45+ Awesome RV Christmas Decorations Ideas | For Your Great Holiday

If you have an RV, it is nice to spend or even live in it. Your life might be simple in many ways if you live in the RV. in fact, you still can feel and enjoy time like you live in the house. You have to keep to tradition or behavior like in the home, including during Christmas. It will be fun to decorate an RV for Christmas. You might need a simple touch of decoration, but you can make a new view of winter.

            You can start by having lights on the windows in decorating the RV. Then, you can line it on the door as well, so it shines to the outside. How about the Christmas tree? You still can have it no matter the size of your home. In the RV, you can set a small Christmas tree on the table. Then, you still can hang the stockings on your RV. These simple decorations will beautify the RV and even get the feeling of Christmas. Furthermore, let’s see some decoration ideas here to create your fantastic RV Christmas.


RV Christmas Decorations

In Christmas decoration, everyone might have a favorite item to be set in. it can be a special gift or your childhood memories. So, you can start decorating by finding the favorite item and place it on the RV.

Further, the decoration is not only in the RV. Outside can be a place to set your decoration items. Here, we will show you various Christmas decorations that can shine and beautify your RV during the holiday. You can spend time the whole day on your RV just like in the house.

The Front RV Christmas with Wreath

As said, you can decorate the outside RV to start Christmas. You can hang a wreath in front of the RV. It is a good idea to catch others’ attention. Further, it also can make your RV more interesting.

RV Christmas Cling on the Window

For easy decor, you can use the cling. This simple thing will add value to your RV. And then, this stuff also doesn’t make any mess. Set the cling with a Christmas tree, snowflake, Santa, and many more.

RV Christmas Hang A Garland


With a simple touch like garland, it can make your RV become a holiday-look. You can hang the garland with or without lights. As a result, just like this, a simple green garland and small light make it truly like Christmas.

Small Lights Decor RV Christmas


Another choice to hang in the little lights. You can hang both garland and lights separately. It can make your RV decoration various.

Light Projector for RV Christmas


With this light, the RV will be more cheerful. You can point the light projector to the RV ceiling or the wall. You might not need another decorative lighting if you already use this light projector.

Look-changed with Wrapped Cabinets

If you have a cabinet in the RV, don’t leave it blank without any Christmas decoration. You can change the look by using wrapped getzonedup.com/benzodiazepines-dementia material. Choose the Christmas theme, and then, your RV will be full of holiday themes.

Small Pillows, Blankets, and Towels of RV Christmas

You can fill the RV seating or bed with Christmas things by having themed pillows and blankets. Even if you don’t have much Christmas decor, these items are enough to say you’re celebrating Christmas.

RV Christmas Theme Rug

rv christmas decoration ideas

From ceiling to floor, you can have the decoration item. Use this Christmas theme rug on the RV to show your creative decor. Therefore, choosing the soft color rug will help with other light color decorative items.

Hang Stocking in the RV Christmas

eddie's rv christmas vacation

With the small RV space, it is not a problem to hang the stockings. For some people, it is a must for hanging stockings as a sign of the Christmas season. So, don’t worry, this hanging stocking will keep the tradition alive.

RV Christmas Mugs Decorations

rv christmas lights clipart

On Christmas morning, you can sip your favorite warm drinks with a Christmas mug. With the mug, it might lift the holiday spirits. While, if it is not Christmas day, you can set this on the tray as RV decorations.

Felt Tree RV Christmas Decorations

rv christmas decorating

With a felt tree in the RV, it means you serve your kids to be creative. Having fun with kids when they decorate the felt tree. A Christmas holiday is family time.

Garland Tree for RV Christmas

rv christmas village lemex

With the RV space, it still allows you to have a Christmas tree. The garland tree will be an excellent option. With full decoration, like hanging things and lights, the RV will lighten up.

Small Tabletop RV Christmas Tree

rv Christmas decorations

The option for table items is this tabletop tree. You can put this in the center or the corner of the RV. Because of the size, it will not make your RV messy.

A Tall Pencil RV Christmas Tree

rv christmas wishes

If you don’t like regular trees, this unique pencil tree can be your choice. The slim design might suit the small space in the RV. Moreover, Setting it on the corner or becoming a tabletop tree will be an excellent move.

