Bedroom Storage Ideas (Hacks & Things to Consider)

Bedroom Storage Ideas – Hesitating when it comes to the best option for your bedroom storage? What is the best option available? What is the most suitable style for you and your bedroom size?

There will be so many considerations because the designs that you can choose from are so varied out there. There will be so many amazing things and options presented and can help you in the best possible way. All you need is to be sure and well aware that you are selecting the right quality and function for yourself. Then, you can choose the design that really attracts you.

You can hire someone who specializes in woodworking to build the bedroom storage you’ve fantasized about for so long. However, doing so can be a bit pricey. Besides the raw materials, you need to pay for labor. Nonetheless, the results will be worth every penny. 

Don’t have enough budget for a carpenter? Need not worry! If you know the basics of carpentry, you can turn your dream bedroom storage into reality all by yourself. Make sure you have the necessary tools, such as a tape measure, hammer, different sets of nails and screwdrivers, saw, and power drill. For drilling, you can use center drills if you want to create a hole perfect for a lathe center.

We are going to share a few things that will help you in choosing the right storage for your bedroom. No more chit-chat, let’s start with things to consider in choosing bedroom storage.


Things to consider in choosing bedroom storage (Bedroom Storage Ideas)

Things to Consider in Choosing Bedroom Storage

Bedroom is one place in our house that is the last in our list in the case of renovation. The room is the one that makes us feel comfortable and stands for many hours there. The old and useful furniture will stay long in the lovely room. Even when we do redecorate, mostly we only change the furniture twice or three times in your lifetime, depending on our needs. 

One thing that can become our consideration is upgrading the function of the furniture and minimizing its function to multi-functional storage. The process can seem downright overwhelming. What exactly is a chifferobe? What’s the difference between a chest and a dresser? How do you choose the right storage for your bedroom? Here are seven things to take into consideration and must keep in mind when doing up your bedroom.

1. Space


First of all, before starting the project, be sure about the space available in your bedroom. What is the good arrangement of the storage? If you want to consider a wardrobe or the bed to dominate the space, think about how much space leaves for the other units. Plan the positions of the bed and any storage units such as a dressing unit and a work desk. Will a king, queen-sized bed, or even a single be enough? Bunk beds require less space and are a good option for children’s bedrooms. It will help you to locate and decide the storage you need and can make your room look good without being too cluttered.

2. Wardrobe Style

Bedroom Storage Ideas

When starting to find the wardrobe design that will look good to your bedroom, decide whether you want to have fitted storage units or standalone storage will be sufficient for your needs. A dresser with a chest of drawers unit and a mirror will look good in a large room. A stand-alone armoire is also convenient for space, which can not be fitted with a wardrobe.

A fitted wardrobe will be suitable for any size of bedroom. You can decide whether it should have sliding shutters or hinged shutters that open outwards. The style of your shutters should match your bedroom interior; whether it is modern or classic. Think about how much hanging space you need, and how many drawers your storage units should be able to accommodate. You could use mirrors on the door if you possess a small bedroom to double the space available visually.

3. Bed styles


Before picking a particular bed to dominate your bedroom, you should have suited it with the other furniture or style you want to apply. Try to think about will it suit to the headboard and footboard storage options. If you put a high headboard, will it block a window? 

Buying a new bedroom provides a great opportunity to have not only a new style of bed but also re-evaluate the size of the bedroom. If you’ve determined that different sizes would better suit better for your needs, you have to consider a new size bed.

Once you have chosen the right size and the style you like, then you can start looking at options for the storage. A minimalistic theme would look good with hidden storage or fitted wardrobe. You may have fallen in love with that lovely traditional wardrobe that is on display in the furniture shop; it will be nice to be put in a large bedroom. Need more additional storage? A bed that has to pull out drawers below will be convenient.

4. Bedside Chests

Bedroom Storage Ideas

Aside from bed and wardrobe, bedside chests are told to be the most important furniture in our bedroom. Think of them as a storage addition to your bedroom. With normally have several single-column drawers for storage, the bedside chests provide more space for bedside lamps, handphones, books, or alarm clocks within arm’s reach. If it is possible, put them one on each side of the bed—so be sure to allow adequate space.

5. Chests

Bedroom Storage Ideas

Chests are more compatible with the limited space of the bedroom. Their built are normally taller and up high than they are wide, making them a great option for minimal floor space. Provided in different height, they usually have from 5 to 7 drawers stacked in a single column.

