Turquoise Room Ideas

Why turquoise for room design? This color comes when you blend blue and green, thus having this color for your room creates a sense of refreshing, energizing, calming, serenity and patience; the attributes associated to both blue and green. 

This color has its magic to resemble nature. The color variations are often used to represent water. This color is also the color of a jewelry, a gemstone. These two natural elements are the most essential elements of nature. Colors of nature enhance quality of life quality. In ancient times, turquoise is a color of amulets, small pieces of jewelry to give protection against bad things. Thus, this color has positive symbolization of love and protection.

Knowing to have positive energy to the room, turquoise is the best color choice for your room design. Also, turquoise and its color variations can pair well with other colors depending on the mood you plan to make. Choose different hues for turquoise room to create a playful scheme or simply match with white to make the room look serene and calming. 


What Is Turquoise?

What Is Turquoise?

The turquoise color is a blue and green color. This color refers to the turquoise gemstone, a blue to green mineral stone. The name of this color originates from French ‘Turkish’, as gem was imported from Turkey. What makes this color so special?


The unique hue (blue to green) of the gemstone has been used to refer to this color. Gemstone has been used for a holy stone for a thousand years. It is said that the stone can change color to show the wearer’s fate. The great values of gemstone make turquoise special.

Represents Water

Turquoise is somehow interchangeably used with aquamarine as both represent water. This color has the same hues as what ocean reflects in a picture. As turquoise represents water, this color is associated with a relaxed state of mind, making anyone behold the color feel calm and peaceful. In design, this mixture of pale green, blue and small amount of yellow has calming and cooling effects. That’s why this color is one of favorite  colors among designers.

Has Healing Properties

Turquoise, a name taken from gemstone has not only given protection to the wearer, it also has healing properties. It can help clear your mind, thus giving peace and comfort. This color is used in some medical facilities as this creates comfort and clean environment.

Best Colors That Match Turquoise

Turquoise can pair well with many other colors without being over-the-top. Turquoise itself has soothing and calming effects that can work with soft colors. But, for those who love to play with pop colors, matching turquoise with other bright colors will make the room look playful, representing the personality of the designer. Here are some colors that match turquoise so perfectly that creates a new dimension to the room.

Warm White

Best Colors That Match Turquoise
Picture by : Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Inc.

Turquoise wall paint will set the tone of the room, becoming more calming. The white ceiling fits the serene room, boosting more peaceful ambience in the room. With these two colors combined, you dare putting in more colorful ornaments.


Best Colors That Match Turquoise
Picture by : w.b. builders


Shades of Blue

Best Colors That Match Turquoise
Picture by : Margaret Donaldson Interiors

Turquoise itself is one shade of blue, thus combining with different shades within the same color is a great idea to apply. This room uses different shades of turquoise. The shades accentuate the metallic and wooden elements of the room as a small part of it. 


Best Colors That Match Turquoise
Picture by : Robeson Design

Turquoise is also a blend of blue and green, thus combining this shade with green would create a more refreshing look of the room. The turquoise duvet and pillow throws are a perfect match if you plan for a lively room scheme.

Brown Pastel

Best Colors That Match Turquoise
Picture by : LGB Interiors

In this room interior, the turquoise color is only found in the pendant light that creates luxury without being over the top. The small beads resembling gemstones and mirror in the pendant light is the best choice for a neutral wall paint, as seen in this room – gray to brown pastel

Turquoise Kitchen Ideas

Choosing turquoise for a kitchen design is considered out of the box. You will be challenged to apply this color with little wall space but much cabinetry. Here are some stunning turquoise kitchen ideas that are worth making.


Turquoise Kitchen Ideas
Picture by : IDF Studio

The turquoise accents are seen in the retro fridge, one part of the cabinets, stove and hood. This color is a perfect accent to combine with white. If you are looking for an original concept of a kitchen with a touch of freshness, you are to adopt this kitchen interior.

Modern Revamp

Turquoise Kitchen Ideas
Picture by : The Home Co.


Renovate and Refresh

Turquoise Kitchen Ideas
Picture by : Prime 1 Builders

This kitchen design uses different colors for each lower and upper cabinet. The gray color on the upper cabinet and turquoise for its lower cabinet. This great combination is wrapped in brown shades as seen on the wall tiles and wooden flooring.

