Modern Bedroom Ideas & Essentials (How to Decorate)

Modern Bedroom Ideas – A modern design refers to a decor putting forward clean, crisp lines, and a simple colour palette. Another conspicuous element of a modern bedroom is the use of materials that can include metal, glass and steel. Modern design uses the concept of simplicity in every element. It means that the design of the furniture applied and decorating elements should reflect the form and function, eliminating unnecessary details.

Newly introduced in the 20th century, it is connected to the invention of machines and technology. Chrome and stainless steel become a part of modern design. This style decor celebrates simplicity. Most components of modern design include clean, straight lines with no additional detail – sleek and simple. If this concept is applied in a bedroom design, then you will have the simplicity and comfort in your very own room.


Modern Bedroom Essentials

Modern bedroom essentials
Picture by : Freespace Design LLC

Born in Germany, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe is recognized as one of the pioneers of modern architecture. His use of of industrial steel and plate glass created a modern building concept. This has created the minimal framework to what is now the so-called modern style. Mies is one of many modernists which coin the simplicity and sleekness in modern concept. Modern style bedroom offers function, clean lines and shapes, as well as architectural and natural elements for decoration. Here are some essential points to create a modern bedroom.

Modern Elements

Call throw pillows for the bed, candle holders, floor sculptures, soft rugs, clocks or a leather serving tray are what you can add in your modern bedroom. They would surely help you relax while remaining practical. But, as simplicity takes action in a modern style, you might need to want to declutter some elements which are unnecessary, keep it minimal.

Simple Artwork

Modern characteristics manifested in clean straight lines and shapes, natural wood, and architectural elements can be used as decorative elements in the room. Simple artwork in a bedroom would refresh your mind and affects the room ambience. With minimalist art ideas you apply in your modern bedroom, it would surely kindle a peaceful mood.

Natural Lighting

Lighting plays an important role in setting the mood of the room. It could create an ambience perfect for your room, so choosing the lightings which create comfort such as soft yellow for your nightstands with electrical dimmer or bright lights fitted to the ceiling. Additionally, floor lamps and unique ceiling fixtures or chandeliers with in minimalist design create relaxing ambience, yet keeping it practical.

Minimal Decorative Elements

Call throw pillows for the bed, candle holders, floor sculptures, soft rugs, clocks or a leather serving tray are what you can add in your modern bedroom. They would surely help you relax while remaining practical. But, as simplicity takes action in a modern style, you might need to want to declutter some elements which are unnecessary, keep it minimal.

Cozy and Simple Bed Frame

The focal point of a bedroom is the bed itself. The bed should be both stylish and practical as modern style encompasses form and function in its decor. For the sake of comfort and simplicity, low profile frame bed with a luxury mattress, pillows, cozy throw or soft blanket is perfect to furnish your bedroom.

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5 Tips to Make Your Bedroom Look Modern

5 Tips to Make Your Bedroom Look Modern

Modern design can sometimes give an impression of expensive and luxury. Simple, clean, and functional are the concepts underlying the layout, color choice, furniture and decorative elements in a modern bedroom. These are some tips you can follow when thinking of revamping or designing your modern bedroom.

Use Natural Colors

Natural colors create pleasant and relaxing mood. Rooting from the main concept of a modern style, the choice of natural palettes gives a sense of simplicity and purity. Beautiful blues, pale or mint greens, or soft pink are all a perfect choice for a modern bedroom. White walls with some monochrome accents for the bedding set is another great alternative.

Make It An Open Space

One good thing to clear space in your bedroom is to make it open. Thinking of it, would it be great to see how spacious your room would be. And one think to create a clean look is to declutter! Creating an open space allows you to have natural light coming in during the daylight hours.

Integrate with Modern Tech

Reducing the amount of clutter will help you enjoy your modern bedroom. With a touch of modern home appliances, your room will look more luxurious. But always to keep in mind that flat and sleek TV the only thing you can opt for. Mounting the TV set on the wall is one great plan to enjoy the practicality it offers.

Apply Texture Wall

Applying texture wall in two or three parts of the wall would create a different feel. Maintain a neutral color palette and simple textures or patterns to stick to modern style rule – simplicity. Geometric patterns give a bedroom wall a cool industrial appeal, while smooth white on one side of the wall would make your room look sleek.

