RV Makeovers Ideas (Renovation Tips & Costs)

RV Makeovers – Similar to a home, an RV can also become tedious. Sometimes it needs some repaint, refinish, or reupholster. And, this is normal because everything gets old and worn-out over time. The only thing that you can do to fix that is a makeover. And, this article will provide some useful insight and ideas about RV renovation.

Doing a renovation to your RV is a little more challenging than doing it to your home. You need to make such a small space, both adorable and functional at the same time. Moreover, changing the layout in an RV is more challenging than in a home. Therefore, you need to plan everything carefully so that the result of the renovation will satisfy you. Just think of how many beautiful memories that you will get during your summertime adventure with your RV!


How to renovate a camper?

rv renovation

Although challenging, RV renovations are not a thing that only professionals can do. You can do it by yourself if you want to cut down your expenses. Here are a few tips on how to renovate your camper.

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Find yourself a used camper

camper makeover
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A new camper is usually priced very high. Finding yourself an old RV for sale can save you money. Also, renovating an old camper with decent shape will cost much less than a brand new camper. Regardless, you need to check for damages and issues before deciding to buy one. A fatal problem that is hard to fix may cost you a lot of money. You can skip this step if you already got one at home.

Make any necessary maintenance and repairs

rv interior remodeling ideas
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The first step before doing the fun stuff like decorating the interior, you need to check if there is any problem. An old RV needs to be checked for damages and issues. These issues could be structural, electrical, and mechanical. You might want to consult a professional or read some manuals to do this correctly. After all, these aspects are the primary parts of a camper.

Strip off everything!

diy travel trailer remodel
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Be sure to know what you want to replace and remove them. You can start to rip, for example, old carpets, fabric panels, curtains, and other soft furnishings. It makes the interior fresh, easy to clean, and ready for makeovers.

Start to add colors

diy rv remodel
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Because this step is going to make the biggest difference, it’s probably the most time-consuming. You can start to paint everything that you want to customize, such as cabinets, walls, ceilings, and doors with your favorite colors. One thing to remember, though, you need to choose the right paint for the right material.

Put on decorative surface treatments

remodel rv interior walls
Photo by Tracey Jazmin

This is optional. But, if you want to add some charming personality to your camper, you can add wallpapers or peel-and-stick tiles to the walls. Not only they can accent the walls, but they can also give extra protection to the walls. Moreover, you can also add some contact paper on the surface of the kitchen counter space.

Install new hardware, appliances, lighting, and flooring

diy travel trailer remodel
Photo by Tracey Jazmin

Now, all the interior surface treatments are done. It’s time to add new hardware and features if you have some. For example, you can install LED lights, add a flat-screen TV, and have some surround sound system with it.

Change the cover or replace soft furnishing

rv interior remodeling ideas
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Now you can start to improve the coziness. If the foam is still in good condition, you can change the old cover or slipcover of the sofa and pillows. On the contrary, if it’s not decent to use anymore, you can switch to the new ones that are suitable for the interior style.

Conclude with some final touches

rv interior remodeling ideas
Photo by Tracey Jazmin
rv interior remodeling supplies
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The final touches are usually done to enhance the good vibes. For example, you can add some unique or vintage accessories to make the camper more interesting. Also, you can put some natural elements, such as decorative plants or pet goldfish.

RV renovation costs

easy cheap rv makeovers

The question about RV renovation that gets asked the most is probably, “how much does it cost to renovate an old RV?” Well, it depends. You need to know what kind of renovation that can cost you a lot and which one doesn’t.

The renovations that can cost you lots of money are usually around the structural, engine, and electrical issues. Other than those, fixing the tires and windows, adding new appliances, and replacing the couch and mattress can also add some weight to your expenses. On the other hand, changing wallpapers, adding lights, fixing pipes and tanks, and adding some gas and smoke detectors won’t break the bank.

With the average price of old RVs between $1,000 – $3,000, and the average cost of medium level repairs between $1,000 – $3,000, you can get a fully-customized and ready-to-go RV with less than $6,000! Compared to the price of a brand new RV, that is a fantastic offer!

