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RV Living Tips – Are you interested with RV lifestyle? Not only occasional camping, it’s also possible to live permanently in an RV. This nomad style of living offers freedom for people who crave it. In addition, it’s also a great choice for people who have wanderlust in their veins. Being intimate with nature and the road, RV requires independence for people who want it.

RV living tips and tricks are necessary to know, especially if you’re new to RV living. But even if you’re already a veteran, there’s always something new to learn about. After all, RV living requires a lot of preparation. Thus, it’s important to keep updated with RV tips and hacks.


Living Permanently in an RV

What is the best RV to live in full time?

Do you love how it feels like living in an RV? Or, do you want to spark some adventure in your life? Regardless your reasoning is, you need to consider many aspects to make sure that you’re making a good choice. Buying an RV is a great investment but you have to know whether it’s really going to be suitable in the long run. Not only financially, but you should also be prepared physically and mentally. Therefore, you need  to make sure that you say yes to all these following aspects.

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1. Is RV Living Full Time right for me?

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First of all, you need to know why you want to live permanently in an RV. Is the reason strong enough for you to go through all processes in preparing to live in an RV? You need to make sure that your reasons will keep you committed. Remember that preparing to live an RV permanently will require lengthy preparations.

2. Letting go

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If your intention is to be a minimalist, then it’s an absolute yes! However if you get attached with your belongings, you’ll need to think about it carefully. Or maybe, you like shopping, so you’ll need to think about your habits.

You will need to leave many things behind. RV space is very limited that you can’t bring many clothes. If you’re a hoarder, living in an RV will be difficult.

3. The best things about living full time in an RV

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RV is not somewhere you go back to, you carry your home everywhere with you. With that much of travelling, many unexpected things will happen. Maybe, you won’t know where to go next. There are times where your RV will break down in the middle of nowhere. In addition, you’ll also need to think how socialization works with friends and family.

4. Setting up a Full time RV budget

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Although living in an RV is cheaper, it still needs money. You should make sure that you have enough saving to maintain your life. Another option is to have a flexible job that doesn’t require you to stay in one place. Usually that kind of job is done through online.

5.  RV living pitfalls you may not have considered

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Not only preparing yourself, you should also make sure that your family is totally on board with this idea. Living in an RV is not for everyone, so you have to make sure that they’re really willing. Otherwise, it will create friction within the family. In addition, the family members will be severely unhappy.

If you have children, it gets even more trickier. You need to think about their education. They will be homeschooled so you need to think how it’s going to work. In addition, children need friends so you’ll need to figure that out too.

6. Taking the plunge

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Another topic if you’re not going to live alone is that to make sure that everyone can bear with little privacy. As much as it’s provided in RVs, it still can get overwhelming for people to be in a small space together all the time. Therefore, make sure it’s comfortable for everyone.

Pros and Cons of RV Living

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Everything has its pros and cons, including RV living. It’s necessary to weigh both parts and see what side you lean more. Here is the list that will explain both sides:

Pros to Living in an RV

1.    It’s Cheaper

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Compared to living in a conventional house, RV can save up a lot of budget. You don’t need to worry about paying rent or mortgage. However, you’ll still need to worry about gas, insurance, etc.

2.    Have More Time in Nature

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This is one of the main reasons why they love to live in an RV. Going back to nature is a great way to enjoy life. If living in a crowded city bores you, living an RV is a great option to enjoy more nature.

3.    Have Opportunities to Travel

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People with adventurous souls will especially love this reason. Living in one place can get really boring, what’s the better option than living in an RV? You can move around whenever you feel like it. Now, that feels like freedom.

4.    Be More Experienced

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Living in an RV gives more independence. Oftentimes, you need to think by yourself how to make things work. You’ll realize things just don’t go according to plan sometimes.  You’ll learn how to respond and adjust quickly.

5.    Meet Many People

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Travelling to many places means opportunities to meet new people in every chance. you’ll be able to make friends all over the place. It’s a good idea to widen your circle.

