Bedroom Lighting Ideas (Things to Consider, Tips on Adjusting)

Bedroom Lighting Ideas – Many people rebuild their space at a premium nowadays. For instance, sleeping is not the only thing we can do in the bedroom. With proper lighting and some extra stuff such as a chair or sofa and a small side table, you can use it for reading or just relaxing.

Unconsciousness for most people, the lighting in a bedroom can help us set the mood of the room just as it does the perceived size of a room. The combination of the placement and type of lighting will blend with the color selections, room size, availability of natural light and furniture selection. Mix the elements that will transform a bedroom into a seamless combination of functionality and style.

Going ahead, here are some points to become your consideration before you start the lighting project.


Things to Consider in Choosing Bedroom Lighting

Things to Consider in Choosing Bedroom Lighting

1. Color and Track Lighting

Color and Track Lighting

Just similar to the painting, the lighting also has a massive influence on the size of the bedroom. When reflected off of the surfaces of the walls, the lighting will help darker colors can make a bedroom feel smaller, while light-colored walls do a different way.

The light such track lighting, which is an example of positional lighting, can soften the bedroom colors. Another example, adjustable lamps can point at specific elements, such as an entryway or wall decoration.

2. Complement Your Space with Task Lighting

Complement Your Space with Task Lighting

The lighting, both natural and human-made, can help you create the illusion of space. A darker room needs more showered by natural light. Natural lighting is preferable because it shows off and bounces the color surface better.

If there is not enough natural light, the room will feel cramped. While the requirement cannot be fulfilled and lighting such as corner lamps, wall sconces, and centrally hanging lights on the ceiling help brighten a room and create an illusion of larger space. 

Not only for its function, the lighting can also create a mood for a bedroom. Choose one primary light source and other small ones for another reason. For those who love reading or working in bed, task lighting is the answer.

Task lighting can be used either for a specific activity or setting the pace of your room. There are many options for this type of lighting, such as table lamps, which may be primarily used to illuminate only some areas.

3. Mix It Up

Mix it Up

Consider combining some different types of bedroom lighting to enhance specific areas. Any lights that can lead the eye to items such as wall hangings, tapestries, and other art, better be placed directly above the bed for reading. A ceiling fan can save more energy during the day and provide overhead lighting at night.

4. Multiple Layers of Lighting

Multiple Layers of Lighting

Various types of lights is designed by the their particular function, and you cannot substitute them with other recessed lights or task lighting. While ambient light explores the general aura of the room, task lighting focuses on illuminating specific nooks.

Accent lighting highlights the feature of the focal point of the place, which could be either a candlelight or picture lights. All three types of light combine to make your bedroom genuinely stunning!

5. Add Striking Wall Sconces

Add Striking Wall Sconces

Wall sconces are functional as wall decoration and lighting and also save space. Whether contemporary or vintage-inspired style, wall sconces are a great way to frame your bed. You can enhance the romantic feel of your bedroom easily by focusing on these light sources.

If you want the sconces to be wall fixtures, wire them to dual switches – one near the bed and one by the door. In that case, you can operate the lights when you enter the room and after you get into bed.

6. Rethink Contemporary

Rethink Contemporary
Miami Zen Retreat Condo, FL

Consider a modern style when planning your bedroom lighting project. Think about the styles dominated in your bedroom – do you have a collection of small pictures as a headboard or mid-century dresser? Unique shapes of lighting can enhance and define a room. Make sure the pieces you choose supporting any statement-making items

7. Add an Ambient Glow

Add an Ambient Glow

Install recessed lighting to the room that you’re trying to get attention to, like in the corners and ceilings. The placement will create vertical beams of light as opposed to an overall glow from central light that hanging from a ceiling.

If your bedroom is large enough, put small recessed lights around the entire room. Combined with unseen accent lights around the headboard and antique sconces, the light will create a soft, ambient feel.

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How many lights should be in a bedroom?

How many lights should be in a bedroom

Lighting in general

The first step to start is how to layer your light to find the right balance between ambient, task, and accent lighting. By balancing the portion of each illumination, you will be able to create the lighting for any mood and any activity.

The goal of lighting is also to bring your eye around the whole part of the room. Bringing the right light to different corners makes space feel bigger and balanced while delivering your eyes to travel from fixture to fixture.

Bedside and reading nook

Bedside and reading nook
Quaker Bluff Residence

For those who love to read in bed, a good bedside lamp is a must item. Consider putting some bedside lamps on your bed. Don’t have a bedside table to place the lamp? Think of the other things like good, specific lighting. Wall sconces, floor lamps, and directional spotlights are your friends.

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Tips on adjusting bedroom lighting

When adjusting your bedroom light, the one you have to keep in mind concerning your bedroom lighting is to choose soft and warm lights. Whether you have to get up for the toilet during the night or still want to read in the evening – dazing light makes you feel uneasy.

We recommend you choose a dimmable ceiling light for your bedroom so you can adjust light levels to your needs – such as making the bed or looking for something.

Ideas for Bedroom Lighting

Ideas for Bedroom Lighting

Bedroom Lighting with Ceiling Fan

Consider the height of your ceiling

Consider the height of your ceiling
Hunter Fan Company

Nothing is as good as a ceiling fan for a warm summer day. The breeze from the fan is often enough to take aside the air conditioning. Not every ceiling fan has a light kit installed with it, but you will want one in the bedroom. For the use in a bedroom, a fixture with bowl-covered bulbs will be convenient.

Make Sure you Settle for The Light Option

make sure you settle for the light option

Before considering bedroom lighting with ceiling fans, you should know that they aren’t a choice for bedrooms with shallow ceilings.

