Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas (Tips to Decor & Accessories)

Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas – Without a doubt, among all rooms in your house, the bedroom should be in the special place in your heart. Even not all people can see as it’s a personal space, but when the room should meet your taste well. It will give you a great satisfaction if you can give a great deal of attention to the room. It’s where you have any refreshment after a long hectic day; reflecting on the day, reading a book, or even spending your time with the lovely one. It will give you more pleasure to feature the room with the right color palette. 

Forget about your plain white bedroom wall. A little challenging but yet satisfying, let’s take a look to some point that can make your wall more sophisticated.


Things To Consider Before Decorate Your Bedroom Wall

Thing to Consider Before Decorate Your Bedroom Wall

Renovating your bedroom wall will be challenging yet fun. Before starting the project, there are some points that you may consider in the beginning.

1. Decide How Much Time And Money You Want To Spend

Decide How Much Time And Money You Want To Spend
Sibling Spaces

If you own a plenty of money to spend, then you can decorate your bedroom wall as you like it. However, most of the time, you will have to be picky to work within a budget. Working on a tight budget, however, you might have to cut some expend. For example:

Instead of repainting your walls, you could apply vinyl wall decals or some pictures or posters that you get from a magazine and then you can frame it by yourself before hanging them on the wall. This is a popular choice for teen and for those who don’t have a lot of time.

Consider painting your room a little bit at a time. Maybe you do not have that much money to spend on repainting in the beginning. But if one month you spend $30 on paint, the next $20 for another wall decoration. It can be more affordable.

2. Decide On A Style For The Room

Eclectic Elements

Eclectic Elements
Sibling Spaces

In this blue dominated bedroom, an eclectic chair along with a modern look table reside the bedroom a vintage circular table mirror, a feminine look bedside lamp, and a statement poster.

Workhouse Nightstands

Workhouse Nightstands Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas

A nightstand will give you a big help to put any things kept tidy. you don’t need to go far for your bed, just put everything by your side in the nightstand; notes, books, and beauty products. Complete the look with with same DIY vintage dreamcatcher and use your western clothes to beautify the appearance.

Sumptuous Finishes

Sumptuous Finishes Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas

It’s likely to spend most of our lazy day not other than in bedroom. In this case, you may appreciate lush, opulent textiles and finishes dominated your bedroom. A custom silk velvet bed frame covered the sheets and blanket, and placed aside an elegant nightstands and sconces.

Proportional Pieces

Proportional Pieces

A spacious bedroom is all we want, but speak about how we fit the room in glamorous way, it will be lovely to have an oversized pendant and jumbo mirror to fill the airy, open space room.

A Statement Art Piece

A Statement Art Piece

Simple but the central of attention, you can have a neon wall sculpture as the statement art piece for your bedroom. In this minimal bedroom, the neon wall sculpture stands out beautifully against the wall.

3. Consider Whether You Will Like Your Style Several Years From Now

Consider Whether You Will Like Your Style Several Years From Now
Luxury Model Home, ‘The Palmhurst’ in Naples FL

Bear this in your mind if you are a kind of busy body person and feel uninterested in redecorating your bedroom often, after deciding your wall decoration, will you still like the style you have now? If you like to change your mind, trying on the different style often, choose a style with a neutral color scheme that can be renovated later on. Express your current interests with smaller items you can easily change, such as the painting and wall decorations.

Be careful of over-committing to a theme that you apply on your Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas. It is one thing to have your sheet set have a temporary theme of fairies. But consider not to change your wall into the theme other than the color.

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Tips On Decorating Your Bedroom Wall

Tips On Decorating Your Wall

1. Give your walls a fresh coat of paint or apply some wallpaper.

Give your walls a fresh coat of paint or apply some wallpaper.
Vintage inspired Apartment

This one may suit for those who get bored easily on the wall’s monotonous. You should consider repainting the walls a new color or putting up some wallpaper.The act can give your bedroom a completely new look. Not to make it overuse, change just one wall with the different wallpaper or color.

2. Consider Having An Accent Wall.

Consider Having An Accent Wall.
Jennifer Stoner Interiors Barber Project

It’s safe to have only one color painted on your wall. Instead, rather than having a monotone feeling, try to paint three walls a neutral color, and the last with a darker, contrasting color. You can mix the darker to the lighter shades. Place all of your statement furniture against this wall.

