Jungalow Room Ideas, Jungalow Style Essentials and Tips

Jungalow Room Ideas – The term jungalow was coined by Justina Blakeney, a lifestyle blogger who came up with combining the idea of ‘jungle’ and ‘bungalow’ in the home decor. The jungalow lifestyle revolves around the idea of the healing power of plants, tones, fresh air and light. With the idea of bringing the outdoors in the home decor, more plants are the accessories you can have to fill the space. Refreshing and relaxing atmosphere is the aim of the design, where creativity to decorate with patterns and colors is the utmost skills you should apply in design.

The Jungalow style is what people refer to when they think of a house plant. It is wild and free decorating style with a hearty sense. Justina Blakeney, the creator of this style loves blending old, new, folkloristic, and surprising materials with a huge number of green plants. The design reflects the designer’s personality and experiences with plants, colors and patterns showing one’s life journey.


What Is A Jungalow Style?

What is jungalow style
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The jungalow style – the term derived from ‘jungle’ and ‘bungalow’ ideas come from the personal style of the creator, Justina Blakeney. It combines the love of flowers and plants and the life journey of its creator. The decor is enhanced by the collected items from her travel journey. It is surely one trending style that most designers adapt when it comes to a relaxed atmosphere. But, what is a jungalow style?

Jungle and Bungalow

The bungalow is a small house usually surrounded by wide verandas. The bungalow style is derived from the thatched huts of Bengali farmers, it offers simplicity and relaxation. While the idea of marrying this bungalow style with jungle is to decorate with plants and colors wildly. Adding plants into the room creates a jungle vibe, being at the most natural state.

Coziness and Vivaciousness

The goal of this design is a cozy atmosphere with some attractive energy created by popping colors and plants. As it reflects the creator’s personality and journey, the room design would provide comfortable feel. Plants are just so much refreshing that creates energy that radiates enthusiasm. 

Global Finds

Inspired by the global finds Justina has been collecting on her travel, the room decor is a mix of diverse culture. The items displayed to put more colors and patterns in a jungalow style might come from Morocco, Turkey, Mexico and India. Justina once mentioned that It’s important to trace the history of objects in order to consciously put them in new contexts – home.

Color and Pattern

The secret of a jungalow style is color. Justina uses the power of color to tie things together to create a relaxed atmosphere. Plants are so much natural that create the best colors and patterns to add in a jungalow style.

Tips for Getting A Jungalow Room Ideas

Joining the term ‘Jungalow’, Justina bases her design style on the love of plants, color and patterns that represents wild decoration and puts coziness as its main goal. What are the real tips for a Jungalow Room Ideas? Are plants enough to work on this project? Here are some simple tips for a jungalow style you can inspire.

Put More Plants

Tips for Getting A Jungalow Style
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A big part of a jungalow style involves bringing the outdoors in, and plants are the must-have element in the room. Plants feature colors and patterns that refresh and liven up the room. Different kinds of plants look adorable as it creates different patterns as eyes can behold.

Tips for Getting A Jungalow Style
Source : https://blog.jungalow.com

The collection items can become art. One way to do it by redecorating your gallery wall, either in your dining room or bedroom. Pendant lamp made of rattan gives the space an earthy tone. Some rustic frames can also be used to display different patterns. The more things you put on the wall, the merrier.

Be Bold with Patterns

Tips for Getting A Jungalow Style
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Pattern is one of the basic ingredients of a jungalow style. Take a risk of patterns by adding more patterns to your room. This coastal looking bedroom has different patterns on its bedding, chairs, sofa, and rug. The creamy white tone wall balances the patterns and creates harmony.

Create More Pop Colors

Tips for Getting A Jungalow Style
Source : https://cdn.onekindesign.com

Colors set the tone of the room. A white plain wall is so much energizing when it combines with popping and bright colors as seen in this room. The throw pillows are just amazing that we feel more energized.

Think Nature and Boho

Tips for Getting A Jungalow Style
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The best way to think jungalow in simple ways is to combine boho style and nature. Look how this boho room make us feel relaxed and vivacious. Plants breathe life into the room, while the patterns and popping colors as in bohemian style reflects free style personality, giving a more comfortable feel to the room.

