RV Bathroom Storage Ideas

RV Bathroom Storage Ideas – RV is a car used mostly to go camping place. Where you can stay the whole day on a place like home yet going back to nature. There are many kinds of RV designs. Some people choose comfort, others choose the style, and some choose to make everything fit in one place. Since RV is a compact car, the bathroom is one of the most important places to have.

Even when people go camping outside in nature or somewhere near the forest. Bathrooms are a place that is hard for you to find comfort in nature. Having a bathroom in an RV is important. But, if the bathroom space is too small because of some storage to place toiletries. It would not be that comfortable.

For those who have more money, they could just expand the bathroom by doing RV bathroom remodel. It also depends on the types of RV, the larger the RV it could give more space as people will use it often to clean themselves after enjoying some spots in the forest. It will affect the user of the RV too, if the type of the RV did not match the owner’s budget.

The owner of the RV needs to think twice on how to make every space in it more useful as it should be. RV should be comfortable for the owner in order for them to enjoy the vacation.

As the bathroom is the most important place in RV because comfortable is a priority for the user, it needs to have things that are useful and also have some toiletries supply for the owner in order to avoid panicking in the middle of vacation for running out toiletries supply. The must have items for RV bathrooms are toothbrush, soap, toothpaste, toilet paper and shampoo.

These five things are the most important things in the bathroom that need more supply. Smaller bathroom will only be able to make some space for toothbrushes and soap. These problems often occurred during the RV trip. To solve all of these problems during the trip, it is better to discuss what we need to bring and where to put it during the trip.


Must Have RV Items for RV Bathroom

travel trailer bathroom

RV Bathroom storage, It is different from the general size of bathroom that can place more toiletries in order to make the owner of the RV get comfortable. The basic need for humans are those five things written above. The simplest thing is just toothbrushes and soap. The complete one can even allow you to put your makeup or more toiletries that are personal in the bathroom. Having a family means more space needed in the bathroom. The cleanliness of the bathroom is important as it will affect the users if the bathroom gives out a bad smell.

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1. RV Holding Tank Treatment

rv showers and tubs
Photo By rvautoparts.com
Walex Porta-Pak RV Marine Black Holding Tank Deodorizer Drop-Ins,...
  • WASTE BREAKDOWN - Porta-Pak RV Marine Holding Tank Deodorizer breaks down waste and stubborn RV...
  • HOLDING TANK DEODORIZER - Porta-Pak marine and RV holding tank deodorizer tackles unpleasant smells....
  • VERSATILE FOR ALL TANKS - Our marine and RV tank deodorizer for black tank cleans tanks from 2.5...

Cleanliness of the bathroom is not only from the furniture we see, but also from the septic tank of the RV, checking it is necessary, as it will affect the whole trip if it gives out bad smell. Before the trip starts, there are some places you can visit to clean this septic tank. Some people usually do it once they finish the trip, so it will not leave any odor or trace later when the RV is going to be used again. Preparing some disinfectant or some kind of deodorizing liquid to make it more comfortable on the trip.

2. Loogun – The Water Gun for Your Toilet

how to waterproof rv shower walls
Photo By truetest.citscorp.co.uk
JP's Handheld Bidet Sprayer for Toilets, Bidet and Diaper Sprayer...
  • [High Quality & Leak-Proof] We’ve listened to our customers’ suggestions and combined them with...
  • [Simple 10-Minute Install] You’re just 10 minutes away from a refreshing, thorough cleanse—on...
  • [Adjustable & Easy to Use] Even if this is your first bidet or cloth diaper sprayer, there’s no...

The other things you need RV Bathroom Storage is water pressure. Water pressure gun for the toilet is a necessary tool. When you go on a trip and the dirt just right there on the RV wall or the toilet floor, that is hard to clean up, or could be the left out of your poo, this water gun could help you clean it up instead of using your hand to clean it up. This water pressure is very useful because it could clean everything rapidly in the bathroom. Thus making you feel comfortable in using the bathroom again. The clean bathroom means an enjoyable trip.