Add Soft Textiles

Comfort can never be compromised. So, to make your room cozy, always think of what you can add to your bed. Surely, soft cotton bedsheet would never fail to comfort your sleep. Some luxurious bed cover or throws could be added to have a luxurious and cozy look on the focal point of the room.

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Modern Bedroom Inspirations & Accessories

Modern Bedroom Accessories
Source :

As modern style encompasses form and function concepts, accessories in the room should play its function with looking cluttered. The following bedroom accessories are some decor details you can add in to create a sleek look.

Modern Table Lamp

Modern Bedroom Accessories
Source :

This modern table lamp will perfectly fit your room. This lamp can be set into three levels of brightness to set the room’s ambience to your preference.

Soft Color Duvet Set

Modern Bedroom Accessories
Source :

This navy color duvet is all what you need to create comfort on your bed. This plain and soft blanket takes you to your dreamy nights.


Modern Bedroom Accessories
Source :

This mirror has a sleek design which would fit your modern look bedroom. It is bracket mounted so the room would not look cluttered. Still, the function stays as it is.


Modern Bedroom Accessories
Source :

Simple Print on Frame

Modern Bedroom Accessories
Source :

One simple artwork you can add into your modern bedroom is this simple print on frame. This art is beautiful that would capture your imagination with its simplicity.

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Best Colors of Modern Bedroom

Best Colors of Modern Bedroom

Light Blue

Source :

Silver Gray

Modern Bedroom
By : Michael Abrams Interiors

Natural Light Brown

By : Avalon Architectural, Inc.

Gray and White

Best Colors  Bedroom

Modern Bedroom Decorating Ideas

A modern bedroom impresses those who pursue simplicity. Its sleek and modern design starting from its layout to the accessories put in the room promotes a sense of relaxation and serenity, the points to remember when designing a bedroom. Check these five bedroom ideas would make you inspired.

Spacious and Cool

Modern Bedroom Decorating Ideas
By : The NRA Collaborative

This spacious bedroom has an exceptional open plan that makes it look more airy and clean. Leaving unnecessary decorative elements and furniture, this bedroom has what it takes to look prestigious and modern.

Coastal Modern Bedroom

Modern Bedroom Decorating Ideas
By : Evbuilt Pty Ltd

This modern coastal bedroom is not only cozy, this bedroom unites warm and cool colors to create a clean, modern style. The choice of big furniture and cool toned accessories are perfect combination.

Beach House

Modern Bedroom Decorating Ideas
Picture by : Nu-Vision Painting Service

This beach view room plan has a modern and sleek look in its design. Who would think that a beach house can be wrapped in a modern style. This bedroom layout is a brilliant room plan for a room with a beach or outdoor view.

Focus on Function

Modern Bedroom Decorating Ideas
By : Sierra Homes (Omaha, NE)

Focusing on function and organization, this bedroom is a perfect modern bedroom layout you can have. The choice of the soft-toned palettes and sleek furniture is ideal to create a modern bedroom.

Eclectic Style

Modern Bedroom Decorating Ideas
By : Bankson Design

Open Space

Modern Bedroom Decorating Ideas
By : Design Directives, LLC

Who would think that wood can be great elements in a modern room? This bright and spacious floor plan and natural stone accent walls creates a warm modern design.

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Modern Master Bedroom Tips and Ideas

The modern concept of ‘form follows function’ means that the most important aspect of a modern room is that furniture and its details should suffice its intended use than its appearance. What comes first is the function, then comes the form or appearance. It, however, means that items in modern room should leave the unnecessary parts. Here are some modern master bedroom ideas you can truly inspire.

Function First

 Tips and Ideas
Source :

This cozy room uses big furniture and some sleek decor items. TV set mounted on the wall is another big functional appliance in the room. No unnecessary adornments are found, which makes the room have a modern look.

Back to Nature

Bedroom Tips and Ideas
Source :

The wooden texture walls and wooden floor plan are great combination for this modern room layout. The combination of wall texture and wooden floor create a natural vibe in the modern layout it offers.

