10+ Clever tips and Bedroom Closet Ideas for Maximizing Small Space

Bedroom Closet Ideas – Whether you are mad about organizing or fancy looking your things arranged well in their place, you’re probably thinking about how best to organize your closet. From the simple one to the most sophisticated, we’ve rounded up some list that will be a super help for organizing your bedroom closet, either in a walk-in closet or strategically-placed clothing rack.


Bedroom Closet Ideas: How To Maximize A Small Closet

How to Maximize a Small Closet

Unconsciously, being well-organized will leave you to have a lot of space for your closet. No matter what size your closet is. One thing that will become the solution to get the right storage space is to maximize the space you have. Consider installing some extra hook to a rolling garment rack to make sorting your thing more manageable. Boxes or hampers would like to be added to your mind to simplify sorting the clothes, books, and shoes you rarely use.

1. Clean It Out

Clean It Out

While starting your tidy up closet routine, the first step is to take everything out of the closet. Try to eliminate outdated style or ill-fitting garments from your closet. If you hardly ever wear them in the past year, it’s okay to say it’s time to get rid of them or keep them in a box. Make four divisions. One to keep things. One for seasonal used. Mind one to donate. And the last to take away, and also for the things that don’t belong in the closet. Move them to the attic or garage, donate or put them in the garage sell them.

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2. Measure Your Space & Line The Shelf

Measure Your Space & Line The Shelf

It’s better to save things in your closet that match between the size of them to the available space storage.  Prepare a tape measure, and then measure the width, depth, and height of your closet space and shelves. Don’t forget to make a note of any obstructions. 

For a finishing touch, you can favor the line of your closet with a patterned or scented shelf liner paper. Not only make your closet fancier, but it will keep your clothes smelling fresh, and it will be easier to clean the shelf.

3. Use Containers That Maximize Vertical Space

Use Containers That Maximize Vertical Space
Wills Company

Save the valuable space from extending your storage. When the top shelf can quickly become a dumping ground, go to put the seasonal things in stacking shelves or labeled bins then arrange them on the top shelf. The arrangement of the storage in the top shelf will also clear hanging space on your closet rod.

Another option, you can store them under your bed with a rolling storage box or take them to the corner inside a garment rack. If there are some short hanging among your clothes, have an extra closet rod to double the amount of hanging space instantly. Furthermore, cascading and slim profile hangers are other smart ways to save space. The last that will also give you a great benefit of drawers in your closet, adding an extra hanging sweater and hanging shoe organizers. The placement of hanging storage will provide you with easy access to items.

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4. Make Use Of The Floor

Make Use Of The Floor
Built-Rite Closets

Use the space available between your clothes rod and the floor to keep the shoe cabinet. It will provide you more space and make great use of vertical space. You’ll find it convenient to store a small hamper under your hanging clothes. You can also keep a folding step stool in the corner as the tool to reach the top shelf.

5. Make Use Of The Doors

Make Use Of The Doors

Placing hooks behind the door and put small things in a hanging suitcase will be another brilliant use of space. The other side of the door is an ideal place to store everything from your robe to accessories, bags, and shoes. Hooks and hook racks are great for keeping everything from belts and ties to hats. You can have either adhesive hooks that let you keep the other side of the door clear without having to screw or nail anything permanently to the door.

6. Use A Hanging Organizer

Use A Hanging Organizer

You can add several clothes you keep in your closet by adding a second level with a rod. It’s useful and space safe.

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7. Use a Letter Organizer

Use a Letter Organizer

An acrylic book divider has another function to hold clutches upright, which prevents untidy arrangement and keeps bags within easy reach.

8. Look Up

Look Up

A wide range of shoe collections sometimes makes us worry about the availability of space. A column of rods on a space can turn an empty wall space into the perfect place for storing high heels.

9. Hang Accessories

Hang Accessories

You can make a DIY sliding organizer by yourself, which is a perfect place for hanging scarves and belts. Be aware of measuring the easy access to the depths of your closet

10. Get Creative

Get Creative

Having a branch hanging on an empty wall to double as a rack can be additional hanging storage. It’s unique and aesthetic!

Decorating Bedroom Closet

Decorating Bedroom Closet

1. Paint It

Paint It
LDa Architecture & Interiors

Colors bring your closet alive; you’ll be surprised when your closet looks different with a dose of color. It’s a super-easy and takes only several hours to do. It’s best to stay with brights, mid-tones, or pastels. To have similarity with the color of your bedroom, choose a hue that’s already used there. You can select the brighter or, the softer shade.