3. Toothbrush Holder

replace rv shower pan
Photo by rvlivingusa.com
PHILIPS Sonicare ProtectiveClean 6500 Rechargeable Electric Power...
  • Gentle yet effective to whiten teeth in just 1 week vs. a manual toothbrush
  • Protect your teeth with a pressure sensor that gently pulses to alert you when you're brushing too...
  • Always know when to replace your brush head for an effective clean with the brush head replacement...

Toothbrush holder is a need because when the RV is moving everything you put on the bathroom will be moving too and eventually fall to the bathroom floor. This kind of event is what most people like to avoid. If they can make the toothbrush clean from the bathroom floor, it is by using the toothbrush holder. It also saves some space by sticking on the wall or on the side of the mirror in the bathroom. Saving space but also a good place to put toiletries to stay clean.

4. Shower Curtain Bathroom Organizer

rv shower faucet
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MISSLO Hanging Mesh Pockets Hold 340oz/1000ml Shampoo Shower...
8,895 Reviews
MISSLO Hanging Mesh Pockets Hold 340oz/1000ml Shampoo Shower...
  • Multiple Pockets: Bathroom door organizer has 8 pockets of different sizes, providing enough space...
  • Easy to Clean: Mesh hanging caddy organizer is made of high quality nylon mesh, which is easy to...
  • 2 Different Hooks: Each shower caddy comes with 3 metal door hooks and 3 shower curtain rings, which...

Shower curtain could help the problem of making the bubbles go to every side of the bathroom. This often happens because of the small space of the bathroom; people rarely use the shower curtain. The shower curtain is also used when the bathroom has a small window. There are also some portable shower curtain available on the online shop store. The shower curtain also helps you to avoid the hanged towel getting wet while you are showering. You could choose which one matches your needs.

5. Towel Holder

replace rv tub with shower pan
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mDesign Steel Towel Holder for Bathroom Wall - Wall Mounted...
  • 6 TIER STORAGE: The six vertical arms of this bathroom organizer and towel holder hold and store...
  • MAXIMIZE SPACE: Make the most of unused wall space and gain vertical storage; Position where it's...
  • EASY INSTALLATION: This towel rack is simple to assemble and mount to the wall with the included...

Taking a shower without using the towel right after is quite hard. If the bathroom does not have a towel holder, either the towel will be wet because of the water splash or the water will be everywhere in the RV. It is better to have towel holder, because you can dry up by yourself in the bathroom and avoid splashing the water everywhere. It helps clean and dry yourself faster in the bathroom.

6. RV Toilet Paper

Quilted Northern Ultra Plush Toilet Paper, 24 Supreme Rolls = 105...
  • Pamper yourself with 3 cushiony-soft layers of premium toilet paper in every roll
  • Each Supreme Roll has 319 3-ply sheets and is equivalent to 4 Regular Rolls, so you change the roll...
  • Our sheets have 3 layers and are 3X thicker and 3X more absorbent than the leading value brand...

There are reasons why you need to specifically buy RV toilet paper. Regular toilet paper can’t easily dissolve like RV toilet paper. It becomes clumpy which will end up clogging your RV toilet. Therefore, it’s important to have a few rolls of RV toilet paper at all times.

7. Hanging Shelf for Shower Items

KINCMAX Premium Shower Caddy - Self Adhesive Shower Organizer w/...
  • PREMIUM RUSTPROOF 304 STAINLESS STEEL: This durable, high quality, stainless steel bathroom caddy...
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Improve your shower experience in just 4 easy steps: clean the surface, peel off...
  • LARGE CAPACITY: Our shower caddy adhesive can hold up to 20 lbs or 9 kg of weight, which is enough...

