Apartment Bedroom Inspiration & Ideas (How to decorate Small Apartment)

Apartment Bedroom Inspiration – Living in an apartment can be a challenge, even though it’s been an everyday lifestyle for many people. Some people might get bored because of the old-style interior design, or the boring layout of the furniture. The most common problem would be the space issue, which is actually understandable. But does it mean you can’t do some tricks to tackle the challenge?

There are certain things you can do to decorate your apartment, whether to change the interior design, purchase new wallpaper, buy brand new furniture, or simply rearrange the layout. Here are some tips and tricks you can do to make your apartment more comfortable and impressive.


How can I decorate a small apartment bedroom?

Apartement bedroom inspiration

The small apartment seems like a great option nowadays, since the city grows even denser each day. Even so, by deciding to invest in a small apartment, we would face another problem of not enough space. Therefore, these tips for decorating a small apartment could save you a headache.

Innovative storage usage

apartement bedroom idaes

Any piece of furniture you purchase would contribute to space usage in your apartment. Innovative storage could definitely save up area so you could use it for something else. One of the largest furniture is a bed frame. It has some spaces underneath to store any stuff you want.

Organize things vertically

apartment bedroom ideas for college

Organizing things vertically is some kind of a psychological trick. By doing this, your eyes will trick your brain into seeing stuff in an aligned line. The interior of your apartment will look tidier.

Install mounted ceiling or wall lightings

apartment bedroom ideas for guys

A floor lamp will consume space. When you have a small apartment, ceiling, or wall lighting will be your space savior.

Choose bright color tones or dark tones with minimal stuff

apartment bedroom design ideas

Small space comes with a restriction to not using many shades of colors. Therefore, you have to decide the color palette you will use as the color theme in your room. It would be better not to add more than 3 colors.

Do not keep unused stuff

apartment bedroom layout ideas

You might want to list up unused stuff or anything you don’t use more than 1-3 years. Unused stuff will pile up in somewhere.

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How do I Make My Apartment Bedroom Cozy?

How do I make my apartment cozy?

House is the place where we can recharge ourselves from the outer world, meanwhile the bedroom is a vital part of the house. We would end our day along with start it over again every morning in this room. Therefore, to make our bedroom cozy is a must. Here is some stuff you could consider to purchase to make the bedroom feels cozier.


apartment bedroom decorating ideas for college students

A nice rug could create a different atmosphere in your bedroom. If you want to purchase one, make sure that it contrasts with the main color theme in your apartment.

Decorate the Window Area or The Balcony

apartment bedroom ideas on a budget

The balcony area could be a relaxation place for you to read your favorite books or do some work on your laptop. Therefore, you can decorate the balcony or window area with a workplace.

Purchase artworks

apartment bedroom ideas white walls

By purchasing artworks, you can instantly make your room cozy. An artwork should define who you are and how you want to make your apartment feels. Hence, you need to choose the artwork carefully.

Add scented candles/aromatherapy room diffuser

apartment bedroom color ideas

There are many varieties of scented candles on the market. If you want to make your room smells fresh, try lemon, grass, orange, and even pines scented room aromatherapy. For a sweeter scent, try rose, lavender, or vanilla.

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Best Color for Apartment Bedroom

Best color for apartement bedroom

The bedroom should be the place where you feel the most comfortable. Choose the right color for your bedroom by doing a little research about what color has the best relaxation influence for your mind.

Gray Apartment Bedroom Inspiration

apartment bedroom organization ideas

The shades of gray can make your apartment cozy and give a sense of simplicity. For you who want to go with minimalist or modern design, try with gray to paint your wall. Both go together very well.

Lulworth Blue Apartment Bedroom Inspiration

This classy deep blue is calming and relaxing, so it’s a right color for your apartment. Blue helps you to fall asleep faster than the other colors, and it would be a great choice if you want to go with modern or more traditional interior design.

Ivory White Apartment Bedroom Inspiration

The ivory white shade will be a great choice if you need tranquility in your apartment. Pair this color with something slightly darker to make a balanced composition.

Soft Sand Apartment Bedroom Inspiration


You can achieve a maximum coziness in your apartment by applying the soft sand color to the wall. The wooden palette could also be a wall accent to enrich the atmosphere.

Rose Pink Apartment Bedroom Inspiration

There are some shades of rose pink, and the one you should apply as the base of your wall color is the pastel rose pink. This color speaks femininity and elegance. Pair pastel rose pink with black and gold color accent to enrich the design.

Black Apartment Bedroom Inspiration

Black and dark grey could also be your one of the top choices for the apartment wall color. This shade would give the masculinity, elegance, modern ambiance to your apartment. Purchase modern, designed furniture to complete the whole look.