RV exterior makeovers

rv exterior paint designs

The first thing that you see of an RV is its exterior. Although hard, it’s not impossible to makeover the exterior of an RV. Here are our favorite RV exterior makeovers.

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Sporty RV exterior

rv exterior paint designs
Photo by coastalrvcenter.com

Adding various tribal patterns on the exterior can make the RV more attractive to the eyes. It creates a sporty vibe, and kind of makes the body of the RV sleeker. Moreover, applying paint and decal stickers are the easiest ways to give an RV a new look.

Old-school RV exterior

painting rv exterior aluminum
Photo by cnet1.cbsistatic.com

This RV exterior design gives a vintage look. Apart from the strong feature of metal, the material is sensitive to the acidity of rainwater. Therefore, you need to find the best quality of stainless metal to prevent it from corrosion. Alternatively, you can also pull this off by painting the exterior.

Military style RV

rv exterior paint
Photo by cdn.motor1.com

This RV exterior exudes masculinity with its firm shape. It almost looks like a military vehicle because of its shape and color. Moreover, the dark glass panel protects the interior from the sunlight better and makes the interior less heated.

Modern and natural style RV

rv exterior paint designs
Photo by images.dwell.com

Although it might be too challenging to pull off this exterior design, the result won’t disappoint you. Not only this trailer will blend well with the natural environment, but its elegant shape can also attract people’s attention everywhere it goes.

Tiny double-deck house style

remodel older travel trailer
Photo by dailydiggy.info

The open concept design that this RV adopts makes the RV refreshing in some way. Moreover, the material of the trailer adds a friendly rustic vibe to it. It’s a perfect choice for people who love tree house and country-style design.

Concise camper design

rv exterior siding
Photo by i.pinimg.com

Its small and straightforward shape makes this trailer suitable for a small road trip group. Contrary to the masculine black color that it has, the shape of this trailer is cute. However, you might need to consider a larger size to fit a lot of features and appliances inside.

Contemporary semi-bus RV design

rv exterior makeover
Photo by i.pinimg.com

This RV exterior design is perfect for people who adore the stylish and luxurious design. The black and grey combination really accentuates its elegance. Furthermore, the golden accent with the tribal pattern at the rear side of the RV enhances its beauty.

RV bedroom makeovers

rv makeovers bohemian
Photo by i.pinimg.com

There are many ways to make your RV bedroom more refreshed. Changing the vibe and style through a makeover is one of them. Here are our favorite RV bedroom makeovers.

Executive style RV bedroom

small rv makeover
Photo by dexorate.com

The simplicity and classiness are the main points of this bedroom design. The combination of the soft and bold brown color makes the bedroom as comfortable as a top-quality hotel. Moreover, the large size of the bed enhances sleep quality even in a long trip.

King size RV bedroom

shabby chic rv makeovers
Photo by i.pinimg.com

If the RV is considered large, you might be able to pull this one off. With its roomy design and quality spring bed, this bedroom design will feel a lot like home. Also, the bright grey tone emphasizes the high-class vibe of the room.

Double-deck minimalist RV bedroom

small rv makeover
Photo by ahpcrc.org

This makeover idea chose to utilize the upper space of the bedroom for another resting place. Indeed, it’s different than most bedroom designs which utilize it for overhead cabinets. It’s a perfect makeover idea for people who travel with many people but have limited space to use.

Lake House RV bedroom

vintage rv makeovers
Photo by decorits.com

The use of wood materials in this makeover idea makes this bedroom feel like a lake house. Not only does it make the room more comfortable, but it also creates a vacation atmosphere. The little decorations like the decorative lights emphasize its gorgeousness.

Concise double deck RV bedroom

small rv makeover
Photo by i.pinimg.com

This is another alternative for a space-saver bedroom. Not only it manages to fit another bed on the upper level of the room, but it also utilizes the space below the bed for cabinets.

