20 Popular Hippie Room Ideas Colourful & Bright!

Hippie Room Ideas – Colorful, bright and difficult to interpret – those are the characteristics of hippie arts. Their art is also sometimes called psychedelic art for being inspired by drug-induced hallucinations. Psychedelic art depicts objects through a kaleidoscope. A kaleidoscope; it is a toy whose reflections produce changing, contrasting colors and patterns that are visible when the tube is rotated. This is reflected in tie-dyed clothes mostly used in hippie rooms.

The hippie design orientates on the self-expression of hippies. Hippies embrace distinctive characteristics as opposed to middle-class society which reflects materialism. Those characteristics are seen in the wild and freestyle, inexpensive materials, and many hanging decors that embrace many cultures. This style is somewhat used interchangeably with bohemian style. While boho interior stems from an aesthetic origin, hippie seems to be bolder and anti-mainstream. Boho design focuses on patterns and colors that form aesthetics, while hippie design revolves around psychedelic arts.

Hippie decor evolves over decades. It creates something more refreshed, yet remains wild and free. The mix and match principle still attaches to the style with more eclectic flair, softness and maturity added.


Hippie Room Ideas – Decor’s Guide to Stylish Hippie

Hippie style embraces contrasting colors and patterns as seen in psychedelic art. With more touches, hippie decor can look stylish. The more neutral colors can apply when you are in need of modern hippie style. Little grove on hippie can still be achieved by the mandala pattern either on your tapestry, bedsheet or rug. Here are some guides you can refer to make your rooms look stylish but remain hippie vibe.

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Consider Layer Textiles

Put more than one layer textile on your bed, then you’ll find cozy bedroom. Remember to use sync yet contrasting colors of psychedelic art in one of the layers and white or other neutral color for other layers. For a living room, try to hang drapes of many layers with the same patterns as used on your bed. Remember to always use one patterned layer combined with other plain layers.

Incorporate Different Textures

Another way to make the rooms look stylish hippie is to incorporate different textures. Apply knitted wool on one throw pillow case and cotton one on the other pillows. You can also have a wool rug to add to your space. Textured drapes can add depth and warmth to a space. Nothing can beat the power of tapestry in a hippie style room. So, hang a textured wall tapestry to add a boho flair to the room.

Use Ethnic Tapestry

The tie dye or psychedelic tapestry is what you can opt for when designing a hippie room. But, an eclectic flair can also be added http://armodexperiment.com to your space by having a mandala tapestry with peacock details. Alternatively, paisley tapestry can also be used to decorate your hippie room. Avoid using wallpaper as it seems to be fixed and has no hippie feel.

Hang Hippie Details

To add a stylish hippie room, add details that jibe with the theme. Start with light fixtures that look boho in style but stays in function. Lava lamps are typical style of light fixtures used in hippie room, but you can have lanterns instead. Morrocan style lanterns with dimmer button are what you can add to create the hippie look. Wall hanging decors such as macrame wall hanger and hippie positive quotes wall decor are the best to complete the look of hippie style.

Mix and Match Colors

There is no exact formula in mixing and matching colors in hippie style. So, just be bold in choosing what colors to match with other colors or textures. Hippie is a pretty informal style, full of color that helps your express yourself. Contrasting colors might be a great idea, but most importantly, choose colors that represent your feelings. To look hippie, you may need one space to be occupied with bright and contrasting colors.

Provide A Private Space

In a hippie room, you can also create a private space. Explore any possibilities you can have to design this private space. A reading nook is a great option you can have, but most hipsters would create a meditation space instead. The decor details that you can get from thrift and vintage stores or markets would be the best ornaments to be put in this space.

Best Wall Paints for Hippie Room

Hippie room will be a room full of accessories, thus one plain color would help the room stay focused on the details. Here are some wall paints that accentuate the decor details of a hippie room.


Best Wall Paints for Hippie Room
Source : i.pinimg.com

White is the best color that pairs well with any theme, including hippie style. This hippie style bedroom is dominated with black, creamy white and earthy toned accessories that make the room look more relaxing and spacious.

Light Purple

Best Wall Paints for Hippie Room
Source : hips.hearstapps.com

The purple wall paint in this living room makes the room look stylish hippie. It does not only accentuate the accessories, it complements some details that have dark purple as its accents.

