31+ Minimalist Bedroom Ideas ( How to Design, Best Color & Accessories)

Minimalist Bedroom Ideas – Simplicity-that is the word best described a minimalist style. Putting your room into a simple, balanced and decluttered is the best style matching with your lifestyle. It also reflects personality – simple and practical. As most people are busy with their work, minimalist style decor for their bedroom creates what is so-called neuro-architecture, invigorating development of architecture combined with the neuro-science. It caters modern designs that are functional and therapeutic as eyes are not filled with cluttering knicks and knacks.

Working couples would favor minimalist design for its modern and practicality fused in this minimalist bedroom ideas. In fact, when life gets busy, a minimalist style keeps you relaxed for not seeing things stacked up, old and faded bedding and asymmetric furniture pieces. If you have started decorating your bedroom in a minimalist style, it wouldn’t take much to get your bedroom decluttered – pure relaxation to your sight and brain.


What Is Minimalist Style Decor?

What is minimalist style decor
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Minimalist bedrooms has relaxing benefits for it is decluttered and muted-tone. Who would not love something clean and relaxing? So what do you need to achieve the minimalist bedroom look? Here are some ways you can apply if you are about to redesign or start designing your bedroom.

1. Less furniture

Clutter collects dust. To achieve a minimalist style, think of simple furniture that does not collect dust. Also, important things to bear in mind are there should be no small ornaments on your table, bed, or hanging on your ceilings. Those are just dust collectors. As a minimalist, you would love all the furniture and decor items to be in a clean and simple state. You might have decor items because you want to make your home feel cozy, but remember that too many items would only make your room cluttered, thus making you more stressed out in the room.

2. More space

One way to create a minimalist style for your bedroom is to get rid of objects that are useless and distracting. Start with furniture, a minimalist style of furniture, without having it too wide and full of partitions. For example, a simple cabinet that can be built into the wall is the best option to replace a pigeon-hole cupboard. To create a sense of spaciousness, it will look great to have ceiling and wall merged without any ornaments on it.

3. Minimal color

Color should be kept minimal, the use of two colors of muted or natural tone would be the best option. The most common choice of color palettes would be white color combined with gray. Monochromatic colors also suit the whole concept of minimalist style. To combine with these colors, some materials such as chrome steel, artificial and natural stone, and textured wood can be used as the main materials to avoid boredom.

4. Cozy yet attractive

An ideal minimal bedroom should be relaxing and cozy. One of the ways to create a comfortable room is by using a small amount of furniture. Some ornaments such as mirror and fixtures can be mounted in the wall. Designing an attractive yet cozy room takes simple additional decors that elevates the simplicity of the room.

A blind can be used to replace grande curtains. It will also be convenient if you can set up a low yet large bed. To make it more attractive, go with some soft color bedding. A bedside table on which lamp can be placed makes your minimalist bedroom look cozy yet attractive.

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How to Design A Minimalists Bedroom

Designing a minimalist bedroom is not a magic. It requires painstaking effort to declutter knicks knacks and sometimes you have to sacrifice things you value. Organizing your bedroom requires time and energy as there should not be any room for extras to reach the minimalist values of the room.

But, creating your first minimalist bedroom can be made easy and inexpensive. With careful thought and planning to make the practical choices to bring it all together. The tips below are for those who plan to create a minimalist bedroom with minimal effort to reach the practical functions without leaving the aesthetic aspects.

1. Keep your room uncluttered

Carefully search around your room and put away anything that doesn’t function practically. Check if you still need old photos hanging on the wall, random wall hangings, collectible items and or even some ornaments either on your bedside table or cupboard. Remember that by clearing away your unused stuff, you’re just making your bedroom more spacious, which positively relaxes your eyes and mind.

2. Choose a neutral color wall paint

Think of some neutral colors such as soft beiges, creamy whites, or pale greys. These colors are the best to reach the ideal minimalist style in your bedroom. Soft palette is the best to paint your wall to create a spacious feel. If you think of a bit out of being plain, you may want to add an orange peel texture wall. Orange peel texturing is one of the most common basic wall textures, but it may take much effort to make it. But always bear in mind that colors matter. With good texture, use neutral color palette.

3. Add a simple bedding set

A white blanket will go in really nicely to the same color of duvet cover. It will create a feel of warm and cozy. As you are setting up a minimalist bedroom, you should also think of simple bedding. Sometimes, some soft color tones bedding set with soft fabric is more than enough to achieve the aesthetics of a minimalist bedroom.

4. Go frameless

Choosing the right bed frame for a minimalist feel is the crucial part in designing a minimalist bedroom. The perfect minimalist bed frame will really set the tone for the room’s ambience. A metal bedframe, box spring, or platform bed are some choices you can work on when setting up a cozy minimal concept bedroom.