Modern Farmhouse Style

Turquoise Kitchen Ideas
Picture by : Stone Acorn Builders

Turquoise cabinets stand out in this kitchen design, making the farmhouse kitchen look modern. Be inspired by the use of light wood floor, stainless steel appliances, white backsplash and marble countertops.

Wrapped in Elegance

Turquoise Kitchen Ideas
Picture by : Mally Skok Design

Turquoise bathes the whole cabinets and backsplash. Timeless and bold, the two words that can describe this interior. The rustic sink and dark wood flooring creates balance to this turquoise kitchen.

Defined in Style

Turquoise Kitchen Ideas
Picture by : Toronto Interior Design Group

The shaker cabinets in turquoise can be an inspiration for a kitchen remodel. The metallic accents on the backsplash, stainless steel appliances, and knobs fit the turquoise color perfectly.

Sleek and Modern

Turquoise Kitchen Ideas
Picture by : BarlisWedlick Architects

Looking for a refreshing kitchen design inspiration? The combination of light green and turquoise is what makes this kitchen look vibrant and fresh. Look how the white marble countertop, light wood flooring and wide glass window wrap this space in sleek style

Traditional Kitchen Renovation

Turquoise Kitchen Ideas
Picture by : Sitka Projects

This traditional kitchen idea is an enclosed kitchen with no island. The turquoise color on its cabinets adds refreshing sense of the space. This kitchen remodel uses quartz countertops with beige backsplash and stainless steel appliances.

Turquoise Dining Room Ideas

For a dining room concept, some people would choose a relaxed ambience while others choose to create a sense of warmth that promotes conversation when serving guests. Both ideas can be applicable in turquoise dining room ideas. Here are some inspiration you can use when it comes to designing a dining room.

Bold Boho Style

Turquoise Dining Room Ideas
Picture by : House of Nomad

The dark turquoise on its wall paint and rug creates a sense of relaxing atmosphere in this dining room. Other popping colors such as yellow as seen in the hanging light fixture, green and orange match the room perfectly. The wooden dining table set is a balance to this bright space.

Rustic Elegance

Turquoise Dining Room Ideas
Picture by : Homestyle Select Decor

Now, if you want to charm your guests with great dining experience, this dining room model would be the best option. The light turquoise color on one side of the wall is to combine the gray and white color of the room. The golden accents add grandeur to the whole room concept.

Burgundy and Turquoise

Turquoise Dining Room Ideas

When three colors of elegance combined, you don’t need to put much effort with other decor details. This room is powerfully elegant with the combination of burgundy, turquoise and gold accents in the room. You are ready to charm your guests with this model.

Urban Style

Turquoise Dining Room Ideas
Picture by : Thomas de Cruz Architects & Designers

This open dining room concept will be urban people’s favorite. The turquoise accent as seen on some dining chairs match other colors such as green and gray. These colors pop out in this white and bright space.

Glamour Dining

Turquoise Dining Room Ideas
Picture by : Janzen Design

The light turquoise wall is a brilliant choice to match elegant brown dining table set. Turquoise is a color that represents water, so its refreshing mood sets the ambience of this dining room.

Skyscraper Dining

Turquoise Dining Room Ideas
Picture by : MKW Interiors


Tropical Feel

Turquoise Dining Room Ideas
Picture by : gatotravieso

The turquoise wall and palm tree decor will make you feel living in a tropical island. Feel more relaxed and refreshed with this color scheme; combining turquoise with white and wooden accents for flooring and dining table set.

Rural Retreat

Turquoise Dining Room Ideas
Picture by : Ruby and Company

Time to enjoy a dining experience like in a farmhouse. The dark turquoise wall and rug add a sense of calming ambience to this traditional dining room. Some rustic touches on tables and lighting fixtures create a sense of warmth this room offers.

Turquoise Living Room Ideas

Turquoise in the living room can be used as either a splash of colour or a color that dominates the room. Whatever choice you make for this color, make sure to keep it balanced with neutrals or other shades. Here are some turquoise living room ideas you can inspire.

Gold Accents

Turquoise Living Room Ideas
Picutre by : citidev, inc

The gold accents fit this turquoise shades perfectly. The blue velvet cushions and gold accents add a glamour touch to the room, while turquoise shades of the rug complete the elegant look of this living room.

Urban Living

Turquoise Living Room Ideas
Picture by : Handman Associates


Music in Modern Decor

Turquoise Living Room Ideas
Picture by : IMI Design, LLC


Cool Brown

Turquoise Living Room Ideas
Picture by : Victoria Vlasova Interiors

Teal and turquoise make a great combination. This combination matches with white and brown, creating a relaxed and warm ambience of this family room. Be inspired with this great color combination.

