will surely keep your adventurous mood up.

9. Install Pull Out Garbage Can

It’s unnecessary to place your garbage can outside when you can install a pull out garbage can instead. It will save some space for your small travel trailer. In addition, the trash will be hidden so it won’t make your RV smell bad.

10. Get Unlimited Internet Access

Internet is really important nowadays, so make sure you make your WiFi access becomes unlimited. Especially when you also need to use internet a lot for work, this becomes a must.

11. Increase Stabilization

It can get really shaky with RV, especially when people keep moving around. It’s a great idea to install stabilization rods. By increasing stabilization, you will not drop your stuffs and you will be able to rest well.

Small Luxury Travel Trailer

Just because you want to buy a small travel trailer doesn’t mean you can’t travel with style. If you have a lot of budget, you will be delighted to see the luxury selections. There are many travel trailer brands that offer small luxury travel trailer you can pick according to your specific taste.


teardrop travel trailers
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SeaLander is a lightweight caravan, weighing about 1069 pounds. It is made of fiberglass reinforced plastic. This small travel trailer has two tinted windows which will guarantee privacy. It also has a folding roof, meaning that it can be opened to let the sunshine in. This is a perfect choice for a couple.

2. Taxa Outdoors Mantis

small luxury travel trailer
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This model is bigger because it can accomodate four people. It has a pop-down roof and tinted windows for privacy. This model also comes with a built-in 12-volt electrical system. As a result, the electricity is able to power many electrical appliances and devices at once.

3. Safari Condo Alto F2114

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The material of this trailer is aluminum, making it a lightweight. The feature also includes tinted windows. Moreover, this model has a three-way fridge and a twin-burner stove, making it a heaven for campers who love cooking. The security system includes a built-in smoke detector.

4. SylvanSport VAST Camper Trailer

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This vibrant trailer has a gas-powered tailgate which makes it easy to load and unload stuffs. It also has tinted windows, as well as the door. The kitchen is a slide-out and it has a lounge that is good for meal times. The lounge can also transform as the bedroom by lowering twin beds stored in the ceiling.

5. Timberline Homegrown Trailer

6. Lume LT540 Travel

travel trailers under 2500 lbs
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This exterior of this trailer is made of aluminum, while the interior is adorned with leather and upholstered with wool. It has tinted windows. Besides having two gas burners, this trailer also has a 40-litre refrigerator. In addition, this trailer has a 100-watt solar panel. Lastly, this trailer has an open roof umbrella covered with a mosquito net.

7. ERIBA Touring 820 Camping Trailer

lightweight travel trailers under 3500 lbs
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The body of this trailer is stainless steel, while the rest is silver. It means that this trailer doesn’t require demanding maintenance. Moreover, this trailer features a smart home system with a control through an app. In addition, there is a 180-degree panorama lounge.

8. Airstream International Serenity

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This trailer has multiple tinted windows for privacy. Moreover, it has the Quietstream Climate Control system which is useful to cancel noise outside when sleeping. The kitchen features include refrigerator, fusion stove, convection stove, microwave, and a faucet.

9. Bruder EXP-6

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This trailer can survive any terrain since it features twin axels with suspension coils. This strong body has tinted windows to ensure privacy. In addition, it also features a touchscreen, which means it’s easy to manage. Lastly, it has a slide out kitchen.

10. Bowlus Road Chief on the Road

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The body of this trailer is aluminum monocoque. It features an air conditioner to help when the weather gets hot. The dining room area is also the bedroom since it can transform into twin beds. The kitchen features a freezer, fridge, and a two-burner cooking stove.

11. Bowlus Road Chief Endless Highways

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The exterior of this trailer is made from stainless steel, meaning that it won’t rust easily. The bedroom space features two wardrobe closets and a full-length mirror. In addition, it also features an air conditioner to combat the heat. Meanwhile for the kitchen, it features a freezer, fridge, and two-burner stove.

12. Luxe Elite

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Luxe Elite is powered with three air conditioners. This trailer also features a TV. Besides that, the dining room can accommodate up to four people. In addition, the material of the floor is wooden vinyl.