Bright Red

Best Wall Paints for Hippie Room
Source : i.pinimg.com

In need of bright and alive sparks in your living room? This bright red goes wild with other colors and create a fun and sparkling space. As hippie room has no formula to follow, start planning to refresh your room with bright red wall paints.

Brown Shades

Best Wall Paints for Hippie Room
Source : cdn.homedit.com

Brown shades create a sense of warmth and promote calming ambience. Opt for dark brown paint combined with light creamy brown that can be applied in your bedroom. An earthy toned colorful tapestry matches the brown wall paint perfectly.

Pastel Pink

Best Wall Paints for Hippie Room
Source : i.pinimg.com

Want a feminine look in your hippie space? Try to wash one part of the wall with pastel pink wall paint. A macrame wall hanging and knitted rug with earthy tones would create a modern hippie look in your living room.

Hippie Bedroom Ideas

A hippie style revolves around patterns and colors combination. Those who choose this style applied in the bedroom love anything related to comfort and self expression. Here are some ideas that you can inspire when creating a hippie bedroom.

Mandala Tapestry with Canopy

Hippie Bedroom Ideas
Picture by : JaipurHandloom

Create a paradise by having a half canopy in your bedroom. The mandala tapestry has the same prints as the bedding; and the simple color choice is just brilliant.

Nature Incorporated

Hippie Bedroom Ideas
Picture by : Lizard Management & Production Pty Ltd

Bring in the outdoors by putting plants in the room. This bedroom is an eclectic mix of jungalow style, bohemian and hippie – all styles seen in the collaboration of plants, textures and colors.

Versatile Shelf

Hippie Bedroom Ideas
Picture by : Sarah Greenman

The hippie look is seen on the psychedelic tapestry on the wall. The shelf just looks cramped with many books and stuff on it, but as hippie style doesn’t follow any rules, this room just looks great. The white wall paint is the best to suit this messy but comfy bedroom.

Centralized Pattern

Hippie Bedroom Ideas
Source : i.pinimg.com

Some centralized patterns are seen here on the tapestry, bed sheets and string curtains. They are all in different kinds: sun, mandala, and tie dyed respectively. This bedroom is the typical hippie bedroom you can inspire.


Hippie Bedroom Ideas
Source : nicecreamsammies.com

With some decor details you can get from thrift shops, you are ready to make a hippie bedroom. Look the rustic bed frame fit the bedroom. With soft pattern tapestry and bed sheet, scented candles and vintage ornaments, you are ready for a hippie bedroom.

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Hippie Dorm Room Ideas

Hippie style was popular among teens back then in 1960s. This style is somehow associated with flowers, camper vans, love and peace. Although it may be outdated, some teenagers nowadays might reflect their lifestyle – casual and unique.

Poster Power

Hippie Bedroom Ideas
Picture by : Jerry Jacobs Design, Inc

The hippies are known to love peace, have spiritual and positive minds. This character can be reflected through posters showing their political views, good quotes and spiritual values. With layers of bed sheet covered with mandala prints, these two bedrooms can be the best inspiration for designing hippie dorm rooms.

Pattern and Color Played

Hippie Bedroom Ideas
Source : i.pinimg.com

Pattern and bright colors are played well in this simple dorm room idea. The tapestry can be used for canopy to create a comfy and personal space for its bed. This is a simple and budget plan for a dorm room.

Covered with Tapestry

Hippie Bedroom Ideas
Source : puntacanazie.info

This bedroom is a typical hippie bedroom, where mandala and tie dyed tapestries are used. It is attached almost all over the room. The posters accentuate the hippie look of the room.

Dorm Leveled Up

Hippie Bedroom Ideas
Source : i.pinimg.com

This dorm room uses thailand tapestry that puts forward the elegant style of the patterns. The chosen colors i.e. daisy white and black have made the room look modern hippie. The string lights and different textures on its bedding make the room look super comfy.

Hippie Garden Ideas

One good thing about hippie is that one can turn to call it eclectic, or even no rules. Yes, that might be true. As simple as it functions, garden is a place to feel the real outdoor in your own space. Here are some ideas on hippie garden garnered from many different sources. Feel free to pick some ideas, but be wild with your own ideas. That’s what hippie is all about – self expression with no boundaries and rules.