Contemporary RV bedroom

easy cheap rv makeovers
Photo by houzwee.com

This RV bedroom makeover looks modern and cozy. The soft-looking bed and the calming grey tone of the interior accentuate its comfort vibe. Moreover, the curtains offer some privacy in the room.

RV bathroom makeovers

Similar to the other room in the RV, the bathroom might also need some redesign to stay fresh. Here are some of our favorite RV bathroom makeovers.

Full-fledged RV bathroom

Photo by thediymommy.com

There is a shower, a bathtub, a sink, everything that people want from a standard household bathroom. It’s an excellent choice to pick for people who demand the same bathing quality while traveling. However, this makeover might need a medium-sized space to pull off.

Minimalistic RV bathroom

Photo by jokover.club

Being minimalist doesn’t mean being limited. Although it looks small, this RV bathroom can fit the essential items and features to it. Moreover, the frosted glass at the top of the room lets the natural light to shine upon the interior in daylight to conserve energy.

Elegant RV bathroom

Photo by s3-us-east-2.amazonaws.com

This bathroom applied mosaic tiles on the interior to create a luxurious vibe. It also lets the sunlight comes through from the top so it can save energy during the day. In addition to that, there is a place to sit and contemplate at the side of the room.

Concise RV bathroom

Photo by truckcampermagazine.com

If the space for the bathroom in the RV is minimal, this design might be the right solution. It manages to fit the essential features in such a small room. The plain white color might seem dull at first, but it makes the bathroom feels cozy and clean.

Rustic RV bathroom

Photo by img.hipcamp.com

Many people love the rustic vibe. This might be the right idea to apply for retro vibe lovers. The wood materials and the mirrors on the cabinet door are the selling point of it. However, the portable toilet might not seem retro, but it offers some convenience.

Open concept RV bathroom

Photo by cityofmedway.org

This idea might not be appropriate to pull off when traveling with lots of people. However, if the RV space is very limited, it might be an excellent choice. One thing to do, though, you need to consult with everyone who travels with you before implementing such design.

RV kitchen makeovers

Renovating the RV kitchen might be the most challenging part. You need to keep the kitchen comfortable with lots of storage space required from it. Here are our top picks for RV kitchen makeovers.

Concise RV kitchen

Photo by mountainmodernlife.com

This RV kitchen might be the most similar to the standard household kitchen. It’s very straightforward and practical. In terms of design, the bold black colored cabinet gives a nice contrast to the bright environment.

Eclectic style RV kitchen

Photo by 4.bp.blogspot.com

Because of its neutral color, this kitchen will blend well with most RV interior designs. Although there is a lot of cabinets, it manages to make it seamless. Not to mention, the perfect placement of the windows makes the kitchen illuminated very well.

Luxurious RV kitchen

Photo by vanchitecture.com

Golden and white combination always looks so heavenly. It effortlessly makes the kitchen luxurious and modern. Moreover, the open concept prevents the kitchen from becoming narrow.

Vintage RV kitchen

Photo by netdna-ssl.com

This RV kitchen idea is excellent for vintage design lovers. Not only it looks very retro, but it also offers practicality with its abundance of storage. It might inspire you to manage the available space more efficiently to fit more items and supplies.

Urban style RV kitchen

Photo by decorits.com

The scattered led lights around the kitchen area make this kitchen looks modern. They also accentuate the elegant vibe created by the splash grey interior color. Furthermore, the frosted glass panels on the cabinet enhance the urban atmosphere in the room.

Trendy RV kitchen

Photo by usdecorating.com

Although it’s small, this small kitchen can create a fun atmosphere. It uses different pop colors to build it. As a result, this kitchen looks very trendy and colorful and far from being narrow.

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Overall, doing a makeover to your RV yourself offers you a lot of benefits. You can personalize them based on your preferences, customize everything, and it can save you lots of money. We hope that our tips and ideas can help you renovate your RV. And last but not least, feel free to experiment with other RV makeover ideas to find your ideal one.

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