Best RV To Live In Full Time (All Brands Information)

Best RV to live in full time – While many people use RVs only for short-time travels, others use them for full-time. Of course, many reasons make them living on the road. But, the most common reason is the cost of living. With the prices of houses and apartments going upward every year, many people start to consider to live in an RV. Because of that, the number of RV ownership is also going upward in the past few years.

With the rising demand for recreational vehicles, there are a bunch of different types of RVs now. Every one of them made to fit everyone’s preferences. And for a newbie, choosing the right one can be very difficult. But you don’t need to worry. We will help you to find the best RV for you. This article will provide you with some price estimation to live in an RV full-time to help you consider. Moreover, it also gives you a sufficient amount of recommendations to help you choose your ideal RV.


Is it cheaper to live in an RV than a home?

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To know which one is cheaper, we need to compare the cost of living between the two. On average, the cost of living in a house is $825 per month. Meanwhile, you only need to spend $595 per month on average to live at a campsite. Of course, while on the road, it’s hard to stay in one location for a long time. Therefore, you need to estimate the additional traveling costs. And fortunately, on average, it’s still over $150 / month cheaper than living in a house. Also, you get to see the world.

As for the utilities, in a house, you need to spend $245 per month alone on average. Meanwhile, most RV parks already include all the utilities you need, such as water, electricity, TV, and even Wi-Fi. Therefore, you can expect to save a lot if you rarely leave your campsite. However, if you travel a lot, you can expect to spend $150 per month on average. That’s still so much cheaper than in a home, plus you get better control of your spending.

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Which RV brands are the best?

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As we said earlier, there are many RV types today. And obviously, there are also plenty of RV brands out there. To ensure quality and performance, choosing an RV based on its brand is often a great idea. Therefore, to help you choose, we already gathered some of the best RV brands available below.


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Most people that already heard of a motorhome, they are most likely know the Winnebago brand. Their strong foundation since the 1950s proves that they are a reputable brand, and they always ensure their product quality.


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The aluminum bullet shape is the most recognizable trait of Airstream RVs. They offer different sizes and models to suit people’s preferences. Moreover, their 80 years’ worth of experience in the industry says that they are doing the right thing. They always innovate and maintain exceptional service.

Northwood Manufacturing

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Northwood Manufacturing produces recreational vehicles since 1993. With the number of employees close to 400 people, it becomes one of the largest private-sector employers in northeastern Oregon. Northwood Manufacturing is known for its excellent products and quick service.


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As a company, Newmar has a vision: to make the best RVs possible. Its founders are RV enthusiasts and had experienced the passion and joy a quality RV can create. Their experiences encourage them to create functional, innovative, and well-made RVs.


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Entegra focuses on what their customers want, peace of mind, residential amenities, and smart floor plans. Not only they create well-made RVs, but they also back up their products with a 2-year limited warranty.



Tiffin is a family business. Tiffin’s family has built great relationships with RV owners over the years. Therefore, they understand what a family needs on their road trips. They think of their customers as a big family and always try to commit to making the best RVs for them.

Oliver Travel Trailers

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The Oliver manufacturing is located in the southwest of Nashville, right in the Hohenwald Tennessee. Oliver Travel Trailers are known for their small fiberglass campers. Their designs and material quality stand out from the crowd and make them one of the best RV manufacturers.


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The Coachmen have produced over 600,000 RVs in the last 50 years. They are dedicated to giving the best value and quality to every RV they make. Not only do they focus on their principles, which are simplicity and functionality, but they also involve their customers’ feedbacks and requests to each model.

Forest River

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Forest Rivers are built under their founder’s vision to build RVs that make people enjoy being outdoors. They offer a variety of RV models to pick. And fortunately, each model is made to help individuals and families to create unforgettable memories on the road.

Thor Motor Coach

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Being one of the most popular RV brands, Thor Motor Coach produces a quarter of all motorhomes sold every year. One of the reasons why so many people buy their products is that they offer plenty of model alternatives. Therefore, everyone can have on their own preferences.

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Best Class A RV for full time living

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Class A RVs are often known as Class A motorhomes. They are the biggest type of RV. If you think this RV is the right one for you, be sure to read more for our Class A RV recommendations.

Silver striped Class A RV

top 10 class b motorhome manufacturers
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Its glossy silver finish makes this Newmar Class A RV look modern. Moreover, the pull-out sections on the side and the awning add more functionality without making it look weird. And as we said earlier, Newmar indeed creates well-made and innovative RVs.

White striped Class A RV

rv to live in year round
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This Coachmen Mirada has a bunch of exterior lighting to ensure safety. Also, it has tons of small yet functional exterior features, such as entry stairs, basement storages, and awning. Its matte white color also makes it look modern and casual.

Expandable black Class A RV

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This beautifully striped black RV is made by Winnebago. Its whole side panel is fully expandable. It’s such a perfect RV for a big family trip. Furthermore, it has additional wheels to give more stability to its long shape.

Compact Class A RV

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Some people want a Class A RV for its fully customizable layout, not for its big size. This Rapido Class A RV is perfect for them. Also, its design is unique, and it offers more maneuverability than standard Class A RVs.

