20 Modern & Cool Bedroom Ideas

Cool Bedroom Ideas – The word ‘cool’ can be defined as fashionably attractive or impressive. Some words synonymously used for this particular word is stylish. If you are a cosmopolitan person, you will opt for a cool and chic design for your bedroom. 

But what makes a cool bedroom? First thing first, it is the color that sets the tone of the room. Then, the choice of furniture plays a very important part in setting up the whole ambiance of the room. Go with one style, which could be modern, minimalist or futuristic. Room organization is what’s coming next to wrap your trendy room, making your close friends come to your bedroom wowed by its interior and layout.


Cool Bedroom Ideas: Cool Bedroom Essentials

Cozy, organized and fitting the whole decor theme is the principles you should bear in mind when choosing furniture and items for your cool bedroom. Check out some bedroom essentials garnered from many sources. Be inspired.

Comfy Bedding

Cool Bedroom Essentials
By : Nina Kooiker

Surely, one thing to make you feel comfortable in your bedroom is a bed. Look cooler by having funny prints for a playful bedroom. Still, what counts more is the choice of the materials for your bedding set. Opt for cotton bedding material as it is deemed to be the most comfortable fabric, smooth and soft to touch.

Soft Pillows and Bolsters

Cool Bedroom Essentials
By : Paul Kolobov

Soft pillows and bolsters are must-have items for decorating your bed. Feeling soft would look comfy and pamper your nap or night sleep. Different sizes of pillows range from standard, super standard, queen, king and European would just enhance the style. Apart from that, the fill used within a pillow boosts loft and comfort. Choose the memory foam fill if you are allergic to feathers or kapok as it stores less dust.

Cool Arts

Cool Bedroom Essentials
By : Multiple Owners

This room looks cool without being overwhelming. Everything looks simple yet stylish. Look how the unique shape of hanging light fixture enhances the look of this room. Another focus is on the choice of simple artwork that goes brilliantly with the whole decor.

Reading Nook

Cool Bedroom Essentials
BY : House of Sui Sui Interiors

To look cool, a reading nook in the corner of your bedroom would create a sense of serenity in style. Look how the lighting fixture and artistic partition make the corner look great in design and function. With a red accent throw, this corner is the best place to either reading books or contemplating.

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Cool Kids Bedroom Ideas

Cool Kids Bedroom Ideas
Source : unsplash.com

There are fun ways to decorate your kids room, starting from displayed teddy, superheroes prints, movie sets, space exploration to fairy tales depending on their preference. There is no specific rule in decorating your kids room, but their preference is priority. Put their liking at the top before choosing any decor theme that would fit their vision and fulfils practicality and function. Here we have some ideas you can look into for revamping your kids room, have them choose one and work on it together.


Cool Kids Bedroom Ideas

Look how cute this big bear print on the wall. This would look the big teddy on a real display to guard and entertain. The beige and creamy color on the wall has its elegance combined with playful accents that go along with the colors of the print: yellow and blue. Who wouldn’t be amazed with this cool idea?


Cool Kids Bedroom Ideas
Source : https://i.pinimg.com/

Kids love camping, so the idea of staying in a tent would enchant them. This bunk bed that looks like a house in a house would make them feel staying outdoors. The sync color and patterned rug perfectly fits the whole decor. The finishing touch is a modern light fixture that boosts the cool look of the room


Cool Kids Bedroom Ideas
By : Ebrahim Gamal

This twin bedroom is a combination of luxury and cuteness. Start from cute dolls on the floor and cute picture frame on the wall, the room is then shifted to grande view. The chandelier, long drapes and combination of textured walls level up the look of this room. Ready to mesmerize your kids? Ask if this idea satisfies their vision.


Cool Kids Bedroom Ideas
Source : behance.com

Are you designing a cozy yet stylish space for your little girl? This idea will not fail to charm both adults and kids. Start from a unique bed frame that defines comfort to accessories in golden accessories such as bedside lamps and tables. A cute character rocking chair to spark imagination.

