19 Best RV Dinette Furniture Options to Boost Your Comfort

RV Dinette Furniture – Every camper will appreciate the existence of a comfy and trendy place to get relaxed inside their rig. So, RV dinette furniture offers a smart solution if you are interested in creating such an area.

RV dinette itself is one of the most well-known seating choices within your travel trailer or motorhome. If you are still not familiar with this, do not hesitate to learn more before purchasing anything.

Many RVs have featured a dinette area as one of their interior spaces. However, it should not stop you from customizing this part for a more stylish one.


Good Reasons to Get RV Dinette Furniture 

rv dinette furniture reasons

The RV dinette provides a comfortable space to unwind after a long day trip Besides. It allows you to entertain guests or friends when they are visiting. 

This furniture offers a convenient place to have your meals. Also, it gives you a space to do your homework if any, or simply an area to enjoy your afternoon coffee.

Furthermore, the RV dinette provides an extra room for sleeping. It is because some parts can be converted into bedding if you are not using them.

Since RV dinette furniture is simple to customize. Try it with pretty fabric, cushions, and other accessories or decor ideas; then, it becomes a room to showcase your unique style as well. 

Options of Dinette Furniture to Complete Your RV

used rv furniture dinette chairs

Your RV can provide you with the comfort of home when it has the right dinette furniture. Your choice of rig’s furnishings will indeed increase the level of luxury and comfort in this campervan.

Of course, there is no specific rule to pick your choice on RV dinette furniture. While the possibility is immense, you can get any 

1. A set of RV dinette tables and chairs 

rv furniture dinette sets

Without a set of tables and chairs, yours will not be a dinette. It is one of the obvious elements to prepare when you are buying furniture for your RV.

You can find a set or purchase the table and chairs separately. There will be a huge variety of styles available. 

Therefore, it must be convenient to find one that suits your unique design. 

Instead of wood, you can choose other materials. For example, stone, lightweight marble, laminate, and plastic will make a fantastic choice as well.

For the chairs, you can get wooden ones that feature seating cushions for comfort. Depending on your preference, pick either standalone or couch-like models for style.

2. RV dinette booth

toy hauler rv furniture dinette booth

Typically, an RV dinette booth will consist of a table located in the middle with two opposite cushioned benches. 

A dinette booth may come with a setup of an extra couch. Simply fold in the central table and roll out the benches to turn it into a comfy double bed.

Also, use this kind of RV dinette furniture for kids’ activities or a simple dining area.

3. Custom folding table

rv dinette table furniture custom ideas

With the minimal space available in the rig, you may have a dinette area. This spot serves other functions as well. 

In this view, you can consider replacing your original dinette with a custom desk area that can be folded easily.

Pair this space-saving RV dinette table with modern folding chairs. Also, combine it with a set of stools that you can easily keep out of the way when not in use.

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4. RV bench seat with storage solution

slipcovers for rv furniture for dinette

If you require additional room to save your bedding, incorporating an RV bench seat that features a hidden storage solution must be perfect.

Similar to the usual RV bench, it may come with convenient upholstery. In case what you buy does not have this, add throw pillows or custom cushions to make it more comfortable.

5. Set of lightweight chairs

rv dinette furniture luxury for sale

To get new seating options for your campervan, this type of RV dinette furniture should be on your bucket list.

Lightweight chairs are easy to move and offer you that contemporary design. 

Importantly, some of them feature non-slip rubber feet. They allow this furniture to stay glued to the floor even when you are running your RV.

Instead of non-slip rubber stands, other products may feature non-marking feet caps. They let you utilize the furniture without damaging your RV’s floor.

Consider finding a set of lightweight chairs that come with a protective film. Thus, it helps protect these pieces of furniture from occasional scratch and rust. 

6. Heavy-duty foldable stool

rv coach furniture dinette sofa grand

This stool makes a great pair to a variety of table models while providing enough space for one adult to have a seat. 

While it can also double as a mini table, a heavy-duty foldable stool is typically used both outdoors and indoors. 

Thus, it may minimize your budget to get a piece of RV dinette furniture and one to enjoy the skies outside the campervan. 

You may get this furniture for a low price, but make sure that the cost does not fool you. 

Keep in mind that heavy-duty foldable stools are mostly very durable as they are particularly designed to endure rough use. 

7. RV dinette cushions

rv furniture dinette bed

To enhance the convenience of your RV dinette chairs, you will want to have a padded, cushiony part on them. 

Since the original cushions that come with your RV may wear and tear over time, it will be a great choice to reupholster them with something new.

You can pick any style of your liking so that it displays your special touch. For references, the most well-liked types of cushions include linen, suede, velvet, and leather.

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8. RV sofas and sleepers

rv furniture dinette booth

Adding RV sofas or couches will be another great option if you want to boost the functionality and comfort of your interior rig. 

Do not forget to take your upholstery options into account when shopping for this furniture.

9. Small RV dinette bed

how to build small rv dinette furniture

As mentioned earlier, RV dinette sets can turn into an additional sleeping space if you are not utilizing them for dining. 

It is also possible to purchase a specially-designed one that you can fold easily to create a comfortable bed.

If you are a rather creative person, do not hesitate to adapt your existing RV dinette furniture into a functional DIY bed. 