Jungalow Kitchen Ideas

For your kitchen to look fresh and fun, add color, pattern and plants. Then you’ll have a jungalow kitchen. Kitchen this style is not boring at all, pleasing the eyes and eventually your palate. Inspired by Justina’s desire to create a kitchen that makes the space look green and fresh, a combination of pattern and plants wrapped in exciting colors can be your ultimate choice.

White and Green Jungalow Room Ideas

Jungalow Kitchen Ideas
Source : https://blog.jungalow.com

This kitchen idea suits those who love simplicity and nature. There are only two colors involved in the scheme – white and green. But all the patterns of the tile, wall decor, and rug have made the space look vibrant. The wooden shelf just adds another minor color that fits the whole scheme.

Bright Orange Jungalow Room Ideas

Jungalow Kitchen Ideas
Source : https://i.pinimg.com

Choosing bold shades of orange make the space look timeless and exciting. Orange is a good option for a kitchen wall for it enhances warmth and energy. The bright orange pairs well with any colors, even the blue shades. As jungalow’s idea is to decorate wildly, this kitchen is its real reflection of its style.

Green Accents Jungalow Room Ideas

Jungalow Kitchen Ideas
Source : https://cdn.apartmenttherapy.info

The all-white color scheme is not wrong at all, but it might seem boring if you don’t add some accents. The green accents add a fresh touch to the space. It goes well with the plants added in the room.

Sleek Style

Jungalow Kitchen Ideas
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This transitional jungalow kitchen relies much on color palette to make it natural and boosts warmth. The wooden shelves are the best option that go along with the floral wall sticker. The final touch is the plants which add more colors to this simple concept.

Stunning White

Jungalow Kitchen Ideas
Source : feasthome.com

This kitchen revamp is simple yet elegant, making the cook easily access all the utensils needed for their work. The layout and color choice is the best option that jibe with plants and patterned rug.

Pink Accents

Jungalow Kitchen Ideas
Source : images.squarespace-cdn.com

Experiment with pink and your jungalow kitchen would look like this. The pink colors stand out and some other colors just match it. Plants in every corner of the room enhances the fresh feel of the space.


Source : www.detectview.com

The eclectic style of this joint kitchen and dining room creates a unique feeling. The idea of cooking in the jungle is represented with the hanging indoor plants and the plants. One tip to have the string of nickels is to suspend this plant in a skinny pot to let the leaves dangle down.

Jungalow Bedroom Ideas

The first thing to focus when it comes to redesign your bedroom is the bed itself. You may want to start choosing the simple bed frame which balance the colorful patterned bedsheet and blanket. One option for a jungalow bed is a quilt sheet or woven cotton throw. For a jungalow style bedroom, not much furniture is needed. The bedroom can be easily kept clean and stay as its function. Here are some ideas you can adapt to make your room feel and look jungleicious.

Serene White

Jungalow Room Ideas
Source : /i.pinimg.com

For the love of white and its shades, this room is the coziest bedroom revamp you can inspire. Look how the white color scheme creates an airy look to this jungle bedroom. The plants breathe life and creates comfort to the room.

Super Comfort

Jungalow Room Ideas
Source : i.pinimg.com

This bedroom combines boho style and nature which makes the room look comfortable. The earthy color of the quilts set, woven floor mat and plants are the best ingredients for a jungalow vibe. The hanging pendant lamps and throw pillows perfect the idea of comfort rest.


Jungalow Room Ideas
Source : i.ytimg.com

This room has an airy look for its white floor and wall paint. Not only does it create a roomy space, it balances the look of the whole room which green and white dominate. The throw pillows and bed cover is ornate with leaves patterns, creating a harmony with indoor plants in the room.


Source : /s3-us-west-1.amazonaws.com

This bedroom is an inspiration for an apartment bedroom. The three basic ingredients of the room are explored: patterns, colors, and plants. Although colors don’t play much in this design, patterns as seen in the bedding set and rug create a boho style. It is then enhanced with the plants, making it look more jungalow.

Blue with Pattern

Source : i.pinimg.com

Blue in jungalow style, it is what you can see here. The blue color dominates the room with its wall paint and patterns in blue. In this design, the juxtaposition of the blue domination and green from the plants are presented to make the room look cramped but cozy.

