30+ Best RV Shower (Shower Head, Pan, Curtain & Stall)

RV Shower – Many people drive an RV to their campsite to have a comfortable camping experience. The bigger the RV, the more features that it has. In order to be more convenient, many medium to large RVs feature a shower. It allows people to clean themselves without needing to look for a public bathroom.

To recreate the comfortable feeling of a household shower, RV travelers often customize the RV shower based on their preferences. Today, there is a wide variety of shower fixtures and amenities. The number of options could be overwhelming for some people. However, with the right guidance, a fully customized RV shower with ideal design and amenities is possible.

In this article, we will give you the basic insight and essential guides on the RV shower. Also, we will provide you with some RV shower fixture recommendations to help you create your ideal shortfall. Make sure to check them all out!


How does a shower work in an RV?

stoett rv shower doors

For those who are new to RV-living, you may be wondering about the difference between RV shower and household shower. Apart from that, you may also be wondering about how the RV shower work. Well, in this part of the article, we will explain it as simple as possible.

RV showers look and work similarly as the household showers. The main difference is the RV showers don’t have their own sewer system. So, the water from the shortfall, sink, and toilet don’t drain into a city sewage system. Instead, they drain into holding tanks that should be emptied manually by the RV owners every once in a while.

The water in the shower comes from a hose that is connected to the water intake connection outside of the RV. The water from the sink and the shower drain into the grey water holding tank. Meanwhile, the water from the toilet drains into a different holding tank, called the black water holding tank. These two holding tanks are both located underneath the RV. They have separate places to prevent the human waste odors from contaminating the sink and shower drains.

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Guide to RV shower

smallest rv with shower and toilet

When you have a shower in your RV, you don’t need to find a campground that has showers when you need to clean up. All you need to do is fill up the reserve tank, turn on the water heater, and wait for the water to be hot enough. However, it’s not as simple as that. Using an shortfall is different than using your shortfall at home.

Firstly, it is usually small. And in some smaller RVs, the room is basically a closet with plumbing. The same goes for the reserve tank capacity. So, unless your RV is tankless, and you use the on-demand water heater, your hot water will be very limited. Therefore, you have to conserve the water that you have.

Next, the average water tank in an RV can only keep six to ten gallons of water. Compared to 40 to 50 gallons in a small home tank, that amount of water is extremely limited. So, you have to clean up fast when you use shortfall. Also, you should only use the water to wet down and rinse off your body and hair. Do not turn the water on continuously when in the shower.

Best RV shower head

smallest rv with shower

The RV shower head usually uses less water than the standard household shower head. But, most of them are sufficiently pressurized to give the same clean feeling. There are so many alternatives available in the market right now. So, instead of trying to choose the best shortfall head, it’s better to choose the ideal one. Fortunately, we’ve already prepared some of our favorites below.

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Oxygenics white shower head

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Oxygenics is one of the most popular shower head brands in the market. This white-colored shower head offers amplified water pressure and widened coverage. Moreover, it also has non-stick internal parts that prevent mineral buildup and clogging. With this head shower, you will enjoy a shower experience that is not just clean, but also supercharged.

Oxygenics brushed nickel shower head

rv tub to shower conversion
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Similar to the white-colored one, Oxygenics produce this shower head. Not only it has all the features that the white one has, but it also has extra features to offer. For example, it has a SmartPause valve that helps preserve tank levels while keeping the water temperatures consistent. It also features a distinctive spray pattern that helps to achieve faster washing and rinsing process.

Oxygenics silver shower head

rv triple slide shower door
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This Oxygenics RV shower head features an elegant silver body. Although it looks metallic, it’s actually made of plastic. The lightweight plastic material will give you more flexibility while using it. Furthermore, it also has an exclusive technology that increases and pressurizes the oxygen in the water for the best shower experience. The control also allows you to adjust from soft to stimulating.

