30 Inspiring Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas | What Is Farmhouse Decor Style?

Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas – Thinking of setting up a cozy bedroom for yourself or your children? When practicality, function and aesthetics fuse, there come farmhouse style. What is the difference between rustic and farmhouse style? There is a subtle difference between these two. The former uses rougher furniture retaining a more natural finish, while the latter has more rounding and smoother finishing on its furniture.

The farmhouse look focuses on appealing and homey layout. This style features solid wood furniture, or even farmhouse sinks, where comfort and practicality are the foci of the design. For colour schemes, the typical choices are light, pretty tones such as light blue, neutral beige, or yellow. In terms of accessories, they are made stylish and functional with wooden furniture painted to fit the color scheme.


What Is Farmhouse Decor Style?

What is farmhouse style
By : Crisp Architects

Farmhouse style is a warm mix of style and function. Solidly built materials such as wood and steel, age-worn finishes, and streamlined shapes make a farmhouse look for your bedroom. In the picture is a bedroom with exposed roof trusses, shiplap walls, and carpet over hardwood flooring, making the room look elegant yet comfortable.

1. Neutral color palette

Classic farmhouse evokes feelings of warmth and comfort.It is comfortable in a way that makes you want to put your feet up and stay awhile. One way to make your bedroom cozy is to put the best color scheme for the whole farmhouse design. Work on some neutral color for the wall paint and accessories such as bedding and curtain. With some wooden accents, the whole look would be neutral and soft, a classic palette of a farmhouse bedroom.

2. Mix woods and metals

A variety of textures are the additional points for a romantic touch on a farmhouse bedroom. As farmhouse style is mostly of neutral colors, a mix of textures most especially woods and metals put your design into an artistic piece. Add in some mixed metals. Yet, making sure that not much metal in your farmhouse bedroom is one should opt for.

3. Organic materials

Organic materials can be used to feel more natural. Some farmhouse touches would be adding some plants to the room as a part of accessories. Beside wooden floors, consider introducing some other natural materials such as rattan, stone or wicker to boost its farmhouse feel.

4. Garden-view windows

One simple idea to create a farmhouse style bedroom is to put large windows with a garden view. Big windows with wooden frames enhance its look. Not only does it give a farmhouse look with its nature, the whole room scheme is uplifted to its elegance.

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How do you get a farmhouse style?

How to design farmhouse bedroom

A farmhouse style is inspired by a typical house in a farm or rural area, but you don’t need to set up one in those places. A farmhouse bedroom epitomizes a warm and welcoming vibes, putting practicality and function at its core. Here are some practical ways to make your bedroom as inviting and welcoming as what a farmhouse looks like.

1. Use some wooden elements

Simply put wooden elements in your bedroom to make it farmhouse-like room. Start with something simple like photo frames, window panes, or some accessories made of wood. You can also elevate your design by adding some wooden logs for your ceiling or sliding doors. Your room would completely have a farmhouse look, cozy and warm.

2. Mix old and new

Celebrate the classic while embracing the modern style. You may want to put some found objects, antiques, or old-timey memorabilia. With the combination of those two styles, your farmhouse bedroom would show its charm for some new decor items without leaving its warmth through its classic touches. You may also use some repurposing objects to enhance its classic look.

3. Add some rustic pieces

Apart from wooden elements in a farmhouse bedroom, a metal-framed bed is another addition to make the room fitting more to the concept.

Remember that the farmhouse style doesn’t only give off a comfy vibe. It also reflects the beauty of rural architecture. The best way to sport a farmhouse-themed bedroom is to add mixed metal accents.

For example, you may want to place a vintage stainless steel lamp on your bedside table. It’s a great way to add an industrial, utilitarian look that still radiates coziness. A corner made of rustic metal can also offer the same atmosphere. If you’re still new to the farmhouse style, do some research to ensure that your decors look good together. You can also visit a home decor store specializing in farmhouse-style homes.

Repainted metal in dark color would simply put a farmhouse bed into a style. You may want to add some metal accessories or household metal pieces in your lovely bedroom.

4. Keep the wall color simple

Farmhouse style mostly means white and soft palette. The simplicity it takes for the wall creates a peaceful and airy feel. These colors are so soft that will help us feel serene, helping to release our stress. As a concept adopted in a farmhouse bedroom is spaciousness, keeping your wall color simple is the best way to reach this concept.

The Best Color for Your Farmhouse Bedroom

The best color for your farmhouse bedroom
Source : usplash.com

Either designing or redesigning your bedroom into a vintage-inspired, some best colors below are the best choices. One and only consideration in choosing the color for a farmhouse look is a neutral color palette. As your wall represents the mood of the room, choosing one would take much effort, but finding the best and applying it would be worth it.

1. Beige Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas

The best color for your  bedroom
By : Bret Franks Construction, Inc.

Beige can sometimes be described as a pale sandy fawn color or a pale to grayish yellow. Originated from French, the word meant natural undyed wool. This color represents the warmth that the farmhouse style brings. Beige is a neutral color that fits various textures in your bedroom.

