Type A Motorhome (Pros and Cons)

Type A Motorhome – Everyone needs to go camping every once in a while to relieve their stress. And to fulfill their needs, many people prefer to bring RV to their campsite. However, newbie campers can get easily overwhelmed when deciding what type of recreational vehicle they should pick. There are plenty of alternatives available, and it’s hard to choose one unless you know the differences and understand your preferences.

There are many types of RVs, from motorized to towable. They all come in different shapes and sizes – t least six types of them available today. People choose the motorized over the towable mainly because they are self-contained and easy to set up. Motorized recreational vehicles are often called motorhomes, and they are divided into three: Type A, Type B, and Type C.

Although it’s the most expensive, Type A Motorhomes offer more features than the other two. However, advantages cannot exist without some disadvantages. This article will give you an in-depth explanation of the Type A Motorhome, from its pros and cons to its design ideas. Be sure to read more to know whether this type of RV will suit you or not.


What Is Type A Motorhome

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Type A Motorhomes, which are also called Class A Motorhomes, is the biggest among the motorhomes. Type A Motorhomes have bus-like shapes and gently sloping windshields with different interiors than a bus. You can easily spot the difference between Type A and the other types. But, once you compare a Type A motorhome with a bus, you sometimes need to look at the interior to know which one is which.

Despite its large size, in most cases, you do not need a commercial driver’s license to be able to drive a Type A Motorhome. However, the law can be different in each state, so you need to make sure that you are approved to drive one. Their large size can contain from six to ten people, and they often have slide-out sections that can expand the floor plans.

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Type A Motorhome Pros and Cons

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Recreational vehicles have many alternatives because they both have pros and cons. The alternatives exist because it’s impossible to put all the advantages on one type of RV. The Type A Motorhomes are no exception. Although the Type A Motorhomes are all about luxury and space convenience, they still have some drawbacks. Here are the pros and cons of Type A Motorhomes.


Extensive living spaces

The Type A Motorhomes are known to be the biggest among the motorhomes. Most of them even have expandable sections that can make the interior even larger. With such ample space, imagine how many features that you can add in it to ease your camping activities.

Plenty storage spaces

Because of its abundance of interior space available, a Type A Motorhome allows you to fit more items inside. Not only the extra storage spaces will enable you to bring additional supplies, but they also let you bring more people. Everyone can bring their own belongings.

Extra features and amenities

Type A Motorhomes also have more complete facilities and amenities inside. Thanks to its large size, some of them even have laundry machines, driers, full bath and shower facilities, and also home entertainment systems.


Dangerous to drive

Some people feel intimidated when they have to drive a Type A Motorhome. Because of its large size, it’s hard to maneuver and keep it stable on a twisty mountain.  Furthermore, finding a parking spot for a Type A Motorhome can be such a hassle in restrictive camping sites.

Cannot easily run simple errands without extra vehicle

Because of its huge size, people will find it bothersome to run simple errands with a Type A Motorhome once it’s parked. They will most likely bring a motorcycle or tow a smaller vehicle behind to solve this issue.

Expensive maintenance

Last but not least, its maintenance cost is the highest among the motorhomes. From the initial price for buying one, the cost of reparation, to the fuel price, they are all more expensive than the other motorhomes.

If you think you can overcome the cons, you might want to consider choosing a Type A Motorhome for your road trips. After all, they are a reliable option for long travels and full-time living.

Type A Motorhome Interior

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If you have decided that the Type A Motorhome is the right recreational vehicle for you, you might want to look at some design ideas. Fortunately, we already collected some of our favorite Type A Motorhome interior designs below.

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Extravagant Type A Motorhome Interior

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Photo by i.ytimg.com

Since the Type A Motorhome is all about luxury and space, why don’t we go all out? This motorhome interior design uses chrome finish and ambient lighting to create extravagant vibes. Although it looks very luxurious, the design keeps the atmosphere down-to-earth by still adding a few wooden furniture.

