30+ Master Bedroom Ideas (How to Decorate & Best Color)

Master Bedroom Ideas – As the room’s titled as the master bedroom, it becomes one of the important space in our home. In contrary, most of the people ignore it and pretend that the room similar to the other bedroom. It can be related with the fact that only few people ever see the master bedroom in real function. It’s likely that we want to spend our decorating energy to all room in our home; pretend if the master room just in the same treatment like others.

However, decorating a master bedroom shows a very trait of exclusivity and privacy by the person who heads the household. The room itself demonstrated a privacy yet rejuvenating space, a retreat, and an intimate getaway from the world. After all, where else do you get the most comfortable place to be yourself? If there are still many confusing things to decide the next step, here are some ideas for how to decorate a master bedroom that you’ll want to spend time in.


How can I decorate my master bedroom?

How Can I Decorate My Master Bedroom?

Hence the purpose of the master bedroom is the main bedroom of the house, you can take some steps to make the room compatible with the title. If you are wondering what style suits you best, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you want to try another style or search for some ideas that might look better to your situation, you can start your bedroom project by using the ideas below. Read on to see which bedroom tips and ideas presenting your style more, and then bring them into your own home.

1. Put a small plant

Put A Small Plant

Bedrooms purposively have characters to recharge your battery after a long exhausting day. Instead, greenery can help you boost that sense of serenity. Whether your bedroom is already showered with natural light or relies on lamps and sconces for lighting, a houseplant will guide you to thrive in your bedroom, freshen it and help you to sleep better. 

Houseplants produce oxygen, add lively source, and dress up bedroom decor. Some scientific studies show that the presence of plants can minimize your stress level and increase productivity. Along with those results, they can help make your space the perfect environment to cool down after a long day. There are plenty of plants’ selection that offers you great benefits, even if they’re neglected a little.

For the treatment given, you have to avoid overwatering the plants. More of them not lasting from too much moisture than drying. Put a plastic or ceramic plant saucer under the pot, so the water will not flood and damage carpet or wood surfaces, but never let your houseplant sit in standing water for more than an hour.

2. Put some Personal Creative Headboard Idea

Have A Creative Headboard

While designing your master bedroom ideas, it’s perfect to be true to your personal style. In case you are allowed to put some mixing fun prints and using bold colors, cheering your room. Never hesitate to use one.

Choose The Stylish One. As Sophie of Studio Ashby explains that “a wide upholstered headboard brings more fabric into a bedroom while enabling the integration of eclectics.” That idea gives us a chance to use color without taking up a huge amount of space. 

Furthermore, she tells us if the headboard forbids having a sizeable artwork above the bed. The grey wool mix balances the combination of the cushions and the throw.

3. A stand out ceiling

A Stand Out Ceiling

Of course, reconstructing an attractive ceiling into your existing bedroom may be completely costly. But if you are able to design your ceiling in new construction, consider incorporating a tray ceiling for elegance and dimension. Paint it a shade slightly more in-depth, or a tint marginally lighter, than the rest of your walls and ceiling

4. Place a mirror.

Place A Mirror

Mirrors are the best item to reflect light around in a room, helping it to feel brighter and even more spacious. They can also give you a final check before leaving the room to face the world. 

5. Provide more pillows.

Provide More Pillows

Some people tuck plenty of pillow by the side of their bed and not the others. You probably don’t want to keep those many pillows to the side every night before bed, but a healthy stack of soft and squishy pillows helps a bedroom feel inviting and touchable.

They will make you want to flop down and rest for a while. When all the pillows are in the same color range, they weave together seamlessly.

6. Use interesting lighting.

Master Bedroom Ideas

There’s nothing worse than trying to do something in a dark bedroom, like getting dressed, reading a book, or just relaxing. This bedroom has the perfect amount of lighting for the color of the furniture. That chandelier mixed with the can light and hanging lights make for one beautiful atmosphere for doing just about anything. That upholstered furniture also makes a great sitting area for reading or relaxing without using the bed.

7. Use small space for a lounge area.

Master Bedroom Ideas

If your master bedroom has high ceilings, it will be even better to set up your space uniquely. Adding a little sitting area to hang out in your leisure time will also be more significant to spice up the design.

Of course, not all master bedrooms are large enough to create a particular area, but if yours has space, use it! The pair of comfortable chairs and a table will be a nice place to sit and relax and talk or read in the afternoon. Even in a small master bedroom, a single chair tucked away in a cozy corner will have a similar soothing effect.

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What is a good color for the master room?

What Is Good Color For Master Bedroom?