Camco shower head

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This shower head from Camco features an on/off switch to reduce the amount of water used when showering. It also offers five types of spray patterns that vary from drenching rain to gentle massage. And to help people to clean themselves better, it also has rubber spray tips to use.

Homelody shower head

rv toilet shower combo craigslist
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This easy-to-install shower head from Homelody is equipped with a water-saving push button to conserve water. It comes with five different hand shower settings: pulsating massage, power mist, rain massage, power spray, and Alcachofa de presión alta. Moreover, this shower head also comes with a 10-year warranty, which proves its reliability and durability.

Aqua elegante shower head

rv toilet shower combo
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Similar to the brand name, this chrome shower head looks elegant. This shower head from Aqua Elegante uses BPA-free thermoplastic resin to provide durability while still being lightweight. With that material, this shower head can withstand physical impact and resist corrosion. One thing to know, though, this shower head doesn’t come with shower bracket and hose.

RV shower pan

rv toilet relocation
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The RV shower pan serves as the floor below the shower head. Most shower pans have a threshold on it to prevent the water from sloshing out. Since there are plenty of alternatives out there, we provide a list of our favorite shortfall pans below.

Bestbath RV shower pan

rv showers and tubs
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This shower pan from Bestbath will fit perfectly with the general RV shower. Its stain-resistant Gelcoat will make shower cleaning easier. Furthermore, this shower pan also includes a shower drain and provides a slip-resistant textured floor for safety.

Better Bath RV shower pan

rv shower wall repair
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The Better Bath brand is famous for its quality. Each of their products is made of durable and scratch-resistant ABS acrylic material, including this shower pan. This shower pan has neo angle flooring that creates an elegant vibe for such a low price. Not only is it perfect for luxurious-styled RV showers, but it’s also ideal for modernizing used RVs.

DreamLine Neo-Angle RV shower pan

rv shower wall panels
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This shower pan by DreamLine also has a neo-angle shape. Its SlipGrip floor surface adds safety to the shower. Also, its durable material allows for quick installation while eliminates any flexing of the base. And not only its high-gloss acrylic material looks gorgeous in the eyes, but it also allows for easy maintenance.

DreamLine Rectangular RV shower pan (Double Threshold)

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This DreamLine RV shower pan is an alternative to the neo-angle one. It has a double threshold base type. Therefore, you need to have a 2-wall corner in order to use this shower pan. And, similar to the previous one, it also provides SlipGrip floor surface.

DreamLine Rectangular RV shower pan (Single Threshold)

rv shower wall ideas
Photo by amazon.com

This rectangular shower pan from DreamLine is the single threshold variant. Since it requires a 3-wall alcove, it’s intended for smaller RV showers. It also has all the features that the previous DreamLine RV shower pans have.

DreamLine Square RV shower pan (Single Threshold)

rv shower upgrade
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If your RV has a minimal space to use for the shower, this square shower pan should be the best option. The RV shower drain that is located in the center of the shower pan allows for quick drainage. Although it’s smaller than the other DreamLine RV shower pans, it still has all the fancy features that the other ones have.

RV shower curtain

rv shower toilet combo unit for sale
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Shower curtains are also an integral part of any RV shower. They provide privacy and prevent water from spraying outside the shower area. To give you some inspiration, we’ve prepared a list of our favorite RV shower curtains below.

Mountain forest landscape design shower curtain

rv shower toilet combo kit
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This polyester shower curtain is perfect for people who want to add a touch of nature in their RV shower. Not only it creates a fresh vibe to the room, but it also dries very quickly. The polyester fabric material also makes it easy to wash.

Forest wildlife design shower curtain

rv shower toilet combo
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This curtain is the perfect accessories for any RV. It features rustproof metal grommets and reinforced top header to maintain its durability. Undeniably, it will go very well with rustic and retro style interiors.

Stylish shower curtain

rv shower surround installation
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This stylish shower curtain is the perfect match for eclectic style RV showers. Its eco-friendly polyester material is ideal for long-life use. Also, its semi-transparent material adds a bit of a romantic atmosphere.

