Popular Types of Bike Rack for Camper and How to Pick One

A bike rack for camper is perfect if you want to bring your bicycles when going camping. Luckily, you will have a huge variety of choices to have this feature in your RV.

For those who own a toy hauler RV, looking for an additional bike rack may not be their priority. Indeed, you can simply roll your bicycles into the toy-hauling garage part and be ready to go.

Otherwise, let go of your precious space inside the RV if you do not mount a bike rack outside the vehicle. 


Good Reasons to Get a Bike Rack for Camper

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Cycling and camping just make a perfect combination during vacation. Bringing your bikes into a big campground or RV park will offer trouble-free and fun transportation. 

Besides, bringing your bike means you can explore the destination, particularly when camping in the woods.

Compared to towing a car, bikes offer a simpler way to bring an extra mode of transportation when camping. 

You can easily ride it to get around the campground or go to a grocery store.

Moreover, enjoy transporting your bike on a designated trail. It allows you to find more scenery than you might see when just walking. 

Thus, you should have a reliable bike rack for camper. It will be useful for transporting your bicycles to the campground. 

Types of Bike Rack to Consider for Camping

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Whether you need 4 bike rack for camper or another one, there are some options to choose from.

Most types of bike racks are ranged based on their installation method. Commonly, they allow you to mount your bikes outside the RV to save some space inside the rig.

The most perfect type of bike rack for camper will depend on your RV. It is because this vehicle does not have a universal design and comes with different features.

Depending on your RV, you may be able to mount the bike rack to the ladder, bumper, or roof. If your vehicle has a hitch for towing ability, there is also a bicycle holder that can be installed.

Bumper-mounted RV Bike Rack


If your RV bumper is not in the middle, a bumper-mounted bike rack for camper will be the best type to choose. 

You can easily mount your bike rack on the bumper. It locates at the end of the towing situation. This type of holder will not require you to get a hitch too.

Bumper-mounted racks will make a perfect choice if you want to carry more than two bikes. As the bumpers are typically higher in weight capacity than the ladder, this can be possible. 

Ladder-Mounted Bike Rack


This type of bike rack for camper is space-saving and eliminating the need to add anything to your hitch since a ladder-mounted holder is separate. 

Any RV from a class A to a travel trailer will work well with this bike rack as long as it features a ladder.

However, you should note that a ladder-mounted bike rack is great for keeping one to two bicycles only. Hence, it may not be a perfect choice if you want to transport more bikes at once.

Most ladder-mounted bike racks can hold approximately 60 lbs at the highest, so you should not overweigh it.

Hitch-Mounted Bike Rack for RV

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If you usually tow something with your RV, there must be a hitch in its body. In this view, you can simply install a dual receiver to allow you to pull a car and bring bicycles at the same time. 

It may not be a 6-bike rack for RV since most hitch-mounted holders can carry no more than 4 bicycles. 

Since hitch-mounted RV back racks are typically the lowest to the ground compared to the other choices, you will find it less difficult to load and unload your bicycles. 

Hitch-mounted bike racks will be a better option if you do not require much access to your rear door. 

Nevertheless, you should remember that the overall length of the RV may increase due to the holders. As a result, you need to get used to parking and backing with the mounted racks. 

Roof-Mounted Bike Racks


As the name suggests, you will carry your bikes on the top of your RV when mounting roof bicycle racks. 

This type of bike rack for camper is ideal as it can keep your bikes out of the way and will not take any space inside the rig. 

You should make sure to get a high-quality roof-mounted bike rack since the poorly rated one typically is not solid and well-established enough to go against the lateral force from turning and wind.

Moreover, you should expect a challenge when loading and unloading your bikes from the top of the RV as well. If your roofed van is higher, a tiny folding stool will be necessary to help you reach the bicycles.

Roof-mounted racks also come with several methods of installation. For instance, an upright bicycle holder will clutch your bike by the down tube or front tire. 

There is also one that features fork mounting. This means the rack will hold the bikes by their front fork. As it requires facade wheel removal, it may result in invalid manufacturer warranties. 

Spare tire mounted bike racks


Although this kind of bike rack for camper is not very common, you can still take it into account, especially if there is already a tire on your RV’s door.

A spare tire bike rack is straightforward, sturdy, and lockable. Besides, you can expect simple access to your bicycles as well.

It may not be the toughest option out there, but you will find it easy to install without any hitch needed. Hence, a spare tire bike rack is often the least expensive choice among the others.

Make sure you always prepare for the right tools to remove this bike rack for camper on your RV since you need to take it away first when getting a flat tire. 

