5 Reason Why More People Are Choosing Modern Platform Beds

Modern Platform Beds When the bed first hit the market with its modern design and sturdy construction, most people would stop at nothing to buy one of these beds. They realized that this was a purchase they didn’t want to regret in the morning! Platform beds have become so popular because of their amazing durability and many great benefits. Here, we will talk about some of these benefits in detail.


What Is A Platform Bed?

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A platform bed is a bed that comes with a mattress on a metal rod system or metal slats. Platform beds do not have the traditional box spring attached to them. Instead, they have a flat surface at the bottom, hence the “platform bed.”

This type of bed is very durable and sturdy, but it does require some assembly before it can be used. These beds also come with a steel or wood frame for added rigidity and stability in many cases.

These modern platform beds come in various styles, shapes, colors, and sizes, allowing you to pick one that matches your bedroom décor. This can take place in so many different ways, fashion-wise and in terms of comfort options. Keep reading to learn the most common comfortable benefits of a modern platform bed.

No Box Spring Required

Box springs are old-style beds that people have used for many years. The box spring is a bed base that needs to be placed under a mattress to provide extra support. It serves to improve the support of your mattress, but it will also make your bed much more comfortable and durable. This is why people used to buy new box springs with every new mattress they got. It can be expensive, and it can take up space in the room where the bed is kept.

Placing a mattress on a platform bed instead can save some space in the room while improving its sturdiness. It won’t be necessary to buy a new box spring and carry it around all the time. Also, you will never have to worry about the box springs coming undone or coming loose when you are sleeping.

Most of these beds come with a steel or wood frame that provides the platform bed stability and rigidity. Also, since it comes with a solid base, your mattress will be nicely supported. There is no need for an extra box spring under your mattress for this kind of bed.

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Available In Different Styles

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Most modern platform beds come in different styles giving you a choice to choose the right one for your bedroom décor. You can decide to get a platform bed with a classic design and no storage at all. It will be useful for storing more than one mattress on the bed and offer extra storage space. This can be very useful if you have floor space under your bed or when there is not enough room in your closet to store all your clothes and other things you need.

You can even choose a platform bed with simple storage space and no other design features or accents. You can order this type of bed if you have already had a lot of décor in the bedroom or are looking for simplicity and comfort in terms of modern looks and functionality.

Simple To Assemble

If you aren’t very handy and can’t mark the holes with a drill, you will have a hard time assembling your bed. Luckily, modern platform beds come with simple instructions, and they require fewer tools than traditional beds. If you want to assemble it on your own, that is possible! It is much easier than putting up a regular bed frame.

Most of these beds come with metal slates and a metal/wooden frame. The assembly is straightforward, but you will need some tools to tighten the screws and get it ready.

Provides The Right Posture During Sleeping

These modern platform beds are great if you want to sleep comfortably while getting the right posture during the process. A lot of back pain is caused by the wrong posture while sleeping in a bed that doesn’t provide the proper support for your spine. These beds come with a solid base and a sturdy frame which provides an even distribution of your body weight over its surface.

Traditional box springs can’t provide that level of support, and you will have a hard time finding the right balance between comfort and support. Since these platform beds don’t have a box spring attached, your spine will be straightened during your sleep, and there will be no back pain in the morning. This is especially useful when setting up a bed on a foundation or the floor without a bed frame.

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Additional Space For Storage

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If you are looking for extra storage space in your bedroom, you can go for one of these modern platform beds. These beds come with a frame and slates, which provide the space you need for extra storage. You can get a platform bed with no wall frame, just a rack at the bottom. Choosing this platform bed type will give you all the additional storage space while making you feel comfortable and cozy when sleeping.

You can easily store your things under this rack at the bottom of your bed and provide extra space and save floor space in your room, too! It is another great option if you don’t want to buy an entirely new platform bed with more features like drawers and storage spaces.

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The Bottom Line

Modern platform beds come with many great options and benefits. They are also very comfortable to use, and most of them improve the support we need for a good night’s sleep. These beds are available in different styles and models, which gives you the opportunity to choose one that meets your needs both on the comfort side and the functionality side.

Most of them also come with a steel or wooden frame that provides extra rigidity and stability to your bed. You don’t have to suffer from back pain anymore, especially if you sleep on a regular platform bed.

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