Coastal Living

Picture by : Urban Design Interiors

Light blue wall with some turquoise decor details is a perfect idea for a beach living room style. Rustic details are also seen on the choice of the woven cushion frames and table.

Russian Style

Picture by : Дизайн студия Марины Поклонцевой

Nothing can beat the elegance this room reflects. Look how the color combination of turquoise, white and green have made this room look relaxed but still shows luxury.

Terrific Turquoise

Picture by : KOR Interior Design

When you add turquoise in your living room, you set a calming and refreshing tone of the room. This big living room will make your guests feel comfortable and welcome at your home.

Turquoise Bathroom Ideas

There are some effects you can create if you apply turquoise in your bedroom. You can make it look tranquil, cool, vibrant or relaxing depending on the layout of the design. Here are some ideas you can adapt and adopt in designing a turquoise bathroom.

Modern Look

Turquoise Bathroom Ideas
Source : mir-s3-cdn-cf.behance.net

This bathroom uses white marble with gray accents for the wall and floor. The turquoise patterned wall pops out of the white marble and mirror, creating a spark of liveliness.

Go with It

Source : houzz.com

This temporary bathroom is an inspiration for those who need a splash of blue in the bathroom. As turquoise itself is a shade of blue, but it seems that combining this color with light blue is something out of the box. Balance the color combination with white for more calming effects.

Capacious and Private

Source : media.nkba.org


With Wood Vanity

turquoise for room
Source : Black Lacquer Design

If you need nature to combine with turquoise, wood vanity is another color of nature you can add. See how rustic vanity and white countertops provide good contrast to turquoise wall.

Jungalow Style

Turquoise Bathroom Ideas
Picture by : Fireclay Tile

This jungalow style bathroom by Justina Blakeney has combined patterns and sparkling turquoise to create a relaxing bathing. The white walls, wood countertops, wood cabinets and countertops blend perfectly with the turquoise tiles.

High-end Traditional Style

Turquoise Bathroom Ideas
Picture by : Amy Studebaker Design

The light turquoise is the theme for this bathroom idea. The marble floors and countertops applied in this master bathroom enhance the elegance of this capacious bathroom.

Modern Revamp

Turquoise Bathroom Ideas
Picture by : Moroso Construction

A turquoise accent on its part of the wall is a great color choice to give a spark of color without being over the top. The wood vanity matches the whole color scheme of the bathroom: creamy white and turquoise.

Intimate Urban Decor

Turquoise Bathroom Ideas
Picture by : FW Interiors Design

Inspiration for an urban living; a contemporary bathroom with turquoise tile walls . The glass-front cabinets and glass countertops are one great thing to add here. It creates a reflection of water; the element represented in turquoise color.

Turquoise Bedroom Ideas

If you need inspiration for a warm and relaxing bedroom ideas, you need to think of using turquoise to bathe the room. Add turquoise accents to combine with other colors to create refreshing bedroom atmosphere. Whether you plan to design a new room or renovate the old one, be inspired with some ideas here for a new turquoise bedroom.

Super Comfort for Newlyweds

Source : mir-s3-cdn-cf.behance.net

This bedroom features soft colors to provide warm ambience for those in need of comfort in sleeping. The soft turquoise color on the bed frames and drapes pop out against the white and soft cream bedroom, making it the best soft combination for a bedroom.

All in White

Source : mir-s3-cdn-cf.behance.ne

For a big master bedroom which looks casual, opt for all-white scheme with a pop of turquoise shades. This combination makes the room look very much inviting and warm that you would spend a day resting in this comfy room.

Turquoise Kids Room

Source www.dagmarbleasdale.com

Turquoise color can also be applied to a boy room. Look how this calming turquoise color matches the bright orange and white stripes of the duvet. This combination makes a playful room scheme.

Turquoise Girl Bedroom

Source : homescorner.com

If you plan to design a new bedroom for your teenage girl, opt for this turquoise wall paint. Turquoise sets the feminine look of the room; this color also fits soft pink decor details, a favorite color of most girls.


Turquoise is the color of gemstones; a unique hue that is a blend of green and blue. This color pairs well with any colors to create a sense of calming, playful or even refreshing depending on how it is matched. The turquoise wall or accents are what you can opt for if you want to experiment with unique and special colors.

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