RV shower is cramped and a hanging shelf to contain the items is useful to save space. You can also categorize your soap, shampoo, etc. easily in this storage. Moreover, you can easily reach for them.

8. Pop Up Trash Bin

Flings Bins POP UP All Occasion Black - 10 Pack
626 Reviews
Flings Bins POP UP All Occasion Black - 10 Pack
  • Makes clean up a snap!
  • 13 Gallon bags.
  • Container pops open and stands up by itself.

This is not just a regular trash bin. This pop up trash bin means that they can be pulled up or collapse. Therefore, it’s easy to pack and saves space.

9. Holding Tank Treatment

Firebelly Outfitters RV Holding Tank Deodorizer + Septic Tank...
  • POWERFUL, SAFE RV SEPTIC SYSTEM TREATMENT - Formaldehyde Free, 20 Septic Tank Enzyme Deodorizing...
  • RV SEWER TANK ENZYME CLEANER - One of your most important RV Accessories or Camping Accessories is...
  • SUPER CONCENTRATED TOILET ODOR REMOVER - Our toilet deodorizers are formulated with triple molecular...

A nicely smelled bathroom is a comfortable bathroom. Holding tank treatment is useful to help breaking down waste and absorb odor. The recommended brands are Campa-Chem and Happy Camper. For Happy Camper, it’s an organic holding tank treatment. This product is enzyme based so it eats odor instead of just covering it.

You can apply the holding tank treatment by taking a scoop down the potty after each blank tank dump. By doing this, you will keep everything smelling fresh. You can also apply it in your gray tank if odor also comes from that.

10. Retractable Laundry Line

Minky Homecare Outdoor Retractable Dual Clothesline Heavy Duty...
  • SUSTAINABLE CLOTHES DRYING – Save energy, money and time with the unmatched drying capacity of...
  • SPACE SAVING RETRACTABLE DESIGN - Easy to use backyard outdoor drying line, stows neatly away when...
  • HEAVY DUTY CLOTHES LINE - The strong PVC coated line is sunlight resistant and easy to wipe clean

Bathroom is a wet place and you can’t always dry your clothes and towels outside. This is where a retractable laundry line comes to give the best solution. With that item, you can hang your wet clothes and towels. Drying becomes easier with this item. This is a necessary things as RV Bathroom Storage.

11. Hooks

ACMETOP S Hooks, 12 Pack Aluminum S Shaped Hooks, S Hooks for...
  • 𝐇𝐈𝐆𝐇-𝐐𝐔𝐀𝐋𝐈𝐓𝐘 𝐒 𝐇𝐎𝐎𝐊𝐒: Made of 6063...
  • 𝐒𝐓𝐘𝐋𝐈𝐒𝐇 & 𝐌𝐎𝐃𝐄𝐑𝐍 𝐒𝐓𝐘𝐋𝐄: The classic...

See an empty wall? Put hooks! They’re small but very effective to utilize the empty space in your RV. After all, every empty space in an RV is important for use in the name of organizing and saving space. You can use wall hooks and over-the-door hooks all over your RV. In an RV bathroom, they’re useful for hanging up towels, clothes, and toiletry bags.

12. Over-the-Door Pocket Organizer

Simple Houseware Crystal Clear Over The Door Hanging Pantry...
  • Include 2-Pack, 15 clear pockets over-the-door organizer each
  • Dimension: 52" H x 18" W for each
  • Great space saver door hanging organizer for kitchen / pantry / laundry room / bathroom / bedroom

Coming with plenty of pockets, this energy is very useful to store many times. It’s also easy to organize so you don’t need to rummage like when you put them inside a basket or drawer. The pockets are also clear, making it easy to identify your items.

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13. Anti-Bacterial Wipes

No products found.

Hygiene is important and should be a priority in order to have a healthy environment. Keeping a container of wipes will make it easy for a quick session of sanitizing and wipe-downs.