2. Try Wallpaper

Try Wallpaper
CLOSET THEORY by Janie Lowrie

Similar to paintings, wallpaper can bring joy to your closet. It can give you a special pattern along with your closet color. Nowadays, wallpaper is much easier to stick and remove. It offers you various colors and patterns. Select one with a strong, unique design of pattern. Enjoy your new color closet in geometric design, large floral, animal print, or botanical motif. 

3. Let There Be Light

Let There Be Light
Gray Walker Interiors

You will never know how much you will need good lighting for your closet. You will thank yourself for installing or have good lighting in your closet when you’re trying to differentiate between a navy blue or black skirt. If you’re lucky enough to have a large or walk-in closet, you can try a semi-flush mount fixture, a small chandelier, or hanging light bulbs. In a smaller closet, try simple stick-up lights or a flush-mount fixture with a glass bowl.

4. Matching Hangers

Matching Hangers
Organized Living

Don’t have much money to customize your closet? Try the easiest way to light up your closet, invest in a set of the same type of hangers. Pick the colorful plastic, wood, or select flocked hangers. Whichever you prefer, the closet briefly looks better when the hangers; all match, and make a presence and prevent creases in your clothing.

5. Add a Rug

Add a Rug
Powell/Kleinschmidt, Inc.

It’s rug time. Give a little hue of color to your closet floor by adding a small rug or runner to your closet floor. It adds more color and pattern to your closet. Pick an animal print, a exotic ethnic design, or a super-bright geometric. Stick the rug with double tape to make the carpet easier to get vacuumed.

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6. Open Doors

Open Doors
Square Footage Inc.

Instead of having a plain, white, and dull closet door, you can spice up tit with these few options:

  1. Let the doors painted in different ways than your walls
  2. Beautify it with wallpaper, modeled fabric or scrapbooking paper
  3. Use a paint pen to create stripes on the doors
  4. Map out a mural on its surface
  5. Decorate it with wall decals

Bedroom Closet Ideas

Bedroom Closet Ideas

Bedroom Closet Doors Design

Bedroom Closet Bifold Doors
HomeStory Doors of Orange County

The bifold closet door or you can say its name as a two-fold closet door. The doors save space and can be painted or beautified to create an unmatched style. You can have the closet door detailed by installing woods modeled in geometrical forms for a neoteric look or installing outstanding and well-beautified wallpapers that help to make the closet have a very inviting look.

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Bedroom Closet Sliding Doors

Bedroom Closet Sliding Doors
MIG Furniture Design, Inc.

Beside the Bifold closet door, one another way to have a saving place door is replacing your closet door with the sliding one. If you consider remodeling the existing door, you have to check the walls around to imagine the construction of the door perfectly to be attractive to the eyes. Ask for pro help in the fixing of the closet door because the wall is affected for the sliding door to work perfectly well.

Bedroom Closet Mirror Doors

Bedroom Closet Mirror Doors
Beau-Port Kitchens & Interiors

Placing a mirror on the surface of your closet door will let a unique way in decorating your closet, not just offers you a classy look, but it also creates a kind of special effect that accentuates the beauty of the room.

Aside from flattering the closet, it gives a chance for the owner checking him/herself out in the mirror after dressing up. It guides the user to have the final check before leaving the house, in case it can easily spot the mistake on your outfit.

Bedroom Closet French Door

Bedroom Closet French Doors

The way the door swings open not into the closet but the bedroom, making it easier for you to have larger space to keep more belongings into your closet, let more available saving spaces and make the room neat and tidy. You can create your closet door with a stylish painting or molding that could cause the door to look different and classy.

Sliding Barn Closet Door Ideas

Bedroom Closet French Doors
Sheila Rich Interiors, LLC

This Bedroom Closet Ideas will those who love the rustic look. Possessing the sliding barn door in your closet is helping you to achieve what you want. It might be challenging to get the barn door. Therefore, instead of having a hard time finding the sliding barn door, you can go for the distressed wood doors as a similar look alternative.

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Bedroom Closet Alternatives

Bedroom Closet Alternatives

Under Bed Storage Bedroom Closet Ideas

Under Bed Storage
Kropat Interior Design

If you have a small space under your bed, you can put some storage boxes and keep clothes or books. Find the storage box that fits with the height of the beneath of the bed. Plenty of beds have open space underneath that allow shallow bins designed for under-bed usage feature wheels to easily access the bottom of the without scratching floors or snagging rugs and carpets.

