Bedroom Ideas for Women (Best Color & Accessories)

Bedroom Ideas for Women – The bedroom is the place where we start our day. We wake up in the morning, and the first we see is what surrounds us. Having the same old bedroom for years could be stressful because sometimes, we also need a change in life. The study says, decorating your bedroom can lift your mood and gives you motivation in life.

Therefore, decorating a room is one important thing to consider. You should start to do a mini-research about which color to paint the wall or what kind of furniture you would purchase to build a particular atmosphere. Because there are various kinds of furniture in the market, the first thing you need to do is to plan out the theme on a mood board. Here are some ideas to work on the mood board.


Bedroom Ideas for Women : What are the Good Colors for Women Bedroom?

Women are diverse, as much as their favorite colors. Some women might prefer to have darker shades, such as navy blue, deep green, deep red, violet, etc.while the rest are more into brighter ones. Therefore, here are some of the best shades you might consider as your main color tone for your bedroom.


bedroom ideas for women

It is not a secret that the color blue is always the right choice for the bedroom, including women’s rooms. Psychologically, blue presents a relaxing atmosphere, so that it would be easier to fall asleep.

Soft Yellow

modern bedroom ideas for women

The bright and soft yellow brings out the feeling of cheerfulness. It might not be the most relaxing colors, but for you who love the uplifting yet subtle ambiance for your Bedroom Ideas for Women, you should go for soft yellow.

Shade of Green

modern bedroom ideas for women

There are many shades of green that would be a great choice of color for your bedroom. Green is all about calming, uplifting, and refreshing tone. It reminds us of the color of nature.

Relaxing Silver

women bedroom ideas

When you’re about to go for more stylish, you could choose silver as your main bedroom color. Applying silver as the main tone of the bedroom makes its ambiance feels unique but relaxing at the same time.


womens bedroom ideas for small rooms

The feminine color of lilac will bring the artistic vibe into your room. If you’re the type of woman who loves romance in books or movies, you’ll also enjoy the ambiance that lilac color makes.

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Things to consider in decorating Bedroom Ideas for Women

Decorating a bedroom is not only about choosing your favorite color. Moreover, it is also about how you create the atmosphere you need to help you relax. Therefore, there are some points you need to note down.

Create serene space (more is better)

You can achieve to get a peaceful ambiance by picking up the right color for the wall. Try blue and cream. Both are relaxing and comforting that would be great to create a certain ambiance you want.

No work reminders!

Any furniture that reminds you of work should not be in your room. It will be a distraction that would worsen your sleep quality. Get rid of the desk, working journal, etc., and put to another place instead.

Clean out clutters

The little things such as makeup, books, mini stuff for decorations contribute a lot to how the room would look. The important thing is not only how the room would look, but how you feel inside the room. The more stuff you let cluttering the room, the more you feel uncomfortable.

Dim off the lights

Install the low-light lamp is always the right choice to make when it comes to the bedroom. Low light could help you have a well quality slumber,

Keep the temperature comfortable for your good

The ideal quality for bedroom temperature is between 60 – 67 degrees Fahrenheit, based on the research. Therefore, keep the temperature between the perfect degree. 

Pick good quality sheets (and the matt)

Pick a good quality sheet for your mattress. Not only would it help you to sleep well, but it is also good for your skin health. Try to find ones with cotton or silk material. Both fabrics are most popular to use for the mattress.

Keep the noise out of the room

Noise can be from anywhere; your party animal neighbor, backyard activity, or even the city noise. The best way to reduce the noise is to install a soundproof wall. The noise should not disturb the night slumber.

Put in relaxing scent

Putting a perfume diffuser in your room can be a great way to create a great ambiance. Pick one of your favorite scents: lavender, lime, rose, lemon, jasmine, etc. Not only the smell can make you relax, but it will also create an ambiance the way you want.

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Why do you need to decor your room?

So you’ve been reading this far about the tips and tricks of how to decorate your room. You eventually understand that your bedroom’s color should be in blue, soft yellow or green, etc. But why is it such an important thing to do?

Now, imagine this: you wake up in a messy bedroom with unmatched color tone and sloppy design. Your mood will drastically change within minutes, and that is how you will start your day. Maybe you don’t see that as a problem, but what if you come back from an exhausting day and have to sleep in a somewhat cave-like bedroom situation? That won’t end up well.

The bedroom is the place where you start your day. It can make up your whole mood or on the contrary, drop it off like a rocket. Decorating a bedroom is a long-term investment; no wonder many people would spend big cash only to beautify their rooms so that they can get a well-quality night time.

You can also recharge yourself in the bedroom, reading books, listening to your favorite music while reading books, or sitting next to the window while listening to music and reading your favorite books — anything you like.