3. Add Some Designs With Wall Stencils

Add Some Designs With Wall Stencils
DIY Stenciled Kids Rooms and Nurseries

Play your imagination, color the walls with one calm tone as the base and layer it with a contrasting color for the designs. Paint the background color first, wait for some minutes until it dry, then apply the designs with more paint and stencils.Fpr another option, you can use wall decals. They are giant, vinyl stickers that peel off easily.

4. Hang Up Some Posters, Photos, or Artwork

Hang Up Some Posters, Photos, or Artwork
Good Shepherd Charity Project

For those who have limited budget or don’t have time to repaint their rooms, this idea will be a superb for you. A painting or poster will change the atmosphere of your room. If a hole on your hole leaves a filthy scar, use double-sided mounting tape, stick-on mounting hooks, or poster putty/tack instead. For more aesthetic feeling, mate the color of your painting frame to the pillow, blanket, or bolster.

Aside from adding posters and photos, you can also dig your antique decors from your cobwebbed storage rooms. There’s never been a better time to decorate with vintage collectibles. A growing number of people are interested in design that embraces and illuminates the past. This is just as true for artwork, furniture and vintage firearms. Replicas of vintage firearms can be used to add a unique and bold look to any bedroom, whether they’re hanging on the wall or standing on display. Vintage fixtures and decors aren’t just good for their distinctive looks, they’re also less expensive than many new modern pieces.

5. Save Space By Getting Items That Can Be Fixed To The Wall

Save Space By Getting Items That Can Be Fixed To The Wall

Some furniture can be affixed to the wall just like nightstands and shelves. It will save a great amount of space. This room plays off a white backdrop blending by textures and soft grey accessories. Add the faux shelves and the room is made for sweet dreams!

6. Hang Some Fairy Lights Or String Lights On The Wall

Hang Some Fairy Lights Or String Lights On The Wall

Easily to be found, you can use ordinary Christmas lights, or decorative ones to beautify the walls. Having all different shapes and sizes, the decorative light can be found in shops that sell light fixtures and room décor. There are so many shapes that you choose and suit with you bedroom style such as flowers and butterflies.

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Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas & Design

Bedroom Wall Decor Design Ideas

Are you considering some wall decor ideas to refresh your bedroom? Any kind the style you want to have, we’ve got some ideas that can cherish your walls and bring out your personality and taste. No matter what you favor the most; an art collector, a nature enthusiast, or a book lover, your walls can be customized so that you can be surrounded by the things you adore. Discover ten wall decor ideas that are sure to add style to your home.

Bedroom Wall Colour Scheme

Go For A Gorgeous Grey

Go For A Gorgeous Grey
Modern Craftsman Residence

Change the atmosphere of your bedroom into a luxurious retreat with a sophisticated palette of grey Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas. 

Keeping the ultra-glamorous, you can mix the shades from darker to paler grey. As an example, from this room to carry on the luxe theme, hung an elegant painting or wall art, and apply some light or dark color to frame the grey walls.

Create A Sunny Scheme With Punchy Yellow Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas

Create A Sunny Scheme With Punchy Yellow
Frisco Residence

It’s always a great idea to know how colors can complement one another to create a wonderful final result. As a good example, you can see how the warmth and the energy of yellow can represent cheer. You will love how the bright yellow walls bring in a more uplifting, mood-boosting feel to the bedroom. Combine the color with the stripes fixtures or other calmer shades, just like blue or brown.

Play With A Tropical Theme

Play With A Tropical Theme
Sun and Surf

Turn your room into a tropical Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas that will make you feel like you’re in the tropical hideaway for years ahead. Combine multiple tropical tones like. Parrot prints, hot-pink botanicals, and ocean-blue walls all contribute to the theme.

For instance, team up the bright color of green and other palettes of brights for a chic tropical look in the bedroom. Put some plant-look-alike fixtures alongside the wall. Lastly, try creating a plant to have a 3D touch of the tropical theme and help to balance the hit of bright colors.

Work With Warm Tones And Wood

Work With Warm Tones And Wood

This fancy bedroom combines the wood textured headboard and wooden frame for a warm contemporary feel. Mix wood finishes, such as an artificial fireplace with the integrated shelves.

Play With Combinations

Play With Combinations
Pattern Play Nursery

State your wall with some bold colors to your bedroom to spruce it up a bit. Strike the color with other wall art and wallpaper. Abstract stripes wallpaper combines with imaginative posters or paintings will show you a high inspiration bedroom with an intense scheme.