Cool Blue

Cool Kids Bedroom Ideas
By : Naya U

What would make a room cool? Surely a cool blue https://transparentpharmacy.net theme. This room has white and soft blue as its focal colors that make the room look warm and inviting. The choice of the bedding set, curtains, rug, unique bean bag chair ,and cute character accessories wraps up a stylish kids bedroom.

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Yellow Accents

Cool Kids Bedroom Ideas
By : Vy Soory Nguyen

Playful as this room design depicts, this bedroom is truly an inspiring one. The yellow accents on its star lamps, pillows, rugs and kids chair blend perfectly with achromatic color palette. One word to best define this room idea: cheerful.

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Cool Bedroom Ideas for Guys

Cool bedroom ideas for guys

What guys want for their bedroom style? Masculine elements are needed to charm those coming to their space. Some would also prefer simplicity and practicality as they don’t want to be bothered for knicks knacks. We have a collection of some cool bedroom ideas for guys who love austerity.

Sparkling Clean

Cool Bedroom Ideas for Guys
By : Vira Varava

This modern looking room is perfect for those living an urban style. An open plan glass partition adds a touch of elegance to the room, making it look clean and spacious. A simple bedframe with cozy bedding is all what guys want for a bed. Plus the modern light fixture, this room is a perfect inspiration for guys to charm their guests.

Dark and Masculine

Cool Bedroom Ideas for Guys
By : Anastasiia Reznichenko

The layout of this room looks simple, but surely offers comfort and relaxing atmosphere at night, an ideal fit for guys. Dominated by dark wall paint, the mirror wardrobe doubles the energy of the room. Another charm is a tall glass window which lets the natural light penetrate the room.


Cool Bedroom Ideas for Guys

Ready to charm and look cool? How this single color room fascinates anyone coming into the room. This space is a clean and roomy that would help you recharge your energy after one long tiring day.

Cool Bedroom Ideas for Women

Cool Bedroom Ideas for Women

Women love something private and personal, obviously different from men who might see a room for its function only. Women’s choice starting from the color scheme, room design, furniture to accessories are deemed to be quite meticulous, thus it needs planning and more attention to details. Here are some ideas you can adopt when thinking of designing a female bedroom.

Soft Pink

Cool Bedroom Ideas for Women
By : salma ashraf

The pink beige color from the bedding and some textured wall creates comfort and warmth. One artwork showing a close-up girl’s face wrapped with pink color scheme is a feminine statement, making it look more stylish and elegant.

Red Headboard

Cool Bedroom Ideas for Women
By : Moda Interiors

This modern look bedroom may not look too spacious, but super comfy. Anyway, who wants a big bedroom if you want it private. This room is an ideal fit for a single lady looking for comfort and style in her bedroom.

Floral Bedding

Cool Bedroom Ideas for Women

This room is what you are longing to spend a lazy afternoon. The floral bedding set adds a feminine touch to the whole room. The pastel shades send you to a relaxed state of mind.

Country Style

Cool Bedroom Ideas for Women
By : Actual Size Projects

If  you love simplicity, this country style bedroom would be a perfect choice. Look how light colors brighten the room and make the room look airy. The fir beams and wooden bed frame take you back to the feel of a countryside.

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Cool Bedroom Accessories

modern bedroom designs

Our bedroom is a private space where we want to make as comfy as possible. People would show their personality through the choice of furniture and decor details. If you have finished choosing furniture items for your bedroom and planned the layout, what to do next is to choose accessories that would complete the cool look of the room. Here are some collections of accessories to add in your chic bedroom.