Half RV Christmas Tree Decorations

rv christmas ornement

The last tree option is the half design tree. You might need less hanging things on the tree but still a beautiful item. Then, you can manage the gift box below the tree. What a lovely tree.

RV Christmas Decoration Ideas

It will not feel like Christmas until you begin to decorate. Even though you already have the Christmas tree, it still needs many touches to make it a wonderful winter. The best decoration is the one that can be used from year to year. So, choose the items that match your RV design and colors.

            Below are some of the best picks for Christmas decorations. You can find from the indoor to the outdoor Christmas RV decorations. So, if you have the RV or want to replace the old RV Christmas ornaments items, take some best choices here.

Full Lights on the Family Corner

rv Christmas lights

If you have a family’s corner in the RV, fill it with all Christmas items. From the wall, cabinet, or even the pillow. Hang some garland, then put a beautiful tree there. Your Christmas will look perfect.

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Christmas Bed Decorations

hannibal rv christmas

Every corner in the RV needs to have Christmas decorations, including the bed. Put a garland on the ceiling; then you can have window decorations. Further, change your blanket with a deer theme. It’s just like a gift from Santa.

Upper Part Decorations

rv christmas sale

It seems like you don’t have any choice for the upper RV decorations. You can set a garland with colorful light on the wall or ceiling. But, just with the light garland, you might not need another item to put on.

Corner Tree

rv christmas music videos

Setting a corner tree is a must thing. You can still decorate with various items. Then, it is still possible to put a gift under the tree.

Seating Decorations


In the seating area, you can set some decorative things there. It can be a tabletop tree, hanging stocking, and Christmas pillows. Further, You can enjoy the corner with a Christmas mug and warm drink. What a wonderful Christmas in an RV.

Kitchen Decorations

rv christmas ornaments

It seems risky to decorate the kitchen part, but you can still do it with a small touch. Hanging the garland over the cabinet will be enough. Then, to make it more decorative just set the lighting within.

Entryway Decors

full time rv christmas

If you don’t want a full decoration on the bed area, you can set a small item on the entryway. For example, hang the printed letter on the roof. It is still nice and can be the new vibe of Christmas.

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Hanging Santa’s Hat

inflatable rv christmas vacation

For another choice of hanging item is a hat. You can hang the hat on the wall near the seating. Put it some, and you can use it while having drinks with friends.

Lighting Tree

rv christmas vacation

If you don’t like big items like trees on the RV, you can make a tree from the lighting. You can buy the trunk, then wrap it with colorful camper Christmas lights. The color still can make it have a Christmas vibe.

Hanging Words

branson rv christmas

In showing your celebration, you can set a “merry christmas” word on the RV. with the hanging flag; you can show your words. Because it is a simple thing, you can make DIY hanging flags. Further, you can make your own words to hang on.

Snow Decorations

beautiful rv christmas clipart

You can bring the snow outside into the RV with these decoration ideas. Fill the space with white color and set a snow tree on the table. It seems like you are in the middle of the mountain.

Small Lightings

wekiva falls rv christmas party

We already discuss the small lighting as the core of the RV Christmas decoration. But where the position is the most important. Therefore, with stars-like lighting hanging on the ceiling, you don’t need other Christmas items.

Dining Area Decorations

blow up rv christmas vacation

You don’t need luxury items to decorate the eating area. With the simple as setting the look-leaf pine. In addition, you can hang the pocket or stocking that sign for Christmas.

Cold-look Decorations

rv christmas train

With various Christmas decoration ideas, you can use this snow look theme. Set a small Christmas tree with soft blue lighting. Then, near the area, just used the soft color just like you have snow.

Santa Figure on the Tree Christmas

rv christmas decoration

In the tree decoration, you can’t deny that you have to put Santa on it. So, you can buy some Santa figures and hang them on the tree. It is nice if you have a custom figure like having a written family name.

Felt Free on the Wall

rv christmas odeas

Set one side of the RV with this sunny felt tree. The three have white lighting that makes it like snow. Then, hang some balls and ribbon over it. This condition might be the only tree you have on the RV, but still fascinating.

A Wreath on the Wall

rv christmas gift ideas

You can set the wreath wherever you want. Just like before, you can hang it on the front RV or the door. It is still a nice decoration if you want to put it on the wall side.