2. Creamy White

the best color for your color farmhouse
Source : https://www.houzz.com

Creamy whites are the colors that you want to choose to bold well with your vintage-inspired style. These colors bring out the welcoming and calming aspect of the room style. With this color background, it will be easy for you to decorate the whole room.

3. Gray

farmhouse bedroom set
By : Janiczek Homes

Known as an intermediate color between black and white, this color is considered a neutral color. Some gray shades would look bold, but to keep it warm yet cool choose cool gray or owl gray. Another alternative is some gray shades with the combination of beige in it.

4. Pale Green

farmhouse bedroom furniture
By : Carey Dodson

When you are into something different yet still keeping its warmth and elegance, pale green might become your chosen color. This color will make your room a fresh feel. A farmhouse vibe is on, most especially if you add some rustic touches. The pale green wall would just fit the decors.

Accessories for A Farmhouse Look on Your Bedroom

Accessories for your bedroom
Source : unsplash.com

A farmhouse look isn’t about making your bedroom a barn, it applies the concept of a typical house in barns or rural areas – welcoming and warm. For urban people, a modern farmhouse style might be the best concept they can apply. One thing we can do is to infuse your room’s style vintage touches, old-timed decorating items. Find a few pieces you can add to your room to create a modern farmhouse look.

  • Wooden Frames
Accesories for a farmhouse look on your bedroom
Source : https://i.etsystatic.com

Some wooden frames can be put on the wall to give a rustic touch in your farmhouse bedroom. These pieces can also be put on your wooden bedside table. Mix them in with art pieces on a gallery wall or add your family photos. With some brushed paints, these pieces are great vintage items to add to your farmhouse scheme.

  • Linen Bedding Set in Gray
Accesories for a farmhouse look on your bedroom
Source : https://i.etsystatic.com

Quilts signify the look of country homes and represents an everlasting vintage style. For a modern look, quilt bedding set can be a mixture of bright colors such as light blue, periwinkle, and hints of green. The decorative pillows with embroidery details complete the look.

  • Wood Wall Clock
Accesories for a farmhouse look on your bedroom
Source : https://i.etsystatic.com

A stylish piece can be added to the room by putting a functional and classic clock. A wood wall clock is a classic modern touch to your room. Contemplate the conundrum with wood wall clock hanging on your farmhouse bedroom.

  • Rustic Metal Decor
Accesories for a farmhouse look on your bedroom
Source : https://i.etsystatic.com

Bring a touch of the barn inside with rustic wooden and metal decor. Arrange this on the corner of your wall for surprise touches of farmhouse chic. This might be a simple decor item, but having this in your bedroom surely makes the whole room feel like in a real barn.

  • Embroidery Curtain
Accesories for a farmhouse look on your bedroom
Source : https://i.etsystatic.com

Embroidered fabrics symbolizes luxury and wealth. This conventional art was to imitate the effect of fabrics with soft borders. Embroidery was considered as a beautiful painting on fabric, and up to now this art is found in many modern design to give a touch of classic and classy flair. Put in an embroidery curtain in your bedroom for a farmhouse look. Keep the main rule of a farmhouse look by choosing soft colored ones.

  • Rustic Wall Shelf
Accesories for a farmhouse look on your bedroom
Source : https://i.etsystatic.com

Rustic Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas

Rustic-farmhouse bedroom ideas
Source : Unsplash.com

Living a busy life in the city would make you want to move back to the countryside, most especially those who grow up on a farm. The reason might be that a house on a farm or country offers cozy, classic, warm and welcoming vibes. Renovating your boring bedroom would be one choice you should take. Change it into something classic, comfortable and cool? Then, the answer to this demand would be setting up a farmhouse bedroom.

Here are some ideas you can adopt when it comes to either designing or renovating your room. Designing your bedroom with a farmhouse design will be more than fun! Some would reminiscence the old days during the design. Get creative and excited with how you want the room looks.

Barn-style Ceiling

Rustic-farmhouse bedroom ideas
Source : https://cdn.morningchores.com

A ceiling in the bedroom can be a focal point in your home that you’ll always look up to.If you’re looking to elevate the farmhouse look in your bedroom, pay attention to the details you put on the ceiling. In this master bedroom, vaulted ceilings are crossed with warm wooden beams, with an old vintage brushed paints on its wood. This surely defines your room – a barn style.

Rustic Wood Headboard

Rustic-farmhouse bedroom ideas
Source : houzz.com

Another focal point in your bedroom is the bed itself. Then, there must be something we can add to make some rustic flair to your bedroom. A wood headboard is one hard touch to be put in it. This herringbone pattern headboard is made from reclaimed barn wood. This adds bold character unique weathering pattern on each board.

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Hanging Curtain with Wooden Rail

Rustic-farmhouse bedroom ideas
Source : https://cdn.morningchores.com

Solid wood rails in a bedroom is an accent to make your bedroom look rustic in style, yet feeling cool as a farmhouse bed. What makes it more adorable is the hanging curtain which sets the romantic tone of the room. This lacy curtain is just the best matched with the whole interior, making the room feel comfortable and romantic.