14.  Wall Soap Dispenser

Better Living Products 76130-1, 1-Chamber, Satin Silver
  • Ideal Soap and Sanitizer dispenser for any bathroom, kitchen or laundry room
  • Works with approved gel hand sanitizers
  • Wall mounted soap dispenser chamber lifts off the wall for easy refilling

Wall soap dispensers are efficient and easy to use. You also don’t need to keep buying bottles of soap every month.

RV Bathroom Storage Tips

rv tub to shower conversion

Going by yourself is different from going with someone else. Bringing more people on the trip means, you need to have more space to put your necessities in it. So much space in the RV used for personal belonging and needs. These problems will be over if we are careful in choosing certain things to put in place. In order to do it, you could do it in a few ways. Here the RV ideas tips for bathroom storage.

1. Pay Attention to Over the Toilet Shelf

how to install a tile shower in a rv
Photo by gardeninga.com

This will help you put on extra supplies of your toiletries. You can put more toilet paper, and other basic toiletries supply. It will not disturb your shower, but instead giving you extra space to put more things. Also could make your trip more comfortable for not thinking about the nearest store to buy toiletries supply. Be careful on making the over toilet shelf, check if it is strong enough to carry a certain weight of supply to avoid collapsing during the trip.

2. Do Something with Over the Door Shoe Holder

rv accessories
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Imagine if you are going with five other friends, there will be more toiletries in the bathroom. By using the over the door transparent shoe holder, it could store more toiletries. The individual shoe pockets could keep shampoo and conditioner bottles falling. Because it is transparent, it is easy to find what you are looking for. More space for the other passengers’ toiletries.

3. Tension Rod Towel Rack

rv waterproof toilet paper holder
Photo By guide.alibaba.com

When travelling with friends, there will be more used towel after shower or swimming. If they are all swimming at the same time, automatically they will need more space to hang their wet towels. By using the tension rods, you can make more space to hang those wet towels. You could put it up behind the shower curtain in the bathtub or you could hang it up outside if the RV parks beside a tree. You can dry up the entire wet towel faster.

RV Bathroom Storage Solutions

toilet paper holder for travel trailer

By going on the trip, it could also takes you to make more space in the bathroom. This would make you more creative in finding a good solution to all those problems. Cleanliness, comfort and the enjoyable trip will happen if everything runs smoothly. To avoid the problem, it is better for us to prepare everything beforehand.

Space is the thing we need to be careful of. Because, there are things to be prepared and the number of the passengers including their personal belongings. There is something you could do to save some space problems.

1. Shoe holders

rv bathroom remodel ideas
Photo By doityourselfrv.com
Simple Houseware 24 Pockets - Crystal Clear Over The Door Hanging...
  • 24 clear pockets hanging shoe organizer
  • Hangs on standard door or closet rod, no hardware needed
  • Protects shoes or items from dust and damage

As what was discuss before, it is the shoe holders. The shoe holders are a good place to store toiletries. The transparent pockets make it easy to find what you need when you showering. It can place many things like shaving cream, conditioner, etc. Even more useful if you bring some friends and they need to put their own toiletries in the bathroom. Everybody could enjoy the trip without worrying about cleaning his or her body. More space on this shoe holder could be used to put women hairbands or make up (essentials).

2. Use Over-the-Toilet Basket

rv bathroom
Photo By doityourselfrv.com

No products found.

Need more space in your toilet?. Adding some baskets can help you manage your items very well. A messy bathroom can break your mood. So managing your items not only boosts your mood, it also makes your bathroom look well managed and fantastic.

3. Soap dispensers

rv storage ideas pinterest
Photo by doityourselfrv.com
2023 Version - Large Soap Dispenser with Silicone Pad – Premium...
  • HIGH QUALITY & RUSTPROOF – Finally! This ALBAYRAK soap dispenser is designed to be superior,...
  • ELEGANT & STYLISH DECOR - Perfect addition to your home and farmhouse, will beautify any bathroom or...
  • VERSATILE SOAP DISPENSER - Gift Idea – Ideal for liquid hand soap, dish soap, lotions, sanitisers,...