Similar to hitch-mounted bike racks, this one will add some length to your RV as well. 

Trailer tongue bike racks

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It is rather a complicated choice, but many campers have installed their bike rack above the battery box location on the trailer tongue. 

Frequently, this kind of bike rack is a custom setup that calls for some design proficiency and metalworking skills. This practical competency will be much more needed if you will ride a fifth-wheel travel trailer.

You can find a store-bought option for this type of bike rack for camper as well. However, the customized model will ensure comfort and peace of mind compared to other choices mentioned above.

Indeed, this convenience of trailer tongue bike racks comes with a price. Besides, you may find it hard to get one that fits perfectly to your RV and can carry the number of bicycles you want for a sensible cost.

Tips and Tricks to Choose Your Best Bike Rack


A bike rack for travel trailer comes in a huge variety of designs and features, making it hard for some people to determine their ultimate choice.

While bike racks are not created equal, the general tips and tricks to pick the right one for your RV or travel trailer are mostly the same.

You need to be aware of the weight limit of your RV, particularly on the parts that may become the location where you mount the bike rack for camper.

Make sure to research your RV’s weight limit before purchasing any additional rack to carry the bikes. Consider visiting online forums or your manufacturers’ sites to find the answer. 

Knowing the weight limit will help you know the possible number of bicycles to carry in your RV too. Besides, you will like to try the following tips to get the best bike rack. 

Take your budget into account


When it comes to purchasing a bike rack for camper, you better find the decent one that will not break the bank. This makes an ideal option other than going with an ultra-cheap bicycle holder.

As you might know, cheaper bike racks tend to have low quality and sway around easily. Of course, it is important to get one that suits your budget, but never go overboard by buying the most low-priced model.

Instead, you may like to find a high-quality one that is at a special discount to save some cost. You may need to wait for a while, but the decreased price is sometimes worth a try. 

Invest in a bike rack with good security


If you have a high-end bike and do not want to be continuously terrified of getting your favorite bicycle stolen, you should not overlook the security level of your rack.

Fortunately, many bike racks have featured locking systems. However, some manufacturers may require you to get an add-on to enjoy the security lock.

A roof-mounted bike rack typically lets you utilize high-quality cable or U-locks to make sure that your bicycles are safe.

For a hitch-mounted rack, you need to prepare locks for the bikes, holder, and the hitch itself. Since this kind of bike rack for camper is the simplest for thieves to reach, investing in a good lock is necessary. 

Meanwhile, you can take advantage of cable and U-locks for spare tire mounts as they are relatively firm and not too difficult to secure. 

Get an RV-Approved Bike Rack


For your safety, you should pick an RV-approved bike rack for camper. Its design typically has to be able to endure the added force from the motorhome, 5th wheel, and the trailer.

Different from your car, most RVs do not provide you with the same handling and suspension. As a result, extra weight can shove or even break a standard bicycle rack.

An RV-approved bike rack typically goes through certain tests so that it can withstand the bumps of riding this vehicle. 

Moreover, an RV-approved bike rack will be able to offer better peace of mind while securing your favorite bicycles compared to a standard holder. 

Other Things to Consider before Choosing Camper Bike Rack

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Aside from the above tips and tricks, you need to consider having some accessories to make the most of your bike rack for camper.

If your chosen bike rack does not come with security locks, you should consider purchasing it separately as this item is compulsory. 

You may like to have other accessories like support arms, clips, bike covers, and conversion rails as well.

How often you will ride your bike will be another consideration to help you find the right type of bike rack. If you want to use the bicycle frequently, prioritize easy access to load and unload it.

Since a bike rack for camper out there may not have the adjustable settings, you should consider the style and size of your bicycles before purchasing a particular holder.

RV Back Rack Ideas for Your Reference

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An e-bike is currently very popular among RV enthusiasts as it makes a dependable second mode of transportation. This bike can go up to 40 miles and is very practical. 

If you want to bring an e-bike too or other types of bicycles, various options of bike rack for camper must have been on the list. 

To help you narrow down your choice, there are some types of RV-approved bike racks for camper that are pretty popular on the market now. 

The first one is Camco RV Ladder Bike Rack that offers straightforward installation and soft-grip handles. If you need a holder for two bikes, this one will be suitable with its 60 lbs weight limit.

When it comes to the bumper-mounted rack, you can count on Quick Products since it has a holder that can carry two bicycles. This is pretty popular among RV enthusiasts because it is worth the money.

There are many other great options available, but you should remember that the point is to find a reliable bike rack that fits your budget and needs.

All in all, a bike rack for camper is something great to have as it allows you to carry an additional transportation mode during your road trip.

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