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Apartment Bedroom Inspiration For College Students

Sometimes it’s not easy for any college student to decorate their apartment bedroom. Not only about the budget, but it’s also because most of the college student doesn’t have much time to think about what design they should apply to their rooms. Here are some great tips to decorate an apartment bedroom for college students.


apartment bedroom ideas pinterest

By putting a pot of indoor plants in your room, the whole look would change. Giving a little touch of “green” from plants could refresh your mind. Indoor plants could also make the air quality a little bit better.


apartment bedroom decorating ideas on a budget

A pretty mirror can be a part of the decoration in your room. Try to rhyme out the mirror with your choice of design in the room rather than just buying a random model that doesn’t fit in with the whole look.


apartment bedroom lighting ideas

The function of a lamp is not only to enlighten your room, but it also could be a part of the artwork that beautify the interior design. It works the same as buying a mirror, and you need to choose a lamp that supports the ambiance you try to create. Whether it is a floor lamp, chandelier, or a table lamp.

Wall Art

apartment bedroom decorating ideas for college students

Creative wall art is an excellent idea for a college student’s room decoration. You can search for typography wall art, cool movie poster, etc. Try to purchase one that makes the ambiance in your room more vibrant, so it supports your feeling when you study.

Innovative Storage

apartment bedroom storage ideas

Innovative storage, whether it is built in a bed frame or a coffee table, this innovative design not only would save you some spaces from actual storage but also would make the interior looks edgy.

Studying Space

apartment bedroom ideas white walls

Every college student needs a studying space, obviously. But you can step into another level to make the studying area more enjoyable. A built-in desk or a foldable study space are two great choices. For students who need bigger space, you can install a built-in desk into the wall to save more space.

Visual Separation for More Rooms

apartment bedroom color ideas

Even in a small studio apartment, we still need some different rooms for different functions. You can purchase a bookcase to separate two areas, for instance: a sleeping area and a living room. This way, you can freely rearrange the position if you are not satisfied.

Apartment Bedroom Decorating Ideas on Budget

Decorating an apartment bedroom can consume some cash. But it shouldn’t prevent you from decorating your room! There are some ways to do it on budget, whether to use an area for multi-purpose, use furniture as a room divider, etc. Read the tricks below.

Think innovative (multipurpose furniture and space)

apartment bedroom organization ideas

For the people who need to stay in budget, think creatively in using furniture and space could save some cash. For example, you can both working and dining at the same table and chair. This way, you don’t need to buy a desk anymore. Just make sure to keep things tidy after doing the activity.

Use furniture as a room divider

apartment bedroom decorating ideas

Using furniture like a bookcase or a cabinet as a room divider is very common. This strategy is smart and efficient because you don’t need to waste your cash for an unpractical wall anymore.

Second-hand or DIY furnishings

apartment bedroom ideas for college

Hunting the old stuff could be so much fun, and of course, it would keep you on your budget. You can also make your own furniture, e.g.: table, chair, photo frame, etc. By making your furniture, not only it would save money, but you will also be proud of your creativity. There are many tutorials of the DIY (do-it-yourself) furniture on the internet. Try to make the easy one first if you’re a beginner.

Bookworm Bedroom

bookworm bedroom ideas

For a bookworm room, it would be a great idea to put your books on a display. If you want to go further, make the bookcase as your bed headboard. Not only you can read your favorite books before you sleep, but you will also have your books as the room decoration. Use calming colors such as deep blue, ivory white, lilac, or soft green to build a comfortable ambiance to enjoy the book.

Apartment Bedroom Layout Ideas

When you live in the same apartment for more than 5 years, you will start to get bored with the same old bedroom layout. Then, you probably need to read these tips about apartment bedroom layouts

Bedroom with Working Space

Bedroom with Working Space ideas

For some people that cannot be afar with their working life, a set of desk and chair is a necessity to put in the bedroom. If you decide to have a working space in your bedroom, you probably need to design the interior in a modern or contemporary style. Both styles have clean lines so that it would be a great design for a room with many pieces of furniture inside.

Nature lover Apartment Bedroom Inspiration

nature lover bedroom ideas

A room with many varieties of the plant inside would be nice for every nature lover. The green color of the plant can calm down any mind. This theme would be beautiful if you paint your room white so that the color of your plants would pop out and become the focal point.

For you, who would love to apply this theme to your bedroom, you need to choose certain plants that are qualified as an indoor plant. Make sure that you have enough windows so that the plants could get the sunlight. You also need to fertilize the plant when necessary. There are many tips and tricks about how to keep the indoor plants healthy on the internet that you might need to read.

Bedroom with balcony

homesfeed simple balcony decorating ideas
www.projecthamad.org, www.cdn.decoist.com

A bedroom with a balcony might be many people’s dream. Imagine that every morning, you have a great view from your balcony with the sunlight beams warmly on your skin. The balcony is a luxury that not every person could have. You can use your balcony as your hideaway by putting a comfy chair or a rocking chair to enjoy the morning tea. If you prefer to be active to start your day, place a yoga mat instead. Doing some minutes of exercise will energize your body and make you ready for the day.