To save more space and to save nature, the soap dispensers is the answer. The soap dispenser is much more useful and safe for nature. Instead of using the soap with the bottles, it is better to use the refill soap that you can pour to the soap dispenser.

It is better if you could use the 3 in one dispenser for soap, shampoo and conditioner. Beside it is saving the space for the bottle, it could make the bathroom simpler than ever and we don’t have to worry if the bottle will fall to the floor because it sticks to the bathroom wall.

4. Magnet board

rv closet organizer
Photo By doityourselfrv.com

Then, there is a magnet board. For women, that could not go on a trip without bringing their makeup or nail polish. This magnetic board can be stored under a cabinet. It can store some of your makeup as long as you stick the magnet on the back of the make-up that you want to bring on the trip.

Voila, you could go on a trip without worrying about makeup. Staying stylish and beautiful during your trip will make the trip more enjoyable. More things to post on social media as you get more confidence with makeup on.

5. Under-the-sink shelf

rv bathroom accessories
Photo by doityourselfrv.com
Simple Houseware Under Sink 2 Tier Expandable Heavy Duty Metal...
  • Expandable Metal Rail: Expands from 15 to 25 inches
  • Adjustable Height: 4 LEVELS - Enables you to organize around those pesky pipes found under the sink
  • Perforated Steel Panels: 3 large panels (6-3/8 inches), 4 small panels (3-1/8 inches)

Usually, many RVs do not have enough cabinets in the bathroom. Because of this problem, the available space cannot be used properly. Luckily, there are some kind of under the sink shelf. The shelf that was built to fit the space under the sink. It is useful as it could help store the toiletries supply.

Enough space for your needs is more precious than bringing things that you are not going to use during the trip. Being thrifty does not mean bad as long as you do it on a trip and use it in the right place. Like using the toiletries because you are going with five other friends. Then using the clean water during the trip because you can only find certain places to fill it again and it is hard to find it on the road trip.

RV Bathroom Shower Storage Ideas

rv organization hacks

In the above we already talked about a few RV bathroom shower storage ideas. However, here we provide a more clear example with the picture.

1.Shower Pocket Organizer

rv bathroom remodel
Photo By rvobsession.com, campingworld.com & wayfair.com

This will save extra space for your things inside the bathroom. In fact, it also makes it easier to reach things. As everything will be in the same place, just different pocket.

Simple Houseware Over Door/Wall Mount 4 Clear Window Pocket...
  • 4 Large pockets hanging storage over the door
  • Large clear window see through what are stored inside
  • Hangs on standard door or closet rod, no hardware needed

2. Corner Rack

rv closet organizer
Photo By walmart, & sandy anderson

Another idea is using a corner rack. If the shower-gun is just around the corner. Then, putting things in the corner is a good idea. So, you do not need to go here and there. And, make the whole bathroom floor wet just to reach things.

SMARTAKE 2-Pack Corner Shower Caddy, SUS304 Stainless Steel, Wall...
  • SPACE ORGANIZER: [SMARTAKE 2 Pack shower caddies only fit 90° right angle corner, NOT suitable for...
  • RUSTPROOF SUS304 STAINLESS STEEL: Made of SUS304 stainless steel, which made the corner shower...
  • NO DRILLING STRONG ADHESIVE: [You can refer to the video we provide to learn the installation]....

3. Hanging Rack

rv bathroom kit
Photo by Zuliliy, wayfair.uk, godiygo.com & wayfair.com

Another brilliant idea is a hanging rack. No need to attach or nail new things on the walls. Just hang the rack on the tension rod which is already there.