Cons to Living in an RV

1.    Have Small Space

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The limited space will make you really consider what stuffs to bring in. Oftentimes you need to leave your things behind because you can only bring necessities. Every space is smaller, especially kitchen and bathroom.

2.    Have Mold and Mildew

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Conventional houses also have this problem. However, RVs have increased risks because of their closed small space and lack of ventilation. They easily grow in there, especially on the spots you can’t easily reach.

3.    It Always Shakes

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Moving around all the time, the RV will keep shaking. As a result, your stuffs may fall down and break. You will need to have a regular checkup for repairs.

4.    It’s Hard to Control the Temperature

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It can get really hot and cold in the RV because of its little insulation. Even though you have the AC installed, it can still be really hot during summer. Meanwhile, in turn, it can get really cold during winter. It can be hard to live inside when the weather is extreme.

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5.    It’s Hard to Keep Driving the RV

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RV is big, even the smallest size. It can be stressful having to keep driving around. It takes a lot of energy and time. In addition, traffic jams are also a problem.

RV Living Tips and Tricks

Full time RV lifestyle differs than a weekend vacation. It requires a lot of commitment and determination. It may be cheaper, but it’s a challenging lifestyle. It’s not for everyone. However, if it’s for you, you’ll need to understand how to prepare for full time RV living. These RV living tips and tricks will help your lifestyle.

1.    Have Good Communication

If you’re not going to live alone, this is very important. You have to know each other’s needs. Especially since you’re going to live in a small space, it’s important to keep the atmosphere happy and healthy.

2.    Own the Suitable Gear

Gear will help a lot to ensure your lifestyle is easier and more comfortable. Therefore, before hitting the road you need to do research. Find the gear that suits your needs.

3.    Understand Your RV

This is important since RVs can break down in the middle of nowhere. You can’t always call people for any inconvenience. You need to understand the ins and outs of your RV. That being said, you won’t feel confused if there’s anything that goes wrong. Keep in mind, many things can go wrong with RVs.

4.    Do Regular Cleaning

Clutters are a big no in an RV. However, it’s easy to pile stuffs up and it gets crowded quickly in a small space. Therefore, it’s important to have regular cleaning schedule. You need to have an inventory which things you need and things that you can’t have.

5.    Switch Driving

If you drive with your couple, it’s better if you can switch around. Driving is tiring and it will be helpful if there are shifts for driving. Especially if you’re planning to move around a lot, it can get really tough to drive alone.

6.    Make a Checklist

Before you leave with your RV, it’s necessary to make sure that everything in your list is already crossed. There are many things to bring in the RVs so it’s hard to keep track without a checklist. You’ll always forget if you don’t have a checklist with you.

7.    Ensure Everything Has a Space

Being neat is a key for a stress-free lifestyle. If you’re organized well, a lot of space can be saved. In addition, it gets shaky with an RV so putting things in storage will prevent breaks.

8.    Remember One in, One out

A limited space means limited belongings. For example, you can’t have many shoes. You’ll probably need to leave your old shoes when you have a new pair. It will save a lot of space when this rule is applied.

9.    Be Prepared

Mobile living will bring many challenges. Many things can happen on the road, no matter how well-maintained your RV is. Therefore, you need backup plans for everything. For instance, make sure you always have spare tires with you.

10.  Be Open

It’s great to have a structured and well-planned schedule. However, things don’t always go according to your plan. It’s nice to have a flexible mindset when living in an RV. Being flexible is a part of the adventure, after all.

11.  Spare Money

You’ll many interesting things along your journey. It’s good to have money allocated for unique recreation you find in every city. The journey is about memories, after all.

12.  Stay Positive

Living in an RV can be really stressful. It’s important to remember the positive aspects why you choose this lifestyle. Always make sure that you enjoy the journey.

RV Living Cost

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Costs always play a big role in life. You should understand your budget and plan it well. Don’t buy too expensive but at the same time, don’t sacrifice your comfort. Everything has to be balanced and suitable to your needs. Before buying an RV, you need to know your preferences well. You won’t want to have features that look good but you don’t need. The price for an RV usually starts around $ 4000 and it can be as high to over a million dollars.