13. Forest River Rockwood Tent Camper Trailer

lightweight travel trailers under 3500 lbs
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The windows of Forest River Rockwood are not tinted, but it features fabric curtains. Moreover, it features two beds that can be merged into a large addition, this trailer has a kitchen and bathroom that extend to the outside.

14.  Taxa Cricket Camper Trailer

travel trailer floor plans
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Taxa Cricket Camper features a retractable roof for increased headroom. It can accommodate four people with two adults and two children. It gives more space by having a convenient under-bed storage. In addition, the kitchen features a stove and sink. Lastly, it features an exterior shower.

15. Airstream Sport Travel Trailer

ultra lightweight travel trailers under 2000 pounds
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Airstream Sport has a classical travel trailer design with two different floor plans. Firstly, Sport 16RB is the smaller size that features a wet bath, a full kitchen with a sink, a stovetop and a refrigerator. Secondly, 22FB has all of the 16RB keyparts with additions. For example, air conditioner, a microwave oven, more storage space and a full bathroom.

16. URV Icecamp Elite Camper

ultra lightweight travel trailers under 2000 pounds
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Despite its small size, URV iCamp Elite Camper features sufficiently. This trailer accommodates up to three people. The features include the modular bathroom with a marine toilet and shower. In addition, it features a stainless steel sink, a stovetop, and a refrigerator

17. KZ Escape Mini M181UD Trailer

Weighing 3500 pounds, KZ Escape Mini M181UD is easy to be towed. The features include a full bathroom and a full kitchen with a refrigerator and convection microwave. In addition, it also has a plenty of interior room.

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Ultra Lightweight Travel Trailers

When deciding what kind of travel trailer to buy, weight is important to consider. The lighter the travel trailer is, the easier it will be to be towed. The selections below will be lightweight camping trailers under 5000 pounds.

1. Forest River R-Pod Travel Trailer

How do you decorate a small travel trailer?
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Forest River R-Pod weighs 2839 pounds. It offers many choices by offering eleven different floor plans. Its small space is still able to provide a full bathroom. In addition, this trailer has one slide out bed.

2. Escape Trailer

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Escape is a travel trailer company that offers four different trailers with various sizes. The smallest one is 21’ fifth wheel so tiny that almost all trucks can tow. This trailer has a good build and abundant amenities despite the size.

3. Scamp 13′ Fiberglass Trailer

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This trailer is so tiny by weighing less than 1500 pounds. This trailer is one of micro campers. As a result, Scamp 13’ Fiberglass can be pulled by any car. However, this trailer still manages to feature a toilet, bed and kitchen. Lastly, it comes with super insulation.

4. Aliner Classic Travel Trailer

best travel trailers under 4000 lbs
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With a unique body resembling of triangle, Aliner Classic offers a classic pop-up trailer. It features a sink, two stove top cookers, a microwave and a half-fridge. However, it doesn’t come with a built-in bathroom. It has an outside shower instead.

5. Cricket Camper

small travel trailer design ideas
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Cricket camper only weighs 1500 lbs, but it still offers a lot of space. This is because the trailer features a pop-up. However, it doesn’t come with a full bathroom, but it still has a built-in portable shower.

6. Mantis Camper

lightweight travel trailers under 3500 lbs
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Mantis camper weighs 2800 lbs and comes with a pop-up roof. It features integrated plumbing and electrical system. In addition, it also has an independent suspension system.

7. Timberleaf Teardrop Trailers

forest river travel trailers
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Having the teardrop design, Timberleaf Teardrop weighs 1200 lbs only. The features include a fully-insulated cabin. However, there is no built-in bathroom.

8. Sportsmobile Sprinter Extended

travel trailer floor plans
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This trailer has the weight of 2890 lbs. Good news, it features a small bathroom. In addition, the dinette table can transform into a bed. Moreover, it has an oven and a fridge.

9. iCamp Elite

ultra lightweight travel trailers under 2000 pounds
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This trailer has the weight of 2890 lbs. Good news, it features a small bathroom. In addition, the dinette table can transform into a bed. Moreover, it has an oven and a fridge.

10. Jay Sport Camping Trailer

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Weighing 2270 lbs, Jay Sport features two pop outs. However, there is no built-in bathroom. The trailer offers an exterior shower instead.

