RV Accessories Ideas (Must Have Accessories)

RV Accessories – are items that you don’t usually get from the manufacturer. In other words, you will have to get it yourself. Because when you buy an RV, it doesn’t always come with the accessories. Sometimes a new RV will come with a starter kit. However, the items that are in that are just not enough.

Therefore, you will probably want to go out and buy new accessories. At the same time, you don’t want to buy a bunch of stuff that you don’t really need. Because RVs are varied in size, you need to consider your space before purchasing items. So you will only carry things that are essential and appropriate with the size of your RV. 

Below we write some of the RV accessories that not only make your trip safer but also more comfortable. These RV must-have accessories are essential regardless of what type of RV you have.

What Is RV?

Recreational vehicle, often abbreviated as RV, is a vehicle which equipped with home facilities such as bedroom and kitchen. Many people only use their RV when they are traveling. But some people make their RV as their primary residence. In other words, they are basically traveling and living full time in their RV. 

Types Of RV

What is RV?
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Generally, RV is designed for recreational or traveling purposes. However, there are many types of RVs. It has many different models, amenities, and sizes. Thus, before buying or renting an RV, you have to know which kind of RV that adequate with your needs. 

1. Towable RVs

Pros and cons on build RV?
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This is a type of RVs that must be towed by another vehicle in order from place to place. The vehicle’s towing capability needs to be appropriate with the permissible added weight. 

  • Conventional Travel Trailer
  • Fifth-Wheel Travel Trailer
  • Expendable Travel Trailer
  • Sport Utility RV
  • Folding Camping Trailer
  • Truck Camper

2. Motorized RVs

Tips how to chose the best accesories for RV?
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Just like any other RVs, motorized RVs are also designed as temporary living quarters for recreational camping, or seasonal use. These are the kind of RVs that are built on a motorized chassis.

  • Type A Motorhome
  • Type B Motorhome
  • Type C Motorhome

3. Specialty RVs

Why your RV need accesories?
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This type of RV can be either motorized or towable. However, what makes it different is specialty RVs are designed with particular needs or amenities in mind.

4. Park Model RVs

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Although considered as RVs, Park Model is designed exclusively for long-term or even permanent recreational use. In other words, Park Model RV is like a resort or a mini house but moveable. 

Pro and Cons Of Having RV

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The idea of owning an RV is fascinating, because who doesn’t want to live an adventurous life? When you are traveling with an RV, you are far from home, but it feels like you are bringing your home with you. 

The idea of owning an RV is fascinating, because who doesn’t want to live an adventurous life? When you are traveling with an RV, you are far from home, but it feels like you are bringing your home with you. 

Just like any other thing in life, before deciding something, we consider the benefits and the costs of it. You must have tried to ask yourself preliminary questions about having an RV. We put the list below to help you consider the pros and cons before buying an RV. 

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When it comes to packing, not many of us love it as much as we love traveling. Moreover, when we are planning to travel for a long time, there are so many things we need to pack. However, when traveling with RV, you only need to pack some clothes and some food. Since everything else is already in the RV, you do not have to pack and unpack before traveling. 


You can set up your RV with the essential items to make you comfortable while traveling. In other words, you can bring everything that makes you feel at home like your sheets, blankets, pillows, etc. 

More Adventures

If you buy an RV, you will most likely have more adventures. And since the RV is yours, thus, you are free to decide to come and go whenever you want.



RV is expensive, it can cost between $10,000 and $300,000 depends on what type you are getting. However, there are many other costs involved in owning an RV than just the price of the RV. There are maintenances, storage, insurance, unexpected repairs, and many other expenses as well. For example, storage, you will need to store your RV if you don’t use it full time. Furthermore, some RV owners are not lucky enough to park their RVs in the driveway. And the cost of a storage facility is expensive. Specifically, it can run from $100-$200 for outdoor storage and $250-$400 per month for indoor storage. 

High Maintenance

As mentioned before, the cost of having an RV includes its maintenance budget. Thus, like any other vehicle, if you own an RV, it needs regular maintenance to keep it in good condition. This includes performing oil changes, tire and brake replacements, tune-ups, and dash AC refills. Besides, you also have to maintain RV kitchen appliances, water heater, furnace, rooftop AC, and generator. 

Many essentials needed

Lastly, buying an RV also means purchasing many essentials that make your RV feels home when you are traveling.

