25+ Best RV furniture Ideas 2021

RV furniture – As a living space, RV needs furniture. Without furniture, you won’t be able to do indoor activities on it. You won’t be able to sleep, sit, store items easily in your RV. Shortly, furniture is the things that make an RV suitable and comfortable living space.

An RV needs to have a bed, a sofa, tables, and more. However, the ones that we found in standard households might not be suitable for recreational vehicles. The furniture for your RV should be highly functional, compact, lightweight, but still comfortable. These specifications are essential to overcome the limitations of an RV.

Choosing the right furniture to add to your RV can be challenging. Fortunately, we’ve already collected some of our favorite furniture to add to your RV in this article. Make sure to read more below.


Best RV furniture

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Whether to fill a brand new RV or to upgrade an old RV, furniture is an integral part of an RV. Choosing the ideal ones will make RV camping experience a lot more comfortable. Here are our recommendations on RV furniture.

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RecPro RV sleeper sofa

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RecPro is one of the most well-known RV furniture manufacturers. This 70-inch sofa from is specially designed for RVs. Not only it will fit in tiny spaces, but it can also transform into a sleeper in seconds. It only requires 6 inches of clearance to use the mattress feature. Moreover, this sleeper sofa features Suprima Fabrics that is durable and easy to clean. The scaled pattern on it also gives the sofa a premium look and feel that will suit any decor.

ANJ Contemporary Recliner Chair

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A recliner chair is a necessity for any comfortable living space. This recliner chair from ANJ Home lets people sit cozily in the RV. Not only it has soft and durable leather upholstery, but it also has an adjustable backrest recliner that can enhance the theater experience at the RV. It also features two built-in cup holders to ensure the best entertainment experience possible.

RecPro Double Recliner Sofa

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If the recliner chair is not enough for you, you may want to consider this one. This recliner sofa from RecPro can fit two people on it. It’s a perfect addition to the RV, especially when there is an entertainment system in it. Moreover, the variety of color options allows you to pick the right one that matches the other RV interior furniture.

Songmics storage bench

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Having multifunctional furniture like this bench can give a lot of benefits. Not only you can use this as seating, but you can also store items in it. It can prevent stuff in the RV from being cluttered without using extra space. Also, its modern look will blend well with most interior designs. Without a doubt, this is must-have furniture for any type of RV.

RecPro Dinette Booth Set

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RecPro produces high-quality RV camper furniture, including this one. This dinette booth set features two booths that are wrapped with buttery-soft leather with cushions to keep them comfortable. Furthermore, the part underneath the seating can work as storage. And with its ability to turn into a bed, this is a perfect addition to medium to large size campers.

Coleman camping chair

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This camping chair from Coleman is the ideal equipment to bring to outdoor activities. Its robust steel material can easily support weight up to 325 lb. Moreover, it comes with side pockets, a mesh cup holder, and adjustable arm heights that are very convenient. Also, its portability and one-year limited warranty make this camping chair hard to resist.

Cool Gel Queen Size Mattress

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This queen-size bed is an excellent choice for having a good night’s sleep even when you are far from home. Its gel-infused memory foam mattress offers breathability, temperature regulation, and even proper spinal alignment. Also, its gel foam can draw the heat away to keep you cool at night or day. Lastly, this bed also comes with storage underneath it that is perfect for maximizing the space in the RV.

Donco Kids Bunk Bed

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Some RVs don’t have enough space for a queen-size bed. But fortunately, a bunk bed can be a viable alternative for smaller campers. This bunk bed from Donco Kids offers three sleeping areas for such limited space. Moreover, its design and color will match well with any type of room decor, from retro to classic.

Emoor Traditional Futon Mattress

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Having futons instead of beds as a sleeping area can be ideal for some people. The foldable feature of a futon makes it perfect for maximizing the interior space of smaller RVs. You can easily store it somewhere else during the day to keep the interior roomy and set it up only at night. And for the people who like firm bedding, a futon can be an excellent choice for their minimalist living.

9-bin foldable shoe storage bench

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This shoe storage can make your shoes more organized and help the RV interior to look neater. You can store up to nine pairs of shoes on its three tiers of shelves. Furthermore, its durable and robust construction makes it possible to use it as a bench. Also, the charcoal gray fabric material of this storage bench will blend well with other modern furniture.

Prepac Wardrobe Cabinet

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This elegant-looking wardrobe cabinet from Prepac features one fixed shelf and one hanging rail. Its fresh white laminate and stylish brushed metal handle give a modern impression. Furthermore, it also features rounded edges on the doors that add a level of sophistication. Undoubtedly, it’s a sufficient place to store all your outfits while camping.