Relax and Wind

Hippie Garden Ideas
Source : i.pinimg.com

You might be inspired on how a small backyard can turn into a paradise as shown in this picture. What you need to do is to start reusing some furniture and decorations and arrange them in such a way that beautifully pairs with nature.

Colorful Boho Grove

Hippie Garden Ideas
Source : www.kosovamanagement.com

Enjoy your summer by inviting your friends at your party. You are lucky if you have a big tree in your backyard. Add colorful pillow throws and beds, then you’re ready to spend a fun day here.


Source : i.pinimg.com

If you need to prepare a meditation space outdoors, this garden might give you an idea of the layout you can have in your garden. String lights and hanging plants accessorize this garden and make it more hippie-like.

Outdoor Family Reunion

Source : i.pinimg.com

Think of having a family reunion in your garden. Create a canopy and a rustic table. You can opt for throw pillows in earthy colors to combine with rattan sofas.

Dreamy Hippie

Source : /cdn.onekindesign.com

This dream garden is an eclectic mix of rustic and fun ideas. Look how exciting colors of throw pillows make the space look just perfect. A hippie look is seen on the hanging cloth used for canopy. What a cool idea!

Hippie Dining Room Ideas

Thinking of redesigning your dining room to look more hippie? We have garnered some ideas on making hippie dining rooms. Here are five dining rooms that anyone can afford to make the space hippie.

Natural Green

Hippie Dining Room Ideas
Source : i.pinimg.com

This dining room might look little hippie, but some decor details have enhanced the hippie look of this dining space. Steal an idea of hanging indoor plants and rustic dining set. To wrap it all, opt for a dark green wall paint for a complete natural look.


Hippie Dining Room Ideas
Source : i.pinimg.com

If you want a traditional look in your space, add big flowers in it. Hippies are also sometimes associated with flowers. In short, flower ornaments and vintage furniture are what you can have for a hippie dining room.

Family Dining

Source : i.pinimg.com

In need to serve a family for dinner? This long dining table can occupy more than 5 people. Use prints of mandala patterns and different patterns to apply in the cushions. Add some candles to make your family dinner more special.

Simple and Chic Blue

Source : i.pinimg.com

Flowers and patterns are the main foci of this room. The decor details look perfect in this hippie room, a place where family members share ideas with each other.

Wood and Harmony

Hippie Dining Room Ideas
Source : upsummit.co

Macrame tablecloth combined with rustic dining furniture set is what you can inspire when inviting people for lunch or dinner. Add a candle on the table to make the room look super special.

Hippie Living Room Ideas

A hippie living room idea can also be an eclectic mix of boho style and any other styles. Remember that hippie style orientates around colors and patterns, that’s what makes it warm and inviting. Check out some ideas to create a hippie living room.

Morrocan Style

Hippie Living Room Ideas
Picture by : Artisan Books

This room contrasts bright colors and plays with patterns. Ethnic patterns on the throw pillows are the highlights of this design. The contrasting colors make the room look more exciting.


Hippie Living Room Ideas
Picture by : Raul Candales

This living room interior optimizes the small room capacity by removing large furniture. To match the ethnic patterns, opt for faux fur carpet and give a touch of hanging lanterns.

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Source : /i.pinimg.com

This living room interior focuses on using throw pillows in different colors and patterns. The psychedelic tapestry is a decor detail that makes this room has a hippie grove.

Frequently Asked Question

What are hippies called now?

Nowadays, the hippies are normally called bohemians or naturalists. Their values advocate nonviolence and love. “make love, not war”.

How do I make my room a hippie room?

You can incorporate several elements inside your hippie room, such as:
1. Layer textiles
2. Put rug
3. Use a Tapestry Instead of Wallpaper
4. A Meditation Space
5. Loft Bed
6. Wood Details
7. Plants


There is no basic rule or principle we should follow when it comes to hippie room ideas. The good thing about having a hippie room is that it can be an eclectic mix of many different styles, with bohemian style as its major direction. But, what are some elements of a room so you can call it hippie? tie-dyed, tapestry, flowers, playing with colors and patterns, vintage stuff and cheap decor details. A hippie room suits you best if you’re ready to be different.

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