Rustic Barn Door for Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas

Rustic-farmhouse bedroom ideas
By : Bret Franks Construction, Inc.

This barn-style sliding door is the boldest accent of the room. Feeling like in a ranch, this rustic sliding door does not only give the farmhouse vibe, it also creates the warm feeling. This barn door utilizes a spoked wheel and large plate that looks excellent with large and solid wood.

Metal Accents

Rustic-farmhouse bedroom ideas
Source : https://cdn.morningchores.com

Metal accents with some weathered finishing are great to be combined with your all-white color scheme. Metal materials and peeling paint can do magic in creating a farmhouse look. It is to actually give a touch of vintage and old time stories. You can start with your bedding frames and add some accessories to be put on your wall. Remember that you should not rush in putting all metal stuff. Keep it simple yet artistic with metal.

Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas

Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas
Source : Unsplash.com

Farm Houses back then were decorated with the concept of practicality. These days, although practicality is still an important factor, some have considered putting some modern styles in it to suit their urban life. In maintaining some sophistication and style, farmhouse style is now a fusion of old and new consisting of classic finds combined with newer pieces. For instance, an old harvest bedside table combines beautifully with stainless steel appliances or other modern light fixtures. Here are some ideas of a farmhouse bedroom to be adopted in your design.

Creamy Accents

Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas
By : Richard Harp Homes, Inc.

What looks so focal and bold in this room design is the modern hanging light. It creates a modern look in this farmhouse bedroom design. Some golden accents on its decor liven up the glamorous style it brings. To balance, a log on its ceiling shows a rustic flair embedded in the whole design. The wall color, which is in yellow cream accentuates the balance of wood and gold.

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Modern Twist (Electric Fireplace)

Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas
By : sherrij18

Living in an urban spot and time, the idea of elegance and portability should be put forward in designing a room. You can some modern twists such as electric fireplace. This spacious bedroom concept brings out the classic and modern twists, wooden bed frames and flooring to be combined with an electric fireplace. The fireplace in the room is in black, matching perfectly with the almost all-white surrounding wall. While the firebox has realistic, multicolor flickering flames and glowing embers with an interior brick design. Another addition to its modern glare is a flat television which would spoil you with more entertainment. Enjoy your cozy days in a modern farmhouse bedroom.

Black and White

Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas
By : Crisp Architects

What creates a modern look in your bedroom? Definitely a black and white color scheme. Look how achromatic colors work on a farmhouse bedroom! A grey bed frames and white bedding set have enhances the modern look in the room. The black and white combination for the bedding set is a fabulous fusion it makes to create a modern sense. What brings back memories of the barn lives is the wooden bedside tables.

Red Touch

Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas
By : Crisp Architects

To create an excitement in your farmhouse bedroom, think of an anti-mainstream details you can add. Have a red touch on your bed to create a sense of different and modern look. The bed in this room is of a simple design with an easy design twist. The choice of a bold color adds to the aesthetics of the room.

Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas on A Budget

Farmhouse bedroom ideas on a budget

Repainted Items

Source : http://www.vintageamericanhome.com

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Rustic Elements

By : Haus Interior Design

Wooden Surround Wall

Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas
By : Robert M. Cain, Architect

White-painted Metal

By : Sherri J Photography

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Frequently Asked Questions

What distinguishes a modern farmhouse room from a traditional one?

Smooth lines, glossy accents, and neutral color schemes are added to the comfortable, relaxed farmhouse style in modern farmhouse design. It’s less rustic and more sophisticated, with stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, and sleek lighting among the design elements.

What are the elements of farmhouse style?

Common Elements of Modern Farmhouse Style: Reclaimed wood, barn board details, big comfortable furniture, architectural salvage, pine furniture, wrought iron accents, wide plank floors, vintage accessories.

What are farmhouse colors?

The foundation of farmhouse kitchen colors are whites, grays, and beiges. The first step in achieving the perfect farmhouse style is choosing the right neutral paint color. This neutral will serve as the foundation for your room, whether it’s on the cabinetry, the walls, or both.

What is the distinction between rustic and farmhouse decorating styles?

While both farmhouse and rustic styles use the phrase “wood, wood, everywhere,” rustic decor is all about keeping wood elements as close to their natural appearance as possible: taking advantage of natural shape, grain, knots, and imperfections for visual impact.

Conclusion of Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas

Farmhouses should resemble a time machine with some classic and new finds filling the room. One good tip in designing a farmhouse bedroom is that pieces you buy should come from all over the place. Mixing up styles and materials should be something you can treasure in the process of the design.

The most important thing to remember when designing a farmhouse bedroom is not to rush. You need to pay attention to the details and furniture as they create meaning – it is about your personal character. Your characters are of the past, present and future, so your choices for your bedroom are a mix of your valuable old and new items.

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