Simple Houseware Bathroom Hanging Shower Head Caddy Organizer,...
  • Classic Bathroom Shower Caddy for shampoo, conditioner, body wash, soap, razors, shower sponge,...
  • One deep basket, One shelf and one soap holder with four hooks.
  • Non-slip grip and two suction cups keep shower caddy in place

4. Tangkula Bathroom Cabinet

Tangkula Bathroom Cabinet with Mirror, Mirrored Wall-Mounted...
969 Reviews
Tangkula Bathroom Cabinet with Mirror, Mirrored Wall-Mounted...
  • 【Extra Storage Space with Adjustable Shelf】If you don't have enough storage space, this mirror...
  • 【Modern & Concise Appearance】The design of the bathroom mirror cabinet is unique and stylish...
  • 【Sturdy & Durable Structure】Made of high-quality density boards and coated with smooth paint,...

This Tangkula bathroom cabinet is perfect to be in an RV. The design is wall mounted which saves floor space and the shelves are adjustable. With modern and concise appearance, this bathroom cabinet is sturdy as it’s made of high-quality density boards and coated with smooth paint. As a result, the durable structure of this product is able to withstand the dampness of the bathroom. It’s also a quiet cabinet as the door is magnetic, protecting the mirror from harsh closing as well. not just easy to use, this cabinet is also easy to assembly. It comes with a clear manual for simple installation.

5. ChooChoo Bathroom Medicine Cabinet 2-Door Wall Cabinet Wood Hanging Cabinet with Adjustable Shelves

ChooChoo Bathroom Wall Cabinet, Over The Toilet Space Saver...
  • VERSATILE STORAGE SPACE: 24’’H x 21.1’’W x 8.8”D bathroom medicine cabinet with 2...
  • STURDY AND HEALTHY: Made up from low-emission P2 grade MDF board and water-based paint, the bathroom...
  • MODERN AND ELEGANT DESIGN: Classic white finish adds elegance to your decor, complemented by sleek...

This wall mounted cabinet offers versatile storage space. It comes with two adjustable shelves behind two doors. The material is sturdy and safe as it’s made with low-emission P2 grade MDF board and water-based paint. The design is elegant and modern with a classic white look. It will fit in every kind of RV bathroom easily. The manual for the assembly is very easy to follow. All the accessories for assembly are numbered to avoid confusion.

6. AOJEZOR Small Bathroom Storage Corner Floor Cabinet

AOJEZOR Toilet Paper Holder Stand: Small Bathroom Storage Cabinet...
30,777 Reviews
AOJEZOR Toilet Paper Holder Stand: Small Bathroom Storage Cabinet...
  • 【Small Bathroom Storage】-This small bathroom storage cabinet built-in loo-roll holder,narrow...
  • 【Toilet Paper Storage】-This toilet paper cabinet with a TP roll rod,great for holding toilet...
  • 【Waterproof Bathroom Storage】-This toilet paper cabinet made from waterproof PVC,making it...

This bathroom cabinet by AOJEZOR is perfect for RV because of its slim and small design. Even though it’s placed on the floor, this cabinet won’t take up too much space because of its compact body. It can sit easily in a tight space or in a corner of RV bathroom. It can store toilet papers, bathroom accessories and even a handphone on top.

Moreover, this cabinet is environmentally friendly since it’s made PVC foam board, not MDF material. It’s also not painted and lightweight. This design makes this RV cabinet waterproof, fire-retardant, moisture proof, BPA & Formaldehyde-Free, non-toxic, odorless, and never fading.

7. Yaheetech Mirrored Bathroom Wall Storage Cabinet with Adjustable Shelf

No products found.

With stylish design, this bathroom cabinet comes in two colors, espresso and white. It saves space because it’s mounted on the wall or above the toilet yet it gives large storage space. There are three shelves in this cabinet and they are adjustable. It comes with 3 open cubbies which is ideal for keeping toothbrush, soap, toiletries and etc. The door is magnetic, making the process of opening and closing quiet. The magnet also provides strong suction, so there are no worries that the door will come loose.

