Rustic Bedroom Ideas ( How to Design & Acessories)

Rustic Bedroom Ideas – Planning on setting up a rustic bedroom? What is it actually compared to the farmhouse style? Rustic décor is more of rougher finishing than farmhouse style. While in farmhouse bedroom you may find some wooden elements in modern look, you will find the wood used in rustic bedroom to be much more natural looking and appears unfinished. Basically, rustic style transports you back to the old time with comfort and serenity as two main concepts in it. 

When decorating your rustic bedroom, you create a comfortable and peaceful space with nods to old-timey decor. Rustic bedrooms are inspired more by the design of real barns in the suburbs and the classic farmhouse style in the old times. If you opt for this style, you have to be ready furnishing the room with some rough materials.


What Is Rustic Style Decor?

What is rustic style decor
By : Eldorado Stone

This classic elegance and intricate detail of small stones combined with wood logs above the bed are what rustic is all about. A rustic bedroom creates a cozy and peaceful atmosphere by bringing in the natural elements into the room. But, what does it actually take to make a room a rustic style?

Define many styles

While the term ‘rustic’ can mean relating to the countryside or rural made in simple fashion, the style it brings in home decor encompasses many different styles which are natural, rough, aged, and casual. Some include Tuscan, and Italian farmhouse style, coastal, lodge with some touches of natural and old-timey elements in it.

Nature at its core

The signature style of a rustic bedroom is the use of wood and stone in its most natural state. The design should be simple, rough and unfinished to show its rustic element the room presents. The nature at its core shows simplicity, nature feeling as what suburban homes typically have.

Warm design

Rustic style uses natural palette that brings warmth to the room’s atmosphere. Just as with the warm color palette, the design creates peaceful and inviting ambience . Some layers of natural textures combined with warm paint colors are what you can go for a rustic style in the bedroom.

Mostly handmade items

As furniture is left to be rough and its most natural state, the decor items should also incorporate the natural looks. Items put in a rustic bedroom should be mostly handmade to enhance the rural and rustic vibe of the room.

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Tips to Make Your Own Rustic Style Bedroom

Rustic interiors are not an easy style to plan. It represents a standard of comfort and peaceful ambience. A rustic bedroom should be inviting and warm, but what does it take to create the feeling of warmth and coziness? Here are some tips you can adopt when planning to design a rustic style bedroom.

Use woods

Wood is the material you can’t leave when designing a rustic bedroom. In its natural form, wooden logs can be applied to nightstands, side tables, even bed frames. One thing you should bear in mind is that the wood should never be painted as paint removes its natural look.

Put natural colors

Different layers of textiles can be incorporated in long drapes/ curtains, bedding and throw blankets. You may want to choose some fabric materials made from cotton for your bedding sheet or even woven and knitted for the blankets provided they are in earthy colors. They fit the natural look of a rustic bedroom

Light up with soft lamps

Chandeliers are what you can opt for when designing a rustic room. Antique chandeliers are the best ones, with rusted metal in black, this hanging lamp would perfectly fit your rustic decor. As lighting enhances the ambience of the room, adjust it to soft and warm. 

Limit the colors

What colors fit the tone of a rustic style bedroom? As you attempt to bring nature into the room, you have to choose neutral palette, earthy colors or combinations of cream, beige, brick red and black. Remember avoiding bright and shiny colors!

Add metal materials

One great component you can add in a rustic bedroom is a fireplace. A fireplace covered with rough stones wooden logs is a great way to enhance comfort in your rustic bedroom. Thinking of litting up the fire during the winter, what a perfect getaway you can have in your very own room.

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The Best Furniture for Your Rustic Bedroom

Rustic – plain and simple fashion as its word defines. So, sticking to this rule is a must. The best furniture that would create a rustic look is something that is simple and in its most natural effect. Here are some items you can add to your bedroom to make it homespun yet cozy..

Wood Chunk Bed

The Best Furniture for Your Rustic Bedroom
By : Dan Joseph Architects, LLC

Pallet Rustic Bedoom Ideas


Metal Bed

The Best Furniture for Your Bedroom
By : Tricia Willis

Wood Chest

By : McCroskey Interiors

Raw Wood Headboard

The Best Furniture for Your Rustic Bedroom
Source :

Real Fireplace

rustic bedroom ideas diy
By : Hoedemaker Pfeiffer

Accessories for A Rustic Bedroom

Accessories for a rustic bedroom
Source :

Deer Head

rustic bedroom end tables rustic

This deer head mount is a unique piece of wall hanging decor. Seeing it above your bed would enhance the rustic look of the room. To better fit with your log bed frame, choose the sculpture with its most natural look – brownish black.

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Dandelion Wooden Art Wall

bedding sets rustic bedroom fan bedding
Source :

This wall decor fits perfectly your rustic and warm bedroom. It may have some modern touch for its word print, but the natural wood paint would make it stay rustic.

Rustic Wood Wall

Accessories for A Rustic Bedroorustic bedroom furniture sets
Source :

This clock fits the functional, aesthetic and rustic aspects of a decor item. Hence, having it in your room would boost its modern yet rustic style of the room.

Hand-woven Rug

Source :

This hand-woven rug is  from natural wool. Its vivid colors and contemporary geometric designs make this rug one great choice to add a rustic vibe in you room.

Metal Chandelier

Accessories fo Bedroom
Source :

The metal chandelier in this room gives a medieval look into the room. Incorporating this into your rustic bedroom idea would make you feel living in an old castle

Chain Lantern

Accessories for Bedroom
By : Montana Reclaimed Lumber Co.