11. Happier Camper

This tiny trailer only weighs 1100 lbs. It offers a lot of floor plans to serve every taste. It’s also possible to get custom floor plans.

12. Timberline Trailer

ultra lightweight travel trailers
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The weight of Timberline ranges from 4150-4350 lbs. It offers a special feature which is solar panel. In addition, this trailer has a wet bath and can accommodate up to five people.

13. TAXA Outdoors TigerMoth Travel Trailer

travel trailer floor plans
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This trailer is tiny since it only weighs 900 lbs. It offers two different floor plans. The features include LED lighting, USB charging ports and birchwood kitchen. For the exterior, this trailer features a grill, bike rack, and solar heated shower. In addition, this trailer also offers upgrades.

14. Forest River Rockwood Geo Pro Travel Trailer

travel trailer
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The smallest of Forest River trailers weighs around 1100 lbs only. The features include a stove-grill combo, WiFi booster, power awning, 20000 BTU furnace. It’s possible to have upgrades for a bike rack and a 13500 BTU AC. Moreover, this trailer provides seven different floor plans.

15. Jayco Hummingbird Travel Trailer

The weight of Jayco Hummingbird ranges from 1545 to 2990 lbs. The features include exterior speakers, outside grill, exterior TV bracket and power awning. In addition, it features a bed with a picnic table and residential countertops.

16. Forest River Flagstaff E-Pro Travel Trailer

mini travel trailers
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Forest River Flagstaff E-Pro is really small since the weight ranges from 1133 to 3161 lbs only. The features of this trailer include outside speakers, WiFi booster, microwave oven and coleman stove-grill. It offers seven different floor plans.

17. Aliner Ascape Travel Trailer

micro campers
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The features of this trailer include a bluetooth sound bar, a 23-inch TV, 3-way refrigerator and atwood furnace. It offers five different floor plans. This trailer offers features that match regular sized trailers.

Teardrop Travel Trailer

used scamp trailers

Teardrop travel trailer gets its name from the design that resembles teardrop. This type of trailer is streamlined, compact and lightweight. They used to be popular in 1930s until 1960. However, right now teardrop travel trailers are coming back.

1. TAB Teardrop Camper by nuCamp

ultra mini travel trailers
Photo by

Weighing only 1826 lbs, TAB Teardrop offers a variety of features. They include indoor kitchen, seating area that transforms into a bed, 6ft headroom, TV, entertainment system. In addition, it offers upgrades for AC unit, an extra cabinet and a bathroom. Moreover, the features include two-burner propane stove, a three-way refrigerator and a propane tank. The models include the 320U, the 320S, the Boondock Edge and the Boondock Lite.

2. Self-Build Ultimate Big Woody Camper

travel trailers
Photo by Big Woody Campers

Self-Build Ultimate Big Woody Camper weighs 1000 lbs only. The features include outdoor kitchen with fridge, side tables, patio lights, 12v and shore power wiring, double bed, overhead cabinets and TV. Adopting the designs from the 40s and 50s, this trailer brings a retro look.

3. Oregon Trail’R FronTear

used travel trailers under $5000
Photo by Oregon trailer

The weight of Oregon Trail’R FronTear is 1100 lbs. It features outdoor kitchen, doors on both sides, overhead cabinets and side table. It’s also possible to add a second side table, a TV, a fan and many more.

4. Polydrop Trailer

small travel trailers for sale
Photo by Polydrop

The weight of Polydrop is really light since it’s only 760 lbs. Inspired by the design of spaceships, this trailer has features such as 100W solar system and heater with thermostat. Moreover, the features include thick insulation, outdoor kitchenette and wing doors.

5. Escapod

ultra lightweight travel trailers under 2000 pounds
Photo by Escapod

Escapod weighs 1600 lbs. The features are outdoor galley, doors on both sides, insulated walls, fan, food cooler and all-terrain tires. This trailer is also designed to survive the technical terrain.

6. Mount Massive by Colorado Teardrops

best travel trailers under 4000 lbs
Photo by Colorado Teardrops

The weight of Mount Massive is 1470 lbs. The features include outdoor kitchen, children’s bunk beds, table and sofa, doors on both sides and off-road tires. What makes this teardrop trailer stands out is the fact that it accommodates more than two people. The beds are a queen size bed and two bunk beds.