5. Hang one art piece only

The principle of a minimalist bedroom is that you have to declutter and get rid of ornaments that just stuff up your room. The best way to stick to the principle of a minimalist bedroom is try to select a single piece of artwork that you love and value the most. Avoid putting ornaments on the walls! Keep it simple by having one but valuable and pleasing to the eye.

6. Use one big cupboard

As you might share your bedroom with your spouse, you both might have some stuff which are just too precious to get rid of. Think of placing one cupboard to store all your valuable items. To keep it minimal, think of having a built-in storage fitted to the wall with colors suited to the room. 

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The Best Color for Your Minimalist Bedroom

The best for your minimalist bedroom
Source : unsplash.com


best color
Source : https://www.thespruce.com

Solid Gray

The best color for your bedroom
By : S Squared Design, LLC

Light Blue

Source : https://www.thespruce.com

Two-color Combination (Ceiling and wall)

THe best color for your minimalist bedroom
By : Freespace Design LLC

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Accessories for A Minimalist Bedroom

Accessories a minimalist bedroom
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Does minimalist style refer to no accessories at all? Thinking of simple surrounding wall and ceiling with no accessories, you might think of dull and boring bedroom. Minimalist style does not mean there should be no decor items in our room. Here are some items you might want to put in your simple yet cozy bedroom

No-headboard Bed

Accessories for A Minimalist Bedroom
By : Home Resource

Minimalist Clock

Accessories for A Minimalist Bedroom
Source : https://img.huffingtonpost.com

One functional item you want to put in your bedroom is a clock. Yes, there are so many designs you can choose for a clock. However, to suit your minimalist style, choose one with its simplest design and soft neutral color. This wooden clock with neutral color will blend well with your surrounding wall.

Black-white Accent Items

Accessories for A Minimalist Bedroom
Source : https://img.huffingtonpost.com

What can enhance the practicality of a room? These baskets are a wonderful modern storage solution for plants, toys, toiletries, or school supplies. This black and white grid and velvet storage basket can be put on the table in your bedroom. The black and white color would stand out in your minimalist bedroom.

Wide Glass Window

Accessories for A Minimalist Bedroom
By : EQ3 Furniture & Accessories

Modern Drawers

Accessories for A Minimalist Bedroom
Source : houzz.com

These drawers in this nightstand offers your bedroom the best of style and function. With a glossy elm finish and streamlined design, this nightstand would completely elevate the simple look of a room. This nightstand is complete with a contemporary modern vibe. This nightstand can’t be seen as just an item, as this can be the spotlight of your bedroom. You may want to get rid of some stuff from your sight but still keeping it close with you. This nightstand would best store your stuff.

Minimalist Chair

Accessories for A Minimalist Bedroom
Source : unsplash.com

Think of simplicity, you might want something as plain wooden chair. But, will that make you feel comfortable? Why not having a lounge chair in your bedroom? One pop up color as shown in this minimalist chair would set the tone of comfort in your minimalist bedroom.

Japanese Minimalist Bedroom Ideas

Japanese minimalist bedroom ideas
Source : Unsplash.com

Are you bothered  by a bunch of cardboard boxes and knicks knacks that collect dust? If you are thinking of redesigning your bedroom, a Japanese minimalist bedroom ideas can be your first option to take. What does it take to design this style? 

In Japan, minimalism is popular. This style can be found in many homes. The principle it brings is simple, clean but still trying to bring out the aesthetic point. Japanese designs are deemed to offer serenity and tranquility. In this modern era, people would need a home to relax and refresh. Designing your bedroom in this style will provide more than just a home. It is a part of therapeutic elements you can bring in. Here are some Japanese minimalist ideas you can explore to create such a tranquil feel.

Simple and Low Bed

Japanese Minimalist Bedroom Ideas
By : Alyssa Park

Let’s start with the bed as it is the focal point of a bedroom. This low bed is perfect for any decor. The simple design and clean lines make this bed an ideal choice for your Japanese minimalist bedroom. Not only does it cater the needs of functionality, it also offers aesthetics. Turn your bedroom into a comfy and clean space with low profile platform bed.

Raw Wood Material

Japanese Minimalist Bedroom Ideas
By : houzz.com

In some Japanese houses, some raw wood materials are used. This bed is one you can opt to when choosing a bed. The whole scheme should then be matched to suit the color of the wood. Neutral toned linen can be used for the bedding set. This bed optimise your bedroom space and help you declutter your stuff in the room.