Minimalistic style shower curtain

rv shower surround
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Any RV with minimalistic style will be a perfect match for this shower curtain. Not only it looks gorgeous, but it also features a firm and smooth texture. Its simple installation makes it ideal for RV showers.

Multipurpose shower curtain

rv shower stalls
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Space-efficient is an essential aspect of RV living. The design of this shower curtain allows people to use it as storage. You can store all kinds of bathing items in it. Undoubtedly, it’s a perfect match for small RV showers.

Luxurious shower curtain

rv shower stall upgrade
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Its bold striped black color gives an elegant and luxurious atmosphere. It’s made of heavyweight premium polyester fabric that repels water as well as the other shower curtains. Without a doubt, this shower curtain will blend beautifully with modern and luxurious interiors.

RV shower stall

rv shower stall
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RV shower stalls are an alternative to the shower curtains. Installing an RV shower stall allows RV owner to create an it without building RV shower wall panels to separate it from other rooms. If you prefer to install an RV shower, the list below may help you to choose the right one.

Modern sliding shower stall

rv shower skylight cover
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The tube-like design gives this shower stall a futuristic look. Moreover, its frosted glass material works as a substitute for the shower curtain to add privacy. Also, it features a reversible RV shower door that can be installed left or right-handed.

DreamLine Prismatic shower stall

rv shower skylight
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This shower stall features thick, certified tempered glass material to ensure durability. Also, it offers a full-length magnetic door latch for a tighter closure. Its prism shape is perfect for adding a modern look to any RV.

DreamLine Acrylic Backwall shower kit

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This is actually not a complete shower stall. It would be best if you bought a separate glass that matches its neo-angle base. Of course, it’s not as convenient as buying a full-fledged shower stall, but this shower kit allows you to customize yours. Its textured acrylic walls will enable you to add shelves and provide safer RV shower experience.

DreamLine French Corner shower stall

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This box-shaped shower stall is ideal for small spaces where swing doors don’t work. It features two sliding panels that open on sides to allow corner walk through. Furthermore, the glass is a product of ClearMax technology that is designed to prevent water stains and harsh buildup.

DreamLine Aqua Fold shower stall

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People who adore high-class and elegant designs will love this shower stall. Its bezel-less design is the main selling point of this shower stall. It enhances the beauty of any shower. Also, it features a bifold shower screen that is perfect for smaller RV showers. However, the base is sold separately.

Multipurpose shower stall

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Although it’s not bigger than the other shower stalls, it manages to fit more features inside. It has a shower seat and four useful shelvings. The shelvings can be a place to put bathing items and wearable accessories when showering. Those features allow people to be more comfortable in the bathroom.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can you use on RV shower walls?

On the back side of the shower surround, liberally apply Gorilla Glue. Pay great attention to the edges, since this is where the best adhesion will be found. In the shower, replace the RV shower surround. Smush the glue into the wall with your paint roller.

Can you add an outside shower to a travel trailer?

Your RV external shower is nothing more than a hose connected to the outside of your RV. You can, however, add all sorts of accessories and manufacture all sorts of things to dress it up.

Can you put tile in RV shower?

Mesh-mounted glass mosaic tiles are an excellent choice for an RV shower, backsplash, or bathroom floor! Install your favorite glass penny round tiles or subway mosaics to give your van or camper a warm appeal.

Is there a waterproof paint for shower walls?

You can use any waterproof, bathroom-safe paint, including latex enamel, oil-based enamel, and speciality paints, to paint the shower walls. Bathrooms can be painted with a variety of paints, including latex enamel, oil-based enamel, and speciality paint.


In conclusion, there are so many things that you can customize from your RV shower. From the shower head to the shower stall, they are all equally important. Customizing the RV shower can improve your RV life and make the overall camping experience unforgettably amazing. However, the products that we provided may not be enough to help you decide. So, feel free to look for more alternatives to help you create your ideal RV shower experience.

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