Vintage Class A RV

living in an rv full time in a park
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Airstream is the expert in pulling off vintage RV design. This Class A RV has a metallic finish that gives a retro impression. Moreover, its 6-wheels design is excellent for balancing its long body and provide more stability on tight corners.

Best Class B RV for full time living

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Class B RVs are also known as camper vans. They are popular because of their maneuverability and mobility. If those are what you are looking for in an RV, then a Class B motorhome should fit you well. And if you are looking for the best class B RV for full time living, here are our recommendations.

Stylish Class B RV

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The combination of white background and green tribal patterns on the exterior creates a stylish look. Moreover, the taller roof adds more usable interior space. It also has plenty of tiny basement storage that gives the impression that this RV utilizes its space very well.

Adventurous Class B RV

living in a 5th wheel full time
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Its sturdy shape and elevated body allow this camper van for more adventurous trips. It will manage to maneuver better than most camper vans even on muddy areas. Its paint job is also perfect to illustrate the wilderness that it will conquer. And lastly, it has roof and basement storage that are very useful.

Semi-retro Class B RV

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The shape of this camper van looks very retro, yet the paint job and the roof design look somewhat modern and stylish. This camper van is perfect for people who want a retro design yet don’t want it to look outdated. Furthermore, it is equipped with a large awning that is excellent for outdoor activities.

Straightforward Class B RV

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This camper van will suit anyone with casual design. Its design will easily blend with other types of vehicles, especially in the city. Moreover, its expandable roof makes the limited interior space roomier.

Expandable Class B RV

coachmen chaparral 5th wheel
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This Class B RV proves that the pull-out sections are not only for the bigger motorhomes. This expandable camper van will fit more people or even more amenities inside. Also, it has the perfect color choice. Not only its silver color will blend well in any environment, but it also mixes well with its sleek and seamless design.

Best Class C RV for full time living

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In terms of the size, Class C RVs are in between the Class A and Class B. It has more interior space than the Class B, yet it’s still more maneuverable than the Class A. Here are our top picks on the best Class C RV for full time living.

Adventurous Class C RV

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From the tires, we can already see that this Class C RV is designed for heavy-duty trips. It will be able to stand the test of muddy roads. The flat asphalt is far less challenging for this RV. Besides, this RV also has basement storages and awning that will be handy features for travels.

Sporty Black Class C RV

biggest travel trailer
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Streaks of grey on this black Class C RV gives a sporty look. Its curvy design makes the RV look modern without leaving its strong figure. Moreover, it also has the essential features such as basement storages and awning. They can help your daily activities on the road.

Casual White Class C RV

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This medium-sized Class C RV will fit four to five people inside. Its pull-out section allows for more spacious interior and flexible movement for people inside. Since the size is not so big, you will be able to find a parking spot easier on any campsite using this RV.

Extensive Class C RV

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This Sunseeker RV from Forest River is an excellent pick for a large group of travelers. Its large size allows for more flexibility in layout design. However, because of its considerably large size, it might be harder to drive than most Class C RV.

Elegant black Class C RV

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Black color on an RV doesn’t get dirty quickly. It’s very useful, especially when you travel a lot and even live in it. Moreover, it also has quite a lot of basement storage that can come in handy on road trips.

Best travel trailer for full time living

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If you prefer to bring your daily car to the trip and spend less on an RV, a travel trailer should fit you better. It also offers more mobility, because you can park it in a campsite and use the towing car to go somewhere else. Here are our recommendations on the best travel trailer for full time living.

Compact Travel Trailer

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Sharp edges on this travel trailer give a bit of vintage look. Details like the stairs and the lighting on top of the entry door might seem small, but they are very useful. With these kinds of little details, you will feel cozy living in this travel trailer in no time.

Sleek and modern Travel Trailer

best travel trailer for full time living
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With such a modern look, this travel trailer will look good from outside. Some travelers might also feel proud of living in such a gorgeous travel trailer. Moreover, its expandable sections will make this travel trailer much more comfortable to live in.

Movable house concept travel trailer

best rvs for full time living with a family
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Towing this travel trailer feels like towing a small apartment. It has a veranda and a house-like layout. Undeniably, this travel trailer design will be a perfect choice for people who want to recreate the atmosphere of a house.

Truck-like travel trailer

best rv to live in year round
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This travel trailer has a rear door that can be opened from behind, just like a truck. It might not be necessary for some people. But, for the others, having such a large door gives many possibilities. For example, people can easily store smaller vehicles inside for better mobility on the campsites.

Expandable travel trailer

best rv to live in full time
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This RPM travel trailer uses the rear door as a small veranda. It allows the travel trailer to have easier access. The veranda can also help to let fresh air in to circulate the air inside the RV. With such layout design, this travel trailer will be a comfortable living quarter.

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To conclude, although the cost of living in an RV is cheaper than in a house, you should also consider the pros and cons. Living in an RV is a big decision, and there are always disadvantages at such cheap prices. Lastly, don’t focus on our list of RVs too much. Keeping your mind open is required for finding out your ideal RV to live in.

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