7. Vistabule Teardrop Trailer

small travel trailer with bathroom
Photo by Courtesy of Vistabule Teardrop Trailer

Sporting a vibrant red color, Vistabule weighs 1520 lbs. The features include four windows and two potholes, pass-through opening with sliding screen, vent and outdoor kitchen. In addition, it features under bed storage and collapsible sofa table.

8. Little Guy Max

lightweight travel trailers under 3500 lbs
Photo by Go Little Guy

Little Guy Max weighs 3140 lbs. It comes with a variety of features such as fully kitted indoor kitchen, wet bath and indoor dinette that can transform into a single bed. It also provides heater, hot water heater, floor-to-ceiling pantry, AC, 6ft 7in bedroom, TV and entertainment system.

9. Hütte Hut

micro campers
Photo by Hutte Hut

This trailer weighs 900 lbs. The construction of Hütte Hut is made of wood. It has an open plan minimalist interior and a unique shape.

10. Pika by Timberleaf

small luxury travel trailer
Photo by Timberleaf Trailers, Inc.

This cute teardrop travel trailer has the color of bright yellow. The weight of Pika is 1025 lbs. It has outdoor kitchen with coolbox slider, netting storage, double bed, fan and insulated ceiling. It also features two sliding windows and doors on both sides and large skylight.

11. Vintage Overland Trailers

travel trailer floor plans
Photo by Robb Reece

The weight of Vintage Overland Trailers starts from 600 lbs. The features include double bed with vent and fan above, storage compartments and outdoor counter space. These trailers come in three models, in which they are the Tuco (600lbs), the Great Escape (750lbs) and the T.E. Lawrence (900lbs).

12. Micro Minnie by Winniebago

used travel trailers under $5000
Photo by Winnobago

The weight of Micro Minnie is 3660 lbs. It offers a variety of features. They are fully kitted indoor galley, good size bathroom with shower, double bed and bunk beds, 6ft 4in headroom and table and sofas. This trailer can accommodate up to four people.

13. 13′ Midwest Rover 

travel trailer brands
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The weight of Midwest Rover is 670 lbs. This trailer is a classic teardrop model. The features include a sleeping space, some shelving, and an outdoor, galley kitchen. The space is able to accommodate two people.

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14. 12′ Vintage Overland (Retro Making a Comeback!)

cheap lightweight travel trailer
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The dry weight of this Vintage Overland is 900 lbs. What makes this trailer stands out is that buyers can custom made and hand design their trailer. It will be a unique trailer that no one else has.

15. 14’ iCamp Elite (The Smallest RV with a Shower and Toilet)

camper trailer
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iCamp Elite has the dry weight of 2890 lbs. One of the features is the dinette that can transfer into a bed. It also features an oven and fridge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth owning a travel trailer?

When compared to the prices of a traditional trip that includes flights, rental vehicles, lodging, and meals out, having your own RV can save you a lot of money. Having your own kitchen and meal planning, especially if you have children or fussy eaters, is not only cost-effective, but also provides piece of mind.

Can you leave a travel trailer outside in winter?

Burst pipes, structural damage from snow, shattered windows, water damage, stuck cars, bugs living in or under the vehicle, damaged tires, and additional costs for winterizing gear can all result from storing an RV outside in the winter.

How long will a travel trailer last?

Travel trailers, on the other hand, typically endure roughly ten years. A travel trailer, on the other hand, has a 10-year average life expectancy. Some trailers will outlast others. However, how you care for your trailer is critical.


Small travel trailer is a popular type of RV because it’s so flexible. It can be towed with a regular truck or car. Its small space is not exactly a disadvantage. Travelling far is not easy, especially with a big RV. It will be more efficient to pull a small travel trailer, especially if the number of campers aren’t many. It will also save a lot of cost and maintenance.

Small travel trailers offer various types and designs to choose from. They can be luxurious and they can be very lightweight as well. Not only choosing a suitable model, campers can also personalize their trailer by decorating and customizing it.

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