Blue Accents


This blue accent room is one luxurious room you can be inspired. The three different wall textures elevate its sleekness. The combination of different patterns on its wooden floor plan and the choice of its furniture is great to see.

Simple and Cozy

Bedroom Tips and Ideas
By : Nadia Saad

You can only think of comfort and dreamy nights if you see the bed. What makes the room have its modern look is different wall textures and dark color palettes. This combination creates a luxurious and elegant look.

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Modern Teenage Bedroom Ideas

Planning and designing a teenage bedroom. Parents would have to consider many aspects. First and foremost, it is to set up everything through their perspectives. Bedroom is a place where teenagers can express themselves. So, it might be quite painstaking to design a teenage bedroom. These modern bedroom ideas for teenagers would be worth checking.

Colorful and Fun

Modern Teenage Bedroom Ideas
Source :

This girl bedroom is what you can opt for when thinking of revamping your teenage girls. They’ll love the beautiful and neat arrangement of the furniture and decor items. The white wall creates clean look of the room.

White Accents

Teenage Bedroom Ideas
By : LeichtUSA

This boy room encompasses the modern style. The achromatic color scheme of the room creates a sense of simplicity. Sleek furniture and decorative elements add modernism to this room.

Music Corner

Modern grey
By : Lori Smyth Design

This open space bedroom plan would fulfil your teenage boy’s love for music. The choice of sleek and modern table and chairs offers a great modern look in this boy room.

Bright and Sporty

Teenage  Ideas
By : Coleman Homes, A Toll Brothers Company

Modern Kids Bedroom Ideas

Another challenge for parents in designing the house parts is surely designing a room for their kids. Asking your kids, they might give lots of ideas without knowing it can be applied. So, some ideas here you can share with your kids when planning to design a kids room.

Soft yet Playful

By : McKenzie Construction + Craft

With the choice of soft palettes, this room would create comfort in you kid’s bedroom. Not to mention some knicks knacks for your kids to play, they would enjoy staying in this room longer than you think.

Igniting Colors

Modern Kids Bedroom Ideas
By : Valentini Kids Furniture Brooklyn NY

This bright colored room creates cheerful spirit that you don’t want to leave. The wide glass panels are just a great of modern touch to this room. This room would ignite your child’s creativity to explore beyond their imagination.


Modern Kids Bedroom Ideas
By : B2C Furniture

Minimalist and elegant design, this bedroom is a single bedroom with trundle. Under the bed, this single trundle bedroom suites is aesthetically designed to be functional and saves space. The accessories in the room are brilliant ideas to make your children keep exploring their world.

Lovely Yellow

Kids Ideas

Modern Zen Bedroom Ideas

Modern Zen Bedroom Ideas

Zen design represents a balance of elements. Tranquility is at its core where relaxing mind becomes the purpose of the design. Zen-inspired interior is heavily influenced from Japanese, Indian or Oriental style. Here we will explore how zen bedrooms can incorporated with modern style.

Wooden Tones

Modern zen bedroom ideas
By : Zack|de Vito Architecture + Construction

This asian bedroom surely offers tranquility. Wooden floor plan with some artefacts which show the influence of Asian and Buddhism culture is the best design to reach a peace of mind.

Asian Inspired

Modern Zen Bedroom Ideas
Source :

This dramatic room is ornamented with some oriental ornaments. The modern look is found in its sleek bed frames and texture walls. Relaxing elements are intertwined with functionality.

Bring in Nature

Zen Bedroom Ideas
Source :

Natural elements are added in the room as a refreshing element. The modern look is on its different texture walls, natural color scheme, simple bed frames and modern look hanging lamps.

Calm and Relaxed

This clutter-free and minimalist style room is just a perfect balance you can have in your room. Combining the elements of zen style and simplicity of modern design, this room is a perfect retreat for your hectic lifestyle.


Simplicity in a modern bedroom promotes a sense of tranquility and comfort. Your room is set to be clutter-free, thus meaning you would be having a stress-free room. Some elements you can add in your modern bedroom is sleek furniture, texture walls to get rid of boredom and simple artwork that would please your eyes. Adjectives to describe a modern style are simple, clean and functional. So, in designing your own modern bedroom, stick to these words.

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