Try Out Trends
Little Venice Apartment

Try to play with colors as they are the easiest and most effective way of instantly creating a mood for your bedroom. Get it right, and you could have a sweet hideaway bedroom. Turn your bedroom into a sensational beach feeling to bring peace and relaxation into space. Blue will give harmony to the room and spice up the atmosphere with some retro calendar or wall art.

Mix Your Florals

Mix Your Florals
1929 Estate

Give your an oversized headboard in a gorgeous florals print to have some serious statement in your bedroom. Florals create a lovely scheme, alongside with well-coordinated colors to create a garden full of flowers inside your room. That combination of cool artworks makes the space even more mesmerizing.

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Bedroom Wall Decor DIY

Bedroom Wall Decor DIY
How to decorate a big blank wall and create an entryway

Chalkboard paint and hand-made shelves have found its way in this bedroom, showing its personal taste and creative ways of spicing the room. Out of its function as the storage, this DIY shelf also shows an innovative and evolving element together with the painting.

Bedroom Wall Shelf Ideas

Wall Shelving Units Beside The Bed Or Behind It

Wall Shelving Units Beside The Bed Or Behind It

Constructing the shelves in your bedroom means you will have a special unit in your bedroom. They could fit as the wall, save the space, and also works as nightstands. They give a great benefit to a tiny bedroom..

Integrated Wall Storage Spaces

Integrated Wall Storage Spaces
San Clemente Nursery

Having shelves as a built-in wall compartment an excellent idea. You could make built-in shelves that are attached to the frame of your bed, or if it’s possible, in hidden areas with sliding doors. There you’ll hide whatever you want.

Open Shelving Of Numerous Kinds

Open Shelving Of Numerous Kinds
Barrier Island House

Open shelving can fit for any type of space and match with your bedroom style. It’s not cumbersome, and you could fill the shelves with various items and also make them a component of your design.

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Bedroom Wall Lighting Ideas

Bedroom Wall Lighting Ideas

Only have one overhead light as the only lighting in your bedroom can be a source of frustration. You can’t control the light for any occasion. Adding a dimmer or traditional Christmas light throughout the room will be an option, besides it gives you glamorous effect.

Large Bedroom Wall Decor

Large Bedroom Wall Decor
Hollywood Regency Home outside of Sacramento, CA

One problem for having a large bedroom is the difficulty of transforming a blank wall beyond just painting it. Let’s mix and match your favorite pieces of art, regardless of style or era, and display them using similarly gilded frames. Fancy curtains and artificial fireplace, which can be decorated with frames of a picture, inject more personality into your space.

Bedroom Wall Decor Stickers

Bedroom Wall Decor Stickers
Floral Wall Decals

Wall stickers are awesome for those who get bored easily with the style of their bedroom. This removable wall art is also perfect if you don’t want to damage the walls. Find one of sophisticated removable wall art such as the one who show natural or floral styles and mix the color of the stickers to your wall color. Another option, the adhesive mural has a luxurious matte finish and comes in a variety of styles.

Bedroom Wall Decor For Guys

Bedroom Wall Decor For Guys
Marylebone Mews House

Choosing a set color design scheme to show the masculinity of a bedroom will make picking the wall accessories much easier. Add the color to the room by painting walls with an overall light tone to make the room seem larger. You can have gray shade. Remember, you can also have a decoration that shows it’s a room of man; you can choose any wall decor related to your hobby in sport or music.

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Vintage Bedroom Wall Decor

Vintage Bedroom Wall Decor

Many people who think that vintage bedroom is all about monogamous color or often a bit ragged and mismatched. In fact, decorating in vintage style doesn’t mean you can’t get colorful. Case in point: this cheerful bedroom makes happy use a wonderfully upbeat look by adding the eighteenth-century-style painting.

Bedroom Wall Design Ideas With Paint

Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas With Paint

Try to create a color scheme that suits your personality best. Combine several tones of one color for a sophisticated approach to decorating. This scheme features a white shade floral that adds harmony to the color of dark pink. This scheme makes the space to lounge in comfort, adding interest, and as the center of attention.

Bedroom Wall Clock Ideas

Bedroom Wall Clock Ideas
Jonnie Andersen

M Wall Clock unconsciously can be forgotten easily by the owner of the bedroom. In fact, the wall clock is one of the crucial wall art that can give both new vibes and advantages to show the time. You can hang a wooden clock above your bed and mix it with another statement wall art, hanging plates!


After going through all these new and exciting wall decoration ideas, you might be in a hurry to do a bit of re-organization and get some DIYing for your wall. Find the one that suits you best. The last, have fun with your new walls!

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