Why Your RV Needs Accessories

As we mentioned before, you don’t always get the accessories when you buy an RV. You need to get the accessories that will help you survive traveling. Furthermore, it can be hard to find an RV accessories shop when you are on the road. Therefore, you have to prepare your RV accessories that are needed in emergencies before you go.

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RV Accessories

camper accessories for inside
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Everybody has their own list of items that they bring when they are RV traveling because everybody has their own necessities. But, there are several items that are pretty much should be included in everyone’s list. Here are 10 must-have RV accessories you need to have in your RV before you hit the road. 

Sewer Hose and Disposable Nitrile Gloves

forest river rv accessories

At some points you will have to empty the RV tanks. Therefore, you are going to need sewer hose to get black and gray water. And every time you are emptying out the tanks, don’t forget to use a fresh pair of gloves to keep your hands clean. 

Fresh Water Hoses

unique rv accessories

The freshwater holding tanks also need to be filled up. Hence, you need to have different hoses that you use for emptying the black and gray water. So that, the freshwater hoses need to be clean because the water is used for cooking, drinking, flushing, and showering.

Heated Water Hoses

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If you are planning to go traveling in below-freezing weather, it is highly recommended to get a heated hose. This stops your water from freezing, thus you don’t have to worry about water when you travel on cold days. 

Sewer Cap with Hose Adapter

rv parts and accessories near me

Basically, you will attach a hose to the adapter, and it will allow you to drain your gray water slowly. So that, you can drain your gray tank in an appropriate location.

Wheel Chocks and Levelers

cookware rv kitchen accessories

It helps to stabilize and level the RV when setting up. Specifically, these things go in between the tire and the ground and prevent the wheel from rolling when you park.

Weight-Distribution Hitch and Sway Bar

rv bathroom accessories

To be safe on the road, get the balance right by using a weight-distribution hitch.  Essentially, it restores the balance and forces weight onto the front axle. Therefore, it plays a significant role in braking, handling, and safety of your car and caravan combination.

Surge Suppressor

Why your RV need accesories?
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This item prevents the electricity surges, and the power goes out from damaging your electrical devices. Therefore, make sure to get the right surge suppressor for your RV (30 Amp or 50 Amp). 

Amp Adapters

rv ventilation accesories
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You definitely will need a 50 Amp to 30 Amp adapter or vice versa. An electrical adapter takes care of that problem so that you can hook up to any power outlet.

Power Cords

rv accessories near me
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In your house, electricity comes from the pole to the house and is securely connected to the panel box. However, in your RV, the electrical connection between made through a shoreline power cord and a plug. Thus, this item is the electrical lifeline of your RV.

RV Inverter Generator

travel trailer must haves accessories
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Sometimes the electricity suddenly goes out, so you need to have this generator for emergency purposes. Or if you plan camping at places where there is not going to be electricity, absolutely get one.

RV Parts & Supplies

rv parts catalog wholesale
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These are some items you might need for your RV. Finding an RV repair shop while you are on the road can be a challenge. Therefore you need to prepare this before you go traveling. Check the list below for essential RV must-haves for newbies:

Water Pump Parts

ebay rv parts
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Basically, it is a pump designed to work in an RV to move water from the storage tank. Particularly, it provides water for your daily use. Therefore, it’s part of the essential equipment that makes your RV self-contained. However, the water pump is different based upon the sizes of the RVs. So make sure to get the right one for your RV.

Water pressure Regulator

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A pressure reducing valve for your water inlet is essential. Because you don’t know what the pressure regulated is coming from the connection. In order to not blow out the water system, you need to put on the water pressure regulator when you fill up your tanks or at a park with a hookup.

Generator Filter

rv parts and accessories near me
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This item is essential when you change the oil or the air generator of your RV. 

Thermocouples and Electrodes

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Basically it’s two pieces of wire that are made of different metals. Specifically, this device is used to measure the temperature. In addition, it can measure very high temperatures and have a pretty fast response time. 

12-Volt-DC Fuses

rv bathroom accessories
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This is a must-have item because it is used to power things such as the water pump and the refrigerator. Also, most of the lights in your RV is powered by 12-Volt DC. Get several of this item, because it might blow two or three while testing what appears to be a short circuit.

RV Fun Accessories

Why your RV need accesories?
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After you have all the essential items, it’s time to get these unique RV accessories for your RV. The things we recommend below are accessories to make your trip more exciting and enjoyable.