The best fan location is in the middle of a room and at least 18-inches away from any wall, although 3-feet or more is preferable. A ceiling fan also needs a minimum of 8-inches of bright space above it in the case to produce its rated full volume of air and the efficiency. Besides, if the blades are closer to the ceiling, the air volume will be reduced.

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Bedroom Lighting LED

Dimmable bulbs

Dimmable bulbs

Dimmable LED lights are superb for creating mood and set the perfect atmosphere – whether being on a romantic night, watching a movie, or even playing your favorite video game.

They’re also great for highlighting specific decorative items such as headboards or sculptures. Because they can be set at a different level of brightness to the rest of the room, it helps draw attention to an object in an impressive way.

Night lights Bedroom Lighting Ideas

night light

A night lights are an excellent idea for those who don’t like to sleep in the dark with their small, low-power electric light. They will keep your sleep comfortably and safely. They provide enough light to see any object in a room but are dim enough to let you sleep tight.

Standard LED bulbs

Standard LED bulbs
Olive Tree Lane

Standard LED bulbs are the most lightning used in any room. They are simple, can be durable for more than 20,000 hours, give off a warm, and are as efficient as energy-saving bulbs. LED light bulbs also have so many advantages such as cooler than incandescent bulbs when operating, a broad range of color choice, lowest cost of all lights operation, and no toxic materials required.

LED filament bulbs

We can have super warm 2200K color temperatures LED Filament bulbs or coat glass to get a vintage look just like the original Edison or Marconi made. These bulbs are perfect for showing off a fixture where a typical LED couldn’t look properly.

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Bedroom Mood Lighting

A mood set is a must in a bedroom, whether to get relaxing or having a great start in the early morning. Accent lighting is mood lighting, either it’s to create a romantic atmosphere or to support relaxation in the evening. A cozy glow of mood lighting never hurts. It can be achieved through simple dimming of the light sources, or by adding decorative lights like fairy strings, a unique small lamp, or candles.

Bedroom Lighting Sconces

Modern / Contemporary Sconces

Modern / Contemporary Sconces
1929 Estate

Like most contemporary styles, these types of sconces have a sleek, modern feeling. They are simple and more functional than ornamentation. They are often colored in silver or white. They work well in a modern bedroom.

Traditional Sconces

Traditional Sconces

Traditional sconces blend well with the formal and ornate side of things. They can help give a room an exclusive feeling while contributing a throwback to styles of past days.

Transitional Wall Sconces

Country / Cottage Style Wall Sconces
North Oaks – French Country Cottage Remodel

If you feel the traditional sconce is too formal for you and don’t want something as minimalistic as a contemporary sconce, transitional sconces could be your option. This type of sconce offers sleek and minimalistic detailing that can fit in with any décor.

Rustic Style Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Rustic Style Sconces
Varaluz | bedroom

If your bedroom is dominated with dark colors or animal motifs, then rustic sconces will fit right for your bedroom. That being said, you don’t have to have a similar theme to use this style. They help build more character to any bedroom.

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Bedroom Lighting Chandelier

bedroom lighting chandelier
American Farmhouse

Unarguably, chandeliers add glamour, drama, and elegance to a bedroom. A smaller fixture of chandelier will be an excellent choice for bedrooms decorated with any bedroom styles. Although not all the bedrooms can have it because we need high ceilings for chandeliers, they vary widely in the intensity and amount of light they produce. If you can have one in your bedroom, remember to keep it towards the center of the room and the lower third of your bed.

chandelier ceiling fan can save more energy during the day and provide overhead lighting at night

Bedroom Lighting flush mount

bedroom lighting flush mount
Home Free Episode 8

Flush-Mount lighting shaped like a dome light fixture that’s mounted flush to the ceiling. Another one, a semi-flush-mount light, is more decorative, and the base of the light extends just below the ceiling. They can mimic pendant lights, except they stick to the ceiling. The best thing about them is versatility. They work well in casual or formal bedroom style and give a great advantage for low ceilings to provide the bedroom with ambient light.

Bedroom Lighting Ideas color

bedroom lighting color
Miami Zen Retreat Condo, FL

Apart from the style or function, you also have to consider the color of the bulbs. Consider some of the colors that suit your needs. The first is soft white, which comes in warm and yellow. This light gives a warm and cozy feeling for bedrooms. Warm white is more yellowish-white. Suitable for the bathroom.

Bright white is the color between white and blue tones. It gives you a more energetic feel. Daylight has a more bluish tone. This light color will increase the contrast for colors, making it ideal for reading or applying makeup.

Bedroom night lighting

bedroom night lighting
Contemporary property in Cheshire 2011

Bedroom night lighting can help you be able to see through the dark bedroom at night. It’s preferable to have a dim reddish light to minimize disruptive effects on sleep cycles. Besides, you can put hidden lamps with a faint light at the ceiling, but better place them in hallways or near the door to preserve a dark sleeping environment.

Vanity Bedroom Lighting Ideas

bedroom vanity lighting
Private Residence 1

A vanity light is a light fixture mounted above the bathroom mirror. If you don’t need any extra lighting in your bedroom, you can provide more in your bedroom’s bathroom. The counter and mirror become the main point of the toilet, and vanity lighting helps to attract attention to this important spot. Vanity lights have a range of shapes, sizes, and colors. Choosing the right color, shape, material, and size helps enhance the bathroom’s aesthetic.

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Conclusion of Bedroom Lighting Ideas

So what kind of lighting do you need? It all depends on what you want to do and what is there already.  Are you kind of people who enjoy simple yet traditional lighting, or did you like those luxurious significant, bold shadow light effects? Hopefully, these ideas have given you some unique concepts that could easily find their way into your bedroom. Decide which styles of lights you prefer the best, then start the project.

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