Compact modern Type A Motorhome Interior

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Photo by adria-mobil.com

This interior design successfully adopts modern design yet remain simple. The light brown color and white combination works well the sleek design. Moreover, the windows and the ceiling vent allow the natural light to illuminate the interior very well.

Modernly elegant Type A Motorhome Interior

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Photo by cdn.crash31.com

The combination of dark teak material with the glossy flooring easily makes this motorhome interior elegant. This design also well lit. Not only the scattered light source makes the lighting more balanced throughout the interior, but it also enhances the glamorous vibe.

High-class Type A Motorhome interior

motorhomes class b
Photo by vistamfg.com

There are so many details that make this interior design looks very high-class, from scattered lighting, specially designed ceiling, to the patterned carpet. Choosing blinds over standard curtains makes this interior even more modernly gorgeous. This type of interior will not quickly become outdated.

Modern lake house Type A Motorhome interior

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Photo by cloudfront.net

Home-like layout and plenty of wooden furniture make this motorhome interior feels like a lake house interior. Not only the space left in the middle makes the interior feel wider, but it’s also useful to gather and maybe play some Jenga. It’s perfect for people who are looking for a familiar home atmosphere.

Futuristic Type A Motorhome interior

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Photo by erwinhymergroup.com

Curvy and illuminated edges give this interior a futuristic look. Although it’s not very big compared to the other interiors, this design manages to create a cozy atmosphere. Ample lighting, sufficient ventilation system, and comfortable seating are the main causes of its coziness.

Modern farmhouse Type A Motorhome interior

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Photo by jayco.com

This motorhome interior achieves a farmhouse look by using medium-tone woods as the primary furniture material. Furthermore, the woods and the beige-colored sofas create a modern and attractive combination. This design also utilizes the upper part of the room for overhead cabinet storage that is very useful.

Concise vintage Type A Motorhome interior

class b+ motorhome
Photo by media.thormotorcoach.com

Instead of using a contrasting color to the dark brown color, this interior uses a light beige color as the combination. This combination makes the motorhome interior look vintage. Although it looks vintage, the straightforward and seamless design keeps this design simple and fresh.

Masculine Type A Motorhome interior

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Photo by adria-mobil.com

The bold black colors in this interior accentuate the masculinity of the design. It’s an excellent pick for a male camping group. Although the space is limited compared to the general Type A Motorhomes, the amenities in it should be enough. Most men campers only need enough bed, seating, and entertainment systems to be able to have fun.

Luxurious Type A Motorhome interior

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Photo by amp.insider.com

The golden tone of this room emphasizes its beauty and create such a luxury vibe. Moreover, there are so many parts of the interior that use either glass or glossy material to make the design more gorgeous. It’s an excellent choice if you adore luxurious design, and a big budget is not a concern for you.

Classy black and white Type A Motorhome interior

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Photo by dj0i1p5b5posm.cloudfront.net

This Type A Motorhome uses the black and white color combination to remain simple despite its classy design. The custom-made ceiling decoration probably one of the hardest and most expensive things to pull off from this design. But, that decoration works very well in enhancing the beauty of the interior and adds a bit of romantic touch.

Straightforward semi-retro Type A Motorhome

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Photo by rv-pro.com

This straightforward Type A Motorhome design successfully recreate a homey atmosphere. Even though the color choice tends to look retro, the interior design was able to balance it with some current design elements. These elements can be found in the lighting choice, glossy material application, and implementation of sleek and seamless furniture design.

Type A Motorhome Floor Plans

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Once you already have a design in your mind, you should carefully plan the layout. With the right floor plan, you can maximize every square inch of your motorhome interior. Here are our favorite Type A Motorhome floor plans that might inspire you to make the most out of your motorhome.

Concise Type A Motorhome floor plan

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Photo by jayco.com

This floor plan might not have the full feature, but it should be able to support a group of four people. It has an expandable queen size bed that is very convenient to add more space when needed. Although it doesn’t have plenty of storage and entertainment systems, it still has the essential amenities. Those should be enough to support the camping activities.