After buying the RV, you will need to have insurance. To be safe, it’s a good idea to have insurance with a big and reputable companies. When living full time, it’s important to insure with fulltimer policies.

Your RV needs a lot of maintenance. Set a regular schedule to check your RV. in addition, make sure to set aside more money than you calculate. There are unexpected things that might make you to pay more than planned. However, you can save money if you know how to repair by yourself.

Your lifestyle should have a budget as well. Plan it monthly or annually so you won’t waste your money. Usually, for monthly budget it ranges from $ 1,400 to $ 3,000. However, there are many variables to influence this, for example the number of people living in an RV.

RV Living with Kids

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Living with children is more complicated than living with adults. You are their guardian, which means that you’re responsible to ensure their safety and comfort. Before you start preparing to live an RV, you need to ensure whether your kids will be happy with the lifestyle. Some kids may not be suitable with such living. It may make them anxious having to move around all the time. As a parent, you need to put your wants at the back so you can prioritize your kids. Here is a list that you need to ensure about your children:

1.    Have Education

It’s important to make sure you don’t sacrifice your children’s education. However, it won’t be easy to enroll them in a public school since you move around. A good option is homeschooling if you’re up to it. It can also create a strong bond between you and your children. However, if you think you’re not capable to be a teacher, online school is also an option.

2.    Ensure Comfort and Stability

It’s important to create a safe space for your children. They need a home that they feel really comfortable to live in. Stability means more than just having a place to live and eat every day.

First of all, make sure you have regular doctor visits. You need to make sure that your children grow well and healthy. Secondly, you need to make sure your children are not lacking social skills. It can be tricky to have longtime friends since you’ll move around. With technology, your children can stay connected online. Make sure that your children can reach out to their friends even if they don’t meet them regularly.

Finally, remember that children need their own space to live and grow. With a limited space, it can get overwhelming for children having their parents with them all the time. Make sure that your children have many things to do outdoor. You can plan activities and explore nature together. It’s also good to bring your kids to public parks and play areas.

You can also park at a campground with many kids. It will prevent your children from feeling lonely. They can also create a bond with other kids who live in a similar lifestyle. If living a full time seems too much for your children, you can consider part-time living instead. You don’t need to make a lot of arrangements that way.

What is the Best RV to Live in Fulltime?

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There are many options to consider when buying an RV. Everything has its own perks, it depends with your preferences. First of all, you can choose between motorized and towable RVs. Towable RVs are better for seasonal trips because they can get detached when not needed. Meanwhile, motorized RVs are better for fulltime living.

After that, you need to consider the length of your RV. The bigger your RV is, the more expense you will spend on it. If you have limited budget, it’s better to give people just enough space to live in. A big RV is also hard to drive and park.

The engines are also important to consider. Diesel engines feature better MPG and durable system. However, it costs more to maintai


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Jayco offers a lot of options you can choose from. Its catalogue offers many towable RVs. In addition, Jayco also offers over 10 motorhomes to choose.


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Winnebago is a heaven for motorhomes. This brand offers many selections for motorhomes. It’s also great because they accommodate for people with disabilities. In addition, Winnebago also offers towable RVs.


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Thor Motor Coach offers unique designs to choose from. The provide wide range of options to choose, including classes and engines. In addition, Thor Motor Coach also offers motorhomes with garages.

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Forest River is popular for its towable RVs. Out of 90 models, only 16 of them are motorhomes. Forest River is especially popular for its destination travel trailers.


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Forest River is popular for its towable RVs. Out of 90 models, only 16 of them are motorhomes. Forest River is especially popular for its destination travel trailers.


Living permanently in an RV requires many more preparations than an occasional trip. It requires great commitment. Therefore, it’s important to have the right and strong reasons to hold on. Understanding RV living tips is helpful to make your lifestyle easier.

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