Prepac Wall Cabinet

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RV walls often left underutilized. This wall cabinet can turn any empty wall into useful storage. It comes with high-quality doors with 6-way adjustable hinges. Also, its sophisticated design and durable espresso laminate create a unique luxurious vibe.

Sterilite 3 Weave Drawer Unit

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The plastic material of this drawer makes it very lightweight. It’s a viable alternative to a wardrobe cabinet for smaller campers. Not only is it durable, but it’s also stylish and will be a beautiful decoration for any RV interior.

Delaney Wall Cabinet

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This wall cabinet will be perfect to use as a bathroom cabinet. You can store bathroom items, medicines, and even first aid kit inside it. Also, its artistic design will match well with most interior styles, from vintage to eclectic.

Kleankin Bathroom Storage Cabinet

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This is an excellent wall cabinet alternative from Kleankin. It comes with a double mirrored door, stylish design, and durable material. Not only it saves the RV space, but it also provides multiple uses.

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Vasagle Floor Cabinet

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Although it uses floor space to stand, it can provide a larger storage space for heavier items such as soaps, towels, and clean clothes. It features one open shelf and two spacious drawers. Also, Its simple design will match well with modern or traditional decor styles.

AmazonBasics Wall-Mounted Coat Racks

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Even though this item might seem simple and straightforward, it helps people to hang their outfits and prevents clutter very well. Its sturdy material allows for more durability that can hold weight up to 5 pounds per hook. Its compact and versatility make it perfect for small spaces like RVs. This cheap RV furniture should be found in any RV.

Linon 3-piece table set

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Larger campers might find sofa dinette not enough for the people inside. If that happens, this table set can come in handy. Its hardwood construction and espresso finish create not only durable but also attractive furniture set.

OneSpace Executive Desk

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Some travelers bring their work to their vacation. This executive desk from OneSpace can provide a comfortable workspace in the RV. Not only it features sufficient numbers of storage, but it also comes with a large hutch to hide cords and wires.

Rockpoint TV stand media

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You can turn any corner in the RV into an entertainment center with this TV stand. The surface can accommodate up to 48-inches TV. Moreover, it also comes with a space-saving corner design and an adequate amount of cabinet space.

Lifetime Folding Table

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This foldable table from Lifetime will be a perfect companion for outdoor activities. It comes with a stain-resistant surface and three different height settings to accommodate your needs. In addition to that, it also has a built-in carry handle for more convenient transport.

Lifetime Folding Bench

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This folding bench can be an excellent pair to the folding table. Not only it comes with a safety locking mechanism, but it also features superior strength and durability. Also, its portability allows you to store it in the RV basement easily.

Winsome Jimmy Cart

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This handy Jimmy Entertainment Cart provides many useful features. It comes with a drawer, towel holder, wine rack, cabinet, and two open shelves to accommodate a variety of drinks. Without a doubt, this cart will help you to hold a fun small party in your RV.

Breaktime Break Room furniture

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Since some RVs have a more extensive interior than the others, having a separate break or lunch room may be ideal for some. This complete break room features two drawers and a two-door lunch prep station, a fridge cabinet, and an appliance hutch. It allows you to grab lunch or make a cup of coffee without disturbing the cooking area, a.k.a the kitchen.

Foldable Pool Table

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Camping in an open nature can be boring if you don’t have anything to play. This foldable pool table can be excellent entertainment on your trip. Not only it’s portable and sturdy, but it also doesn’t require any electric power. That means you can have fun while also conserve the energy supply.

Foldable Game Table

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Having limited space doesn’t mean that you also have limited fun. This small folding table can work as a surface for your mini-games. For example, you can use it to play chess, Jenga, and even board games.

Portable retro Jukebox

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Many people need music to have fun. With 10 watts of power, this portable Jukebox can bring all kinds of songs from your music library. Furthermore, it also has a built-in FM radio for more varied entertainment. And with such nostalgic design and color-changing lights, this portable Jukebox will enhance the fun on your trips.

Lock & Roll Sport Equipment Organizer

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If you plan to do a lot of outdoor activities and sports, having this storage organizer can come in handy. Not only is it durable, but it’s also fully customizable. You can combine it with another one to build a larger storage space. Also, it comes with a wall mounting kit to adjust your preference.

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To conclude, choosing the RV furniture that is lightweight, compact, highly functional, and comfortable is necessary. If the furniture doesn’t meet those criteria, they can weigh down your camper and even make the interior crowded and unpleasant. And although we’ve already provided a bunch of RV furniture ideas, keeping your options open is recommended. It will help you to pick not the best RV furniture, but the ideal one.

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