6. Dressers


On the contrary to chests, dressers are typically wider than they are tall. They are often going well with a beautiful framed mirror above them. Most of the dressers have 2-3 columns of drawers, which followed by  3-4 rows of drawers below, for a total of 6-9 drawers. Because of the total of the drawers, they work better than chests when there are two people who use them. Since the division of the columns makes them easier to divide half to half.

7. Armoires and Chifferobes

armoires and chifferobes

Armoires or chifferobes are the best options if you have plenty of clothes and need more space to keep them. They are built with a rod for hanging, as well as drawers or shelves below for storing things or organizing folded clothes.

8. Combining several pieces

If you have a larger space, multiple storages can sometimes be placed together to form one large unit. For example, a six-drawer chest can be flanked by two lingerie chests for a total of 18 drawers.

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Bedroom Storage Hacks And Solutions

Bedroom Storage Hacks and Solutions

Most houses have a tight space to design, even in the master suite. Sometimes, there never appears to get everything in enough space. However, with some little tricks and tips, we can have other ways to create more space or, at least, make space feel bigger than it actually is. Here are some great ways to make your bedroom feel that little bit roomier.

1. Use Every Inch of Height

Use Every Inch of Height

As fashion changes every season and they keep coming in a new style, wardrobe space is never enough. The problem is, wardrobes can be bulky, consume on the floor space, and fail to meet your storage needs.

Instead of choosing the traditional set of a wardrobe and chest of drawers for your storage, you can have a new option, installing a full height floor to ceiling fitted wardrobe! It can cater to all those needs at once. A full-height wardrobe will both add a dramatic appearance to the room and free up floor space and make the room feel much spacious with the up-high effect. It also provides a new home for smaller items that used to take up the dresser. Suddenly you have all this extra floor space you never imagined possible.

2. Create the Illusion of Depth

create the illusion of depth

As the thing that can reflect the light and angle, mirrors will give you a great advantage that makes a small room feel so much bigger. Placing a couple of mirrors placed on either side of the bed, you’ll not only create the illusion of depth but reflect the light around the room, which will brighten and widen the space. One or two full height mirrors will not only give you great depth of field, but it also means you have a great place to try on clothes.

3. Influence Perception

Influence Perception

Horizontal and vertical lines will create a great effect on the size of a space. The lines can hugely influence the area by the direction of the lines and flow of the interior. For instance, horizontal lines will condense the space and make it feel squeezed whilst vertical lines will make the ceiling feel higher and create the illusion of greater space.

A line-pattern wall behind the bed or along one of the walls will help achieve this effect best. Try it with this pattern or the geometric one and see the startling difference.

4. Depth of Field

Depth of Field

Adding the illusion of space by introducing patterns or imagery that depicts the depth of the field is another great way to be implemented. With the right color and pattern of wallpaper or oversize picture, we can trick our eyes and be convinced that space behind in further away than it actually is. For example, the wallpaper of the lake or nature with a large landscape will give you an illusion of a wide-space area in your bedroom.

5. Colour Palette

colour pallete

The application of colors to your room, especially the dark one, can make a room feel cramped and imposing. The general rule of painting a bedroom is less is more – the lighter the color of the room, the bigger it feels. A white tone scheme is very famous for creating a spacious feel, though it can feel cold and stiff for bedrooms. This color will work better in warmer climates with bright sunshine.

A cream tone is a good selection, or even a lighter shade of green also works in creating calmness and serene feel to space.

6. Declutter the Space

declutter the space

It’s very tempted to choose all attractive accessories for our rooms to make it feel more personalized. But one thing that you must put in your mind that too much clutter will eventually take over and make any room feel cramped.

Make identification of which area where you wish to put the furniture, whether it’s the bed, your bedside tables, a chair, a dresser, a rug, or an ornament or two. Once they’re all ready in place and the room still feels like there’s plentiful space to move, add one or two simple personal touches only. The awful assortment will make the room feel crowded and claustrophobic.

7. Draw the Eye Upwards

draw the eye upwards

Height is playing an important trick in making a room feel bigger. If you rely on putting your attention only to the width of the room, the feeling will leave the room becoming smaller. Adding storages that are tall and dramatic will help you to create an illusion that your room much higher and wider.

Install such as the enormous size of headboards on top of your bed, fitted wardrobes, and slide-robes to leave a larger area. You can also have full-height window shutters. You’ll be surprised at the results. Implement one or some of these ideas and we’re sure your bedroom will look and feel so much bigger.