RV Christmas Fill with Gifts


The RV area might have a small area, so fill it with all the gifts you have. With the tree and gifts are surrounding, it might be enough for decorations.

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Kids Room RV Christmas Decorations


If you have a kid, it is entertaining to spend Christmas with them. Then, you can have some surprises. Set the lighting tree on the bed with some gift boxes. Furthermore, It will be nice if they know the beautiful look like this.

All Room RV Christmas Decorations


The red color will always dominate Christmas. Then, set it up on the tree, stocking, or even the pillow. On the tree, you can have a red ribbon or fruit-like that hang on the tree.

Christmas Camper Outdoor Decoration

As you have RV, it means that you have a large yard outside. Don’t let the chance out. Thus, just make the yard as beautiful as these colorful lighting and symbolic things.

RV Christmas Ornament


On the outside, you can personalize the RV with your style of Christmas. Having a retro style with a wreath and tree outside looks nice and creative. So, You can feel the welcoming feeling by having such decoration outside.

Silver RV Christmas Decorations

You can start the decoration by having material wood items. The cabinet or vase on the outside is not bad. Then, in the entryway, you hang a wreath to welcome the guest.

The Tree Outside RV

While if you don’t have enough space for a tree, you can have it by setting up outside. The Christmas vacation will not be bothered with a small area RV. The tree also can be decorated with various light, hanging items, and the tree ball.

Open-up RV Christmas Style

With this Christmas decoration concept, you can enjoy the view and warm feeling of RV and nature. The fresh airstream will fulfill your trip. Further, you only need some light bulbs, and setting it up surrounds your commando.

Outdoor Lighting Christmas Decoration


For a nice feeling outside, you can start to decorate the RV with some small lighting. The lighting can hang longways to the RV. Furthermore, in the upper front RV, you can set some beautiful decorations as well.

Colorful Tree Outside RV Christmas


In case to lighten your RV, setting up a colorful tree is a good idea. Further, the lights also can make your Christmas colorful and add a warm feeling. The tree choice can be various depending on your style.

Christmas Lantern Decoration Ideas


For a simple decoration outside, you can use this beautiful lantern. This idea can be the option for replacing the lights. Then, with unique shapes, the lantern is a cute thing for Christmas decor.

Corner Pencil Tree RV Christmas


You must carefully choose the tree you want to put inside the RV. Just like this pencil tree, you must fill your empty corner. Furthermore, the tree must not cover or block the view. So, Choose the right style of a tree that suits your RV tone.

Table Centerpiece RV Christmas Decorations


A simple thing can create a huge feeling. The centerpieces like this one need to put on the RV. with mini trees and other items. So, it can catch the attention first.

A Bucket Christmas Tree

rv christmas tree ideas

For a calm feeling RV, you can use this tree as a decoration idea. The tree with unique form can be placed everywhere on the RV. Another, with a white fur mat; it seems like having snow in the RV.

Backside RV Christmas Decorations

rv christmas tree

The backside of the RV must have attention as well for decoration. You can set a beautiful wreath with lighting on the top ceiling. Then, hang some stockings below it. Your family will like to stay there as it provides a warm feeling.

Colorful Camper Christmas Ideas

christmas camper scentsy

In the dry area, you can especially celebrate Christmas. You can have a cactus figure then wrap it with lighting. Then, create an inflatable RV Christmas decoration with air balloon paintings. The Christmas camper outdoor decoration will never disappoint you.

Cold Blue Indoor RV Christmas Decoration

rv christmas facebook photos

In this idea, you don’t need to put many things that are identically called Christmas. You only need some soft blue color on the upper, pillow, and blanket. Then, set a Merry Christmas word over it with some snow effect.

RV Christmas Lights

best rv christmas episodes

A simple light set up like this will show that your RV has mysterious things inside. Just choose the light with the same color tone. Then, you can put the RV Christmas tree on the side of the entryway.

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When the winter comes, you have to prepare your RV for a unique decoration. On Christmas you should celebrate wherever you are and need to lighten up. So, here our ideas come to serve you the best decorations. However, you must consider that not all decorations will fit the RV space. Choose the one that suits the RV tone and colors. RV Christmas vacation must be joyful.

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