Bedding Ideas for roommates

So you have a whole different situation, says, you have a roommate. No worries! Having a roommate is a blessing. You have a friend to talk to at night, and you can share anything with them! But maybe you need some ideas about decorating the room since the stuff is doubled. Here are some references you and your roommate could use.


women's master bedroom ideas

Put the two beds crossing next to each other. Whether you like to have a head-to-head or a feet-to-feet position, either way, is all right. Discuss the best way with your friend.

One way

women's modern bedroom ideas

The “one-way” looks casual, but it is also one of the best ways to put up the beds in your room. It saves up many spaces since both beds lined up in the same direction. You can put your stuff such as clothes, books, shoes, etc., below the bed in the closet.

Bunk bed

beautiful bedroom ideas pinterest

If you need to save up more space, you might want to go with the bunk bed. It might not be the most comfortable way to put up the bed situation, but the bunk bed definitely gives you more area to design.

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Luxury Room Themed

The luxury themed room makes you feel like a royal. It represents wealthy; everything is extravagant. There are many kinds of luxurious style you would like to apply as the theme for your room: baroque, modern, vintage, etc. Most of them have the same essential elements to note down. So apart from getting a high-quality luxury bed, here ae some quick ideas to pamper the queen in you

Extravagant bedding with the sheets


beautiful bedroom images hd

The golden sheet would be the main focus in the room. The shining silky material would catch the eyes and says loud about the luxury ambiance you would achieve.


beautiful bedroom ideas for tweens

If the golden sheet is not your favorite, you can try the silver sheet instead. The glorious color is such a great choice to make the room looks magnificent.

Luxurious dressing table


decorating ideas for women's bedroom

Another thing you need for your luxurious themed room is a dressing table. Purchase for gold dressing table if you want to achieve a more classic kind of opulent ambiance.


female bedroom paint ideas

Silver gives the touch of a more modern kind of luxuriousness. Some people might not adore gold for bedrooms, but you will love anything silver. White dressing table is another option to add to your bedroom.


shabby chic women's bedroom ideas

The chandelier is also one of the elements to achieve a luxurious look. There are various ranges of lights in the market. Whether it is a baroque style or modern style, it is up to your decision which style you prefer. Do not mix up different types altogether; stick to one kind.

End Table


gold decorations for women bedroom,,

The end table or bedside table is a great way to decorate the room in style. Again, stick up the same accent color in every piece of furniture. You want to achieve the best look for your room, don’t you?


silver women bedroom,,

This silver end table would give a booster to the whole look in your bedroom. Not just it looks luxurious; it is also functional. You can use the bedside to put the lamp and the alarm clock.

Glorious rugs

beautiful bedroom rug ideas,

Another piece of furniture you need to consider to purchase is the rug. There are many kinds of carpets you can choose, whether with a pattern or furry material. The variety of which rug to choose depends on whether you go for classic or modern kind of luxury style.

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Wallpaper with a touch of gold or silver

silver wall paint for bedroom,,

How the wall looks like it will affect the whole atmosphere in the room. Either silver or gold, both colors have their fans. Try to find the wallpaper that supports your furniture choices that has a subtle pattern. Wallpaper should not outmatch the other stuff. Otherwise, your room will look ‘overwhelmed’.

Paintings Bedroom Ideas for Women

2018 gold bedroom ideas
monochrome decorations ideas

There are many types of paintings you could choose for your luxurious bedroom theme. You can go for a baroque painting style or the abstract one. Hanging the paintings in your bedroom is an important aspect to achieve the certain ambiance you want.

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Minimalist Bedroom Ideas for Women

When you’re not into the furniture with striking carvings and ornaments, you would definitely in love with the minimalist room theme. This style embraces simplicity in every way possible: simple to none pattern, monochromatic color, etc. Here are some of the references for you to give you some ideas about the minimalist room theme.

Simple yet comfortable bedding

modern bedding ideas

Minimalism equals simplicity, note those down, girls. When you want to go minimalist, make sure you get the most uncomplicated bedding in the market. By simple means that it has no ornaments or cravings, just plain a plain bed frame.

Modern vanity

modern bathroom design ideas

A modern vanity with simple lines would enrich the minimalist look for your bedroom. You can purchase either wooden vanity or the metal one. Both would be great for the minimalist theme.

Simple lighting for Bedroom Ideas for Women

simple lighting ideas,,

The lightning is an essential element in your room that will define what style you use. Pick the most modest model of lamps in the market. Make sure that it’s not only modest but also artistic.

End table

bedroom table lamps ideas,,

There are many choices of minimalist or modern end tables in the store. Whether it’s wooden, metal, or the combination of both, purchasing one would be an excellent way to strengthen the look.