8. Spirich Home Slim Bathroom Storage Cabinet

Spirich Home Slim Bathroom Storage Cabinet, Free Standing Toilet...
  • 🎄The Slide-Out Bathroom Floor Cabinet, with a narrow footprint but large capacity that adds...
  • 🎄 This bathroom cabinet has a large slide out drawer with multiple compartments for your daily...
  • 🎄 The bottom drawer slides in and out smoothly, ideal for stacks of toilet paper rolls and bath...

As a cabinet is a compliment in RV Bathroom Storage. This bathroom cabinet by Spirich Home looks small and slim but it gives a lot of storage. It has multiple compartments, positioned brilliantly so there won’t be any space go to waste. When the bottom drawer rolls out, it reveals a tall cubby hole for stacks of toilet paper(up to 12 rolls) or a plunge. The cabinet top comes with a hidden nook that provides easy access, a suitable place for storing medication and other essentials. The small drawer of the cabinet is very helpful to place small items to avoid clutters in the bathroom.

Moreover, the material for this cabinet is durable as it’s made from high quality manufactured wood. There’s no need to worry about assembly as it comes with detailed instructions. Everything is step by step and all parts are numbered to be distinguishable.

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RV Bathroom Storage Ideas for Towels

Towel is one thing that needs careful attention. It can not just be put anywhere. Otherwise the clean towel will become wet and dirty. Here are a few towel storage ideas for small campers.

1. Rolled Towels Rack

storage ideas for small campers
Photo By Leslie langham, kidmagz.com & wanelo.com

This rack can be put on top of the door. Or, on the opposite side of shower. But, this rack would not take much space. As it is just a small rack. So, in order to put the towel inside you have to roll it first.

2. Folded Towels Rack

rv accessories
Photo By Remodilsta,yesedusky.com,thefamily handyman & welovering.net

This rack can be put as the same as a rolled towels rack. The only difference is the size of this rack will be bigger than the folded towels rack.

3. Shoe Organizer as Towel Holder

rv organization hacks
Photo by thewanderingrv.com, rv.net & target.com

Shoe organizers have many functions. One of them is for an RV towel rack. You can keep many things inside. And it also isn’t gonna take extra space. As it can hang behind the door or other hidden place.

4. SODUKU Wall Mount Metal Wine/Towel Rack with Top Shelf

SODUKU Wall Mount Metal Wine/Towel Rack with Top Shelf
2,579 Reviews
SODUKU Wall Mount Metal Wine/Towel Rack with Top Shelf
  • Multi-Purpose Towel/Wine/Hat/Clothes rack
  • Top shelf idea for folded hand towels, clothing or bathroom products
  • Perfect for any wine lovers, great décor for home or gift item

This RV towel rack by Soduku is a multi-purpose rack and it’s perfect to use in an RV bathroom. For the top shelf, it’s a place for folded hand towels, clothing or bathroom products. It has five levels for towel storage, making it an appropriate choice for those who live in an RV with a family.

5. iDesign York Over the Shower Door Towel Rack for Bathroom, 1.5″ x 7″ x 22.8″, Chrome/Brushed

iDesign Over the Door Towel Rack, The York Collection, 1.5” x...
5,744 Reviews
iDesign Over the Door Towel Rack, The York Collection, 1.5” x...
  • Add instant storage -keep towels and more ready for use
  • Features 3 bars
  • Hangs over standard shower doors or standard interior doors - no tools required

This towel rack is very simple to use, just by placing it over the shower doors or bathroom doors. It comes in three bars and they’re perfect for drying and hanging body towels, pool towels, wash cloths, and hand towels. The construction is durable and rust-resistant as it’s made from metal. In addition, this item is stylish as it has chrome and brushed nickel finish.