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Bedroom Storage Design Ideas

Bedroom Storage Design Ideas

Paint Your Walls Light Colors

Paint Your Walls Light

Lighter colors reflect the light, making the room seem larger and brighter. In this bedroom, the wall is painted with light blue, making this small room feel much larger.

Paint The Ceilings Darker Or With A Bold Pattern

Paint The Ceilings Darker Or With A Bold Pattern

This is an interesting technique. Using bold or darker colors or patterns will draw the eye upward and gives the illusion of a higher room, even if you don’t have high ceilings. This fun bedroom ceiling is painted with a dark blue night sky.

Bedroom Storage Furniture

bedroom storage furniture

A bed frame with drawers.

A bed frame with drawers.

Storage beds are one of the best storage hacks for small bedrooms. Storage beds can give you an opportunity to have drawers as well as a dresser. You use those drawers for storing clothes, books, or your movie collection!

A staircase/bookcase Storage Ideas

A staircase/bookcase

These beautiful bookshelf stairs usually made for custom-built loft beds. If you want to make a request to the furniture shop to build tall shelving, you can walk up, consider a shelf unit like the one in the picture. It’s simple and still leaves you shelving up to the ceiling.

Bedroom Storage Ideas : Shelves

Install a fold-down desk.

Bedroom Storage Ideas

A fold-down desk like the one from the Domino Loft System will help those who need a desk but have no space for any. These desks are provided in all shapes, sizes, and styles. You can also build this one when you want to renovate your small bedroom.

Mount Shelves Bedroom Storage Ideas

Bedroom Storage Ideas

Mount shelves are one of the simplest ways to free up your bedroom space. Use one side of the larger wall as the shelves and use them to store books, picture frames, or even clothes. These custom-built shelves can be placed above the child’s desk. They are a great space saver and perfectly match the darker wall color.

Built-In Shelving Around Bedding

built in shelving around bedding

Building shelving around your bedding and recessing the bed a bit is a great small bedroom design idea. The shelving doubles as a bedside table, saving space in that regard, but by having the bed recessed, it creates an illusion of depth in the wall, making the small room feel bigger.

Install shelves along the perimeter of your bedroom walls.

  Install shelves along the perimeter of your bedroom walls.

Most people ignore this area without realizing they can exploit this 12 inches of the wall below your ceiling as a compliment for creative storage ideas. Installing shelves along the perimeter of your bedroom walls will add more storage space.

Small Bedroom Storage Ideas

Loft Bedroom Storage Ideas

loft bedroom
Highbury Fields

This is particularly tricky to create any storage for loft bedrooms when you have to deal with slanting walls and diagonal ceiling. Build shelving into those awkward spaces will suit it best. You can also craft a drawer under the bed to save space.

Bedroom Storage Ideas with Cabinets

bedroom storage cabinets

When it comes to a small bedroom, you really have to be aware of every inch of space. To minimize the space, you can build an extra space under your window as a drawer and put a mattress above it. As an addition, an extra shelf on the wall will complete the last touch.

Use Space-Saving Furniture

Bedroom Storage Ideas

The less furniture you have, the bigger the bedroom will look. You can purchase beds with built-in storage as the frame, like the bed pictured here. For another example, you can also build a shelf around your bed.

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Be Creative With Your Bedroom Storage Ideas

be creative with your bedroom decoration ideas

Mirrors Are The Ultimate Illusion

mirror are the ultimate illusion

Adding some mirrors if you have a bare storage door to make the bedroom look bigger. A precisely placed mirror will also create depth or height. In the picture, the mirror in the room is placed on the storage door near the window, giving an even wider sensation for a small room.

Clip binder clips onto your desk and store cords in their arms.

Even they look slim, but your Android cables take much more space than you think and make it messier. You can organize those cables in a few binder clips. There are many storage hacks for small spaces that you can implement.

Take Advantage From The Small Space Under The Bed for Bedroom Storage Ideas

Take Advantage From The Small Space Under The Bed

If you have a small space under your bed, you can put some storage boxes and keep clothes or books. Find the storage box that fits with the height of the beneath of the bed. You can make your own DIY storage box or buy it in the nearest store.

Conclusion of Bedroom Storage Ideas

With all these options given, have you decided on the best storage style for your bedroom? Think many times to consider which one suits you best and what works best for your storage needs. Mind also about your needs in the future.

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