After considering ideas for your bedroom style and picking some accessories included, it’s the time to choose the best color to color your dreamy space. You can combine and be creative colors to create a unique look. Consider your need for bedroom to what mood you want to set in yours. Most people require a peaceful retreat that gets along with calm and soft colors. But that doesn’t mean those bright or dark colors do not that good.

– Blue


Blue is calming yet shooting. It’s perfect for the master bedroom. If you feel blue is a lame color for your room, consider the wide range of shades available. From the pale to deep navy, the combination should be nice to your decorating style.

Darker shades of blue create a backdrop for antiques and classic furnishings, as well as the artwork. Combine the dark and pale blue together; there are plenty of pale tones of blue that will create a softer feeling for those who don’t want a dark color that dominated their walls. Consider a blue-grey, or a grey with lavender undertones, both represent a comforting and romantic atmosphere.

– Green


Is green your favorite color? Congratulations, it is one of the best colors for the bedroom. Green serves the elements of both warm and cool. There is also a wide range of shades from which to choose. You can furnish your room in a different style of green, from a modern, traditional to eclectic style. It looks excellent with complementary colors and furniture that is either painted with different colors or bare wood.

Painting your walls with sage green will make a lot of possibilities to match the design to a basic white or beige. Besides, the undertones of nature also give you the relaxing effect

– Orange


There are plenty of shades of orange that are more conducive to a relaxed environment. For example, ‘eggshell’ is a deep orange with lots of brown undertones that makes an excellent background for a bedroom filled with gold, silver, or earth-toned accents. Squash or pumpkin are great earthy colors that will give you that garden-fresh sensation similar to what green can do in bringing nature indoors.

Dusk or sunrise orange can also be advantageous to sleep, helping your body to remain in a natural cycle by mimicking the colors of nature as it’s time to sleep or wake up. The orange of the canyons in New Mexico or the deep orange of autumn can also make it easier to relax and be versatile when it comes to incorporating other accent colors.

– Purple


Purple has various inspirations to our mind, ranging from thoughts of flowers and nature to the elegance of royalty, depending on which the shade of purple we use. For example, violet and medium purple are better suited for areas of the home in which you want to be invigorated and inspired. Medium purple as the basis of your master bedroom design would lead you to the loss of sleep.

– Yellow


Yellow, a very cheerful color, will lead our mind to think about sunlight and bright day outside. It persuades the nervous system into motion while also aiding in mental relaxation. As one of the tones of yellow, mustard has an earthen element that can be more soothing than a bright or sunshine yellow. This can be genuinely relaxing to some, while others need a more cheerful feel. Decide which inspiration before you choose the shade of yellow you’ll be using.

– Brown


As the shade of earth, brown is ideal for any space. The warm neutrality it creates can be a primary color for any other design inspiration. It gives you relaxation and keep you connected to the earth or feel grounded. This situation will hold you to have an excellent quality of leisure time, sleep more peacefully, and have a good, solid night’s sleep with pleasant dreams and little to no anxiety.

– White and Black

black and white

The combination of black and white is the perfect color fusion for the bedroom. It might not offer you the room the warm breeze that other colors possess, such as beige, brown, or the natural color of the wood. The simplicity of the combination creates a classic, timeless, and peaceful look. A very simple in theory but powerful in reality, a black and white bedroom can stand out in numerous exciting ways.

What you have to do is to find the right balance of black and white elements in the room. For instance, the walls could be painted white. You can put in a black dresser, a matching bed, and some small accent details featuring the same color.

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Master Bedroom Design Ideas

Master Bedroom Ideas

Being creative with your master bedroom is a must. From the chosen color above, we are going to selective with style. Put one of the ideas below and adapt it to your style.

Modern Master Bedroom

modern master bedroom ideas

In modern design, the bedroom will be decorated as efficient yet straightforward. The color options and materials become incredibly prominent in this style. The selected color can vary greatly but finds its core centering around neutrals like white or beige as well as black. This design also exposes woods for flooring. 

Another exciting aspect of modern design is the ceiling.  While most people invest their design on regular ceilings, there are some master bedrooms with spectacular ceilings such as vaulted, wood beams, murals, or as simple as being elevated with a modern chandelier.

Farmhouse Master Bedroom

farmhouse master bedroom

this master bedroom ideas using Farmhouse style mostly relies on transitional timber frame to take advantage of its lakeside setting and mountain views. Natural stone, including river rock, granite, and marble, is combined with wavy edge siding and a cedar shingle roof to marry the exterior of the home with its surroundings. Casually elegant interiors flow into generous outdoor living spaces that highlight natural materials and create a connection between the indoors and outdoors.