6. KES Swivel Towel Bar SUS 304 Stainless Steel

KES Swivel Towel Rack, Bathroom Swivel Towel Bar Swing Out Towel...
  • HEAVY-DUTY: KES swivel towel rack is all metal construction, ensuring quality and longevity. Perfect...
  • RUSTPROOF: Constructed of Type 304 premium grade stainless steel, with added 18/8 Chromium/Nickel...
  • BRUSHED FINISH: Hand brushed stainless steel finish, build to resist daily scratches, corrosions and...

This towel rack comes in various types and arms. For the types, the options are brushed, matt black, polished, and brushed brass. Every type provides a modern and stylish look, perfect for those who want a minimalist home. For the arms, the number is available from one to six arms. The material is heavy duty with all metal construction. The quality and longevity are ensured with this material, making it perfect hanging and organizing the face towels, bath towels and clothes. Moreover, it resists daily scratches, corrosions and tarnishing.

7. mDesign Modern Decorative Metal Over Shower Door Towel Rack Holder Organizer with Storage Hooks

mDesign Modern Decorative Metal Over Shower Door Towel Rack...
535 Reviews
mDesign Modern Decorative Metal Over Shower Door Towel Rack...
  • 3 LEVEL STORAGE: 3 towel bars and 2 hooks hold and store towels, loofahs, sponges, robes and other...
  • MAXIMIZE SPACE: Make the most of unused space on the back of bathroom doors; Position where it's...
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Easily installs by hanging over bathroom or shower stall doors for instant...

This towel rack comes in three towel bars and two hooks. There are five options available, black, white, chrome, bronze and graphite gray. Every option is stylish, as it fits the modern and sleek look. The open design of this towel rack makes it easy to reach for the towels. It also makes use of unused space in RV bathroom by placing it on the back of bathroom door. In addition, it’s easy to install, only by hanging it over the bars or on the hooks. The construction is made of strong steel with a durable rust-resistant finish.

8. Premium Presents Bath Towel Rack in Bathroom

Bath Towel Rack in Bathroom. Wine Racks in Kitchen. Wall Mounted...
  • 3 piece rack holds up to 8 wine bottles, towels, or hats.
  • Two installation modes: vertical or horizontal.
  • Made from thick strong steel with moisture resistance coated layer.

This Premium Presents towel rack gives a lot of space since it comes in one hand towel holder and seven body towel holders. There are two installation modes for this towel rack.  The owner can install it in horizontal or vertical mode. The material is durable as it’s made from thick strong steel with moisture resistance coated layer.

Frequently Asked Question

Where do you put wet towels in RV?

Most design choices in a mobile home’s bathroom are in the shower. But over the door models are also accessible. Over the door models can be hung over the edge of a shower if there’s adequate space. You will also find more toilet paper holders if you add another model.

Where do you put paper towels in an RV?

If your RV sink’s counter overhang includes a spot for storing paper towels, keep your RV paper towels in that area. You may use a wall mount system or hang the towels on the counter over the sink.

How do you dry towels in a motorhome?

We hold a towel over a coat hanger and suspend that from the awning poles (ceiling). Then, we set up a 2,000-watt fan heater within the awning. We prefer not to hang too many towels on the awning poles since that might cause trouble in the future. We find it more effective to put the damp items in a place that dries quickly to be found in the awning, instead of in the caravan.

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Those solutions will help you with your problem during your trip using your RV. Then again, it still depends on each RV type. It is according to the place that you want to visit during your vacation. Because the place you visit will be suitable with what you need during the vacation and what you should bring. The number of the passengers could affect all these needs and space in the RV. The more people on board means more space is needed for the trip.

Cleanliness of the bathroom is the most important to avoid going on a trip with a bad smell coming out from the septic tank. Clean it before you go and after you go. Do not forget to fill in the clean water of the RV. RV Bathroom Storage can help you rearrange your bathroom looks good. Check the fuel before you go. Places to stop by to rest during your trip. Always throw the trash into the trash bin and do not throw it in the camping site or on the road. And last, use RV organization hacks to save the space.

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