You can also create similar storage by installing wheels to the old dresser drawers. If you have extra money, purchasing a bed with built-in drawers will be the cheapest alternative way to eliminate the need for a dresser.

Vacuum Bags and Storage Bins for Bedroom Closet Ideas

acuum Bags and Storage Bins
Neat Method San Diego

Oversized vacuum-seal bags are great for storing rarely used things, such as heavy winter sweaters and extra pillows for guests. These large bags bring a unique feature that allows a vacuum cleaner removing the air from the material, creating a vacuum within the bag. The thing that storage inside the vacuum bags will be lighter. If you want to use the things, open the bags, and the item will get back to its original size.


Handpaintedby Cookie

Adding at least one storage or dresser as furniture in your bedroom is a must. Before installing a closet or ample storage throughout the bedroom, armoires, wardrobes, and chifforobes kept clothing well arranged. The group of three is still a success as bedroom storage until now. They have similar characteristics: each is a tall cabinet, typically wooden.

Bedroom With Closet Vaulted Ceiling

Wardrobe Closet for Bedroom with Vaulted Ceiling

This Bedroom Closet Ideas with a vaulted ceiling has limitations for the rows and width of space between the rows. You can install a two-piece closet wardrobes system against one wall of the bedroom that fits under the vaulted ceiling. Note how well the closet match to the color of your bedroom. You can color it with the darker or, the lighter color than the walls or find the contrast one who still suits the base color of your bedroom.

DIY Bedroom To Closet

Diy Bedroom To Closet
Nanette Wong

If you think it’s better to build the closet by yourself, it will be helpful to select the range of prices that suit your pocket well. For this do-it-yourself closet, you can prefer the cheapest and save more for handmade built closet. The next part is the hardest, planning the layout and measuring the space; hence, the closet will not consume to much space or too small to keep items.

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Bedroom Closet Portable

Bedroom With Closet Vaulted Ceiling
Giambastiani Design

A portable closet, which people know it as a portable wardrobe or freestanding closet, is like a small closet on wheels. It features a long rod that attached to the closet body, allowing you to hang clothing freely. It slims built and not restricted by any thick walls makes it moving to wherever it’s needed. These are the wardrobes of choice for touring for providing easy access and portability for speedy clothing changes. Most of them covered with a fabric or vinyl with zips closed, keeping the clothing protected from dust and direct sunlight. However, to get the best closets, you should consider the following factors.



The durability and appearance of the closet should be one of the first factors to consider. You have to consider the material of the frame, cover and tiers, and connectors. For the frame, choose the high-quality metal as the best option, while the non-woven fabric is the most excellent material for the cover and tiers. Check also for a high-quality plastic connector.

Ease of Assembly

Ease of Assembly

A portable closet offers you easy access to take it apart and assemble it in a different location. It is crucial to you pick one that is straightforward and fast to assemble. Avoid the one that needs hours to get assembled. Last thought, go for the portable closet that comes with clear and easy instructions.

Closet Capacity

Closet Capacity

Capacity matters to determine the number of items that you can keep in the closet. Make sure to check for things like the weight capacity to determine what the closet can handle. Also, check the dimensions when you assemble it. Choose the capacity that suitable for items that you want to keep in the closet and how much you are ready to spend.



The main problem comes from the capability of your pocket. Relate the function and size of the closet to the price. Of course, here is a wide range to pick from. Always go for the best portable closet that you can afford or one that is at a reasonable price.

How do you maximize closet space in a small room ?

So that your clothing can hang up vertically, consider adding an extra closet rod to your closet to double your hanging wardrobe area. Shelving as well as stackable and slim profile hang rails can also help if you need more room. Finally, do a drawer search by installing hanging sweater and hanging shoe organizers.

How much does it cost to build a closet in a bedroom?

You need to plan your budget first before build a closet in a bedroom. A reach-in closet installation costs about $750 to $1,000, while a typical walk-in installation would cost $2,000 to $2,500. The rate is dependent on the size and whether the framing was installed beforehand.

How narrow a closet be?

The recommended height of a closet is 24″ (61 cm), but the closet depth as narrow as 20″ (50.8 cm) can be used if desired. Shelf depths of 12″ (30.5 cm) should be used for shoes and smaller clothing parts.

Conclusion of Bedroom Closet Ideas

The right choice and use of a portable clothes closet is an excellent addition to your bedroom as it makes it easy to organize and store all your clothes. Even there are so many options out there, by the information given in the article, you can consider which one suit you best 

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