Elegant Master Bedroom

elegant master bedroom

Elegant Master Bedroom reflects aristocratic yet straightforward design. A soft, sophisticated coastal look will suit best with this style. Combine a grey upholstery custom made bed with custom pillow, a custom paint frame with silver gold touches will make your master bedroom looked amazing.

Vintage Master Bedroom

vintage master bedroom

The beauty of a room decorated with vintage comes from old-fashioned but charming, romantic, versatile, and budget-friendly furniture. In vintage style, the room will be decorated with furnishings, fabrics, accessories, and colors that were popular decades back—mostly the styles of the 1940s and 1950s.

The vintage palette is dominated with soft in intensity, uses a lot of creamy white, and gets colorful with mint or moss green, pink, soft blue, palest lavender, or buttery yellow. This isn’t the decorating style for dark colors, intense brights, too much beige or brown, or earth tones.

Instead of looking for furniture in a big-box furniture store, you can find any best bet scrap in places like flea markets, second-hand stores, antique malls and shops, Craigslist, or even garage sales.

Rustic Master Bedroom

rustic master bedroom

Rustic bedroom comes from a very defined and specific style. When you process this interior genre in mind, you have to do your research and weave those accents and details into every nook and cranny possible. We need all of the necessary elements when transforming a bedroom into a warm, rustic personal getaway. 

The bohemian look is one of the rustic style ideas. Hanging some handmade on your wall and consider succulents that now widely available in a range of colors and textures, but you can choose the wooden one to highlight the bohemian.

Master Bedroom Ideas Based On The Size

Small Master Bedroom

Bedrooms are dictated by the size of the bed and also the functionality of the bedroom itself. From small to large, there some ideas related to the size of the master bedroom

Think Horizontal

think horizontal

To make an illusion of a bigger space, avoid any color distraction on the walls, floors, and furnishings. Add horizontal wood planking or small size pillar to the walls, which can persuade your eyes into thinking space is more extensive than it is.

Get to the Art of the Matter

get to the art of the matter

Consider yourself to get hanging art because it is one of the easiest ways to make a room look bigger. It will get the attention to focus on the physical perimeter of the room and has the effect of expanding space. Choose only a few hanging arts and place them on different walls around the room. It will make your eye noticing the architectural more than the size of the bedroom.

Stash Extra Stuff

stash extra stuff

The more stuff you get into your bedroom, the smaller the space you will get. It’s crucial to keep surfaces clear and has an area to breathe. Furniture that has extra storage beside its primary function is a great way to keep things neat and tidy. As an optional, you can have a footed bed with storage drawers.

Reflect the Light

reflect the light

A mirror will make a huge difference to make a small room “bigger.” Mirrors carry the sightlines beyond the boundaries of the actual physical space of the room. Furthermore, stick mirrors with a molding frame on the wall. Arrange them into symmetrical to create balance and calm. The last, place mirrors in a spot where they will reflect something beautiful.

Large Master Bedroom

We’ve given you a lot of information about how to design a small Master Bedroom Ideas. What if you face the opposite problem? We’ve rounded up some ideas for your large-space bedroom for making your big bedroom feel cozy.

Big Headboard Steals Attention

An oversized headboard makes a big statement… and makes a room feel fuller without being overcrowded.

A tremendous size of headboard will be great attention and fills the room space without being overcrowded.

A Hit Wallpaper!

Wallpaper is another great way to make a large space feel smaller.

Have full-pattern wallpaper covered your wall will give another great way to make a large space feel smaller. Hit it with the colorful one

Leisure Couch On Point

put a sitting area in your bedroom

Put a sitting area in your bedroom. Besides consuming your space an insignificant amount, it gives you another cozy space to spend your time.

Table To Drop

Master Bedroom Ideas

Add a table at the foot of your bed to make the surface looked larger.

Canopy For Perfection

Master Bedroom Ideas

Is your ceiling high? Put the ceiling-hung canopy as perfection. Choose the one who has a pattern on its pillar, or you can decorate it by yourself by using beautiful flowers or lighting.

Double Function Room

hang a room divider

Add a creative room divider, and you can create a home office in a bedroom. Your large bedroom will have a double function.

Conclusion of Master Bedroom Ideas

Your bedroom is all about you and what you love. Be yourself in creating your own space, never worry much about the popular trends because they all come and go. Choose the style and décor that you are comfortable with for the present time and many years ahead. Treat yourself well with a sophisticated and happy place to rest

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