Cozy Bedroom Ideas (How to Make Your Bedroom Feel Cozy)

Cozy Bedroom Ideas – Think of a winter spent on a warm bed? Or simply a night sleep after a tiring day? You have to call a room designer to redesign your sleep chamber and change it into a room you can stay over a winter or a dreamy night. But, it doesn’t cost that much if you are thinking to revamp your own space. As a bedroom should be the most comfortable space in the house, your attention to a comfy bed is the first thing first.

Creating a comfy space should not leave its aesthetic. A comfortable space can also look chic and elegant at the same time. Cozy bedrooms are what most people long to stay. Comfy duvet, perfect lighting and other accessories would help you feel relaxed, not wanting to do anything else. Indulge yourself in a cozy bedroom. 


How to Make Your Bedroom Feel Cozy

warm and cozy bedroom ideas
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There are countless ways to change your sleep chamber into a cozy oasis. Start from your bedding, adding throws to choosing the right color scheme that chimes in with the whole design you want. There is no specific rules you have to follow in creating a comfy space, all you need to do is to imagine to feel cocooned in it. Here are some practical ways to make your room feel snug.

Put A Fluffy Throw

What you can do to create a down-home bed is by adding a big fluffy faux fur throw. Not only does this create comfort, your bedroom would look chic. You would snatch these throws if you share your bed with your partner.

Consider White Color Scheme

White color scheme reflects simplicity. It also creates spacious and clean effect. You would surely stay longer in a clean bedroom. With white color scheme, you are free to work on any colors for accessories.

Give A Touch of Nature

Plants give off fresh ‘feel’. To add more nature, you can put character and comfort ,thanks to natural textures. Wooden shelves or alpaca rugs are best options.

Stay Calm

If you opt for other colors than white paint, light blue can still have the effect of light and airy. Other calming color schemes are pastel shades or soft pink. Bear in mind that soft colors are relaxing

Add in Textures

Soft textures for your bedding are all what matter. Snuggle in a faux fur blanket and be spoiled with the soft bedding sheet. Nothing else matters if it has made you sleep like a cocoon.

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Cozy Bedroom Essentials

Cozy Bedroom Essentials
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Soft Blanket

cozy bedroom ideas for small rooms
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What makes you want to curl up and difficult to get up from bed? Blame your super soft blanket for making your bed so comfortable that you don’t want to leave it. Choose materials such as cotton, wool, or fleece.

Scented Candles

Cozy Bedroom Essentials
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Fill your space with scented candles. These candles would create aroma you want to be either relaxing or energizing depending on your choice. Candles are also warming, making you indulged in night dreams.

Throw Pillows

how to make a living room cozy
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No rules to stop throwing as many pillows as you want on your cozy bed. Throw pillows add other dimensions of colors and textures. Let your personal characters reflected through the choice of pillows for your bed.

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Shag Rug

small bedroom ideas
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Enhance the look of a cozy bedroom with a shag rug. Rugs are available in a variety of colors and materials like wool, cotton, and leather, so choose one that fits your decor plan. A shag rug is super soft to the touch, a perfect touch to your feet palm in the early get-up.

String Lights

Cozy Bedroom Essentials
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Consider hanging string lights with soft colors to create a sense of warmth and comfort. Lighting is a key to elicit a certain mood, and string lights are especially great for cozy and playful spaces. Fairy lights can vary in size and style; choosing bulb size, type, and color would largely depend on your preference.

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Cozy Bedroom Ideas: Bedroom Inspiration

Warmth and comfort in a bedroom can be achieved in some ways such as bringing in natural elements and cozy textures. Some simple ways also include adding rugs, canopy, chunky blanket and some accessories that would enhance coziness feel. Here are some cozy bedroom ideas that have combined those elements into a sleeping haven.

Classic Style

Picture by : Evgeniy Zhdanov

This neo classic style bedroom brings in beige color scheme that does not only offer style but comfort. The choice of the furniture and accessories define the look, while rugs, blanket and the room’s dominant color wraps it with warmth

Bare Wall

Cozy Bedroom Inspiration
Picture by : Lukasz Brzozowski

Urban people will love the idea of having this unique design. The bare concrete texture and lighting fixture creates an industrial look in the room, while the simple bed frame and combined textures of its bedding are what define coziness. 

Rustic Cozy Bedroom Ideas

how to make a room look warmer
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The wood wall of this rustic bedroom adds warmth to the space and has made it feel cozy and welcoming. The chair and upholstered bench are unexpectedly fitting in the whole look and enhance elegance. Who can resist the temptation of spending winter here?


how to make a room look warmer
Picture by : Real Estate Agents

An attic bedroom is the most comfortable and warm room of all designs. The cramped room is turned into a cozy sleeping chamber in this design. Look how inviting those pillow throws, duvet, and different textures of blanket!

Hotel-like Room

dark green bedroom
Picture by : Rahul Thakur

A hotel room is designed with the concept of making their guests feel at its most comfortable state. You might be inspired of this hotel room, with its color scheme that it brings and super comfort duvet. Think of not spending any penny in your own hotel-room like chamber, then create one in your bedroom.


dark bedroom color schemes
Picture by : ulfat ktaifan

Those who love dark theme, then this interior would surely charm you. Different wall textures add style, while the rug and bed cover are what you would long for cozy feel.