Type A Motorhome floor plan with lounge area

type c motorhome
Photo by newmarcorp.com

Does your motorhome have many expandable sections? If it does, this floor plan should be an excellent choice. Almost every piece of furniture in this layout is push-able to allow more space. Furthermore, the bed placement is perfect for ensuring the best sleeping experience, since it’s far from the sofa and dinette.

Mini Type A Motorhome floor plan

7 types of campers
Photo by media.thormotorcoach.com

Since this floor plan might be one of the smaller ones, the bedroom has a curtain to ensure privacy for some people. After all, a non-leveled room should have a curtain or a door to give some privacy or to reduce noise. And because of its concise layout and limited space, this layout should only fit three to four people.

Compact Type A Motorhome floor plan

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Photo by media.thormotorcoach.com

Some Type A Motorhomes don’t have any expandable section and have a smaller size for easier maneuver. This floor plan is a viable option to maximize limited space. Surprisingly, it managed to fit two sleeping areas, a dinette, a kitchenette, a fridge, a bathroom, and a shower.

Cozy Type A Motorhome floor plan

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Photo by i.pinimg.com

This long motorhome should fit at least six people in it. It has a queen-size bed, a drop-down sleeping area, two sofas, a bathroom, and a kitchenette. Undeniably, the front part of this layout is the best place for gathering with the whole camp members.

Complete Type A Motorhome floor plan

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Photo by jayco.com

It has one sofa, one dinette, one kitchenette, a shower, a queen-size bed, a cab-over bunk, and plenty of cabinets. With such a complete package, you should be able to bring about five people on the trip. Additionally, the awning feature will be handy for an outdoor gathering.

Big family Type A Motorhome floor plan

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Photo by console-scene.info

This large and expandable motorhome is one of the bigger ones we found. It should be able to bring seven people on board since it has three sleeping areas and a sofa. Moreover, the spin-able feature of the driver seats allows it to act as couches. Therefore, it can also make the front part of the motorhome a comfortable lounge area.

Roomy Type A Motorhome floor plan

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Photo by big.nyc3.cdn.digitaloceanspaces.com

A luxury designed interior should be a perfect pair with this floor plan. Almost every furniture and amenities in this floorplan is either the big variant or the complete variant. Despite its vast interior and furniture, this floor plan only has one sleeping area. Replacing the standard sofa to the one that has a slide-out bed should be more advantageous.

Convenient Type A Motorhome floor plan

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Photo by www.entegracoach.com

This is one of the most unique and convenient floor plans we found. Not only it has plenty of expandable sections, but it also has plenty of sleeping areas. Moreover, it also has two bathrooms that people can use at the same time to save time. If convenience and completeness are your priorities, you should consider this one.

Neat Type A Motorhome Floor Plan

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Photo by coachmenrv.com

This floor plan is a viable option to pick for a big group and a big motorhome. It has a king-size bed, a sofa with a pull-out bed, plenty of storage, and a big dinette. Undoubtedly, this floor plan will be able to accommodate five to six people while remaining comfortable to live in.

Small yet comfy Type A Motorhome floor plan

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Photo by skylabboston.org

Although this Type A Motorhome design might look very straightforward from the outside, the floor plan inside is unique. This design decides to clear the space in the middle for more comfortable movement from one spot to the others. It also has exterior TV for outdoor entertainment. Moreover, despite its limited space, this floor plan managed to fit four sleeping areas in it.

Luxurious Type A Motorhome Floor Plan

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Photo by aiclakeforest.com

This Type A Motorhome floor plan brings the motorhome layout to a whole new level. Not only it has the basic features and amenities, but it also has a specially designed entertainment room. It basically divides the interior into three sections, rest area, food area, and entertainment area.

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To conclude, Type A Motorhomes has its pros and cons. If you think the cons seem very impractical for you, then it might not be for you. You should start looking at the other types of motorhomes or even begin to consider the towable ones. On the other hand, if you think the pros overtop the cons, make sure to make the most out of your camper. Also, prioritize comfort over anything.

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