This lantern is so classic that it creates a dramatic, unique illuminating accent for your bedroom. This fixture is a decorative item you can put everywhere, including hanging it above your bed. Feel like sleeping in a remote area? It is rustic indeed.

Other Rustic Accessories

Rustic Blue Bedroom Ideas

Rustic blue bedroom ideas
Source :

The color blue fosters feelings of peace, calm and serenity. Bright blue can also make a room feel bigger, while dark blue creates warmth and comfort. Shades of blue have also been proven to lower blood pressure. So, if you aim to achieve comfort and tranquility, blue color can be added to your rustic bedroom ideas.

Bedroom Ideas
By : Gryboski Builders Inc.

Think of being rustic in neat blue and white? This room looks spacious because of its white accents in blue painted room. The blue wall is calming and fits the rustic vibe it has.

Blue Accents

Rustic Blue Bedroom Ideas
By : Girard Homes

This room is dominated with blue accents starting from its wall paint to the bedding sheet. The lamp and wooden chest are painted in blue to fit the whole theme of blue rustic room.

Blue And Wooden

Rustic Blue Bedroom Ideas
By : Robin Sets The Stage

When there are two elements fit perfectly with each other, it is the blue color of the bedding set and the natural logs in the room. This room looks so simple in colors, but promotes comfort with its minimal color.

Flowery Blue

Rustic Blue Bedroom Ideas
By : Shadowfire Arts Photography

Women would love the idea of this flowery blue bedding set added to your rustic bedroom. The wood all around the room is given a different touch, and it just looks perfect.

Bright Rustic Bedroom Ideas

Thinking of setting your rustic room in a clean, fresh and spacious look? Here are some ideas you can get inspired from. It doesn’t mean that you have to put all white accents, but some bright elements can be added to create the look you want in your rural look bedroom.

Lighting Matters

Bright Rustic Bedroom Ideas
By : Marka Interior Factory

This mediteranian style bedroom has some rustic elements in its furniture. But, it dares to create a bright rustic look in it by painting the cupboard and chest with some bright colors. To add, the lighting is what really matters. The pendant lamp and night lamps brighten the whole room. It also good for your anime style bedroom if you have one.

Wide Window

Bright Rustic Bedroom Ideas
By : Orsman Construction

The wide window glass in your rustic bedroom is a great choice to make your room look bright and spacious. Look at how this rustic room is enhanced with the wide window.

Open Space

Bright Rustic Bedroom Ideas
Source :

This rustic bedroom does not only look bright and wide, the open space it creates by its ultra wide glass window has made the room look modern in style. The rustic feel is still shown by the log used in its ceiling.

White Bedding

Bright Rustic Bedroom Ideas
By : Webber + Studio, Architects

This white rustic bedroom is a perfect plan for those who love neatness. The white bedding and the surrounding wall give the clean and fresh look into the room. The rustic look is from the wooden flooring and metal bed frames, the white accents perfect it.

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Modern Rustic Bedroom Ideas

Modern rustic bedroom ideas
Source :

A rustic bedroom reflects the life in the suburbs. Combining the natural elements of colors and materials, this style offers warmth and comfort you’ll be longing for a bedroom. But who could imagine that this concept could also fit your modern lifestyle? Check out some modern rustic bedroom ideas below to get you inspired.

Barn Sliding Door

Modern Rustic Bedroom Ideas
Source :

The sliding barn style door crafted from reclaimed wood is one good look to be combined with a modern bed frame. A modern look on its prints for the bedding set is another modern touch it has to this rustic bedroom.

Rustic Touches

Modern Rustic Bedroom Ideas
Source :

To fit your modern lifestyle and give natural look into your bedroom, this contemporary bedroom idea is one great choice you can have. The rustic look is from its bed frames, while modern look is coming from the light fixtures and a stool in chrome.

Rustic Wall Decor

Modern Rustic Bedroom Ideas
Source :

This room is a combination of rustic wall decor and modern lifestyle. Look how modern armchair and lamps are combined with rustic deer head decor and wood accent wall.

Book Corner

Bedroom Ideas
Source :
Modern Rustic Bedroom Ideas

More Modern Rustic Pictures

Rustic Bedroom Ideas on A Budget

 ideas on a budget
Source :

Open Log

Ideas on A Budget
Source :

Reused Wood Headboard

Rustic Bedroom Ideas on A Budget
Source :

Rustic Accessories

By : STRUKTR Studios Photography

Frequently Asked Question

What makes a room rustic?

Rustic interior design enables you to express a rough, aged, natural, and casual design common to country design. The category is broad and incorporates variations on the style, including Tuscan, coastal, cottage, and contemporary rustic. Regardless of variation, rustic design exemplifies and emphasizes rustic, natural, and rugged beauty.

What Colors go with rustic wood?

By definition, rustic refers to “not urban environments,” so rustic style encompasses the countryside home, a mountain lodge, a Tuscan villa, and a French countryside. Rustic colors are deep and earthy. The color palette generally swings towards neutral colors, such as browns, greens, and grays.

What defines rustic style?

Rustic design has a rustic look, so to speak, that’s aged, organic, and a little distressed. Designs such as farmhouse, Tuscan, and coastal may be additionally described as rustic. Rustic is the opposite of modern or contemporary design. Rustic decor also feels unpretentious, rustic, or stuffy.

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If you are to design a bedroom which could remind you of the breeze morning in a farm and warmth of the night you spend in a cottage, rustic style is an ideal option. Finding logs to decorate your ceilings, parts of the wall or even bed frames would be a bit challenging but the result is worth the effort. To complete the whole look of a rustic style in your sleeping chamber, keep using earthy colors and old-timey memorabilia. This rustic bedroom would create warmth and coziness, the only things that matter when it comes to a very personal room in a house.

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