You can do it by taking advantage of the tablespace that is located between your dinette chairs. Then, turn the whole space into a big mattress.

Where to Buy Dinette Furniture for RV


If you are interested in having dinette furniture and considering that your RV requires it too, buying one from a reliable store will be the next step.

Luckily, you can find plenty of stores that offer RV dinette furniture

If you want the product to be delivered straight to your home, Amazon must be great e-commerce to take into account. 

However, you can also consider other online marketplaces to find your favorite RV dinette. 

A quick search on Google for RV dinette makes a good choice as you can find products near your location.

The chance is you will meet various retailers that offer both custom-made RV dinette and an already-designed set that fits your style. 

Indeed, the idea of buying a brand new dinette for your RV is exciting. Nevertheless, the price tag may make you think twice before proceeding. 

In case you have such a tight budget, you should consider searching nearby classifieds or eBay to find used RV dinette furniture. 

Since RV enthusiasts tend to remove and sell their furniture all the time, it must be easy for you to get the best bargain. 

Tips and Tricks to Pick RV Furniture

Whatever kind of RV dinette furniture that you end up choosing, it is important to get the best product for your final purchase.

Although finding the best RV furniture will be time-consuming, it ensures you get the right deal that fits your style and matches your specific budget.

Whether you will get a set of recliners or simply swap the old cushions with the new one, ending up purchasing something uncomfortable is not worth the money.

Therefore, to help you find the best RV dinette furniture on the market, the following tips are special for you.

1. Shop around to compare RV dinette price


Whether you want to buy a u-shaped dinette for RV or other types of furniture for your motorhome, it is always important to shop around.

You may find your favorite at the first sight, but giving yourself the chance to check out several different choices before picking the one is not a bad idea.

Shopping around will give you a comparison point and help you to feel more confident about buying a particular piece of RV dinette furniture. 

Besides, it allows you to compare prices of similar dinette furniture from different stores. 

Thus, do not hesitate to check various RV furniture dealers and online retailers to find the same item that is available at a more affordable price.

2. Take your time


Planning for an RV remodeling project must be exciting. You probably want to include everything that makes this campervan more functional and perfect. 

However, you should remember that being in a rush when selecting your RV dinette furniture may result in an unfavorable decision in the end.

To avoid breaking the bank for an overpriced product or experiencing buyer’s regret when you find something better after several days of your investment, just simply take your time.

It may take some time, but you will end up having RV dinette furniture that you love with no regret. 

Although you probably want to go for a road trip soon, that old sofa and table still can wait and your riding should not be less wonderful.

3. Do the project yourself

Since professional installation requires some cost, you may like to get your hands dirty by doing the RV upgrading project yourself.

Not only is rewarding, completing the remodeling yourself will make sure that you get what you want. 

Nevertheless, if performing furniture installation and removal is not your thing, hiring a professional will be a better choice. 

This extra cost can prevent unintended damage to your new RV dinette furniture.

If you decide to do the project yourself, consider watching some tutorial videos and get more informed about everything related to RV dinette remodeling. 

4. Read some reviews


While shopping around, it will not hurt to read some reviews regarding the RV dinette furniture that you like to have. 

Take advantage of the magic of the internet by reading some online reviews before you hand over your money for any piece of dinette furniture. 

When reading the reviews and testimonies from previous buyers, take note of the durability and overall quality of the furniture in the long term.

That cool-looking and comfortable dinette set may seem perfect right now, but you do not know if the hinges have a bad reputation as it tends to rust out after a few months. 

By reading previous users’ reviews, this should not be a future problem. 

5. Pick the furniture out in person

RV dinette furniture is now widely available online and you may enjoy the comfort of buying everything through your mobile devices as well.

However, you will want to try your dinette furniture before buying, so picking it out in person when possible is more recommended. 

Although you end up buying online, it is better to visit the furniture vendors in person. You can check its quality and whether the product is comfortable to use or not.

RV Dinette Replacement and Remodeling Ideas


Whether you are purchasing new dinette furniture or finding an upgraded replacement for the old one, the above tips and tricks still apply. 

Now, what you need are some smart tips to use your RV’s interior better with fresh furniture. Simply go with the same type of piece or remodel the entire room into something brand new.

For instance, you can transform your RV’s kitchen table into a lovely master bedroom by adding a bed. 

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If you cannot give up the kitchen completely, consider looking for a new cabinet. Try to look with a wide countertop that can accommodate a mattress. 

This way, you can simply clear up your countertop and lay the mattress on it when it is time to sleep. 

In conclusion, RV dinette furniture is one of the crucial parts of your campervan. Make sure to get the most of this piece when you are planning on a remodeling project. 

Frequently Questions

How can I make my RV dinette more comfortable?

  • Opt for new cushion covers.
  • Have the cushions re-covered.
  • Raise your RV Dinette’s seating into a bed.
  • Lay foam rolls on your RV dinette seat.
  • Place your RV dinette in a way that you can comfortably mix up your legs.

What size is the dinette bed in an RV?

The a comfortable, spacious bed is common among individuals who prefer to sleep in mattresses during the night. These pull-out beds typically have a width of 62 to 72 inches and a length of 66 to 75 inches.

How do you turn an RV table into a bed?

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