Black and Bold

Source : opeeqo-ideabooks.s3.amazonaws.com

The reason why black is not prevalently used in room decor is that this color absorbs all light in the color spectrum, thus making the room look smaller. But, the positive effect of this color is that it evokes power and creates balance. Try black backdrop behind your bed. Adding plants and patterns to the scheme will make you feel more restful.

Play with Texture

Source : /www.thespruce.com

When you can’t play much with patterns, you might want to add more layers to the textures most especially for your bedding. Plants such as cacti or dypsis would enhance the look of a jungalow bedroom.

Open Space

Source : 66.media.tumblr.com

One great idea to create a jungle inside your room is to create a big door that can be opened anytime to your garden. Look how this room look disintegrated with nature for its open door.

Jungalow Living Room Ideas

When one aims to present their creativity and freshness in their living room, jungalow style is the best option. Check out some ideas on how to decorate your living room to look like staying in a jungle with some modern twists.


Source : www.thespruce.com

This simple concept of living room uses only two colors dominating the room: green and white. The big cactus in between the armchairs is a statement ornament that makes the room look fresh and fierce.

Bright Colors

Picture by : New Generation Home Improvements

The bright colored sofa is what it takes to make the room look standout. Don’t forget to add plants as statement ornaments that create a jungalow vibe. The patterned throw pillows are the best you can get to add the boho feeling.


Picture by : ANA Interiors

The bright colored sofa is what it takes to make the room look standout. Don’t forget to add plants as statement ornaments that create a jungalow vibe. The patterned throw pillows are the best you can get to add the boho feeling.

Pastel Shades

Picutre by : ANA Interiors

The bright room with a large sofa and a table is displayed here. The plants bring the outdoors indoors – making the room look airy and fresh.

Patterns Loved

Picture by : Storybook Interiors

Pattern is one basic ingredient of a jungalow room. This interior relies heavily on the use of different patterns to show beauty and creativity – so colorful.


Picture by : Maisons du Monde UK

The dark gray paint makes the room look exotic. With some rattan furniture items added and antique brass table are the best options to add in the room. Plus, the banana plant inside the room is another brilliant idea.

Mid-century Living

Picture by : Mackenzie Collier Interiors

This living room is an open space connected to the kitchen. Simply choose a mid-century style sofa and add plants, you will find a homey living room.


Picture by : m.o.daby design

Looking for an idea that is inspired by a loft type space? This interior is the best you can opt for. This design is interactive for connecting all parts of the room, with its living room as the central point.

Jungalow Bathroom Ideas

Bathroom is the room with its clear function and still offers consolation. One would spend time relaxing in the tub, thus it is important to start revamping your bathroom into a space that is both practical and relaxing. Here are some ideas for jungalow look bathrooms. 


Picture by : StudioMyte



jungalow bathroom
Picture by : ANA Interiors

Green Shades

Source : blog.jungalow.com

Playing patterns and adding plants are two things you can explore to create a jungalow style bathroom. Rustic elements can also be added to the design to look more natural.

Popping Blue

jungalow style room
Source : blog.jungalow.com

The honeycomb tiles in a bathroom with popping colors is one wild idea you can adapt to create a jungalow style. Don’t forget to add some small indoor plants to make create a refreshing feel.

Bright and Clean

jungalow wallpaper
Source : i.pinimg.com

Longing for a bright and clean bathroom? You might be inspired by this interior. White-painted wall is all you need to create an airy look. Small plants on its simple wooden vanity are the perfect ornaments added to the room.

Back to Nature

Jungalow Room Ideas
Source : i.pinimg.com

Romantic with Plants

Jungalow Room Ideas
Source : i.pinimg.com

All you need for a jungalow look is plants everywhere. Add some scented candles for a romantic feel, then you can have a romantic jungle inside your bathroom!

Conclusion of Jungalow Room Ideas

Firstly coined by Justina Blakeney, Jungalow style is now trending among those who love the style that brings the outdoors indoors. There are three main elements in creating a jungalow style: pattern, color, and plants. This style creates feelings of going back to nature and a sense of relaxation – a combination of being in the ‘jungle’ and ‘bungalow’.

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