RV State Sticker Travel Map

rv accessories catalog
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Sticking this map on the wall is a must for every RVers. Firstly, you start with an empty map and then add the colorful stickers every time you visit the place. Since the stickers are images of the famous landscape of each state, it could give you ideas about next destination.

Throw Pillow Covers

unique rv accessories
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You can create this yourself and match it with your RV interior scheme. It’s practically the easiest way to freshen up your space and give it a little bit more decor and color. 

Customized RV Signs

new rv accessories
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You can go to the sign makers and, they will make it as you requested. You can show your humorous side with the customized RV signs. For this purpose, it’s best to put this outside. 

Outdoor Inflatable Lounger

rv kitchen accessories
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This moveable lounger is a perfect sofa when you are at the beach, and even in the pool. In addition, the pockets can be used to hold your books and other gear.

Mini RV Party Lights

travel trailer must haves accessories
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You can put these cute lights, both indoor and outdoor. Since the light covers are made of plastic, it doesn’t break easily when you are driving down a bumpy road. 

RV Ventilation Accessories

camper accessories for inside
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It’s nice to have some ventilation when you are traveling in warm areas or during the midday sun. Below we put some accessories you can install on your RV vent. 

Pop n Lock Vent Screen

If you use Fan-Tastic vent fans, you need to clean the screen when it got dusty. With this item, you don’t need to remove and replace the tools and screws when you are cleaning the screens. 

Lights Out Vent Shade

This shade cover prevents lights whether it’s moonlight, sunlight, or streetlight, from shining into your RV. 

Metal Replacement Vent

This can be installed easily for proper ventilation for your RV and assures perfect alignment in roof opening. The screen allows air through while keeping insects out.

RV Outdoor Shower Accessories

coachmen rv parts and accessories
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Not every RV owner is lucky enough to have an indoor shower. Even those who have an indoor shower, in fact, some of them prefer to use their outdoor shower. Specifically, one of the benefits of an outdoor shower is you are not going to fill up your gray tank. In addition, you can also wash your pets and gears in the outdoor shower. Therefore, we put a list of RV bathroom accessories that you are going to need when you are showering outside.

Wooden shower floor mat

fun rv accessories
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This will keep your feet from getting muddy. Besides, you can even build this by yourself. 


rv accessories must have
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You are certainly going to need privacy while showering and changing outside. Thus, getting a curtain is the solution. In addition, you will need some pipes and suction cup hooks to hang the curtain. 

Shelf to put bathing items

camper accessories for inside
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This is essential to hold your bathing items. Therefore, get a magnetic one and stuck it on the outside wall near the shower stall. 

Waterproof Lamp

forest river rv accessories
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You might need this when getting a shower at night. For that reason, hang the lamp on a hook above your outdoor shower area.

RV Kitchen Accessories

rv accessories outlet
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Obviously, the RV kitchen can be a little bit different from a household kitchen. Since it has less space to work with, the kitchen items needs to be multifunctional. These are the list of RV kitchen must-haves that are really useful and not going to take up much space. 

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Berkey Water Filter

cookware rv kitchen accessories
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You will need filtered and clean water when camping in an RV.   This can be used every day instead of having to buy bottled water. Besides being practical, you are also participating in reducing plastic waste by using this.

Instant Pot

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A must-have item that you can use daily. It cooks quickly, and can cook pretty much everything such as rice, beans, eggs, etc. for your everyday meal. 

Portable Coffee Maker

rv kitchen unit
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While you are camping, staying caffeinated is a must. Therefore, having this item is necessary. 

Grilling Utensils

rv kitchen storage accessories
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Outdoor cooking, whether on the grill or over a bonfire, is one of the must do traditions while camping. So obviously you’ll need to have your grilling utensils ready before you go camping. 

RV Trash Can

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As much as you love traveling, you have to love the place you are visiting. Therefore, always pack all your trash and don’t leave anything behind.

RV Cover

rv kitchen cabinets
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Most of RV owners who park their RV outdoor often face the most significant problems of extreme weather. For that reason, the RV cover helps you to protect your RV from any damage caused by weather changes. Especially on rainy and snowy days,  the cover prevents water leaks from getting inside the interior of your RV.


When you decide to buy an RV or maybe it’s your first time traveling with RV it may seem overwhelming. There are so many essentials you need to prepare. But, the things we write above is beneficial for your safety and convenience when you are on the road. Now, if you have all of those items ready, you don’t have to worry about anything and good to go!

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