White Walls

Japanese Bedroom Ideas
By : cityhomeCOLLECTIVE

White bedrooms are often associated with tranquility and clean slate. Painting your bedroom a soft white helps you relax and succumb to sleep. So, why bother to decide what color to be put on the wall when white is all you need. White also neutralises some other colors that might pop out from other decor items.

One-color Curtain

Japanese Minimalist Bedroom Ideas
By : 有限会社 田辺隆三写真事務所

This perfect low bed in black color just looks great with long curtain. What we need to keep in mind is that in minimalist bedroom, we try to be as simple as possible. One way is  to choose one color only for your curtain. This long black curtain just fits the whole concept of the room. Imagine having a dim light at night, your bedroom is just so much inviting to sleep.

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Scandinavian Minimalist Bedroom Ideas

Scandivanian minimalist bedroom ideas
Scandinavian minimalist bedroom ideas

As Japanese minimalist bedroom focuses on tranquility, what makes a bedroom Scandinavian minimalist? The Scandinavian countries share a decorating style focusing on the principle of being light and airy, simple, and clean. Serenity is still the main principle of this decor style. Here are some ideas of Scandinavian minimalist bedroom ideas.

White Accents

Scandinavian  Bedroom Ideas
Source : https://www.thespruce.com

The predominant color in a Scandinavian decor is white. The color scheme should be kept minimal with touches of gray, black or pastels. A touch of bright colors is only used for accents in some minimal decor items on the bedside table or pillows.

Simple Clean Lines

Scandinavian Minimalist Bedroom Ideas
Source : https://www.homeyohmy.com

With some furniture and decor items in the bedroom, a Scandinavian style puts simple clean lines of each stuff put in the room. The mirror attached on the wall with the candle holder having very simple black lines that make the room look spacious. Scandi style means simple lines.

Black and White Minimal Accessories

 teenage bedroom ideas boy
Source : https://www.homeyohmy.com

You may also want to include black and white photographs of artwork for your Scandi bedroom. This will make your room more charming. Touches of black set off all the white create a feeling of serenity. The bedding of this room reflects comfort with a little touch of black lines of the pillow.

Natural Elements

teenage bedroom ideas boy
Source : https://www.homeyohmy.com

Minimalist Bedroom Ideas on A Budget

diy room decor ideas for small rooms
Source : unsplash.com

Keeping in mind that a minimalist concept addresses a simplistic design style with neat, clean, and uncluttered spaces. Some might think that although the concept is to have the items less, but furniture should fit the elegance. So, we might tend that we would be spending more for those less items. But, we can think the other way around, it is keeping with a design theme, but without having to spend a lot of money. If you are planning to redesign your bedroom on a budget, here are some great ideas for a minimal look bedroom.

Ladder for Storage

 simple bedroom design
Source : https://cdn.apartmenttherapy.info

This all white color scheme bedroom presents a simple style. One way to achieve functionality is the use of some used items such as ladder for storage. To suit the minimalist theme, color it white. Minimalist style has got minimal colors applied, so the use of old materials is not a sin provided that you paint it neutral. Colors do matter!

Stand-out Color Pillows

 simple bedroom design
Source : https://cdn.apartmenttherapy.info

To enhance the spacious feel of the room, you might want to add a mirror leaning against the wall. As seen in the picture, the bright stainless silver full length body mirror shows off a modern classic style fitting any decor, including your minimalist decor. Any inexpensive mirror with full length fit your minimalist bedroom in anyway possible. Most importantly, this mirror would provide functionality to get ready every morning.

Shades of Gray Bedding

ikea small bedroom ideas
Source : https://cdn.apartmenttherapy.inf

With all-white color scheme, shades of gray bedding give a look of minimalism. Simple bed frames elevate the minimal look of the room and the bedding set completes the whole look. Again, color is what matters. Choose the linen bedding set to go with the gray color.

White Blinds

small bedroom furniture small
By : Sigmar

Another alternative to create a minimal look in your bedroom is to use blind instead of lacey curtain that would look glamorous but not minimal. Thinking of redesigning your bedroom on a budget? A blind is the best and cheap option.

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Minimalism is now popular as many are living in a hectic modern lifestyle, and this style provides refreshing resort. With its low-profile beds and grayscale color palettes, minimalist style has become the most favoured for the busy couples. The principle it brings out  to a bedroom offres a space to have a sweet escape from the responsibilities and buzzling of everyday life. 

Removing clutter allows the room to look more spacious, thus the room become eye-pleasing. Not only that it gives you more airy feelings, it helps your mind to relax more. Thinking of redesigning your room? Start decluttering and have a minimalist style applied to your plan. Happy designing!

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