Black and White Interior: What You Should Know in 2021

Black and white interior is one of the most fashionable trends in design. These contrasting colors work together effectively to create a sophisticated, elegant and unique style for your home. Designers, using black and white, strive to give the room austerity, modernity and monochrome. This color scheme will be appropriate in any room and will suit almost any style of room design.

When you see room designs like this, what do you think of them? Does it sound retro to you? Or maybe you see strict formality? Or a special chic and sophisticated taste? Aren’t you sad about the lack of other colors? By answering these questions you will be able to determine if using a black and white contrasting interior is the right thing for you. This color scheme attracts quite a few, it has something subtle and mesmerizing, creating the effect of drama and mystery.

Bathrooms and kitchens are most often decorated in black and white. Bathrooms and living rooms also look gorgeous in this color combination. If necessary, you can soften the interior by applying bright accents. Even if the rooms in the house differ in style, such a design is able to connect all the disparate elements into a single whole.

Here are several options for decorating rooms in black and white, adhering to which you will create not a heavy, but a harmonious interior.

black and white interior design


1. Black Walls

When painting walls, do not be too lazy to cover them with several layers of paint so that there is no stripe effect. This decision is a little intimidating, as if we were trying to recreate scenes from modern young adult movies. But if you choose a room with large light windows and a high white ceiling for this, the end result will be breathtaking.

2. Everything is Black

Contrast this color with silver-coated mirror frames and bright wood photo frames. The metal details in the furniture will also uniquely and elegantly fit into the interior and make a great impression.

3. Black Furniture or Contrasting Furniture

It is important to choose your furniture in a color scheme different from the walls’ colors. But the main thing here is not to overdo it. The more different complementary colors there are in the interior, the less contrasting and striking your black and white room will be. To find such furniture elements you go to

4. Accessories (Black and White Interior)

Small contrasting elements can bring freshness to the design of a black and white interior: vases, paintings, tablecloths or candlesticks. Scatter bright burgundy or gray velour decorative pillows of different shapes and sizes, hang up white photo frames with photographs and paintings – and your room will turn into a bright and unusually daring place. Thus, creating a black and white room is easy, but boring. It will be much more interesting to bring your own flavor, spark or themed game into the interior.

5. Black and White Interior for Kids

This interior style will bring in the design some theatrical effect, dramatization – these features are characteristic of the styles of minimalism and hi-tech, neo-baroque and gothic. When decorating a children’s room in black and white, you need to be very careful because a mistake in accents can negatively affect the formation of the child’s psyche.

How to overcome this effect? For example, since black and white stripes resemble a zebra, you can add artificial zebra-style ornaments or paint one of the walls in the children’s room to look like a zebra.

You can also use photo wallpapers with animals: zebra, dalmatians or some graphic prints. If this sounds inspirational do not forget the main rule: vertical stripes create an effect of increasing height, and horizontal ones create an effect of expanding space.

6. Playing Chess

Very often it is recommended for a black and white interior to be supplemented with bright shades so as not to seem too dull. But this is not at all necessary for a harmonious combination of only black and white, it can still look light and festive.

The interior in black and white style instantly evokes associations with chess and the arrangement of tiles in this order is very popular. Such a chessboard will look beautiful in the kitchen and bathroom. The living room decorated like a chessboard will certainly make a splash.

black and white house interior

7. Balance is Key (Black and White Interior)

Balance should be the most important factor in the black and white design. When the wallpaper and tiles are mostly white, then the room becomes visually larger, but the design loses its graphics and dynamics. And more black allows you to create a mysterious and dramatic interior, the only rule is not to use black in small rooms.

If the floor is black, then the walls are preferably white or only one of them is black. Also black curtains can be used to decorate windows. If you want to keep black to a minimum, then add a black cover for the sofa or buy some black furniture (an armchair or a table). However, it is not necessary to make the rest of the place white only.

8. Adding Others Colors

A black and white design can always be complemented with other colors. This helps you invite contrast with gray, steel, silver, or to make bright shades with any favorite colors. Very often black and white design is combined with purple, violet and burgundy through carpets, armchairs or sofas of these shades.

Bright colors are splashes that will automatically attract attention, so use this effect wisely. Any of your favorite colors can be added to black and white interiors, so do not hesitate to bring red, green, blue and colors of natural wood.

The graceful combination of two primary colors leaves no one indifferent. Black is the color of darkness, mystery and riddle. White is the color of innocence and purity. If one or another color scheme prevails, then this will speak of the nature of the room.

But the main thing is to be guided by your feelings so that in such a room you feel comfortable and cozy. If you managed to achieve this, then you have balanced everything correctly. In general, the opportunity for applying your imagination is limitless – try and experiment. All in your hands!

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