8 RV Gift Ideas for a Friend with an RV Lifestyle

RV Gift Ideas – Giving gifts is always a carefully considered act, often done to show one’s appreciation for the intended receiver or to celebrate a special milestone. When we choose a gift, we tailor it to the person we’re giving it to. We often ask: what do they want? What will make them smile?

The gift we eventually pick often reflects our relationship with the person and how much they mean to us. It is not something we do in haste. While choosing a gift can be relatively easy, especially if we know the person we are giving a gift to, it can be a tad difficult if we select a gift for people with a particular taste and way of life. This includes friends or family who lead an RV lifestyle.

RV lifestyle involves living in a recreational vehicle (RV), which gives one the freedom of movement, including moving around and living in different places. They can live like nomads, chasing the next great adventure. If you have friends who live that way, you will know they don’t often have a permanent residence. Naturally, the gifts you’ll need to consider must be practical and useful.

If you are having a hard time shopping for a present for your RV-owner friends, we’ve got you covered. This handy guide will give you some of the best gift ideas and tips to make sure your friends with an RV lifestyle happy will appreciate your efforts.


Reusable Bags

Every RV kitchen needs a reusable bag that they can use for storing food, whether they are prepped meals or leftovers. This kind of bag gives the best storage solution for food. It is also quite integral in helping curb plastic usage. Most reusable food storage bags come in various styles and sizes and are often made from durable materials. You can usually microwave them or put them in the dishwasher. These bags make storing food simple while helping your friend save precious space.

Bungee Cords

Also called a shock cord, a bungee cord has numerous uses, making it quite handy to have around for RV living. From securing your stuff to getting more organized, bungee cords are a lifesaver that your RV friend will love. These cords can keep your friend’s things in place while on a drive. A bungee cord can be used to hang curtains in the van or make DIY shoe storage. It can also help create more storage space.

Instant Pot

The many wonders of an instant pot are not exclusively known to RV-ers. Campers also know how useful this kitchen appliance is. This pot will allow you to make hearty stews, grains, and rice. It can also be used to make hard-boiled eggs and even cook dessert. This multicooker has various functions, including slow cooking, pressure cooking, rice cooking, warming, steaming, and sautéing—all in one place! Your friend will be pleased to have it around as it can expedite the cooking process and help them save space in their RV.

Outdoor Chair

Who would not want to have a portable, foldable chair where they can sit around and admire the pretty sight of the sunrise? An outdoor chair is a must in RVs. You can choose from all kinds of outdoor chairs, but most of them can be folded and stored when not in use. Of course, your friend may have one already. Why not make your gift unique by choosing a comfy beach chair instead? They will be able to enjoy it when they drive down the beach during the hot summer months, allowing them to complete their beach setup.

Phone Accessories

No matter where their RV takes them, your friends will still need to use their phones to keep in touch with loved ones or pass the time by listening to music or reading a saved e-book. Why not give them accessories they can use and think of you whenever they do? From durable screen protectors to beautiful phone cases, you have a lot of choices. Just make sure to choose accessories that fit your friends’ personalities. Customizing the phone case, for example, will give it a personal touch.

Mini Coffee Dripper

For friends that start their day with coffee, a coffee dripper can be the perfect gift! It is less bulky than a coffeemaker, requiring less storage space. They will enjoy setting up their camp chair and table outside their RV on a dewy morning and pour a cup of their favorite coffee through a handy dripper. Some drippers do not need a paper filter and can be collapsible. Buy them their favorite ground coffee too for good measure. They will love it and will love you even more for thinking of them.

Portable Power Station

Want another great gift idea? Why not get them a portable power station? This tool can be charged ahead of time and then used in the RV. Some power stations can provide up to 16 hours of power or more. This will give your adventurous friends the easy means to charge their gadgets and other electronic devices when needed.

Solar Power Bank

Another electronic-friendly gift is a power bank, but make it solar. The solar-powered charger can help ensure that devices are always powered on when needed, even on the go. Some solar power banks have multiple functions, including flashlights and compasses.

Wrapping It Up

Getting your RV-living friend a gift is made easy with this guide. Remember that you will need to think of practicalities when choosing their presents. You will want to give them something useful that won’t take up too much space. Your gift should also be easy to store and carry, wherever their wheels take them. People living an RV lifestyle have no room for clutter. It is up to you to make the gift fun and lovely.

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