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Cozy White Bedroom Ideas

Cozy White Bedroom Ideas
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White is the ideal shade of bedroom color scheme that can symbolize purity and spaciousness. You will be free in adding colors and accessories without feeling too overwhelming. Here are white bedroom ideas that define comfort and elegance you can inspire.

Gray White

Cozy White Bedroom Ideas
Picture By : Hasler Homes Ltd

The rustic look of this bedroom is presented on its wood wall. Different textures of many pillows added in many parts of the room furniture are ideal making you feel comfortable. It’s so cozy spending a Sunday lazy afternoon here.

Eclectic White

Cozy White Bedroom Ideas
Picture by : Halo interior

The pop colors are brilliant to combine with white wall. These have made this eclectic room more lively. A simple bed frame with its duvet and bedding sets define the cozy look of the room.

Black and White

Cozy White Bedroom Ideas
Picture by : i3 design group

This contemporary bedroom looks perfect for modern couples. The black and white wall sets the warm ambience of the room. Comfort is on its linen bedding set that captures dreams for your sleep.

Blue and White

Cozy White Bedroom Ideas
Picture by : EK DECORATION

White bedding combined with blue wall is an ideal fit to renovate your attic bedroom. The bedside lamps with soft yellow are what you need to put you to sleep. Fill your dreamy nights with the comfort offered by comfy bedding set.

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Dark Cozy Bedroom Ideas

Dark Cozy Bedroom Ideas
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Dark colors range from navy blues, smokey greys, and earthy tones are cozy, restful, and powerfully charming. Although light colors seem to give an impression of having a spacious feel, dark colors magically change the room into a space with cozy and comfy ambience. Ready to get inspired by some tip-top ideas for a dark bedroom? Here are our collections.


20 year old male bedroom ideas
Picture by : Hopkins Designs

When having many throws is all you need to create comfort, this room design is simply adding those pop colors throw pillows anywhere in the room. Wrapped in wood wall and floor, this bohemian bed style is an ideal fit for those loving freedom and consolation.

Inviting Textures

mens bedroom ideas for apartment
Picture by : Pati Robins

Different textures and patterns have dominated the room. The knit blanket in pop color and super cozy layers of bedding and pillows are so inviting that you could not resist sleeping on it.  The elegantly simple rug is another layer of comfort.

Mediterranean Style

mens bedroom decorating ideas
Picture by : The Phil Nichols Company

Thinking of having a spacious bedroom that resembles a countryside living? This bedroom reflects coziness in style. The soft linen in floral bedding would indulge you in resting while enjoying a grande look of the room interior.

Modern Style

best bedroom colors for sleep
Picture by : Interiors by SBI

Metropolitan people would love the idea of dark and simple style this room has. The bed is the focal point of the room with inviting black duvet. A simple and luxurious pillows are what you need to take your into dreamy nights.

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Cozy Attic Bedroom Ideas

Attic space has the most potential to turn to super cozy bedroom. With a great layout and decor details, an attic bedroom would be the best cocoon you will have in a house. Although it may be difficult to make it cooler in summer, some ways could be applied to make it refreshed. However, in winter, this might be the comfiest and warmest space you would spend hibernating.


Picture by : Yellow Book Interiors Ltd

The faux wood plank on both eaves in the room creates a rustic look and the vintage bed covered with warm duvet is perfect to fit the whole look. The carpeted floor wraps the warmth and elegance this room gives off.

Twin Bed

Cozy Attic Bedroom Ideas
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If you need more rooms either for your twins or any guests coming to your house, this idea is brilliant. The elegant white color scheme radiates comfort. And look how the beds are positioned to create more space for the sleepers.

White Accents

warm paint colors for living rooms
Picture by : Clifton SMR

This barn look bedroom is the simplest design you can apply for your attic room. The wood accents on its ceiling and floor have made the room look comfortable and homely. With soft blanket and fur pillowcase, indulge yourself in your dreamy nights.

Wooden Ceiling

romantic bedroom ideas
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This room is surrounded by wood which makes the room the comfiest space you can spend sleeping over nights. With simple bedframe, the bed has sufficed itself with snuggly black duvet. To add comfort, soft yellow lights are applied.

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Bedroom should be the most comfortable space in the house. It is private and personal, so the best way to make it cozy is to think about what makes you feel drowsy when entering your bedroom. There are some basic ways you can apply to make your sleeping chamber super comfy – starting from choosing snuggly blanket to accessories such as lightings that enforce a relaxing ambience. Redesigning your bedroom might take more effort and price, but what could be more beneficial than a restful haven to refresh your mind?

How do you make your bed feel like a cloud?

Pull a quilted sheet over your comforter before securing your blankets to maintain the height of your mattress. Install a mattress pad underneath your comforter for extra loftiness and comfort. Choose a heated throw to stay warm as you climb into bed.

Why is my bed uncomfortable at night?

This frequent explanation is usually attributable to your sleeping position. Poor sleeping positions imply you don’t get the most out of your bed. If you are still suffering an uncomfortable night’s sleep after switching to a new mattress, maybe you need to modify your sleeping position.

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