Monochromatic rugs

Bedroom Rugs Carpets Kids Room Study

If you need to have a carpet, you would like to choose the monochromatic ones or the one that has less pattern. Do not put too many patterned furniture in the room to get the minimalist ambiance.

Simple yet sophisticated wall color

bold painting for womens bedroom

You can go with any color to get a minimalist look. But it will be better to choose calming colors such as pastels, black or white and any shade in between.


modern bedroom with art painting walls,,

Hanging painting in your minimalist themed room is excellent. But you need to be careful in choosing which artwork you should pick up. If you decide to make the artwork as a focal point in the room, choose one with a bold design. If you want to make the artwork blend into the minimalist ambiance, then choose artworks that have the same tone as your main room color.

Indoor plants

decorating ideas for minimalist bedroom,

Indoor plants produce oxygen so that these are highly effective to boost your energy. Just by looking at the pretty plant would increase your mood in a second. Plants are also known for carbon dioxide absorber so that it would decrease any toxic in the room.

Chic Bedroom Ideas for Women

The girly-chic room is for you who adores every bit of femininity touch in a modern or traditional classic way. The theme lets you decide which furniture, either the contemporary chic or traditional one to mix and match.

Comfortable bedding

contemporary chic bedroom ideas,,

The two kinds of modern and traditional chic bedding are all just pretty. It’s up to your preference which one represents you the most. The more modern one is usually metal, and the other one is wooden material.

Vanity and dresser

white chic bedroom furniture rustic chic bedroom decor design ideas,

Both dresser and vanity should be either in white or pastel colors. Why? Because it’s chic! Also, because we would not want too many colors in your room for the chic-themed room.


lamps ideas for small room,

Find the cutest kind of lamp in the store. Whether it’s a chandelier, table lamp, or standing lamp, they should represent the girly side of you.

End table

antique white furniture for womens bedroom,

The end table for a chic themed room could be vintage furniture. It would be much better if you can find the vintage one. The beautiful simple cravings on the furniture give you the right ambiance for the chic themed room.


Things to consider in decorating woman bedroom,

Rugs are an important element for the chic-themed room. If you want to purchase one, you should go with the classic printed rugs. But if you’re going to go a bit more simple, try the fur rugs. They’re super chic and would blend well with the other piece of furniture in the room.

Soft colored or patterned wall

What is the good color for women bedroom?,,,

The wallpaper should be in soft colors, even better if the shade is close to white. Try any pastel colors you like, the baby blue, pale green, pink, soft yellow, or cream. If the plain wall doesn’t work for you, you can try to purchase patterned wallpaper, but in soft color tone.


floral wall art canvas ideas for bedroom,,

If you choose to go with the chic-theme, you may also need to purchase the artwork that represents your chic-side. Flower paintings are one of the best choices, but surely you have your preference.

Studio apartment for modern women

In this modern-day, many women live in a studio apartment. Frequently, the limited space disallows us to explore more. Therefore, here are some ideas you might like to see as a reference for your studio apartment.

Bedroom Ideas for Women

Murphy Bed Studio ideas for women,

There are many sizes of bed frames out in the market. The wisest decision you should go is to purchase the one that gives the efficiency of room space. If you need only a little area to sleep, you should go for a single bed frame. If you need a bigger space, then go with the queen size. The queen size bed frame needs more space than a single size. But surely you can purchase the folding bed frame that would be the savior for a studio apartment.

Living room ideas

minimalist apartment decor ideas,,

You can create a living room next to any room by putting a partition wall. If you only receive friends at your house then maybe you don’t need one. Just put some chairs and a sofa with a coffee table. Go with minimalism to create ‘light ambiance’.

Working space ideas

working space for studio apartment,

Working space in a studio apartment should be efficient enough not to waste too much space. It also has to accommodate every piece of work stuff you need. You can purchase for minimalist desk, chair, and lighting. Minimize the things you need to keep and do not clutter. Put your books away to a bookcase, and keep the working space clean.

Dining space ideas

modern kitchen tables ideas,,

When you live in a studio apartment, everything needs to be compact. The dining area should not be extravagant. If you love to talk to your guests in the dining room, you might want to get four sets of dining chairs. If you prefer to do it in the living room, then the dining table should only consist of 2 chairs. Furniture materials and models are also necessary. Try to find ones with industrial or modern furniture in the store. These models would save so much space in your apartment.

Conclusion of Bedroom Ideas for Women

Decorating a bedroom for a woman could go in many ways. There are many kinds of furniture with excellent quality out there. How you decorate your room depends on your preference in the interior style and theme. But the essential thing is that the bedroom should be comfortable to recharge yourself.

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