Table Lamps

teenage girl bedroom ideas for small rooms
Source : https://www.pexels.com

Table lamps are accessories that create statements. With unique design that works in harmony with design theme, a table lamp would enhance the ‘cool’ style of the room. Like this simple wooden table attached with bedside table, it looks perfect to be added in your simple yet stylish room design.


teenage bedroom ideas for small rooms
By : Anne Lopez

Who wouldn’t love snuggling down into a warm duvet? A duvet is definitely one must-have item in the bedroom to create comfort. Choose great colors that creates a clean feel and comfy fabric that puts you to sleep.


teenage bedroom ideas boy
By : Roman Kozhevnikov

Look how nature brings freshness feel in this bedroom. A small plant on a clean vase would be a perfect accessory in any room style. This leafy plant chimes in different colors, creating balance and harmony.


cool bedroom ideas for teenage guys small rooms
By : DK Talkies •

A clock is an item with functionality, but it doesn’t mean to be in a boring design. Check this clock with a unique design that would create a ‘wow’ effect.

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How to Make Your Bedroom Look Cool

How to make your bedroom look cool
By : Joel Antunes photography

A cool bedroom revamp is something you need to carefully design. It entails a modern look but cozy feel. When it comes to stylish, bright and fresh look, there would be many aspects involved including creativity and sense of style. Here are some ideas you adopt when planning for a cool bedroom decor style.

Use Bright Color Scheme

A neutral wall paint is timeless and versatile. That’s why many decor styles would suggest this color to adjust with any decor details. Pastels including soft pink, mauve or blue would be the best options you can put on your wall paint. White or creamy white is also the best, making you less worried to put more creativity in your space. You can add some pastel shades accents in other accessories such as throw pillows, hanging decor items or rug.

Consider Natural Light

Make the most of natural light to your bedroom by having it more open. Plump for simple and elegant drapes or a simple blind would do best. Having an open partition in between spaces in your bedroom is a brilliant idea. You would love the idea of having an open wardrobe and a small partition to get to your dressing

Add in Nature

The fresh look comes from something natural. The idea of bringing in some plants or flowers that blend with the decor theme would just fit perfectly your cool bedroom design. If you think having a plant in the bedroom would be messy, think of putting a white lily in a long glass vase. Another idea is a wooden bed frame which suit your whole design. That would refine the look of fresh and stylish in your private chamber.

Stay Simple

One and only principle in making your bedroom look cool is its simplicity, meaning not too much accessories nor plain and dull concept. Declutter helps you focus on furniture that comes with function. Get rid of small accessories with no form and function statement, so your focus is more on large items fitting the whole look of the room – cool and stylish.

Add Cool Accessories

One and only principle in making your bedroom look cool is its simplicity, meaning not too much accessories nor plain and dull concept. Declutter helps you focus on furniture that comes with function. Get rid of small accessories with no form and function statement, so your focus is more on large items fitting the room’s whole look – cool and stylish.

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Frequently Asked Question

How can I make my room look cool without spending money?

You can utilize daily stuff or go to the dollar store and find these items:
1. Light strings
2. Recycle Furniture
3. Grab Plants and use indoor/hanging planters
4. Use Wallpaper Accents.
5. DIY Hanging Shelf.
6. Grab Some Fresh Flowers.
7. Recycled Furniture.

How do I make my room less childish?

You can make your room less childish by removing childish paint. You can choose more earth tone or neutral color inside your room. Some addition, like gold or gray, can add more luxury or mature feelings.

What is a contemporary bedroom?

A contemporary bedroom may be defined as a modern natural decorating style. It may sound cold by integrating vibrant color, warm wood furnishing, and soft texture. You can feel if you are in a contemporary bedroom, just like staying in a master suite or guest room; that’s the easy closest description you can imagine.


Bedroom is considered to be the most important part of the rooms in a house. That is where people at home rest and relax after one long and tiring day. Meticulous plan should be put into consideration when planning to revamp a bedroom. Not only should it fulfill the need of comfort and warmth, the design should also look inviting for anyone needing to rest in the bedroom. Cool bedroom design fits these demands by not only offering comfort, it also focuses on style.

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