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Apartment Bedroom Furniture Ideas

Sometimes we’re too bored with the old design that set up for our apartment. There are some ways to rearrange it, either by changing the room colors or simply purchase a new set of furniture. Here is some great furniture you should consider to buy to bring a whole new look in your apartment.

Multipurpose closet storage

modern contemporary bedroom ideas

When we talk about apartment life, efficiency is essential, and built-in storage is a savior. Many products offer this function on the market. From the closet that built-in a bed frame or on the wall. Purchase one that can be a long-term investment that includes good material, lifetime design, and a big space.

Foldable bedframe

Smart Furniture folding ideas

Purchasing a foldable bed frame is another way to save some space for your apartment. Especially for those who live in a studio apartment. This way, you will have a multi-purpose room, for example, a bedroom that also can transform into a living room or a working space.

Reading corner

bedroom bookshelves corner storage ideas

Reading is one of the greatest ways to spend your time. Many people also love to do this activity. Some people even buy many books and make a mini-library from their collections. Therefore, a reading corner in your apartment might be an excellent idea for you. You can have a quality time with yourself by reading a book and enjoying a nice cup of tea or coffee.

Seating Area

bedroom with seating corner ideas

Having a seating area might sound like a small idea. But this concept often misinterprets by people. Planning out a seating area is not only about finding the right furniture, but also where do you put it in your apartment. A seating area can only consist of 1 single-sofa or a full-set sofa. It depends on the purpose and layout of your apartment.

Functional wall art

urban work art inspiration

Wall art could be not only beautiful to see, but also practical. One of the useful wall art you can purchase one the market is the metal-grid panel to hang your daily essentials and your favorite artwork. Some products also allow you to attach a shelf or two so that you can put a mini indoor plant on it.

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Studio Apartment Ideas

It must be great to live in a studio apartment, everything is near, and you are not allowed to have excess stuff. Hence, you will adapt to a minimalist lifestyle. But the space efficiency can be an issue. Sure, the minimalist style can help you a lot, but what if you still need to buy certain stuff that you cannot get rid of? Here are some other ways to arrange your studio apartment.

Level up bedding

lofted bed for adult ideas

When the bed frame is one of the furniture that consumes most space, you would need to make it as efficient as possible. You can purchase a bunk bed or a wall bed frame. This way, you will have an extra space underneath your bed frame.

Slumber Sofa

studio apartment furniture ideas

A sofa could also be your slumber spot. Purchase one that has two functions; for sleeping and seating. You only need to regularly change the sheet because you will use the slumber sofa more often.

Create another room by setting up furniture

modern bedroom apartment ideas 2019

One of the problems in a studio apartment is that your room would be better for not have any wall. Not just it would separate the rooms into smaller ones, it also would limit your space in arranging the furniture. Therefore, setting up furniture for various purposes is problem-solving. Whether you want to set up a living room, dining area, or a bedroom, try just to put the related furniture together.

Make every corner functional

functional corner for apartment bedroom

Again, we need to put efficiency right on the first list. When you live in a studio apartment, you need to make sure that every corner is functional. You can design a seating area, reading corner, or even put your bed near the wall.

Invent in modern-contemporary furnishing

modern contemporary furnishing inspiration

Modern contemporary furnishings have a long-lasting design so that it won’t bore you. This style usually goes well with another variety, but it will be better to stay with an all-in modern or contemporary style in a room. Modern contemporary furnishings only need a little area so that it would be an excellent investment for your studio apartment.


decorating white bedroom mirrored wall

It’s an old trick, but it worth to share. Mirror will give you an optical illusion that makes your studio apartment looks more spacious. You can purchase a wardrobe that has a built-in mirror, or simply hang the mirror on the wall.

Ceiling light

ligthing ideas for apartment bedroom

When it comes to lighting, it would be much better to purchase ceiling lights, due to space-usage efficiency. There are many varieties on the market, so you need to match the one you will buy with your interior design.

Innovative room divider

innovative room divider ideas
www.suchconsulting.com, www.livinginashoebox.com

Another way tips for you who live in a studio apartment, you will need to think when it comes to the room dividers creatively. A good one will not block rooms; it will connect them. The room divider you need for a studio apartment should be not made by solid material; it could be a glass panel with a metal grid partition wall, a bookcase, or a cabinet.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make a one bedroom apartment beautiful?

If you want to give the impression that your apartment is larger. Make your floors a different hue. And lighter colors on the walls. They’ll reflect more light and make your room feel more spacious.

How can I decorate my apartment on a low budget?

To create a great highlight and add color and texture to your home, hang inexpensive curtains or fabric along a wall. You may even partition a vast space by hanging a drape from the ceiling. Mirrors are a cheap method to make a room look bigger. Mirrors make dark places appear brighter and small spaces appear larger.


There are many ways to decorate an apartment bedroom, as many as the varieties of the ideal room colors you can try. The crucial thing is to keep the room personal so that it can fully support your well-being. The bedroom is where we start and finish our day. Hence, to make it the most comfortable place in our house is necessary.

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